"You are lucky I care more for the safety of Tilon than for petty comments. I may practice my new hex on you, though."

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a character in “Honor In Blood”, as played by goddessbastet


Full Profile

Name: Lonán
Age: 24
Role: Mage
Race: Half-Demon (Poses as human)
Gender and Pronouns: Male; he/his
Sexual Orientation: Questioning
Min: 130 min, some odd den and yil

Racial Characteristics: Lonán's original form is that of a rabbit-like beast, but is currently under a powerful spell that makes him look almost human. He is slightly faster and stronger than the average human, but it is barely noticeable.

Abilities: Lonán can cast only simple spells and is best at things such as alteration and enchantments. Normally during battles he keeps to the side and heals allies, but outside of battle he enchants weapons and armor. His hood is enchanted to shade his face and keep it from being shown even in bright light. It also is enchanted to keep from being pushed or pulled off too easily.

Bio: Lonán is rather quiet and a bit on the anxious and cowardly side. He only shows his face to those he trusts, and at the moment has not shown it to any members of the Shieldmercenaries. He poses as a human, due to half-demons being discriminated against and distrusted.

History: First believed to be a cursed child, Lonán was adopted by monks from a well-known monastery when he was found in the nearby forest as an infant. His mother died soon after childbirth. The monks taught Lonán that the world would not be kind to him, and placed him under a powerful spell that would hold him in a human form.

Physical Attributes: Lonán has a bad limp in his left foot, and both feet are blackened and look a bit like rabbit's feet. He keeps them wrapped up in bandages and wears boots to hide them. The boots make his limp even worse. His hands are also wrapped in bandages to hide the markings on them.

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