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House of Demons

The House


a part of House of Demons, by Mischief Managed.


Mischief Managed holds sovereignty over The House, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The House



The House is a part of House of Demons.

8 Characters Here

Addy Landes [74] Pure werewolf, rogue, just shifted.
Ethan Johnson [56] Rouge Wolf
Jane Delaney [42] Rouge Queen
Rodrick Colton [14] Leader of the House
Ren Berlin [5] Member of the House
Marley David [4] Member of the House
Margereta Colton [3] Daughter of Jane and Rodrick
Miss Alice [0] Vampire ~ Gentle ~ Sly ~ Convincing

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Character Portrait: Addy Landes Character Portrait: Jane Delaney
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I stiffened at her question before relaxing and bringing the comb gently to her mangled hair. I let out a sigh.

"You have such lovely hair, too bad it's been neglected for such a long time. It's like a flower with out sunlight," I brought my face close to hers and looked at her through the mirror," That's what we are, Addy, flowers with out sunlight. That's what Rodrick wants from me. He wants to take away the sunlight that I have found, but I won't let him. Once I loved him with all my heart as he did me, the problem is that he has yet to move on. He wants me under his thumb again but I won't go back, I swear it," I went back to brushing," I'll die first."


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Character Portrait: Jane Delaney Character Portrait: Rodrick Colton Character Portrait: Margereta Colton
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I finished brushing her hair and told her to hurry up and join the rest of the camp, I have some unfinished business to take care of. The moment she was out of site I ran through the woods and into town, so that I was standing right in front of a nursing home. A young girl with golden-blond locks and brown eyes walked out of the home with an older woman on her arm, a nurse with wild, black hair and dancing brown eyes followed closely behind but not too close as to be noticed. I went up to the woman.

"It's a shame, isn't it," I whispered to her," I visit them each and every day just like you do but neither of us can tell them our true identities."

"What do you want, Mother?"

"I want what every mother wants, Margareta, I want to see my children. That includes my first born and my grand daughter," I said while nodding at the women in front of us.

"You leave them alone, I've invested too much in Regina's health to let you-"

"Hush now, dear," I picked up her hands and smiled at her. So much like Rodrick. She looks so much like Rodrick. "I need a favor."


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Character Portrait: Addy Landes Character Portrait: Ethan Johnson Character Portrait: Jane Delaney Character Portrait: Rodrick Colton Character Portrait: Margereta Colton
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Originally, I had no intention of doing my mother any 'favors', then she explained what I would need to do and I got an idea.

I was to go to Rodrick's house and create a distraction by announcing my existence, then send her a text telling her it was safe to attack.

I went to Rodrick's house at exactly midnight, when they are infamous for having their parties. The house was lit up and there was jazz music pouring out of every window. I love jazz. I went up to the door and raised my fist to knock, but lowered it when I caught a glimpse through the window. Everyone in there was dressed up in suits and gowns, I had worn ripped blue jeans and my old leather jacket, the most care I had put into my outfit was putting on the necklace that Jane gave me to prove that I was, in fact, his daughter.

I shook off the feeling and flung the doors open, the entire party stopped to look at me after my dramatic entrance. A man with unruly black hair and brown eyes like mine stepped forward.

"May I help you, miss?"

I looked at my father for the first time ever. I suppose that if he were a girl then he would look like me, we had the same hair, eyes, chin, mouth and jaws. The only differences were our heights, as he was a good 4 inches taller than me.

"Are you Rodrick Colton?"

"Yes," he smiled," And who might you be?"

"Your daughter."

The entire audience gasped. Rodrick's face fell as he took in what I said but then lit up again.

"That's impossible, I haven't been with anyone fertile since-"

"Jane Delany," I finished for him," My mother. She gave me this to prove myself to you."

I took off the necklace and handed it to him. It was a locket, I knew that much but it has a secret way to open it so I couldn't know what was in it. It must have been something important though because Rodrick started to shake when he opened it. Then he rushed over and wrapped me up in a big hug, pulling back only to look at me.


"My mother gave birth to me after you changed her, she left me at a nunnery and took off. About 20 years ago she started to visit me, that's how I came to know why I was so different then others," I looked down and felt a tear sneak out of my eye," I felt so alone. I thought that I was the only one, I thought-"

"Oh, my sweet, sweet girl," he put my head into his shoulder and smoothed my hair," I'm so sorry. had I known-"

"That doesn't matter now," I told him as I wiped my eyes dry of tears," What matters is that Jane is coming here with an army to kill you all."

"What," he said.

"You have to hurry, she's-"

"Right here."

We both looked to see my mother standing in the doorway, a young girl and a young man on one side of her and a older man on the other side. All looked angered.

"Oh, my dear daughter," she said," Did you really think you could outsmart me? I made you. I know you from the inside out, that's why I knew that you'd ounce at the chance to be with your father," she looked at Rodrick with mock despair," To feel welcome and like you belong."

"Leave, Jane. You aren't allowed here."

"That's where you're wrong, Rodrick, this," she gestured to the house and smiled," This is exactly where I belong."


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Character Portrait: Addy Landes Character Portrait: Ethan Johnson Character Portrait: Jane Delaney Character Portrait: Rodrick Colton Character Portrait: Margereta Colton
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The battle was a bloody one, I know this because I walked through the empty halls of the house during it. Protecting my family and attacking my enemies. I have the gift of Electrokinesis, so it was simple. I crack the door open and I shoot the person who stands as a threat. They fall, vampire, human or wolf.

They all fall.

One person who fell first was Ren, though she was my friend I couldn't help her and I'll always regret that. The last words on her lips were the name of her long lost son," David."

Another to fall was a young man, I believe that his name was Ethan from what the young girl screamed after he fell. He landed in a pool of his own blood, hemorrhaging violently. In the time I've been a vampire I've seen many deaths, but this is one that I'll never forget. The girl who screamed his name went to kill herself after he fell but I stopped her. I took her out of the room and into the secret passage. I told her a secret.

"You'll hurt the baby."

"What baby?"

"The one inside of you," I put my hand on her stomach and smiled," It's a girl."

She stared at me for a moment before falling to her knees and staring at the wall in shock.

Jane was killed at the hands of her own daughter when she attempted to kill Rodrick. Unfortunately, Rodrick died later on in the night as well and so did Margareta herself. All of the Colton's fell that night.

Almost everyone died, but in the end it was no one that won. The house was filled with dead bodies and blood by morning. I buried them all, writing on tombstones what I knew about them. A name here, a title there. Jane, Rodrick, Ren and Margareta all got buried next to each other. I thought the girl from earlier might return so I buried the boy with a tombstone too so that she could find him.

While it might not be the most joyful of stories, it does have a happy ending. The girl visits often enough to see the grave of the boy named Ethan and she brings her daughter every time. he named her Eva, when I asked her why she said-

"Because I couldn't name her Ethan."

So now I live in the House of Demons alone, all of the vampires that once wandered these halls when I was locked up are gone and I stay, because in the end it isn't about the tricks or the tactics, it isn't about strength or smarts, it's about how you play the game. It's about who you let play you.

I never let anyone play me.

And that, my friend, is why I still stand when all else fell.