Brayan Lawerence

I'm The Fastest Alchemist That Every Lived!

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a character in “Homunculus Disposal Unit: FMA Brotherhood”, as played by JT:Alter User


Name:Brayan Lawerence
Military name: The Velocity Alchemist
Specialty: Increasing his speed by touching the engrave transmutation circle on the back of his shoes
Age: Seventeen.
Weapon of Choice: His Retractable Staff and his M-9 Beretta 9mm Pistol
Equipment: A Retractable Staff, His Pocekt Watch, His Wallet, and 1 M-9 Beretta 9mm Pistol
Appearance: He's a Jamacian American Male that stands at 6 foot and 2 inches. He has caramel skin complexsion. His body type is lean but very muscular. He has short dreadlocks that end at the bottom of his neck. He wore the Traditional State Alchemist Uniform, A Long blue robe with gold trimmings. His shoes was black with a three green strips going down the sides as the lining of his shoes was traced with Yellow, On the back of his shoes was a Transmutation Circle that was forged into the shoes.


Brayan is very flirtatious as well as having a great sense of humor.


Brayan was originally born in Black River, Jamaica but he moves to the USA when he was 5 years old and if you listen closely to him you can still hear traces of his accents. Even before Alchemy, Brayan was a very fast and agilie individual. He used to be the best theif because no one can catch him. But one day he picked pocketed A state alchemist, the Alchemist caught up to him and had him in a corner. He used what was called a 'Transmutation Circle' which he learned from a book he stole one day, and drew two small ones infront of him. The State Alchemist laughed at him as he watched him do this, and once Brayan got finished he stepped onto the circle and watched the two circles light up brightly, The Alchemist drew his gun and fired at Brayan but he took of running in a lightning quick speed escaping the alchemist. Once he escaped and rested he decided to use his new found skills and become a State Alchemist and the fatest one at that.

So begins...

Brayan Lawerence's Story