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Kaylee-Mae Schaefer

"So what if I can't walk on water? I can fly!"

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a character in “House of Night: City of Evil”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Real Name: Annamarie Illa Aarune

New Name: Kaylee-Mae Jai Schaefer

Kaylee is a short, long-legged, lithe girl, standing at a mere 5' 1" and looking as delicate as she really is. Her face is small, to fit her frame, and has barely noticeable cheekbones, pale pink lips, and her eyes contain bright hazel irises with diamond shaped gold flecks and auburn accents around her pupils. Her hair is thick and naturally dark brown and extremely curly, usually only curling in the front, but sometimes it would completely curl. Her thick hair is cut at her mid-back and layered to make it lighter. Her hair is easily placed into a ponytail, but she has to pin her bangs back, since they are too short to remain contained within the hairband. She enjoys skating competitively and she often wears lots of makeup and bright skating dresses to keep used to wearing them. Her legs are thin, but well-muscled from skating dance competitions and she is very flexible and limber, able to do the splits with ease and lay flat on the floor while doing them. However, her normal attire is much simpler, consisting of jeans, tank tops, over shirts or vests, and Converse. Her normal makeup includes a light dusting of eyeshadow and a small brush of mascara to accentuate her eyes, but she doesn't usually wear eyeliner. She always wears a Belgium coin on a chain around her neck as a sort of good luck charm, and only takes it off when she skates a competition. Her belly button is pierced, but she does not wear it when she skates. In fact, she doesn't wear any of the piercings that accentuate her ears (two normal and one cartilage on each ear).

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Role: Twin

First Former

Affinity: Her affinities are for air and the manipulation of the bodies of the restless dead around her, however, she cannot return souls to bodies.

Personality: Kaylee is an extremely bouncy girl. She is constantly listening to music, drawing, and dancing, as well as writing. She's a music addict, and she always has something playing, but if you aren't good with talking I would just suggest finding someone else to hang out with. She also has an extreme love for horror movies and an appreciation for a good comedy. She also likes Anthropology and has an interest in dead things. With her you should expect lots of singing, drawing, humming, talking, hyperactivity, and randomness, and trust me, it can be hard to deal with at times. She can be serious though, and will do anything for what she believes in. Oh yeah, and she may or may not shut up when you tell her to. Also, she has a tendency to say some words in German, particularly when she gets upset, confused, or panicked.

Bio: At the age of 13, Kaylee met Carsten Schäefer, and she spent most of her time with him and the rest of Cinema Bizarre, which broke up soon after. She became like family with the Schäefers and eventually began spending most of her time there. She grew up with her mothers, Jennifer and Amy Aarune, two women who dreamed only of motherhood. Although she was constantly traveling, Kaylee always found time to practice skating, visiting with various rinks everywhere she went and learning from many different coaches, though she rarely ever saw any of them twice. Now at the house of night she hopes that she will be able to continue skating competitively, despite her new... difference.


Jennifer and Amy looked down at a two month old baby girl with brown hair and hazel eyes.

"Oh, Amy, she's perfect! What should we call her?" Jennifer asked, hugging her wife.

"Annamaria." Amy smiled.

Jennifer nodded in breathless agreement and stroked the child's face lovingly.

Three year old Annamarie stumbled around the warm inside of her mother's Germany home.

She giggled and looked out a window at the snow. "Mommy! Mommy!" She called to her mothers.
"Look! A puppy!" She giggled again and pointed at a gray dog lying dead in the snow.

"Oh my..." Blonde Jennifer jogged over and looked out the window while Amy went outside to see if it still lived.

"Dead." Amy came back in and Jennifer picked Annamarie up from before the window and whisked her upstairs for a nap.

That's not my name! (How Kaylee got her name)

"What should we call her?" Carsten asked, smiling at the thirteen year old girl.

Annamarie played with her bracelets nervously as Strify analyzed her like she was a girl he had just found dancing around his room, which was in fact the case.

The five boys went through an entire list of names, unable to agree on any.

"Kaywinnit?" Shin asked, thinking of the sweet engineer from Firefly.

"Kaylee," Annamarie said, crossing her arms and standing up.

Yu grinned, "Okay, Kaywinnit."

She stuck her tongue out at him and rolled her eyes.

Got A Late Night - Early Morning Mission (Two weeks later)

Kaylee smiled at Carsten and Strify, "You sure you can get me in?"

"Positive," they returned her smile and got into the driver and passenger seats of Carsten's car.

Kaylee grinned wider, playing with the multicolored bracelets that covered her wrists as she got into the back seat.

Once they arrived at their destination point, the trio got out. Kaylee adjusted her belt so that it was tied on her hip and played with her bracelets.

"ID?" Asked a man in mismatched clothes and bracelets covering his arms like they did Kaylee's, Strify's, and Carsten's.

Strify sighed, rolling his eyes at the man though he held up three IDs. Kaylee's was of course, fake, as she wasn't old enough to get into a rave.

"Alright, go ahead." The man said, gesturing them in.

Jumping All Over The World! (Kaylee's first trip to California!)

Kaylee and Carsten stood at the airport. She sighed, leaning against a pillar.

"Carsten, what's taking so long?" She complained, not being very patient, "Who did you say was going to pick us up again?"

Her friend grinned, "You'll see, Kay. Just wait."

She was a bit tempted to wipe the grin off his face, but she decided against it. Kaylee sighed as a fan girl scurried up to them and begged for Carsten to sign every part of her he could. Living with Carsten Schäefer and Cinema Bizarre, she had gotten used to the constant attention from fans and their need to appease them.
All of a sudden a black van whipped around the corner, making Kaylee's eyes go wide.

"You hired a party bus?" She giggled and ran toward it, grinning 'from ear to ear' so to speak.

"Hell yeah!" Carsten laughed at her reaction and chased after her, sweeping her up, he tossed her inside and hit a button on the stereo system in the back.

Techno music pounded into the car as it drove off, tires squealing.
Kaylee cast a glance at Carsten as if saying that he was her best friend ever, and was rewarded with his usual smile doubling in size.

"Welcome to California!" He said, flicking on the blacklights and turning off the normal lights, he tossed Kaylee some glowsticks and cracked his own bright green ones.

She squealed and lunged at him, hugging him.

"Best big brother ever!" She laughed, pulling away and cracking her glowsticks, she closed her eyes and danced to the pounding music in the speeding party bus.

I'm Raving! (New hair!)

"That's comforting..." Kaylee stared into the pitch black alley and turned back to Carsten, "You expect me to go down there?

"Yeah. Why not?" Carsten raised an eyebrow.

"There could be some creepy hobo-rapist guy?" She suggested.

"Oh come on, Kaylee!" Carsten pulled her down the alley to yet another rave.

After a long night (and morning) of dancing, Kaylee fell asleep, her long brown hair hanging in front of her face. Carsten sighed and carried her to the car and drove her back to their hotel.

"She looks so peaceful when she's asleep..." Carsten sighed, watching Kaylee sleep on her rainbow blanket that she had insisted on bringing.

Carsten stepped over to his bed and pulled temporary hair dye from his bag. He carried Kaylee carefully into the bathroom and quickly dyed her hair, bemused that she didn't stir. Afterward, he put her back on the bed with her hair on a towel. She continued sleeping.
The little brunette squirmed in her sleep and Carsten was positive she was going to wake up. He sighed and then raised an eyebrow as she continued in her rest. He set his camera on video and hit record, positioning the camera so that it would see her throughout the room.

After a few hours of rest, Kaylee opened her eyes slowly and got up, hurrying into the bathroom for a shower. Kaylee gasped, speechless, as she stared in the mirror. She now had rainbow hair.

"Carsten!" Kaylee squealed, "I love it!"

Carsten walked in, obviously still half asleep, and smiled at her, "Knew you would."

Kaylee took a quick shower and fixed her hair up in a ponytail afterward. About an hour or so later, the duo went shopping.

"Come look at this, Kay!" Her brother called.

Kaywinnit smiled, walking toward Carsten, carrying a collection of shirts, jackets, jeans, and shoes.

"Fineee." She said, smirking a little.

"Cute?" Carsten inquired, smiling at her.

Kaylee smiled back, "Of course!"
She rolled her eyes. "However I must remind you that it wont go with any of your shoes."

Carsten smiled at the fourteen year old, "Don't worry, Kaylee, I already have it figured out."

Kaylee stared at the amount on the cash register, "I have no clue how you can pay for this, Carst," she said, looking exasperated.

Carsten grinned, "No worries, that's what I said once."

"But you're insane. So that makes it better."

Carsten smirked at her, "What are you talking about? You're pretty damn crazy. Remember, shop or die. Now make me proud, little sister!" He smiled.


Kaywinnit walked through the door to Jennifer and Amy's house, hair having washed back to it's natural dark brown. "Hey! I'm home!" She called.

Her mothers rushed to meet her.

"Annamarie! We've missed you so much..." Amy hugged her tightly and then Jennifer.

It had been a long time since anyone had called her Annamarie so it didn't feel like her name anymore, but she dealt with it.
A few minutes later life was as usual around the Aarune household. Kaylee sighed, walking up to her room and putting some of her stuff away.
Spending most of her time in Berlin had made her Cottbus home kind of odd to her at first but some she got back to her room it all seemed normal again. Not that normal was generally her style.

Amy knocked on the door, "Can I come in?" She asked.

"Yeah." Kaylee said, closing the overstuffed CD album that was plopped messily in her lap, she leaned against the headboard of her bed.

Amy walked in, smiling at her, "Can I talk to you?"

"Of course, mum." Kaylee said, sitting up more and playing with her bracelets.

"Good." Amy sat next to her.

"It's about Carsten, isn't it?" Kaywinnit didn't even really have to ask.

Amy made a face, "It isn't that we don't really disapprove of you hanging out with him, It's just that we were kind of worried. You spend more time with them then you do us. These two years have flown by and now when you come home for the summer, you've changed so much... It's made your mother and I worried."

Kaylee frowned, she didn't like her mothers. They were always so busy with other things that they seemed to ignore her. The boys were her escape from this.

Amy smiled sadly, "Alright."
She kissed her forehead when Kaylee didn't respond, "Just carve out some time for us, okay?"

I can't walk on water, but now I can sorta fly!

Kaywinnit danced around her room in the house the boys from Cinema Bizarre were letting her stay in. She heard someone walking down the hall outside her door and assumed it was one of the guys home early. She picked up a bag of sugar and then swallowed hard as she felt eyes burning into the back of her skull. Her eyes went huge as she turned around.

Vampyre! Kaylee thought.

Okay. Kaylee never thought she would be scared of a Vampyre. She'd always thought it would be cool to be a Vampyre. Not so much now.

"Annamarie Jay Aarune! Night has chosen thee; thy death shall be thy birth. Night calls to thee; hearken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night!" When he raised his hand she could have sworn he was going to flip her off, however he just raised a finger and she yelped and closed her eyes, falling to the carpeted floor with a thump and hiding her face with her knees, she clutched the bag of sugar she had just picked up.

No, no, no! She had heard that when you go to the House of Night you were meant to leave your human friends and family.

She didn't want to leave her mothers, Carsten, Yu, Strify, Shin, Romeo, and her other friends...

No, no, no! She thought miserably.

"Kay!" Carsten's easily recognizable gentle voice called, rushing over to her he scooped her up in his arms and held her close to him.
"What's wrong?" He asked, obviously very concerned, but when she lifted her head his eyes went wide.
"Holy crap..." His voice trailed off as he gazed at her.

He didn't gawk at her like she was some freak or something.

"We've got to tell Jennifer and Amy," He murmured, picking her up with ease, as they were about the same size.

"Carsten. I've been Marked," Kaylee whimpered.

"I know." He waved Strify, Shin, Romeo, and Yu away when they came to help, but they insisted on coming with.

Kaylee sniffled into Carsten's shoulder the entire drive to her mother's home and when she finally stumbled in the door Amy's head shot up from the book she had been engrossed in.

"Annamarie?" Her eyes rested on the Mark on Kaylee's forehead.
"Oh, Annamarie! What's happened to you?" She rushed over and wrapped her in a hug.

Kaylee couldn't help it, she burst into tears.

"Oh, damn it..." Jennifer wiped tears from her eyes too.
"What are we going to do?" She whispered.

"You're going to have to take me to the House of Night..." Kaylee whimpered.

Carsten was frowning and then nodded, tears had been staining his pretty face since he found out as well.

"Alright. We have to go to the House of Night..." Amy said.


So begins...

Kaylee-Mae Schaefer's Story