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Ren Berlin

Member of the House

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a character in “House of Demons”, as played by Mischief Managed


Name: Florence Helen Berlin
Age: 263
Living Relatives: N/A
Power: Telekinesis
Personality: Ren isn't really a "people person" especially since her daughter and husband died on the Oregon Trail. After her change she became with drawn from all kinds of society, recently a young vampire named Marley has seemed to draw her out of her shell. Just in time for the battle, now she has something to fight for.

So begins...

Ren Berlin's Story


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I'm going to tell you a story. It's not a good one, granted, but it's mine.

I'm Marley David and I've been a vampire for almost 13 years. My beginning is simple, I was playing in the street and I cut my leg on some glass, a vampire smelled the blood and attacked me. When he realized that I was still alive he stopped and brought me to his home, I was presented to his leader. I remember very clearly what Mr. Rodrick had said.

"She's a pretty little thing, isn't she? How did you come about this one, Kian?"

"I-I was on a hunt and I smelled blood. I didn't even look before attacking, I just- What are we gonna do?"

"What do you mean? You turned her! She'll stay with us, of course," he kneeled down to my height," How about I get one of the rooms prepared for you, darling?"

"B-But, Rodrick, the Council has strict rules about children-"

"Poppycock! The Council would have to know for us to get into any trouble over it. You won't tell them, will you?"

He shook his head.

"And neither will I! Who else needs to know? Now, run along. I have to attend to this girl now. What's your name, darling?"

"My name is Marley."

"Well, Marley, I'm Rodrick, and I can tell we'll be the best of friends. Won't we?"

We were the best of friends, from that day on I never once missed my family because Mr. Rodrick soon became like a brother to me. One day I went out into the garden after dark, as that was the only time that Mr. Rodrick ever allowed me into the garden, at this time I had been there for almost 10 years and I was getting bored of hiding. I stumbled upon a lady sitting on the railing under the shade of the gazebo, watching the sunrise. Soon enough, this lady and I became friends. I pulled her out of the terrible darkness that had settled over her heart.

Then something bad happened.

Mr. Rodrick began to be out more and later, I almost never saw him. When I asked Ren, the lady, what was going on she told me war-

I think I've gone too far,, let me go back to when this began.

It was a very starry night and Mr. Rodrick was having a party.


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"It's late, Marley. I can't just go to the party."

"Of course you can, you're one of them too!"

"I know, but-"

"Hushy, just put on the dress and go down."

I looked at the dress once more and again wondered to myself how an eternal 5-year-old had chosen it. It was black and floor length with noodle straps for sleeves. There was a long cut from about mid-way down the thigh down so most of my leg would be showing as I walked. I glanced at her one more time.

"This is stupid."

"I know. Put the dress on."

So this was gonna be longer, but I have to listen to my friend's story.


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The scene was the same as all of Rodrick's parties, there were people everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, all of their clothes were of the highest possible elegance. The vampires talked, laughed and drank. By "drank" I mean the people, humans don't just come to the parties for nothing. They come for our venom.

Vampire venom is like a drug of some sort, it gives the one who is bitten an elated feeling. The humans come for their doses and the vampires get their nourishment. I stood in the doorway for a few moments, deciding whether I should continue in or not. I've tried this many times, but it always ended the same. I change my mind and go back upstairs to my bedroom and hold my box. I was about to make the same choice tonight when an arm linked through mine and dragged me into the crowd.

"You're not doing this again," Rodrick whispered into my ear. He let me go in front of a man with a glass of champagne," Mingle, Florence. You've been sitting in the shadows too long."

He disappeared into the people and I turned back to the person.

"I'm sorry about that."

"It's nothing, really. I'm Henry."


"But didn't he just-"

"I don't go by that anymore."

"I see."


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I stood in the hidden passage that led out to the living room watching the party. I know each and every nook and cranny in the place, including all the passage ways. It's not my fault that I wander. While Rodrick is a great keeper for me, he does have things to do and places to be that can take him away for hours at a time. I started leaving my room about 8 years ago, giving me plenty of time to get to know all of the house and it's inhabitants. Right now I watch as Ren makes fatal attempts to mingle with a tall man with bushy, raven hair. I can smell that he's a human, but she's not reacting the way most do, most vampires would have immediately offered to sink their teeth in but she's not even a tiny bit thirsty.

And let me tell you, this human smells good.

I don't know what to do. How do I push her to be more like a vampire? I think I understand why she isn't exactly eager to feed after what happened to her husband and son, but that was over a century ago! Come on, Ren!!

I almost gave up when I saw something, a glimmer of a smile on her lips. I was about to stay and watch more when I saw Rodrick head towards the stairs to tuck me in, then I raced into the hall that would lead me to my room, hoping that I would have enough time to change into my night gown before he got in there and asked why I wasn't ready.


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Image I walked thorough the woods, it was cold outside, I hadn't eaten in two days, the animals at the minimum numbers in this area.

"I can't do this anymore Addy" said my wolf as our legs were shaking with lack of energy. I don't know what to do, my body will blackout any minute now, so with my last amount of hope and energy I howled for help as loud as I could before falling down onto the ground.