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Queen Ella

"let my darling fae's bloom"

0 · 527 views · located in The house of Hearts

a character in “House of Hearts”, as played by AuroraDawn


Full name: Ella James
age: 20
magic form:Image
Outfit: royal blue shirt, black pencil shirt, black peep toe high heeled shoes
-mate:(when you know)
-species: Fae
-special weapon: Magic
-Elemental power: ice
-Special power:healing
-Years you have been in the House of Hearts: 10
-Friends: everyone
-Likes: attention, boys, werewolves, sex
-Dislikes: people who disrespect her
-Weakness: her eyes and hair. She is very protective over them for some reason

So begins...

Queen Ella's Story

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Waking up to screaming isn't the most pleasant thing to happen to Ella but from 10 years of living in this hell hole she was use to it. She got off the bed she had made from ice. The solid liquid didn't effect her body temperature because it was her element. Yawning she stretched her stiff body, her red curls sticking out around around her.
I got up and walked to the corner of the room were she had put her clothes. She sleeps naked because she doesn't want her clothes to get wet. She quickly dressed then melted the ice bed and put the water back into a large bucket she had demanded the caretakers to give her.
She sighed with boredom and went to the cell door
"HELLO!!! I WANT A SHOWER!!" she screamed and a few minutes later and man in a white lab coat opened the door. He hand cuffed her hands and dragged her out and towards the shared showers.
They reached them and the man un-cuffed her.
"undress" he stoically stated and she quickly stripped handing her clothes to the man.
She playfully winked at him and was pleased when i faint blush spread across his cheeks.
'humans are so stupid' she laughed to herself entering the showers. She turned on the water and a light trickling started. The water was cold for it took a good 10 minutes for it to heat up.
She could feel the man's eyes on her and she wiggled her butt then slowly bent down looking like she was washing her legs. She could sense his arousal in the air and smirked.
Humans always fell for her seductive flirting, it was part of the plan to escape. If she seduced enough men then maybe she could grab the keys or have the king control their weak minds.
Her grin grew wider as he entered the shower, resting a hand on her hip and his erection pressed into her lower back.
'got cha'

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After her pleasing shower Ella was escorted back to her cell by the guard.
"Darling i am starving would you please go get me some food?" Ella questioned sweetly and the guy melted as he nodded his head and went to go get her some food completely forgetting to close the door. She stepped out and made her way down the hall until she was at Kellin's door. Opening it easily she saw him standing there looking kinda pissed

"Lights do something again?" Ella questioned, then she her the growl of Blake and a blush spread across her cheeks. The male werewolf was gorgeous and powerful and always made Ella ache pleasurably in between he legs.

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Looking over in a bit of a sudden shock, he just found he was staring in the face of the fae queen. Nodding his head he grumbled "same as last week, tricked a guy into her cell, and branded his face with her hand" stepping out of the cell, he turned his eyes to see lights emerge from her cell saying quite happily "they forgot to lock it when they dragged your sorry ass out of there." it was kind of funny seeing her all cheery. "hey when in the hell did they start carrying those metal baton things?" she asked thee two, as she a procedure them closer.
She wasn't going to lie, she thought to herself. It hurt like a bit cheaper being hit with those things. Looking over at Kellins face, a pained look appeared across it, taking her a moment to realize he heard that Watching as blake came up, Lights let out a small huff, as we gave the very obviously vague message. "Ill be in the bloodied cell if you want to scold me later Kellin." She said, giing a flick of her hand and walking away, as kellin was dragged by the other leader. "What;s going wrong?" He asked him, his blue eyes going into the serious state they did when this matter seemed to come up.