Kelly Thomas

"This place gives me the creeps" WIP

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a character in “Horror at Shell Creek Mansion”, as played by Lost Soul


Kelly Thomas


Long, Auburn


[Physical Description]
Kelly would be considered beautiful by many people, but her sense of style tends to hinder that. Her hair is a long and wavy hitting her at the middle of her back, if she would ever let it down. Very rarely does this happen choosing to lazily pull it up into a messy bun on the back of her head. Her step mother often complains that Kelly always looks as though she has just gotten out of bed, but she tends to ignore her.

Her eyes are an alluring hazel, but are typically hidden behind thick, black, framed glasses that almost seem to big for the teenager's face. Whether she thinks it's a statement or not Kelly has worn glasses since she was very young and ran into a tree giving herself a concussion. It wasn't long after that it was determined she was having trouble seeing causing the accident in the first place, glasses were then prescribed for the six year old.

Clothes are another matter for Kelly, she tends to steer clear of form fitting clothes. Instead burying her curvaceous form in baggy sweat shirts, and old weathered pairs of jeans that look as though she has had them for a long time which is the truth. She is very uncertain of her body and decided a long time ago that she would much rather cover herself then get attention from others.

Make up, don't ask her she hasn't the foggiest idea where to even start with something like that. Occasionally she wears chap-stick but other then that, no blush, lipstick, or anything touches her creamy white toned skin.

* Reading
* Playing Violin- she has played since she was five years old.
* Astronomy- She has a telescope in her room that is always pointed skyward.
* Her mother- It devastated Kelly when her parents divorced, she talk to her mother on the phone almost every day.

* Talking to large groups of people- Kelly is terribly shy especially around boys.
* Confrontation- She's a total wimp and is often picked on at school.
* Large areas of water- She almost drowned as a child.
* Her step-mother and step-siblings- She is not happy with her father decision to remarry, and hates when her step-mother tries to act like her mother.

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-Anything else you want to add to the character that would help us get a better idea of what they are like.-

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Kelly Thomas's Story