Lacy Withypol

"There is some kind of a sick sweet innocence in being different, in the nature of being able to be both broken and whole, at the same time."

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Lacy IsibΓ©al Withypol


β€œThis is not some silly game...This is life and death, Angels and demons.”

| Name |
Lacy IsibΓ©al Withypol; her parents used to say that her name meant Bright, Brave, and Noble.

| Codename |
Her brother, Luce, calls her this, he did so even before Rapture. Archangel; Since her Rapture was a bit more...public, than she would have liked, very religious people have taken to calling her the Archangel, saying she is the queen of angels and of legends, that she will save them all. It's bull. Lace; Just a little nickname her brother or close friends used to call her.

| Age |
Seventeen, turning eighteen soon.

| Faceclaim |
Dianna Agron

| Date Of Birth |
December 10th

β€œWhen angels' tears do flood the earth, the gates of hell shall see rebirth. When the demise of angels doth impend, the human boy shall meet his end”


| Height |

| Weight |

| Blood Type |
AB -

| Eye Color |
Light Blue

| Ethnicity |

| Fears |
β—†Losing any more of her family than she already has. β—†Having to witness other people die over and over again. β—†Being different Too late. β—†Falling through ice and drowning. β—† Losing her brother. β—†Being experimented on. β—† Nightmares.

β€œYou will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.”


| Power |
Archangel Physiology; The user can have the traits and abilities of the Archangels [literally chief angel]. Beings similar to archangels are found in a number of religious traditions. With Archangel Physiology the user has or is able to manifest wings that grow or are attached to the body allowing flight. They may also protect from rear attacks and can be useful for defense as well as offense. Along with Archangel Physiology comes the lesser ability of Life Inducement, the ability to see any kind of death that person or object has witnessed, and and mindblock. If someone tries to read their thoughts, or steal their powers, it can be fatal.

Because she is supposed to be a grand, light filled being, she has the ability to heal an injured person, sometimes saving them from the brink of death, but she cannot bring someone back from death. Her power cancels out her brothers power, making her the only living person Luce is able to actually touch. At least, that they know of.

Rapture Day


It had started as a normal day out with their family, nothing was out of the ordinary, Lacy and Luce were only fifteen - and their baby sister was only five -, and they were everything their parents could hope for. Both children were bright eyed, all A students, Lacy was doing Track and she was the captain of the little league girls Volleyball team, and Luce was on the boys football team and he was taking Karate. Both children were happy and smart. They were the perfect white picket fence, apple pie family. Their parents had decided that they would take the children out to an amusement park as an award for all they've done. That was the worse day of Lacy's life.

A small blonde haired girl danced around her parents in glee, laughing as her twin brother chased after her. The girls mother was bouncing a smaller girl on her hip, her light brown hair tied back into a bun while the toddlers hair went every which way in unruly chestnut curls. The two twins stopped play fighting when their tall, blonde haired father ordered for them to calm down.

"We were just playing around papa," Whinned the small girl, gently nudging her blonde haired twin who stood beside her and sulked at the fathers demand. They were both just so excited. It wasn't often that their parents took time off of work to spend time with all of their children like this. "I know Angel, but now isn't the time to be running around, there's too many people here." Her father knelt beside the two children, and hugged them gently. "Why don't we go look for a ride." Their mother smiled fondly at the two children, but the smile melted off her face as a scream broke the happy chatter of the park.

Not ten feet away from the family, was a small girl. But it wasn't just any small child, no, the child there was on fire. The childs mother stood near by, screaming and hollering at the father, something about their daughter reflecting the injection. Those words seemed to trigger something in Lacy's parents, because they both seemed to freeze. The twins watched on in horror as the small girl slowly seemed to be more and more engulfed in the flames, before they expanded, and exploded.

There was moment of silence, and then complete chaos broke loose.

People ran around on fire, screaming in pain. The girls parents - who had been standing too close - now lay on the ground, unmoving, dead, on fire. The fire kept growing in a uncharacteristic way, and the water that was thrown at it seemed to only fuel it's power. Slowly, the ground started to break beneath the fire, opening up into a gaping hole of what seemed to be hell flames.Lacy didn't move away fast enough. The fire seemed to reach out towards the small girl, wrapping around her ankle and pulling her forward. Her high pitched scream rang out above the crowd as she seemed to slowly be dragged forward, to what would have been her death, if her brother hadn't jumped forward and latched onto her hand.

The twins parents stood immobile, too shocked to try and save their dear children. Lacy screamed again.

In that instant, feathers rained from the sky, a mix of white and black. For a moment it seemed the fire consumed the small children, after all both Lacy and Luce screamed in agony in that instant, but suddenly the flames were gone with a mighty wind, and two children stood, hands clasped, with wings spread.

Lacy's wings shined brightly in the sunlight, covered in blood, while Luce's were as dark as midnight, clashing with the whiteness of his sisters wings. Both children looked horrified, and in pain. Luce had ran forward, towards their parents - tears streaming down his face - but as he embraced both of them, they seemed to shudder for a second, before their eyes rolled into the back of their heads, and then fell.

Luce stared on in surprise as their baby sister fell from his mothers limp arms. Lacy and moved quickly, throwing her hand up in a meek attempt to try and catch the small girl, but as she rose her hand up, her wing twitched, and suddenly five razor sharp fathers were embedded into the toddler's body. The twins stared on in horror as the chaos around them slowly seemed to come to a close.

They had killed their own parents.

Their Rapture day - and what would have been that others girls Rapture day - was the worse day of the twins lives. Everyone refused to take both of the twins in, the people who wanted to take in Lacy were crazy bible thumpers, and they wanted nothing to do with Luce. The people who wanted to take in Luce were demonic worshipers, and they wanted to practically sacrifice Lacy. The twins ended up alone.

It took them nearly two days to learn that they could hide their wings [They turn into two large wing shaped scars on their backs] and that if they tried to get their wings to come back, it would be the most painful experience they had ever faced. The twins wandered around aimlessly for so long, until they found House of Sanctum. But neither of them will ever the the bright-eyed happy children they once were.


| Likes |
βœ” Biscuits with Honey
βœ” Reading
βœ” Writing
βœ” Music
βœ” Drawing
βœ” Art

| Dislikes |
✘ Rude people
✘ When someone brings up her Rapture
✘ Religion
✘ Crying
✘ Using her Power
✘ Experiments

| Skills |
β—†Writing Poems β—†Drawing β—†Doing any form of Art β—†Singing β—†Running β—†VollyBall Not that it's important β—†Calming down her brother. β—†Cooking β—†Making friends.

β€œI may look like an Angel, but I have my own Demons.”


| Personality |
Words are precious things and rare ones when it comes to Lacy. Often she isn't at the front of the group but rather at the back watching and learning far more than you would think. Lacy has always been able to read people and see things about them that others can't. She is quick witted and willing to speak the truth when no one else will, she has a knack for showing the harder side of life that people want to ignore. Most people take notice of when she butts into a conversation, since she more than likely has something important to say.

She is a firm believer in the idea that scars never go away, that time cannot heal everything. This goes is part of the mindset she has that people need to face their problems and that it is by doing this that they can grow as a person. Never being one to shy away when problems arise up her direct and no nonsense attitude in life makes it so that she very rarely has an issue that is not dealt with quickly. Since she, himself has many problems she has an amazing ability for empathy, talking over people's problems when they need too and helping them confront them.

Lacy has always been very protective of those around her, she cares for everyone in her own way, sometimes she says harsh things in hopes it'll make them stronger, and other times she will be understanding and caring. She is hard to figure out, so not many people try, but in all honesty, she doesn't want people to understand her. She figures because of her dark past; she should be a dark person, but she can't bring herself to do something evil, because she feels if she gives into the dark, she’ll lose everything she has worked for.

| Biography |
Before her Rapture day, Lacy thought she was a normal girl. She had hoped to one day be the captain of her high school Track and Volleyball team, to be valedictorian, and still have her amazing family. Her parents like all of the other parents, had told her the injections she was given were completely normal, so her and Luce never protested, though the small dots from each time one of those needles passed through her skin scared her left arm. Lacy wishes she would have protested. She would have been a normal child, who grew into a normal teenager. She could have gone to college and fulfilled all of her dreams.

However, after Rapture, everything slipped through her fingers. She hates herself for what she did to her family, and she can never forgive herself. After that day, Lacy and Luce wandered around aimlessly, going to schools and then moving on to the next town or city. They lived like this for so long, all they had were each other. This change is going to be hard.

| Miscellaneous |
Lacy has three scars, two on her back in the form of wings, and one on her ankle, where that fire burned her.
Lacy has encountered a telepath before, who tried to read her thoughts. The girl fell to the ground in pain. Apparently Lacy is made up of complete white light. trying to look into her mind is like trying to look into the sun that is right in front of you.

So begins...

Lacy Withypol's Story