Alice Altyri

Suffering from extreme levels of PTSD she claims to have experienced "obe"(out of body experience), which made her parents believe she's crazy to the extent hospital can't help her. Her best friend is a black cat named Ella

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a character in “Hope Asylum for Young People”, as played by Luna Lu


Alice is an aloof character with a poker face almost every minute of the day. She's 15 years old although she claims to be have memories of when she was old.She can't be shocked easily and she doesn't really show any emotions of fear or sadness. She can laugh when she's tickled or when she finds a joke to be funny. Her best friend, Ella may be a cat but she talks and hangs out with her anyways and that's one of the reasons she was sent to asylum... Her parents were scared seeing her having a normal conversation with a cat.

So begins...

Alice Altyri's Story