Theodore Fauntelroy

"To tell you the truth, for the first three years I had my powers, I used it to count how many people had had sex in whatever room I was in. The numbers were astounding."

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Theo The Mad

“I used to know this man once. Let’s call him Steve. Hell of a guy. Everytime I talked to Steve, he went on, and on, and on about his wife. ‘Oh, Theo she’s gorgeous!’ or, ‘Oh, Theo, I couldn’t even imagine myself without her.’ Now, mind you I met Steve well after I came into my powers. One day, Steve invited me over for a drink. The second I sat on the couch, the images came rushing to my head. My what a beautiful woman Steve’s wife was--and the woman she had been fooling around with wasn’t too bad either.”

NAME: Theodore Fauntelroy [Faun-tel-roy]

CODENAME: Theodore The Mad

AGE: Freshly 30, but sees himself as forever 21.


Occupation: Weapons Mentor

[b][size=150]HEIGHT: 6’3



August 22nd, 1984[/center]


POWER: Heightened Psychometry

Psychometry, in it’s typical application, is described as a form of ESP. It’s the practice of pulling history or experiences from a random object through physical contact. This, in a nutshell, describes Theodore’s powers at their most base level.

Each object you come into contact with in life has an essence, a history, a past, a soul--if you will. By understanding this, and through years of training to make his own soul flexible and adaptable, Theo has taken this ability to a whole new level. Not only is he able to pull memories from an object (i.e. touching the room of a floor, and finding out who lives/lived in it), but Theo is now able to alter the chemical make-up of certain objects. The extent to which he can alter said objects is entirely dependent on his affinity with them.

Theo has to develop a relationship with a certain object or element to manipulate it. Everyday objects like earth, water, or even the wind are easy. You are constantly immersed in them. He converses with the souls of these elements on the daily. But there are more foreign objects, like certain metals, that he rarely contacts with. Those take time. Reading the history and learning the make-up of an object can be done instantaneously through contact, but manipulation is a whole ‘nother story.

Another application his Theo's power is a much more personal one. Theodore has the ability to 'imprint' his own history onto another individual. It can be snipits, entire moments, or just emotions and intentions. The effect can be done in the opposite way, however this too is limited by affinity. Even then, the individual must willingly allow Theo to see their memories and emotions. A human has much more will than an inanimate object. It should be noted that this aspect of his powers do not have any physically negative impacts on the individuals unlike other similar abilities, no memory loss or pain involved.

✔ Whisky, preferably & Jack & Coke.
✔ Tea, specifically green.
✔ Candy
✔ Marijuana
✔ Travel/Nature
✔ Old Cinema, Anime & video games
Music: Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop
Shakespeare, and poetic verse in general

✘ Salads
✘ Text Books
✘ Big Cities
✘ Undeserved/Invalid Arrogance
✘ Tedium
✘ The ‘alpha male’ type


Theo’s parents forced him to to take up study with an instrument when he was younger, he couldn’t wrap his head around woodwinds or brass, thought the drums were too loud, and thought strings were too lame, so piano was about the only thing left. In his down time, he still plays a few tunes.

Theodore’s power led him to a natural interest in chemistry. He’s relatively well versed in the subject. In fact, an entire section of his class is devoted to chemistry, and the services is can serve in battle.

He’s a skilled dancer, believe it or not, with a strong pool of stamina to boot.

Theodore also loves poetic prose, and won’t hesitate to speak in it.

Weapon - Marital Bliss

Theodore keeps an old, rusty ring around his neck. His great, great grandfather's wedding ring, a family heirloom. While he doesn't have much interest in marriage, he does have an interest in kicking ass when he has to. This is an object Theo has had in his possession since he was thirteen years old. As such, it's an object he has grown incredible close with--he knows the every single in and out of this objects soul, and as such, he can manipulate it in any way he sees fit.

Be it a sword, a shield, whatever he could have use for. He can also change the alchemic compound of the metal in the ring. Making it into steel for added durability, or perhaps into copper for added conductivity. It has to be a type of metal however. He isn't a magician, he can't turn a metal ring into water.



Theodore Fauntelroy would describe himself as a cool breeze on a hot summers day. Delightful, and hard to come by. Unfortunately for him, that's only about half right.

Mr. Fauntelroy is indeed a unique case, but delightful might not be the best word to describe our hero. Theodore is an eccentric and charismatic man. He doesn't walk, he glides and skips. He doesn't simply talk, no, with his silver tongue, he speaks in an eloquent flow of prose as beautiful and profound as it is crude and raunchy. The weapons professor holds a strong interest in people, and when his cool brown eyes are focused on you, he makes sure that you feel like one of the only two people left in this world. Theodore loves to laugh, he's one of those people that giggles no matter how corny the joke is.

Theo has an obsessive personality. Once is mind is fixated on something, he can't get his mind off of it. A goal? He has to fulfill it. A woman? He has to have her. A formula? He has to solve it. It isn't often that he's drawn into fits like this, but when he is, they could go on for months, or even years.

He is as ambitious as he is arrogant, and in order to attain his goals, he knows that the ends will justify the means--but that doesn't mean he won't try and make those means as favorable as possible. Theodore is the type that believes that if your good enough at baking, you without a doubt can have your cake and eat it too. While others see their powers as a curse, or something to hide, Theo sees superpowers as a gift-- one that they shouldn't shy away from using and showing the world. While he loathes the ones behind Project Genome's shadow organization for personal reasons, he thanks them deeply for blessing him with these abilities. He sees super humans as the next step in human evolution- and believes than mankind needs to get with the program.


Theo was born to a middle class family in Suffolk, England. A mother hailing from Norway, and a father hailing from Niger, the two were surprised to say the least when they learned they would soon be parents. Both parents worked long, his father as a police officer, and his mother as a nurse-- this left plenty of time for the growing boy to get into all types of adventures around town.

It was on one of these adventures that young Theo first awakened to his powers at the age of nine. He had snuck into a neighbors property, Mr. Crowe--the town hermit, an urban legend. Sneaking through the house, trying to find any sign of the rumored ‘50 foot, bird winged man', Theo was suddenly paralyzed by a rush of painful, lonely, terrifying and depressing memories when he tripped on fell onto the ground. The experience was so traumatizing for a young 9-year old that it turned a streak of his hair forever white.

It was Mr. Crowe that found the youth there, on the ground, crying and screaming in a puddle of tears.

After that, Theo's parents urged him to keep his powers a secret. Unlike many parents who had children involved with Project Genome, his had no idea. Over the years, Theo's fear of his powers developed into a love of them. After his graduation, he studied abroad for a degree in botany--one of the few degrees that would let him go wherever he wanted. In his travels, he honed his skill, soaking up a wealth of knowledge everywhere his hands touched.

Theo wouldn't learn until many years later, after the 'Rapture' , the true origin of his powers. After the incident, the big wigs contacted him about the program. They wanted him to join them as a mentor. Accepting was a no brainer. For one, it would bring him closer to the ones he had been trying to dig up information on this entire time. Not only that, but if there were other people out there like him, he wanted to meet them. Hell, he had, to meet him.

So, naturally, Theodore packed his bags, quit his teaching job at the community college, and headed out for Ivory Tower.


+ In his mass of curly hair, there is a bright streak of white. It appeared when he was nine, at the traumatic awakening of his powers.

+ Theodore received the nickname Theo The Mad from his likeliness to a mad scientist. The chemistry experiments, the erratic behavior.

+ He keeps a pen and notepad on hand at all times.

+ He has a pet black cat named Ophelia he keeps in the manor, despite the rules against pets.

+ Theo constantly fiddles with the positioning of his glasses. They're a hair too big, and there isn't a place to get them tightened for miles.

+ His wardrobe consists of khaki and other dark colored pants, fitted dress shirt and skinny ties on teaching days, and an oversized black and white floral shirt on the weekends that falls just to his knees Underneath the open floral shirt he wears a loose fitting black v-neck.

+ Theodore is terrified of total darkness. He's also gravely afraid of silence.

+ He prefers Theo or 'T' over Teddy. He hates being called Teddy.

+ Though his parents were devout Christians, Theo sees himself as a Deist. He believes that God created this world, and then, through evolution and other natural causes we were brought here today.

+ His favorite movie is Orson Welle's Touch Of Evil.

+ Theme (s)

Normal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThX6n0Wxnf0

Alternate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk0Yt4Q1W0U

Battle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kLTl4DqGHE

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