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Hotel Strong Bad

Dangeresque Luxery Hotel


a part of Hotel Strong Bad, by Karasz.

The main hotel building... thing.

Karasz holds sovereignty over Dangeresque Luxery Hotel, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The building was built by The Cheat, but it remained a mystery on how he managed to built this colossal tower.
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Dangeresque Luxery Hotel

The main hotel building... thing.


Dangeresque Luxery Hotel is a part of Free Country U.S.A..

4 Places in Dangeresque Luxery Hotel:

2 Characters Here

Kaoru Sakurazuka [0] Kaoru was orginally a male, but due some accident, he became a female
Big Bag and Bog [0] 3 very violent pigs

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Character Portrait: Strong Bad Character Portrait: The Cheat
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#, as written by Karasz
Concerned about the ruckus from outside, Strong Bad arrives at the nick of time. But he sees that nothing is there. Just an old car, a stick, and the Blubb-Os whale sticking out. Confused, Strong Bad has no idea where that noise comes from.

Strong Bad: That's funny. I heard all the rattling and clanking and battering outside, but no construction.

Then he sees The Cheat wearing a construction helmet. Since when did The Cheat wear a construction helmet? Strong Bad is more puzzled than usual, and wonders why. Then all of a sudden, he finds a luxurious tower, with only five stories tall.

Strong Bad: The Cheat? Did you build that?
The Cheat: Meh meh meh!
Strong Bad: How can you afford something like this, man? It's huge! Where did you find that out fro--- Oh... Probably relating to my e-mail, huh?
The Cheat: Meh meh.
Strong Bad: You're saying that this will get me the ladies? You say that it will beat the hotel comp-e-ti-tion?
The Cheat: Mmmhmm!

Strong Bad's frown becomes a smile. Maybe this is his chance to be an ultimate somebody instead of a nobody! With that, he enters the hotel. The Cheat followed his red masked boss and see what's inside.