Marie Dubois

Sixth Former

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Marie Dubois


17 - Sixth Former - Red Vampyre

Family Members:
Isabelle Dubois - 37 - Alive
Vincent Laurie - 39 - Alive
Avery Dubois - 15 - Alive

Born to Isabelle and Vincent, when her mother was just the age of twenty years old, they were so happy and proud to have a small baby girl. They cherished her and just as new parents would be, they adored her and took lots and lots of pictures. They were proud parents and often thought of all these things that Marie would be. How she could grow up to be this beautiful strong woman who would be the valedictorian of her class and she would be president of student council, and have a nice boyfriend/high school sweet heart.

Really they acted just like most parents did, until Avery came along and they went through it all with Avery as well. Growing up, Avery and Marie were only two years apart and for majority of the time they were rather close; unless Avery was stealing Marie's toys. Marie hated her younger sister for running around and giggling and taking all her stuff, it infuriated her.

Marie had ended up being popular in middle school for the time that she was there. She had a few boyfriends that she would now today call, flings. One boy known as Caleb and another known as James. Her first kiss was with Caleb and they held hands just a few time. Marie ended it when Caleb got really excited about hear early developments and kept trying to grope them. As for James they lasted through out until the day that she was marked. Which was a little after her fifteenth birthday. At the moment of that her family couldn't stand to be around her so they abandoned her when she needed them the most.

Unlike your typical student at the House of Night school, Marie had hardly been a blue fledgling for long, when her body had rejected the change and she had died. Only later had she been resurrected by another vampyre. Her blue mark had then turned red and she was a red fledgling. For quite awhile she had been feral and unpredictable which had terrified many. After calming down a bit, it was a long journey for Marie to be able to contain herself at school but she still kept on going with her studies.

It wasn't until near the end of her fifth former year when Marie had ultimately chosen good over evil and had been changed to a red vampyre. There has been some perks to being a red vampyre but sometimes Marie questions whether or not they outweigh the many cons that comes with it.


Marie is a very flirtatious and charismatic girl. She finds the flow of words and talking to people to come by very naturally. Holding up a conversation and having it carry on through for more than five minutes is something she has always been able to do, and she is comfortable with people. Marie is very extroverted and loves to be around people and with them. Enjoying the company of others has always been a go to for her. As for her flirty side, Marie has always been quite sexual in her actions and how she displays herself, but that's because she loves her body and she will flaunt it as much as possible. Despite what most may think, Marie actually does have respect for herself and has not slept with the majority of the population, maybe like five percent but that's very little.

After the change was rejected from her, she has learned not to take anything for granted and to live each day to her fullest. Dying and coming back again doesn't sound nearly as easy as some make it out to be. Marie has a new found appreciation and love for life and the earth. She loves to just enjoy the beauty of nature but unfortunately being a red vampyre has made things extremely difficult to enjoy it as much as she would love to.

Despite her charismatic personality, Marie is rather hot headed too. She has a short fuse it just may take a bit to ignite the fuse that leads to the bomb and it will explode. When she gets angry, she gets angry and angry quick. You will not want to mess with her at all when she is going off. It takes awhile to cool her down.

[center]Cat who claimed Marie:
Lux claimed Marie, just after she had died. Lux was there to look after Marie to help her stay on track and be there when times were getting hard.
Her name:

1. World Vampire History || Carter Williams || 201
2. French || Alavda Chibano || 202
3. Physical Education || Luke Johnson || Gym
4. Lunch
5. Human History || Bryson Birht || 127
6. Dance || Katherine Marks || Dance Auditorium
7. Literature VI || Michael Thames || 101
Other Activities:
Debate Team || Salvatore Birht || 127
Cheerleading || Coach Renai Hart || Gym
Archery || Luke Peters || Outside

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Marie Dubois's Story


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Serenity Santiago
Dialogue Color: #ff9dcf || Location: Courtyard || Sixth Former || Sapphire Fledgling || Dorm Mate: Marie Dubois

It was the first day of Serenity's last year at the House of Night as a student. Some time during the year she would end up going through the complete transformation into a vampire. She will receive a filled crescent and all of her intricate marks will then plague her body. As of right now, she has no idea how she feels about herself coming of age. Though the thing she does know, is that she will come back after a couple years and bring the Dark Daughters and Sons back into the House of Night. Ever since the big showdown between Zoey Redbird and Neferet in the past, this sibling hood had been shut down. But of course, there aren't very many students around who knows about that traumatizing fight that plagued all of Tulsa.

The petite fledgling sat in the courtyard reading a book as she stroked Nala's gorgeous coat. Nala owned Serenity ever since her fourth former year. There are times when Nala would disappear for an indefinite amount of time but she always came back to check on Serenity, she usually comes back to her during the times she needs her most. Which tended to be an awful lot these past couple of years.

Serenity was excited to meet the new fledglings and the transfer students. Meeting new people always seemed to be something she quite enjoyed. Though as of right now, she was hoping that she would hear from Marie, her dorm mate. The two of them shared the same dorm for the past couple of years and happened to grow to become great friends over the time. There was hardly anything they didn't do together. Some happened to call them conjoined twins.

She let out a sigh as she closed her book and looked down at Nala whom was still laying down beside her. "Ready for another year, Nala?" she questioned. Though just as she asked the question, Nala gave a soft meow, answering Serenity.

Jasper Nichols
Dialogue Color: #ffa114 || Location: Football Field || Fifth Former || Red Fledgling || Dorm Mate: N/A

Once again, Jasper found himself laying in the middle of the football field with his hands behind his head just staring up at the sky. The stars always seemed to paint out a story to him and he always loved making constellations in the stars. But of course, there wasn't really much of anything else to do over the summer. His parents hadn't even visited him at the House of Night because they were too distracted by their work. Most of the others at the school were able to have visitors all throughout the summer, but of course he wasn't one of them.

Deep down Jasper missed his family, missed his old life before he was marked. But ever since he's been marked, it seemed as if his family and friends didn't want anything to do with him because they were scared of him or something. The only times he ever really spoke to or seen his friends was on the random times he decides to walk around the town in the close areas to the House of Night. But of course he wasn't able to get too far because if he is too far from a vampire he could get horribly sick or die. And dying definitely wasn't something he wanted to do.

He sighed as he let out a soft mumble to himself, "This year better be good."

Casper Nightwalk
Dialogue Color: #c3ff0e || Location: Courtyard || Fourth Former || Sapphire Fledgling || Dorm Mate: Calvin Warlow

Casper found it extremely hard to believe that he was on his second year at the House of Night. It still didn't seem to sink in completely that his life will never be like it used to be. Though in a way he was happy about that because he was always so alone before attending this school. Even though he didn't really have many friends, it's been nice to have others around. People to talk to whenever he felt like. Though at times it was difficult to carry on much of a conversation when it came to people wanting to know about his life before the marking. Those details Casper wanted to keep to himself.

Casper was in the courtyard, beginning to set up a booth for others to place their old clothes they no longer needed or wanted so that he would be able to give them out to the homeless later that week. Of course the other charity kids were supposed to be helping him with this, but he had no clue where the rest of them were at this point. So, he just sat there behind the booth, watching as people dropped things into the specified bins, signed the paper that lets them know who donated, then went about their own business. This was the process he's been going through since six in the evening (their morning).

Isobel St. Germaine
Dialogue Color: #d672ff || Location: Her Dorm || Third Former || Red Fledgling || Dorm Mate: Grace Kennedy

Isobel sat by the pool in her backyard with a bottle of water in her hands, just relaxing and having the summer of her life. When out of nowhere the most painful headache washed over her, sending her into immediate tears. She couldn't believe it. The brunette climbed out of the pool and slowly walked into her home with her hand upon her forehead. This caused the pain to die down ever so slightly.

"What's wrong Issy?" her mother questioned as she was cooking dinner.

"I have a really bad headache," she stated as she sat down at the island of the kitchen and set her bottle of water down on the counter. At that moment her mother glanced up from the stove and looked at Isobel. Her mother's face went cold and she suddenly froze.

"What is it Mama?" she questioned.

"Y-You're marked....we need to get you to the House of Night.

At that moment Isobel's eyes went wide. She was beyond belief. She had no idea how to take this information. Of course she believed in them, she's seen them before...she just never thought she would be one. It just couldn't be possible. Though it wasn't until then that she passed out.

About an hour later, she awoke in a room with her mother and an unknown man standing before her. The man must have been her tracker.