Christopher Francis Crosse

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a character in “House of Boys”, as played by TheSpaceInBetween



Full Name: Christopher Francis Crosse (Cro-Sayy)
Preferred/Stage Name: Chris
Ethnicity: French
Birth Date: February 10th
Age: 24
Sexuality: Homosexual

Height: 6' 2"
Distinguishing Marks: Chris has a tattoo on his left arm of a Native American band of feathers that wrap around a portion of his upper arm and work slowly into trailing feathers that end at his wrist.


Chris is always dressed smart, with button up shirts and suit jackets. When he is feeling more casual he will wear a pair of tight fitting jeans and leather jackets.


Personality Chris can be very half and half with people, if he likes you he will sit and talk for hours about anything and everything and even offer to help you out with any tasks. Although if he doesn't know you he will shut you out for a while at least, he is very particular about his taste in friends but once your in his circle you are there for a while.

Likes: alcohol, strong cigarettes, rough sex, BDSM, books, music, Italian food, pain.

Dislikes: dogs, boring people, coffee ( not the taste, just the smell), coconut, limp kissers.

Occupation: Role 6


HISTORYChris more or less wandered into the house when he was 18 when a friend mentioned the place to him over a few drinks one night. His curiosity was peaked when he entered, now he is hooked.As Chris got older his tastes become more refined, he would go to certain boys in the house. If he had a bad day he would go to one of the more tender boys for attention and if he wanted more fun and games he would choose someone else. He has his favourites and pays them well, as well as tipping them a decent ammount. His other favourite...pastime was created and is still maintained by the one and only Mr. Hale. He tends to spend most of his time with the younger gentleman and finds his company very addictive.

Relationship Status: He isn't one to be tied down by the whole " couples"thing he would rather have a few great nights with someone and then move on. He has got his favourites of the boys and he is not afraid to show it. He loves everyone and will gladly spend a few minutes with a few of them.
Family and friends: He is close to his parents, they are welcoming of his sexual preferences, but they don't know about his other preferences at the house.
Known Languages: English, French, Italian.

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