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Ivan D. Elven

" Look, I'm pretty easy going. If you want to up against a big ass golem and an arrow shooting Mage, that's fine with me."

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a character in “Honor In Blood”, as played by Ghastly-Maker


Name: Ivan Elven (translation from elvish: Wonder)

Age: Roughly 20

Role: Summoner with some Mage attributes. Shieldmercenary Member.

Race: Hybrid, Half-Human and Half-Elf

Gender and Pronouns: Male ( He, Him, His )

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Min: About 5 min (for emergencys. Will fluctuate if on a errand run)

Racial Characteristics: He has pointed ears, due to his elvish blood. He's able to see up to 200 yards away, and can hear up to 150 yards away. He's also thinner than most men, but is more agile as well.

Abilities: He's able to summon massive elemental golems using advanced battle summoning magic, using his staff. The golems will last up to a max of five hours, but that time will decrease depending on how much damage they take. He can also use basic battle magic, using his staff in its bow form. His attacks are heavily magic reliant, but is able to use his staff as a modified club.

Bio: He's and easy going apprentice for a powerful human Mage. Though he's still learning more on attack spells, he mastered the art of battle summoning almost instantaneous. He normally has a steel chest plate, steel shin guards, leather boots, and hard leather gauntlets. Under that, he wears a long shirt and pair of pants, along with some steel chain mail under that. He carries a staff that's been enchanted to turn into a bow at the flick of a wrist. He has a pouch full of arrow tails, specially made to create a magic arrow with an element of his choosing.

History: At the time of his birth, it was in the middle of war. His mother, and elf, had fled with his father, a human, far from the kingdom and to its outer rim. He was born in a cave, and had been perfectly alright. They named him after his father, Ivan, and given him an elvish word for his last, Elven (meaning wonder). They were able to start a farm, Ivan growing up to this. After five years after his birth, his family was attacked by raiding orcs. His father and mother had protected him from them, but were killed in battle from numbers. Ivan had fled, being chased by orcs looking to make him a meal. Ivan was cornered, orcs closing in all around him, with no chance of escape. Just as the orcs were going to attack, an ice spear flew across, skewering several orcs in front of Ivan. The one who killed the orcs was known as Magus, a powerful Mage that lives several towns over, hunting down these orcs. The orcs fled in fear, and left Magus with Ivan. Magus offered Ivan to become his apprentice, and Ivan agreed. From there, Magus raised Ivan as if he was his own son.

Face Claim: He looks kind of like Aragon from Lord of the Rings. The only differences are that his ears are more pointed and his left eye is blue, while his right eye is brown

Physical Attributes: He's tall, standing about 5 foot and 11 inches. He's has some mucsle, but would be considered thinner than most.

So begins...

Ivan D. Elven's Story