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Damien Thompson

"In all truth I could care less."

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a character in “Homra'z Bar”, as played by Anraee




Damien Forrest Tompson
The Greaser
Damien is the type that tells things as it is. He knows he can lie about things, but enjoys seeing the reactions from people that didn't expect him to answer in such a way. Plus what's the point of lying when you can easily just tell the truth about shit. Him being blunt is what makes him who he is.
Majority of the time he's a calm and chill type of person. He likes to stand on the balcony and smoke a cigarette to pass some time. If he's around certain people he'll act differently around and he does it for fun. But his calmness can be scary at moments. He may something that most people would be scared if they heard, but the way he says it is different. It rolls off his tongue as if it was a sweet melody in the persons head.
The would be one of the traits he doesn't tend to show majority of the time. He finds it ate unless. He cares towards others, but he doesn't call it caring. It’s simply being nice, but people take it that he cares about them. That's wrong. He could care less about the people he rimes around seeing during the day in night. The only ones he can say he truly cares about are the people he is the closest with such as his boyfriend Ale.
This side tends to show a lot when it comes to business. But a sly smile can easily make it seem as if he felt something towards the people he was attending to. But not even a grin would appear on his face if the consumer was being desperate for his attention. Automatically he shushes face down and its strict business. It doesn't happen often but when it does he's normally pissed about it.
No one could deny that he gets jealous easily and possessive. When something is, it firmly belongs to him. If you try and steal or take it away from him there’s a big problem that might end up breaking into a full-fledged fight among the two. Sharing is caring ND that's why you share with yourself.

Damien had fiery red hair that is easily noticeable were ever he tends to go. Are sticks out like a sore thumb when he's around other people. Hi eye for the most part is a clear type o blue. It’s not the prettiest blue anyone had ever seen but he liked the cloudiness it had to it, Over his left eye is always an eye patch. It matches the way it oks and warns people off from him. Underneath it his eye is a bright green color. The reason why he color the patch way to draw away the attention and for the fact he had a rather large birth mark going down that eye, His skin had a rough and edgy feel along with the tan that complimented his hair color. he stood at 6'5 a towered over quite a lot of people around him.

No matter what condition it is outside or the occasion he always wears a black jacket. It was as if he was hidden in the darkness when clearly people could see him. Underneath that would normally be a white or navy blue button up shirt that he wore as everyday attire. the only time you would catch him wearing something different would be if he was at his own home which wasn't very often now days. Majority of the time his clothes where wrinkled and he could care less about that. be felt that he didn't have to always look the 'best' but at least dress nicely and that was his way of showing he had some type of respect for himself. He carried himself in more of an easygoing way and that's how he preferred to do things he didn't want to be a high struck up ass guy who was too self-centered to care about what was even around him. Then again when he wasn't in the bad he would be smoking a cigarette doing whatever came to mind.
  • Movies paired with junk food
  • Music
  • Hunting
  • Poker
  • Dogs
  • Showing Off
  • Mythology
  • Fancy looking things.

  • Annoying People
  • Not getting his way
  • Cats
  • Females
  • Desperation
  • Bad Jokes
  • Purposeful Mistakes

Bar History:
There isn't much to say about his bar history with the bar. It started out when it had just opened and he was always around the place. He never really had a readon towars why he was therebut h was just there simple as that. At the time he was underage so he really wasn't able to even get in at ll. But that ddnt mean he didn't try not to get in. He loved the place especially when e heard stories about going inside. It only intrigued him to a different degree. It would be amazing how much he actually tried to get in.

One day he had gotten a fake ID and everything just to try and get into the bar. That failed badly. That night he had gotten into a fight with one f the security guards and he spent the night in a cell at the police station. Luckily he was able to even get out that day although he was still on a bit of house arrest for a few weeks.

After he had gotten off of his house arrest he had turned 21 and was able to actually go into the bar. By then a lot of people knew im and he seemed to be quite popular with the people there. He was well known for the fight he had gotten in the past week ago. From there he met his boyfriend Jeremy. If you ask anyone he would do anything for his boyfried because he loves him so much. Out of all the things he started to change a bit once he met Jeremy. The fighthe got into died down and he wasn't as much of a pain in the ass towards people.

Even now he still is quite a pain towards people but it died down bit. His somewhat attitude changed but he tends to get jealous over his boyfriend with others maybe a bit too much. Majority of the people that go to the bar know notto flirt around Jeremy or get too close to him. Bu that doesn't mean that Jeremy doesn't do that to them. Damien sometimes just wants to have Jeremy as his own, but that isn't possible since he wouldn't want to have Jeremy closed into him only.

"I love the place as much as I love Jeremy."

Self History:

"Why do you need to know? If you want to know about my past don't be an ass just as about it."

So begins...

Damien Thompson's Story


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Image Image Image

Homra! A bar in which captivates people to enter in and have a drink or two. Anyone is welcomed, just don't mind the small space!

Opened Days and Hours
Bait Night

3:00pm - 10:00pm

Thursday - Friday - Saturday
4:00pm - 3:00am

Closed Days
Sunday - Monday - Wednesday

Image Image It was Tuesday afternoon when Ale woke up and did a 'normal person's' morning routine. And like most, if not all Bar 'Owners' Ale lived at the top of the bar, I guess you could say his home really was the bar. Whenever people would joke about him living there, he would just go along with it. Wasn't like he minded it, all he had to do was walk to everywhere he need to go. The store was just right down the road, same goes with a gym, a cafe shop, cake shop, alot of other little shops including a mall that was about 5 blocks away. So really it was hardly a big deal. Plus it made it easier to watch over the Bar just in case there was ever a robbery.

There was 30 mins left until the bar had left till opening time. Ale took his time dusting off the couches and wiping down all the counters and tables. His head was still pounding from the night before. He had drank way too much at a pub in the Red Light district that was only just down the road from Homra. He could still hear the music pounding away at the edges of his skull. He could tell right away that tonight will be a horrible night.

He had thoughts about closing the bar up for just the night, but then he hear Yoshi's voice in his head...

"If you dare close the bar tonight all because you can't handle a few drinks, I will never forgive you Alezic!"

And there was the home run! Calling Ale, Alezic was Yoshi's way of slapping him in the face and pretty much telling him to drop dead. He only ever did say it whenever he was upset or wanted Ale's full attention. It's been like this for years. As much as he liked making the kid cry, he didn't feel up for it tonight.

Walking outside the bar after flipping the closed sign to open, he stretched out his body and enjoyed the afternoon warm summer breeze. The greatest thing about where Homra was located was it's view, because just in front of it you could see the city's whole valley. The only thing that was in the way was the road to cross. The bus stop that was right across from Homra was a great place to hang over the rail and smoke a cig while watching the view of the city.

The other great thing about where Homra was located was that there are hardly any children around. So if you did see or find a kid, you know he doesn't belong here. Most of the people here in this part of town are good people. They'll help in situations with children involved. Can't say much about the other parts of town. Like headed down the the Red Light district. That's the area with a bunch of Love Hotels, Strip Bars and Host Clubs. Not to mention some gangs around there too.

Ale thought many times if he should twitch locations, but he if did that, he wouldn't hardly get the money he does now running the place. Plus he loved the people too. If only that Red Light district wasn't so close down the road. That would change everything.

Taking a drag of his cig he turned around and rested his elbows on the rails of the side of the roads bus stop. Eyeing the bar as his mind drifted away lost in thought. Sure the bar opened at 3, but people didn't show up until maybe around 4 or so ish. Maybe he'd change the opening time to around then next time. When he was done with the cig, he smashed it dead and threw the bud away in the trash can.

Sliding back his hair he made his way back into the bar and started to mix a drink for Yoshi. His normal morning Soda with Juice thing he always did. Ale never understood it, but whenever Yoshi drank it, it seemed to put Yoshi in a good mood. Once he was done, he placed it in the freezer so it would turn into a bit of a slushy by the time he got to the bar.


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#, as written by Thy

Waking up early was certainly not Jeremy's cup of tea yet, he was forced to. One of his patients had requested to be placed whole two hours earlier in what was scheduled because of personal reasoning, and of course his dumb manager let it slip just because that patient pretty much paid a very nice sum which was truly vital in Jeremy's monthly income. Additionally, there were the reasons of loyalty because since the very beginning, this patient always came to Jeremy whatsoever reasoning he had. Peculiar, because Jeremy was just a freshly graduated university student back then.

Jeremy however, couldn't care less about it, turned away from his table clock and was in a brink to fall asleep once again as something soft but heavy crawled up his head and appear to mess his hair up more than it already is. Little paws made its way to his cheeks as the burden tried to jump beyond his face and another; similar to it tried to climb on his stomach elsewhere. He slumped to the back position as the burden fell away from him, but just for certain seconds where they again, started with their attempts to bug him out of his sleep.

Beautiful brown orbs fluttered open, at first accompanied with a frown as hit by sunlight which it faded away slowly. Within the light, the wholly magnificence of Jeremy's mysterious eye colour revealed itself, letting his orbs appear scarlet. And those same eyes gazed heavy-lidded to the two troublemakers that by now have succeeded to climb up on him, greeting him as usual. "You two never learn." He muttered as a hand gently patted Blacky, the cat with a black fur, who was in close vicinity to him. Of course, the other, Browny with brown fur, also approached then and was gifted with the very few actions of affection Jeremy did. As you might have noticed, Jeremy was not really the most creative in picking names, so he made it simple enough for him.

As he sat up and his cats slipped down on his lap, he yawned, rubbed his eyes in his tiredness and gazed outside his window. Another day had begun, and it wasn't going to be much different than the previous days, he supposed. Although... he turned his head to see his clock table. Today was Tuesday; which means Bait Night at his favourite Bar! Now he had a feeling that he could get through the day with the fun that waited for him at night which was sure to let him forget all hardships at the end of the day.

He stood up while both of his cats jumped down to the ground, dashed ahead to the kitchen. In a sort of sluggish manner he followed, took his hand phone from the drawer a little far off from his bed (because he dislikes seeing that damn nasty thing he put it in there) and went ahead and sent a message to his boyfriend with a sneer on his face.

[TO: Red Head BF]
((Note: this is the name Jeremy registered Damien's hand phone number with.))
[FROM: Jeremy]

I'll be waiting for you in the usual place. At 6:00 pm.

His messages were always short and only compromised out of the most important things. Also, emoticons were never his thing; people even doubted that he knows such to exist. It’s just that he didn’t particularly like to send messages and prefers to see someone face to face. Anyways, he sent that damn thing and looked forward to the coming night where he might or might not watch Damien once again go wild for him due to jealousy. What a bliss sometimes life was.


More tired than than usual was day for Jeremy as he finally leaned back and bid the last patient goodbye. Finally. The day had cost him every nerve it seemed, not only did that that one rich patient came one hour later than he had told Jeremy's manager he would come, but today's cases were almost every single one a huge misunderstanding on the family's part who put too much pressure resulted them to be his patient at the end. Really, people should try to not think of the worst possible condition before contemplating everything. And of course, having said that to them they swore at him and accusing him of being inexperienced - after all he was only a university student without any life experience. Jeremy sneered. Those scaramouches should just see for themselves how they'll completely mess up their family member's life.

Anyways, done is done and Jeremy was sure that he won't ever see their visages ever again. After he excused himself he went from his workplace and succeeded to get the bus that will directly lead him to the doorsteps of Homra'z Bar. He entered the Bar nonchalantly like usual and immediately scanned through the people already sitting. He was disappointed however, that Akira seemed to be not present yet. It displeased him, too, that he spotted the police officer sitting pretty much in the center, having him to be reluctant at first to even enter any further. 5:30 pm. He hoped to come earlier than Damien to surprise him with pleasantly chatting with another, but it seemed that today he had to pass. A sigh before he finally entered further as he steered into the direction of the counter.

"Good evening, Ale, Yoshi, if you'd please be so nice as to get me the usual?" The usual for him was a martini with Stoli extra dry and with a twist, straight up and with little vermouth. He preferred to have vodka instead of gin as of late, therefore Stoli. It was however, just too much of a hassle to tell the Bartender every single time his order over and over again, therefore he was glad that at some point, how he liked his drink was memorized. Might also because he came very often now, having met Damien in this very bar and been together with him for over 2 months already which was a record, at least for Jeremy.

Jeremy sat away from the crowd in his corner, not to be close to the police officer. He placed less interest in the crowd that were present, but he certainly would change his mind if they'd invite him for some rounds. After all, he noticed some gazes into his direction, which lessened his disappointment a little.


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"That's strange..." Ren said, holding his cell phone next to his ear. "Ayumu doesn't answer me. Probably she can't hear her phone."

"Classic Ayumu." his friend on his right said. "She's probably in front of a mirror, looking at her own reflection, not thinking of anything else."
"Hey, hey! Don't be that harsh on my girlfriend. Everybody has had times of not hearing the phone." Ren smiled after defending Ayumu.
"I know you like her and don't want to hear anything bad about her..." his friend on his left said. "But she sure can be selfish sometimes, asking for favours which she can do by herself and all. By the way, did you buy the groseries I asked you for?"
"Not yet, but I'll do it soon!" Ren replied cheerfully.
"Hey, Ren!" another friend of his approached him. "When are we going to that Homra bar you reccomended to us so much?"
"We can go today, if you want!" Ren exclaimed. "It's still early, but we can get in front of my apartment building at around 2:30! I'll drive us all there!"
"And will you drive us back to our houses in case we get a bit overboard with the drinks?" a fourth friend asked.
"Of course, just like always!" Ren chuckled.
"Thank you, Ren! You're the best!" the girlfriend of one of the other companions ruffled his hair. "We can treat you some soda, or whatever you'd like!"
"Thank you so much!"

As he parted ways with his friends, Ren took the path to his apartment. After taking the elevator and unlocking the door, he was now home. Little did he know that he wasn't alone. Ren found out pretty soon, once he entered the living room. He went stunned, motionless and speechless for a moment from the sight of a man and a woman, half naked on the loveseat.

"Oh, hello, mom!" Ren waved cheerfully at the flustered woman. "Hello, mister Tayoma!"
"H-hello, son!" the mother chuckled nervously. "You came home early!"
"As you're still roomies with your mother, those things are bound to happen." Mister Tayoma said, as his face expression remained calm.
"I'll leave you two alone for now!" Ren said and left the room.

Several hours later, Ren entered the bar with his five friends from earlier.
"Good afternoon, guys!" he sat next to the policeman. "Martini, beer, vodka, mohito and scotch for my friends over there, and a cola for me! Ale, Yoshi, Jeremy and Ryuu, those are..." he then introduced the newcomers to his bar friends.
"I hope you enjoy each other's company! So, how's everything so far?"


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#, as written by Anraee
Damien woke up early in the crack of down in his opinion as his phone went off on his dresser. The annoying thing was loud and he wasn't fond of it when he was woken up early in the morning because of it. I mean who would be after all its too early for any of that to be taking place. His phone continued to make the annoying little ringtone he set for Jeremy and it was constantly going off. "Why'd I set that as the ringer?"He thinks to himself

Lazily he dragged himself from bed his hand running through his now messy hair. He was a complete mess right now. His eyes had slight bags and he probably had a pale face with a glum expression on his face. His feet touched the ground and he slightly shivered at the contact with the cold surface that lied beneath his feet. Slowly he stood up and walked t his phone to view the message he had gotten. He smiled ever so slightly looking at his phone. Maybe he looked like an idiot maybe not, but that didn't matter much to him.

To: My Little Blondie
I'll see you there then. <3
From: Damien

He set the phone down and went into the kitchen to fix his breakfast. He simply mad a cup of coffee and in his opinion it was horrible. Damien wasn't much of a master mind when it comes to cooking or anything to do with the kitchen. That's my he mostly relied on Jeremy and take out food when it came to food. He looked around his apartment only to see a mess that he should probably clean up but chose not to at the moment.

He walked to the balcony and lit a cigarette. He needed this at the moment. It was so calm and peaceful outside as he stared at the sky and breathed in the cigarette never exactly knew why he liked to smoke it was just a habit he picked up in high school. He could probably quite anytime but it was a the calming factor that he was more so addicted to. It seemed as if things got calm wen he would smoke. Damien knew how bad it was for him but he found no reason to stop really. Unless it was something health related reason that would cause him to possibly stop. But besides that there really was no reason to quite.

Once he was finished he sat at his desk and began to work at a new design he was suppose to finish by tomorrow. Damien was a procrastinator and right now it was biting him hard in the ass. He slowly nibbled on his lip as he continued to work. Another horrible thing was that he was that he was a perfectionist so he wanted everything to be somewhat perfect. It was an annoying trait but it paid off in the ending. When he got a higher pay for his work.


After a few more, well more than a few he had finally finished the design and then sent it in to the administrator he was finally able to relax. He slumped into the seat resting his eyes for a bit. Before he knew it he was in a light stage of sleep that put him at ease. Finally he was able to take a break and was glad to have one. No one likes to be sitting at a desk all day working on the same project till it was perfect.

Once he had a good hour or so rest he was finally able to get up and looked at the time. 5:45pm. His eyes widened and he jumped up and into the shower. He had to make a stop somewhere and he needed to make it before 6:30. He soon regretted the fact that he actually took that nap. More time had passed than he had originally thought had. Just around 6pm he was finished getting dressed at the least and cleaned up before heading out into the bustling city.

It wasn't till a long while later he had finished handling some business and sighed as he walked out of the rather large building and into the fresh and crisp air. he took deep breath and let out a sigh. Damien had a lot of side jobs but that was hidden in the dark. No one rally needed to know about them since it wasn't all that important either. Not in most peoples eyes, they would just think that he's making his living like any other person in the world.

Slowly but surely he made his way to the bar. he was later than usual. A lot later, hopefully Jeremy wouldn't be to mad at him. Lie comes up and things happen so Damien saw no wrong in being late at all. So he easily blew it off and waked inside. Everyone was doing their own thing so he wasn't bothered at all.

A smile crept on his face as he saw Jeremy in their usual spot waiting there. He breathed in a sigh of relief happy that he wasn't hanging around with guy and flirting around. Sometimes he thought that maybe his boyfriend did that on purpose at times to get him a bit riled up. But he couldn't help it at all. He easily got jealous and he knew it himself. It as something he felt was needed. But then again maybe that was the reason why his relationships went by so fast.

Damien walked behind Jeremy and wrapped his arms around his waist as he was sitting. He loved doing this. The feeling of having someone you love right in your arms drove him crazy. It was such a nice feeling, Damien kissed his cheek and smiled sitting next to him. "I'm sorry i'm late.. Will you forgive me?" He asked in more playful tone. His hand laced in the blondes hair and he smiled just a bit but said nothing at all.


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Image "I got this." Ale had told Yoshi and stepped in. Pouring Ryuu some water just as he asked. "Rush hour? Nah not yet, but it's getting there." He chuckled.

Soon after Jeremy had started to come in asking for his usual go by drink. Today he decided to add a bit of something to his drink to see if he'd notice, picking on him a bit he added lemon to it. He had also made another drink on the side.

"Jer I want you to taste this for me. Yoshi wont do it. Let me know what you think." It was a glass full of strawberry shushed alcohol, stuck inside it was a strawberry and an orange. Along with a gummy worm floating on top of it. "It's for those who have a sweet tooth. Made with Vodka."

Stepping away he want back to Ren who had a bunch of friends gluing to him like flies. As long as he was ok with it, it didn't bother Ale too much. Rubbing the back of his neck as Ren made a huge order he got right too it. With only 5 mins all the drinks were ready and waiting for them to take what they ordered.

And then there he was, Jer's boyfriend. Now he was someone he really had to watch out for. Last time there was a fight in the bar, he had almost broke things. That was until Ale pulled out his sword and told them to get lost for the night. If he were to ban anyone Yoshi would give out the 'oh hell no' go at him.

With a sigh he flipped the mixer high up as he washed out a glass, catching the mixer and placing it to the side with a few fruit's placed in it during the process of it landing. Quietly he pour Rose Rum inside the mixer and shook it up. The fruit was to make the rum a bit easier on the lady who had ordered it. Simply he had made a Cuban Rose Rum Cocktail.

"Here you go, my lady." Gently placing it on the bar he smile and looked over to Jer.

"Was it good enough to sell? I was thinking it could be, but I don't have much of a sweet tooth." He walked over to Jer as his Boy Friend hung onto him. "Do you want anything from the bar Damien?" Ale asked as he dried a cup in his hands with a white cloth.


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#, as written by Thy

Slowly, the bar soon was filled with various kinds of people and it was merely a matter of time as one guy after another start to approach him and inviting him for a drink. But his premonition proved to be truth; they were all no good. Either pretty rigid and boring or just plainly too confident that it was an eyesore to look at. He had his fun though, to maliciously reject them in the most embarassing way so it was certainly an amusing pastime for sure. Due to that though, he had not observed the bartender prepare his drink which he usually did, and failed to see what Ale additionally added inside it.

"Thanks, Ale." He smiled as he took the glass and lift it up, admired the bartender's work as usual. Without further ado he proceeded to have a sip and took the drink in, relishing its pleasure in whole but suddenly blinked in surprise as a foreign taste mixed inside he couldn't really figure out what exactly. Though he was not angry or anything that Ale seemed to have added something inside; oddly, it was quite a nice change for once. He took another sip, but he still had no clue what ingredient Ale added that pleased his tastes quite well. "So Ale, what are you trying to pull? It's different than usual." Even while his choice of words might contain a certain malice, his smile persisted on his face that soon slipped into a grin, looking at the bartender with playful eyes; showing the evident satisfaction with the drink despite. It took him not long to empy the glass with everything happening around him and the different people trying to talk to him.

"Sweet tooth, eh? Quite a fancy creation of yours," Jeremy then took the glass Ale offered and curiously eyed the unknown liquid. From how it looked like it was certainly not Jeremy's preference, but it seemed tempting enough for Jeremy to try it anyways. "Sure why not, I would never reject any free drink anyways, especially from you." He then told Ale in all honesty as he picked up the glass offered and tasted it. Afterwards he slowly placed the glass back down, licked his lips to not miss any flavor. Yeah, he quite liked it. Despite not being that much of a sweet tooth, he truly enjoyed the unique taste that still lingered on his lips. Before he could comment to it though, Ren came with his crowd of friends and lit the mood in the bar up like always. Jeremy always wondered how this guy managed his social life with all the different faces who accompanied him every single time. His handphone must ring pretty much every minute! Horror- at least for Jeremy.

Ren steered to the police officer- to Jeremy's displease- and sat there as he introduced his friends. Jeremy waved a little, quite a bit restless as he kept looking at his wristwatch. He was late. He was so fuckin' late. Of course it was nothing new that Damien came late to their appointment, but this just crossed the line. It made him think why Jeremy still stuck to this guy anyways, not like there were substitutes out there who were dying to date him and would definitely come on time. He sighed as suddenly familiar arms wrapped his waist, pulled Jeremy into an embrace from behind as a kiss followed on his cheek.

"I'm sorry i'm late.. Will you forgive me?"

The familiar voice was heard but even since the first touch, Jeremy knew just too well who it was. Whether Jeremy had forgiven him yet? No chance - not this easily. Nonetheless, he pulled the guy's head closer and lift his chin up, placing a kiss on his lips that by time went harder and deeper as he even slipped his tongue inside - only to let go of him suddenly. Naughty, he licked his lips like a hungry wolf, stared deep into his boyfriend's eyes with shred of lust until he finally spoke: "I leave the bill to you." Afterwards he simply went back to his original seating position without anything else, right at the time as Ale approached and asked about his new drink.

"Ale, you're really something you know that?" He told him saying his thoughts truthfully. Jeremy was after all, never someone who'd tell a lie and straightly goes for the kill if he was not pleased. But obviously, this drink had quite met his tastes. "I'd definitely give money out for it." He said straight forward with confidence, as he pushed the drink to the side for Damien to see. "Wanna taste, Damien? Ale's new creation." In the corner of his eyes, he noticed that the police officer had stood up and now appeared like some sort of bouncer. Honestly, he was never comfortable around those law dogs. But this Ryuu guy was plain peculiar.


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#, as written by Anraee
Damien ForrestImage

Damien was looking around the bar before he felt hisbchin being lifted. His eyes dropped as they fell onto his little Blondie. He wondered how he would ever be late to see someone he loved so much. But then he remembered how some things just happen even if you really don't want them to. Their unavoidable, but those types of things he kept to himself sheltering Jeremy from it.

Damien honestly wanted nothing to do with what his was basically forced into. It wasn't really much of a choice of his and it seemed more like debt he had to pay, in his terms. If he had a choice he woilkd never be involved in it. But due to his really messed up past, he felt like it was something he needed to do. If he ever did speak about it to Jeremy he wouldn't know how the little Blondie would react to it. It may be a good thing in the Blondie's opinion or it may be a really bad one that wouldn't end that well for the both of them.

He sighed as he couldn't bare the thought of losing Jeremy. The little Blondie had been someone he began to cherish and really like after a short period of time. The guy always kept him one his toes and would make him jealous. In all honesty he secretly loved it, although he really shouldn't have. Damien loved the chase that the blondie always gave him. It was refreshing not always getting what he wanted and he liked it the way it was.

In the middle of his frustrating and intimidating thoughts he felt Jeremy's lips press to his. A naughty little thing he was being today. Damien kissed the Blondie back holding his head in place loving the feeling of his hand in his blonde hair. He felt the slip of tongue in his mouth and as soon as he felt it, it disappeared. He couldn't say he wasn't disappointed, due to loving the kisses the had shared. Just seeing the man lick his lips put him on edge to capture his lips again. Jeremyt was really driving him crazy. It seemed like he knew Damien's every little button and chooses to push them whenever he felt like it. His eyes staring into his...They seemed so intimidating and demanding. Not the he minded at all. Once again lost in thought he heard Jeremy speak.

"I leave the bill to you." The blondie spoke to him.

Damien chuckled at that and nodded. "That's seems fait enough. Did I keep you waiting long?" He replied playfully. He really didn't realize that he was later than his usual late. So he brushed it aside sitting near the Blondie but not too close to him wanting to give him just a little bit of freedom to say at the least. Although Damien still was fairly close he wasn't all over the Blondie as usual. Damien laughed and rolled his eyes when he heard Jeremy speaking about the drink. "Depends on what's in it. I think I'm in the mood for something sweet and sour today." He told him.

Damien had too think a bit about what he wanted. Damien knew what it looked like but the name of it was what he was having a hard time thinking about. Hev remembered having I at some party he went to a while back. Moments had past and he looked at Ale. "Can I get a Shark Bite?" He asked with a smug look on his face. He knew that is anyone could make it Ale could. Well he more so hoped that Ale would be able to make it.

After he asked for the drink he was once again lost into his thoughts. It didn't know why really, but things just kept popping intobhis mind at that moment. Despite him trying to brush it off so the others wouldn't notice and ask him about it. The look of deep thought was still on his face. He wasn't really too much of a talker, but he was even quiter than usual. He looked around at everyone before taking the Blondie intobhis arms again and resting his chin on his head. "Blondie" He said with a smirk. He really couldn't lie that having the blonde mess in his arms was one of the highlights of being with him. It didn't have to be anything more than that to make him content and give him a smile.

Shark Bite: