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Roman Warlow

Fifth Former

0 · 248 views · located in Tulsa, Oklahoma

a character in “House of Night: Another Year”, as played by SliderSoul




Roman Warlow
Fifth Former

1. Human History || Bryson Birht || 127
2. Literature III || Jennifer Hawthorne || 203
3. Physical Education || Luke Johnson || Gym
4. Lunch
5. Photography || Tara Brooks || 275
6. Spells & Rituals || Mikayla Myers || 100
7. Psychology || Elena Powers || 202

Other Activities/Sports/Teams
Archery || Luke Peters || Outside
Yearbook Staff || Hosted by Students || 272
**Was asked to join. Only shows up when needed.**

Can't say he changed much since he first joined House of Night. Even before he came to the school, he was a now it all. It was like history came to him as if he had already lived it or was living. His wisdom always came natural to him, even as a kid. As weird as it may seem, he believes that he was marked even before he had gotten the mark. Ever since he was a kid he'd always see Hikma watching over him. At the time, he didn't know of the cat's name or where it came from, but he always got a feeling as if the cat was trying to speak to him. What was even more strange is, he only got to see the cat four times of the year whenever the seasons started to change. That cat would always lead him to odd books that were old and dank, yet still readable.

When time came closer to him becoming marked the cat would show up more often and stay longer near him as if watching over him. It was odd to say the least, but after everything went down, he was finally able to understand everything after being a year in House of Night. That wasn't his only problem he had though, he knew that if he were marked that someday his kid brother would be too, it was just a matter of time.

It's already been a few years since he felt that way and now he awaits for his kid brother to finally join if he were to join.

Even though his appearance gives off a 'Popular' aura. He isn't very social with people, only when he has to be. No one can really hate him or say anything bad about him because no one really knows him and whenever he does talk to people, he's nice to them. He'll help out when it's needed, but he won't linger long enough to be really involved in anything.

Roman is the type of guy who likes to keep to himself and involve his world around his school work or other things. If he isn't helping others or in his activities, you could always find him lingering in the library reading old books that no one else would bother touching. If you wanted to know the history of House of Night, he'd be the first guy anyone would think to go to ask questions to. This information is mostly kept secret from most of the students and staff members. Only those who want to know would know to ask him. He might not look it, but he's very well educated on things he shouldn't know, or anyone should know about. He's also very informed about all the students in House of Night, he even has information on the newer students.

Even though he is the guy who knows a lot, he won't rub it in anyone's face, nor would he share personal information about others. He keeps to himself, but if he ever did find the need to say anything about someone, he would, depending on who he was telling it to. If he trusts you, he'd be more open with you about anything you need to know. But if you betray him, things might not be so well put afterwards. He isn't the forgiving type and depending on what you did to him, he might get even.


Cat Who Claims Roman
Egyptian Mau The Cat of Wisdom at House of Night

Sapphire Fledgling


So begins...

Roman Warlow's Story


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Serenity Santiago
Dialogue Color: #ff9dcf || Location: Courtyard || Sixth Former || Sapphire Fledgling || Dorm Mate: Marie Dubois

It was the first day of Serenity's last year at the House of Night as a student. Some time during the year she would end up going through the complete transformation into a vampire. She will receive a filled crescent and all of her intricate marks will then plague her body. As of right now, she has no idea how she feels about herself coming of age. Though the thing she does know, is that she will come back after a couple years and bring the Dark Daughters and Sons back into the House of Night. Ever since the big showdown between Zoey Redbird and Neferet in the past, this sibling hood had been shut down. But of course, there aren't very many students around who knows about that traumatizing fight that plagued all of Tulsa.

The petite fledgling sat in the courtyard reading a book as she stroked Nala's gorgeous coat. Nala owned Serenity ever since her fourth former year. There are times when Nala would disappear for an indefinite amount of time but she always came back to check on Serenity, she usually comes back to her during the times she needs her most. Which tended to be an awful lot these past couple of years.

Serenity was excited to meet the new fledglings and the transfer students. Meeting new people always seemed to be something she quite enjoyed. Though as of right now, she was hoping that she would hear from Marie, her dorm mate. The two of them shared the same dorm for the past couple of years and happened to grow to become great friends over the time. There was hardly anything they didn't do together. Some happened to call them conjoined twins.

She let out a sigh as she closed her book and looked down at Nala whom was still laying down beside her. "Ready for another year, Nala?" she questioned. Though just as she asked the question, Nala gave a soft meow, answering Serenity.

Jasper Nichols
Dialogue Color: #ffa114 || Location: Football Field || Fifth Former || Red Fledgling || Dorm Mate: N/A

Once again, Jasper found himself laying in the middle of the football field with his hands behind his head just staring up at the sky. The stars always seemed to paint out a story to him and he always loved making constellations in the stars. But of course, there wasn't really much of anything else to do over the summer. His parents hadn't even visited him at the House of Night because they were too distracted by their work. Most of the others at the school were able to have visitors all throughout the summer, but of course he wasn't one of them.

Deep down Jasper missed his family, missed his old life before he was marked. But ever since he's been marked, it seemed as if his family and friends didn't want anything to do with him because they were scared of him or something. The only times he ever really spoke to or seen his friends was on the random times he decides to walk around the town in the close areas to the House of Night. But of course he wasn't able to get too far because if he is too far from a vampire he could get horribly sick or die. And dying definitely wasn't something he wanted to do.

He sighed as he let out a soft mumble to himself, "This year better be good."

Casper Nightwalk
Dialogue Color: #c3ff0e || Location: Courtyard || Fourth Former || Sapphire Fledgling || Dorm Mate: Calvin Warlow

Casper found it extremely hard to believe that he was on his second year at the House of Night. It still didn't seem to sink in completely that his life will never be like it used to be. Though in a way he was happy about that because he was always so alone before attending this school. Even though he didn't really have many friends, it's been nice to have others around. People to talk to whenever he felt like. Though at times it was difficult to carry on much of a conversation when it came to people wanting to know about his life before the marking. Those details Casper wanted to keep to himself.

Casper was in the courtyard, beginning to set up a booth for others to place their old clothes they no longer needed or wanted so that he would be able to give them out to the homeless later that week. Of course the other charity kids were supposed to be helping him with this, but he had no clue where the rest of them were at this point. So, he just sat there behind the booth, watching as people dropped things into the specified bins, signed the paper that lets them know who donated, then went about their own business. This was the process he's been going through since six in the evening (their morning).

Isobel St. Germaine
Dialogue Color: #d672ff || Location: Her Dorm || Third Former || Red Fledgling || Dorm Mate: Grace Kennedy

Isobel sat by the pool in her backyard with a bottle of water in her hands, just relaxing and having the summer of her life. When out of nowhere the most painful headache washed over her, sending her into immediate tears. She couldn't believe it. The brunette climbed out of the pool and slowly walked into her home with her hand upon her forehead. This caused the pain to die down ever so slightly.

"What's wrong Issy?" her mother questioned as she was cooking dinner.

"I have a really bad headache," she stated as she sat down at the island of the kitchen and set her bottle of water down on the counter. At that moment her mother glanced up from the stove and looked at Isobel. Her mother's face went cold and she suddenly froze.

"What is it Mama?" she questioned.

"Y-You're marked....we need to get you to the House of Night.

At that moment Isobel's eyes went wide. She was beyond belief. She had no idea how to take this information. Of course she believed in them, she's seen them before...she just never thought she would be one. It just couldn't be possible. Though it wasn't until then that she passed out.

About an hour later, she awoke in a room with her mother and an unknown man standing before her. The man must have been her tracker.


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Dialogue Color: #1E 90 FF|| Location: Lybrary -His Dorm || Fifth Former || Sapphire Fledgling || Magic : Air || Dorm Mate: Tristan Ariez

This year wasn't the same as every other year that Roman has spent at House of Night. This year his kid brother was going to join, this he knew for certain that and also was on good terms with the guy who was sent to mark him. It was the same man who ended up marking Roman. Coincident? Not in his eyes it isn't. He believes there is a reason for this, a reason they have the same Tracker, but he has yet to figure that one out. The best thing about it is, he gets to find out information on how his brother's doing during the change. The bad thing about it is, the Tracker believes something wrong happened during the marking change process. So for now he is being watched over.

As Roman waited for time to pass, he used his Air magic to flip through the pages of a book called Markings 101. It gave information, not only on just the markings but how the markings worked and explained what the color's meant, best of all it explained why. Unlike the books that are given in class, this one is more advanced in the knowledge of it all. After all the book was thicker than the Dictionary. It practically was a Dictionary.

Lifting the book with his magic he held it up in the air as he looked at a few files below it.

"Using magic outside of class? I thought that wasn't allowed Mister Warlow." The Library Teacher came up to the side of the table as she leaned over to see what it was Roman was reading.

"Forgive me, It's second nature to me. I tend to forget whenever I'm engrossed into the books." He chuckled softly as he floated the book down back onto the table.

"Oh I don't mind, just don't let the other teachers catch you." She smiled at him. "What're you reading to have you so engrossed?"

"Actually, you came at a great time. Could you tell why one would be rejected from the Mark?"

"From what I know, it's mainly because they just weren't meant to be a Vampire. It happens, not all of us survive it. Why? Are you alright?"

"It's just... No never mind, It's fine. I was just curious." He sighed and put the books and files away. Again, he used his air magic to put the book back on the toppest part of the shelf instead of using the latter. With that he left the area and was now headed to his dorm until his brother shows up with the other New Bloods.

Dialogue Color: #D2 69 1E|| Location: His Dorm || Fourth Former || Sapphire Fledgling || Magic : Fire || Dorm Mate: Roman Warlow

Like always, Tristan slept in. Unlike most of the Marked here, he enjoyed the sun, well it was sort of one of his elements, so it was understanding. That was one thing he was grateful for, was still being able to see sunlight. He rubbed his hand through his hair and looked over at the clock. No matter how long he's been here, he'd never get used to the odd hours. When he first got here, it was Roman who helped him out with his change and hour changes, he was the one who got him through everything and helped him control his powers. In a way, he owed him big time.

"So you are up." Roman stated as he came into the room, grabbing a book off his desk and plopping down on his bed.

"What no morning kiss or a 'Im Home'?" His joke sounded tired as he rose from his bed half awake.

Roman chuckled and handed the bedside candle over to Tristan. "Mind lighting it for me? I was in the day far too long so, I have a bit of a headache.

Trist looked over at Roman through squinting one eye at him and peeking through the other. Finally, he leaned over and blew onto the candle and within seconds it was lit. After that he got up and went over the closet throwing on his clothes for the day...well night.

"So Calvin is joining this year. That should be interesting. Do you know who he's rooming with?"

Roman gave Tristan a weird look and then finally answered. "Casper Nightwalk. Or so I've been told." His voice didn't sound as if he were pleased with it, but that could just be because he wanted his brother to room with him and Tristan, even if he had to share his bed with his brother. But the teacher wouldn't allow it.

Tristan laughed to himself and brushed his hair out. "Don't feel so bad, we'll just have him stay with his whenever he wants. It should be fine. Not like I care, so no one can really say you're disturbing your roommate." He shrugged and headed for the door. Roman dropped his book and followed after blowing out the candle, but waving his hand sending wind towards the flame. "So where to?"

"Somewhere to kill time."

Just as the hit the door Firno and Hikma both meet up with them. Hikma jumped up onto Roman's shoulders and Firno decided to make Tristan carry him, by now it was more of a habit for the two cats. It wasn't like Roman and Tristan cared or minded.


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#, as written by Arisato
Dialogue Color: red || Location: His Home / House of Night || Third Former || Red Fledgling || Dorm Mate: No School Yet (Casper Nightwalk)

It was earlier that yesterday when a guy had come up to him in school. He was tall and wore things that would block him from too much sunlight. Mostly a gray cloth that wrapped his body and head. The man walked right up to him, took him by the arm and dragged him off to behind the school building. Once they were in shade, he slid off his shades only to stare at Cal for the longest time without speaking. His stare almost felt as if he were debating something or if he maybe could have been unsure or not wanting. Cal would never forget those eyes.

"This will hurt, I promise you. Mostly in your head and later your heart. Calvin Warlow, just like your older brother, you are about to be marked by me. And like him, I will see great things from you."

He placed his hands on each side of Cal and closed his bright gray/blue eyes that would make one feel as if their soul was being read and you couldn't hide any emotion. It made it hard to notice anything else on this man, to even notice his good looks and amazingly blue markings that covered most of him. It almost felt like he was an art piece. His face had gotten close enough to where their foreheads pressed into one another.

"Calvin Warlow, you are hereby marked." He lifted his forehead away from Calvin's and blew softly onto the place he had his forehead pressed against it. "I hope, like your brother, you make it through the transformation."

That was all he could remember after that everything went blank and somehow or another, he ended up at home laying in his bed, now staring up at the ceiling.

"Weird dream." He rubbed his forehead and took a minute before getting up. When he looked at the clock it was 6 in the morning of the next day. He hadn't realized that a whole day was missed and that he spent it all in bed.

Itching his forehead he got up and headed downstairs for a snack. Rough enough, his mom was down there reading a book as she drank her morning coffee. "Hey mom."

"Oh good! You finally woke up! The school told me they found you passed out on the ground. How are you feel-" Her words stopped, he wasn't paying any mind to them until the room went quiet and he finally looked up at her. Her eyes were wide and she looked as if she saw a ghost. She looked as if she were looking at his brother the day he left. It made his stomach twist and at this point he wasn't sure if it was the pain in his head or his twisted stomach, but he wanted to throw up, eating wasn't an option.

"Cal-" She closed her mouth and picked up the phone, nearly running to it trying to avoid going near Calvin or even touching him. She acted afraid of him. "Honey!" She screamed into the phone. "It's happening again!...Yes to Calvin! You need to deal with this now! Call up your friend and get this situated fixed! I can't stand this."

The phone call took a while before it was disconnected. Cal can literally feel his face going pale. What were they planning on doing to him? Were they the reason that his brother couldn't be found? Did they kill his brother? His mind was racing he didn't know what to think. His head started to hurt even more and he felt the air being sucked out of his chest. It almost felt like hyperventilating but five times worse.

When he woke up for the second time, he was in an unfamiliar room. It was lit with bright candle lighting and the room was made out of fancy shiny wood.

"It's good to see you again." The man from before hovered over him. This time his face was more exposed, but he kept the gray fabric over his head.

"He looks like shit." Another male voice mumbled from afar but ended up getting closer to hoover too. He had short hair and deep brown eyes. "Yo kiddo! I hope you make it through, you know I had to drag you here? Good thing you're as light as a girl." He laughed and patted Cal's head. In which still stung, causing him to wince.

"Now now Gabriel doesn't hurt him. He's still in a bad state."

"He just needs to eat something and he should be fine, Dorella." He said the man's name in a respectful tone. Almost like he was the Gab's master.

The man sighed and looked back at Cal. "I suppose we should introduce ourselves. I am Judas Dorella, your Tracker, the one who marked you, I guess you could think of me as your master as well. The man over here is Gabriel Dorella. I'm his father but also his maker as well as yours, your brothers and one other with the name by Tristan Ariez another student at House of Night." He gently helped Cal sit up. "No need to be afraid, we won't hurt you. I'd never hurt my children."

Gabriel laughed under his breath and folded his arms over his chest to stare at Cal. "So you're that 'know it all's' kid, brother. It's freaky how much you two don't look alike."

'The guy was nice to look at, but he was such a-.' Cal thought as Judas waved him off.

" Anyways, Calvin, this is the House of Night. This place, you will learn what you are as you slowly transform in the four years it takes."

"If he makes it past the first stage." Gab sneered under his breath.

Another sigh from Judas as he ignored it and continued. "Your brother should be here soon to take you to the head master's office. I'm sorry that Gab and myself can't stay and chat longer than this. Just wait here and he should be here soon. And if there is anything just ask Roman, he knows all there is." Judas smiled and kissed Cal's cheek, leaving the room.

At this point, all Calvin felt was flabbergasted. He didn't know what to think or what to ask. So many things ran through his head. It felt like one of those hard quizzes that no one knows any of the answers and it starts to look as if it were written in a different language. So he just waited, wasn't like he could do anything else. Right?

|Judas Dorella | Master & Tracker | Unknown Age |
Power : Water
|Gabriel Dorella | Right Hand Man & Actual Son to Judas | 25 |
Power : Earth


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Dialogue Color: #1E 90 FF|| Location: Head Master's Building / Private Room || Fifth Former || Sapphire Fledgling || Magic : Air || Dorm Mate: Tristan Ariez

It was when he was talking to Tristan that Roman felt it, a tingle in the back of his mind that always let him know that his brother was close, in danger and or any kind of pain. The feeling made him a little anxious to go and see him, but Master Dorella told him to remain put for now. It felt like forever as he waited by the doors to where his brother was just behind on the other side. Wasn't too long before Tristan came by and sat down next to him.

"Must not be going too well for your brother to be put into a private room like this. Do you think his body is already rejecting the mark at such an early stage? I heard he passed out twice, one of which was a long time. The Head Master told me not to say anything. As if I'd keep that at bay. Tsk, that old hag. What did Master say?"

Roman sighed and leaned forward, his elbows on his knees as he hunched over in the chair. "He said earlier that, he isn't too sure of what's going on yet, but he is going to look into it. The thing is he may not be one of the survivors." Getting up he smashed his fist into the wall trying to let all his anger out.


An unfamiliar cat trotted down the all. His mow was horrifying. It was deep and husky with a long rattling pitch. The cat was odd looking. Two different face colors and eyes. Somehow it looked familiar to Roman, but he wasn't thinking about that right now. The cat Mow again, but this time it clawed at the door and pressed its body into it. A short time after Judas came through the door along with Gabriel, the cat letting itself in. The two watched the cat and Judas chuckled.

"That's the first I've seen that cat in decades. He was around long before our time. There is a book on him, let me see...I think it's called...The one with two? But it was a long time ago since I've seen that book around. It's good the cat has finally found what he has been looking for. He uses to show up every year back when Gabriel went to school here, along with these years too. He never chose anyone. It was more like he was searching." He placed his hand on Gabriel's shoulder. "Let us leave now child, we have many things to do and many things to prepare for." He turned to look at Roman and Tristan. "Look after the boy, both of you. He'll need the extra care." Taking a nod to the two he left with Gabriel who took a last glance at Calvin. There was something in his eyes that Roman was unsure of, but it almost felt like attraction? Their master had it took when he stepped out of the room, the same very look.

Ignoring it for now, he didn't take any time to hesitate to go into the room. Just when he did so, he felt the same thing. Attraction, not in as a way of him being attractive, but as in a way that something pulled him in. The feeling was warm and longing for. Taking a glance at Tristan, he could tell that he was feeling the same thing. Narrowing his eyes, he cleared his throat.

"I knew you'd be coming here soon. Just what I'd expect. He smiled at Calvin, then noticed the cat sitting right next to him, staring at Tristan.

Dialogue Color: #D2 69 1E|| Location: Head Master's Building / Private Room || Fourth Former || Sapphire Fledgling || Magic : Fire || Dorm Mate: Roman Warlow

For now Tristan kept quiet, he never did take a liking to their master, but that was unavoidable. Fire and water just never mixed well. He had respect for his master, there was no doubt in that, but getting along was hard. So he just learned to keep quiet and not say a word. If there was one thing he hated about their master was hoe easy going the guy was. He was just way too nice and always took things the easy way. It might be because Tristan was overly hot headed, but their master was just way too laid back for his taste.

Sure Roman was laid back as well, but at least once in a while the guy will blow a fuse or brush past things. It was also only natural that Fire and Air would mix well. Never once have Roman and Tristan fought, the moment they met, they felt a bond, not only in their magic but also in their personalities. Tristan was the hot head and Roman was the a breeze by. It worked. They just naturally clicked and Roman was the only one he didn't get pissed with. There was no love, like or anything romantic behind it. It was just a bond that bounded them. Kind of like the bond between twins. You had the good twin and you had the bad one, it was that simple.

That topic at hand right now showed no interest to him, but it did have Roman's attention, that and it was obvious to Tristan that he was concerned for his brother the most. The moment when Gabriel took a last look at Clavin, Tristan felt the heat in the air swoop around Roman. He felt it, but it wasn't obvious to others. He was a dangerous feeling of protection. Like Roman's guard just flung up. It was something Tristan never felt from him before. Normally the guy was easy breezy but now that his brother was here, maybe he'd be more on edge?

Again nothing was said from his lips as he just followed in after Roman, but the moment he went into the room, he felt as if his body were being pulled in by this boy that sat before them. It was almost a feeling of wanting or having to protect him. Was it only him that felt it? He looked at Roman the same time and made eye contact for a short time and he knew that he felt the same way too. The feeling was amazing, but it was also frightening. This was coming from a hot head too. That cat was no help, it just made Tristan on edge.

"Let's hurry up and talk to the Head Master before she finds us." If show found you that normally meant bad news, normally.