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Fae Autumn Morgan

"The forest's flowers and songs I love..."

0 · 48 views · located in Earth

a character in “House of Night: City of Evil”, originally authored by Armageddon, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Fae Autumn Morgan


Age: 16

Gender: Female

Role: Twin

First Former

Affinity: Her affinitites are for Earth and the spirits around her.

Bio: Fae was born in London to two loving parents, Mark and Maryanne Morgan. They lived there for about five years until Maryanne was diagnosed with cancer and she died barely a year later.

Her father had wanted to start fresh, so they moved to California, where he eventually discovered he was bisexual and remarried to a man named Cameron, who's...uniqueness never fails to amuse the now teenage Fae. She had many problems at schools, as she discovered there were many people who weren't as tolerant of people being different as she was. She was often teased because her parents were 'fags' or 'homos', she thankfully never started a fight but she sometimes ended up in them even though she didn't want to fight anyone to the begin with.

The day she was Marked was when she was on her way home. Cameron and Mark were shocked but they knew they would have to send her to the House of Night or else she would die.

Personality: Calm, kind, a little quiet but she knows who she is and won't let anyone change it.
She's an easy pleaser, never asking for much. Fae doesn't like violence, but will resort to it if needed, she's not a fighter however, and it takes a lot to make her angry and snap at someone, she's very compassionate toward everyone, seeing that everyone should be treated equally and should love one another.

Appearance: Average height, slender yet curvy with hazel eyes and striking red hair. She has light skin with just the slightest hint of pink to her cheeks. Her typical clothing style is average - rarely anything that's too out there - she doesn't seek attention or anything.

So begins...

Fae Autumn Morgan's Story