Horror House

Horror House


A group of teens go into a Manor until daylight after all of their cars coincidentally stop working at the same time....Unfortunately they didn't realize a demon was waiting on the other side of the door.

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based off of crown the empire's song johnny's revenge


Horror House


You’re driving down the highway on a Friday night. You’re surrounded by forests, one which you have never liked. It seems like a normal day, which is until your car stops. This is odd; you check your phone to find it dead. Close to where your vehicle stopped is a manor, one where a man by the name of Cecil has lived-and died- in, and you decide you should stay there for the night until tomorrow since no one comes this way after 6 P.M. When you get there you noticed other teens with the same scenario around the gates of the Manor, after meeting each other, you go inside.


When you enter, you are met with a dark corridor. Loud, unearthly cackling filling the room as you try to see through darkness. A dim light fills the room and a girl with a bent over boy appears, you realize the boy is familiar. It’s Johnny, a boy from your high school.
A voice fills the air.
Well look what we have here, boys and girls. Everybody give a warm welcome to Johnny! Why don’t we show Johnny a lesson or two about what it’s like to die!
The girl brings down an axe and you gape in horror as Johnny’s body crumbles to the floor.
You’re next… The girl and the voice disappear.

You and a group of teens are in a Manor haunted by a demon named Cecil. Cecil was once a man who lived in this manor, but sold his soul to Lucifer and now lives in the manor for eternity, feeding off the souls of dead teenagers.
Cecil has awakened from a long slumber, and is rather hungry. He will toy around with you and the others, playing cat and mouse and finding ways to try and kill you. All doors are locked, everywhere you go is a dead end.
How will you survive?

Character Sheet
*Pictures or paragraphs, I don’t care.
[Opinion of other characters]

Toggle Rules

1) This is a Horror Roleplay; make it as scary as you want.
2) Language is okay, as long as everyone is comfortable with obscenities.
3) This isn’t a love story, so that won’t be happening.
4) Keep gender ratios even
5) Cecil is an NPC that I will play, but don’t be afraid to make him do something to help you along the way.
6) Violence and tension are allowed! Wouldn’t you be unhinged if a demon was trying to eat your soul?
7) Have fun, I know I will. >;)

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