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The Wolf Spirit - Yamato

"Whether you live depends on my decision, so be sure to catch my interest."

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a character in “House of Youkai”, as played by γƒͺンーけゃん


The Wolf Spirit - Yamato


Name: Wolf Spirit
Replacement Name: Yamato
Gender: Male
Age: Looks to be around early adult years
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Nationality: N/A
Role: Spirit/Youkai
Race: Wolf Spirit
Job: He is the look out that searches for any lost humans or stray Youkai and puts them into order. He decides if he wants to help a human live, of let them try to survive on their own depending on how they act.
Height: 5'11
Weight: 162


Personality: Yamato, as a Youkai or spirit, is very calm most times. He's not exactly tolerant, but he's always seen drinking sake or wine, or sleeping. At the very least, he's always relaxing because he's just that sort of person. He has a very lazy feel to each word he says, especially since he is a bit lazy himself, but it has a soothing touch to it that most people can't explain, but it tends to put them either in a small daze, or makes them space out thinking of it.
But, he is the spirit of a wolf, so he does have an aggressive side. This causes him to be very impatient and pushy, and especially holding very little tolerance for anything or anyone. This usually tends to happen when people interrupt his sleep or when he's drinking. At this stage, he can get quite violent, causing fist fights, and sometimes even riots which gets the headmistress quite annoyed with him often.
Yet none of this will happen if the person talking to him is interesting. Simple as that. He watches everything, one's actions, ones words... everything. If he finds someone interesting, or at least not boring, he takes them to his favor, maybe helping them out when they're in trouble, or not involving them in any fights he gets into. But if someone is boring or their intentions and next movements are foreshadowed easily, he'll treat them like garbage. Simple as that, right?

~Sake/Wine "It's calming, and tastes quite nice really."
~Sleep "I can go on without it, but it's a luxury, and I tend to like luxuries."
~Resting "I can't stand work. Rest is what catches my attention, almost like a dog hearing the word 'walk.'"
~Interesting People "If their moves are unknown and motives are unknown, that just makes things more fun to watch."

~Loudness "I'm trying to sleep and I just hear this obnoxious noise in the background..."
~Dull People "Too obvious. Too plain. I see them everyday, what's there to like about them?"
~Mami "The woman scares me. She's too strict with the work of the bathhouse, and I'm not one to follow rules."
~Work "Movement... I hate it the most. Luckily I have just about the easiest job, but it's still not something I prefer to do."

~Lying "What can I say, it's a gift, and it helps me get through this stupid long life of mine."
~Hiding "I've done it too often now that it's like I'm invisible in the first place."
~Drinking "After taking cups after cups of sake and wine, it's hard to blackout as easily."

~Laziness "I can't do work. I don't do work. I won't do work. It's just a pain."
~Trust Issues "Who is there to trust? No one. That includes myself, so what yourself."
~Rule Breaking "There's too many to remember, and most have no reason to them."


Bio: Yamato has amnesia, so he has no memory of his early childhood, therefore, he doesn't know if he had parents, if he had family, or relatives. All he remembers is ending up in the green field in front of food plaza of the bathhouse. He knows it was his very early childhood because he was very short, and still looked young as he walked through the plaza at night, seeing all the Youkai and spirits walking around and staring at the wandering Youkai child until he reached the bathhouse. There, Mami studied him closely, allowing him to roam the bathhouse, and watching him from around a floor or two above him or below him. Yamato always suspected something was up, so he went to her office without hesitation and simply had a talk to her to leave him alone, even as a child. Mami, at first, was very surprised, and didn't understand what kind of child he was, but he was different from a few Youkai she knew, so she took him in and made him the look out for the bathhouse ever since. He's been living there after getting his name for many years, far beyond count, and actually wants to leave to explore on his own but chooses not to still.

Other: Yamato rarely leaves the bathhouse, not because he likes it, but because he's too lazy to even get up.

Relationships: He has no family, and had no past attachments before getting to the bathhouse. He shares a sort of Mother - Son relationship with Mami as she was the one who accepted him and chose him to be the eye of the bathhouse, even though they have conflicts often now.

Character Thoughts Towards Others:
Mizu~ "
Byakku~ "
Mami~ "The woman scares me... I understand we had a family like relationship when
I first came here, but she's now too strict for my sort of tastes in people. I suppose I should be grateful to her, but I'm still planning on leaving."

Izumo~ "I can understand wanting to leave this place, but I can't say she's a good friend. Honestly, she doesn't catch my attention very much, but she's not boring like a few people I know, so I could say she's an average person overall."
Arata Barret~ [i]"
Aimi Hikaru Riuzumi~ [i]"
Kaikamai~ [i]"
Iko~ [i]"
[url=] Icarus Kable Idris[/url~ [i]"
[url=]Kai[/url~ [i]"
Kiyomi Satou~ [i]"
Loki and Raphael~ [i]"

So begins...

The Wolf Spirit - Yamato's Story

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Yamato stood just outside the bathhouse, greeting the people who crossed the bridge to the building with a dull tone. He puffed a small cloud of smoke from his mouth, which puffed into a costumer's face by accident. The spirit slapped him across the face, leaving a mark before stomping off, angry with how she was being treated.

Yamato grumbled tiredly and said to himself, "I don't want to chase after someone again..." He murmured, but one of the people near him nudged him to go on and do his job as he sighed and went walking for the spirit he angered. But while walking through the dark night and smoking from his pipe, his ears twitched a bit as he turned to face the gate, or the train station that separated their world from the human world.

"It makes me wonder..." He said, talking to himself again, "If anyone humans are going to come to this place again... It's been quite a while now that I think about it...Ah, that's unlikely though. They haven't come in such a long time, popping up out of no where would just be unusual and abnormal. Also really suspicious." Yamato nodded, confirming with himself before continuing to walk.


"Ugh! What's with all this!" She shoved a pile of papers at one of the spirits kneeling down in front of her, "Didn't you take care of this yesterday! I ordered you to do this specifically, and perfectly, so why can't you hold up to my expectations! It was so easy! All you needed to do was fetch a message and bring it back without meeting the sender!"

"I-I'm sorry Ma'am..." The young spirit apologized, sweat drops slowly running down his neck and hitting the floor from how nervous he was. He was a new worker, but on his first day, he messed up his first job, and that led to trouble with the headmistress, and out of all the past ones before, she was the most strict, hated, and feared, "I-it won't happen again, j-just give me a-another chance, p-please!"

"Begging for forgiveness? Hah! You think I'd accept such a stupid thing!" Mami growled, "What a lame excuse! Just leave! You're not worthy to live underneath this roof! I don't want to see your face again!" She yelled, and pointed towards the door, "Out!" She demanded harshly.

Quickly, the young spirit scrambled onto his feet and dashed out the door, crying like a child and pushing through a few servants who were eavesdropping on their conversation. Mami sighed tiredly and sat back down into her chair, "Such disappointments...."


Izumo was working in one of the baths that needed to be cleaned. Sadly though, she was by herself since rarely anyone wanted to work with a human. The duck spirit she was friends with was already working on the second floor of the bathhouse, serving guests their food like she was told to, but that left Izumo alone.

She scooped up another batch of the clumps of grass on the floor, and tossed it into a bin she was going to have to throw away later. With an angry sigh, she glanced behind her and sent a sort of glare at the spirits who were watching her and laughing at her, probably feeling pity for such a low life form.

"What a pain..." She grumbled to herself before finishing gathering all the grass off the floor. But that wasn't all she had to do. Next, she grabbed a sponge from the ground, a dirty one since that was all she was given, and hopped into the tub after pulling up her sleeves and shortening the skirt of the kimono so neither would get soaked in the water.

Arata Barret

"Where... where the hell am I..." Arata asked no one, since there was no one to say his words to. At first, he was sent to go fetch something in an old ruinous place by his gang. Though, he forgot and instead decided to work at night, but that was quite the mistake because once he passed through the green fields, when he tried to get away after seeing these dark spirits rise, he was stuck between a whole entire body of water.

He hid behind a building, covering his mouth as a group of spirits passed him by, and he caught a gasp of air afterwards, "T-these aren't people, are they?" He looked at each and every one of them that went by, studying the way they looked and trying to compare them to a human in a costume, but it didn't work out the least bit.

"No... no... not humans... T-then... what the hell are they... and where the hell am I!" Arata growled and looked around, hoping to find another person, or another human that could be in the same situation as he was in, 'What am I kidding... What nerdy idiot would flock to this place! Especially at night! I'm probably alone here, damn it!'

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Yomi watched a wailing servant run past her and she could only sigh. 'The headmistress must be angry..' But when wasn't she? The miko could only feel lucky that the headmistress didnt treat her as bad.. Though it was a thin and a breakable string that she was balancing on..

Walking off, she bothered not to move and maneuver as all the spirits and youkai backed off themselves, fearing to be purified to the dust. Besides No one really trusted her because of her relations with Mami.. But she was respected nevertheless by status.
"Siyoki." Yomi ordered calmly, causing a young female worker to arrive at her feet.
"Yes?" The servant asked, and Yomi began to list off a few things from a list from Mami-Sama.
"You must clean stall 17 as a radish party is coming in tonight... all the other big tubs are filled.. and.." Yomi went on and on, before stopping short on breath. "That would be all." The girl nodded and ran off obediently to fulfill her orders.
It was only then that the miko went to work on something else. She must clean and purify all mineral water of any pollution that may cause upset spirits.

'To them, these bath houses are their haven.." The water helps their spirit and life, maybe even more, but it depends on the race. "hmm.." Yomi began to go down the hall, bowing to customers as she passed the entrance only to stop in sudden shock. What was this? This familiar spiritual energy. It wasn't one of a youkai..neither a spirit. More calm..and- She gasped. 'a human?'
How..? Yomi turned to look at the entrance and felt the energy father away. 'Good.' The human wasn't exactly near, but he or she wouldn't be safe out their either. The miko looked around making sure no one noticed her expression, and was reassured to see no one looking directly at her. Covering her face with the calm facade, Yomi made her way near the exit, passing by the wolf spirit, yamato. She said nothing but she merely gave him a glance. He wasn't going to say anything would he? 'No..' Yomi thought. 'He's a bit strange..but..' She lingered off, and felt assured.. She trusted him.

Making her way across the bridge, she ignored cautious looks as she held calm composure. However within, she felt inner turmoil. The amount of human spirit energy isnt just little, not just one! But a few.. She resisted a scream. Why were they here? Curiosity? Or plain stupidity?!
The miko couldn't help but feel mad. She was in the same situation but still.. Yomi felt like she can prevent these humans hardship.
Trying to look normal and not to arouse suspicious, she felt her ki jump at the familiar energy. 'A human.' She brightened, looking around before walking towards an old building. She finally found one. Someone around her age, and looked rather irritated..?
Trying not to scare him, she made her steps noticeable and she came to his view.. "hmm." Yomi hummed, examining the human with the utmost joy. She hasnt seen another one of herself in such a long time.. It made her happy just to see another.. Made her feel comfortable..
'Focus..' The pure women told herself sternly and she looked at the human, giving him a rare and happy smile. "Your hu-" Yomi tensed and felt a large mass of spirits and youkai passing by and she can only back herself upon the wall that he was near, hiding his person. Making her aura flare to distract the creatures, they quickly went off, afraid of her powers. "...we need to get moving.." The miko backed off. "Come on.." She began to walk off, but she stopped. These human wasn't going to trust her.. Not like that, especially with all these.. nonhuman "things" around. But. Her eyes narrowed. He had no choice. But neither did she.

"..Trust me" She looked back at him and smiled reassuringly. Tugging at his hand, the servant of god walked off quickly in the shadowed part of the paths. While they were at it, Yomi watched out for anymore humans who needed help.. Yomi however, couldnt take them all on, even if she wanted to save them from the fate of a pig...Turning back at the human as she lead them off, she asked quietly and concerned. "Did you come with anyone else, or did you see anyone else human?"

[OOC: Any human can come along and join the miko express. But not all XD It'll literally be a field trip.. btw this is kinda..crappy but it was quick :D Ill promise better!]

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Loki and Raphael
A light wind blew softly as two graceful birds circled lazily around the bath house. Every so often one would take a lazy loop and spiral towards the land locked spirits below, taunting them with their grace. One a beautiful white eagle, the other a inky black vulture. A menagerie of spirits all shapes and sizes crowded at the bridge, rushing to get into the baths and bars. Such a dull night, not much had happened, yet. Loki had plans to change that. Both brothers knew that. Right now the black vulture was sizing up the guests. Finding out which pretty ones would be easy to sleep with, which strong ones were worth harnessing. To him it was a game. A form of protest against his coerced employment. To Raphael, it was something he would always try to thwart. Mami had been far to generous for his idiot of a brother to ruin her well run business. He took his eye off of the vulture for a moment, just to look at Yamato, the wolf spirit. Observing the smoke fiasco would have made him scowl, if birds could scowl. Instead he screeched angrily. Looking back to his brothers flight path he found him missing. Oh for fuck's sake... he thought to himself. Doing a quick aileron roll (also misconstrued as a barrel roll), he scanned the surrounding skies. Baka, Mami will have your head for this... With a screech he dove towards the bath house, transforming mid air, and landed gracefully on his bosses balcony. Walking in with his head slightly bowed he sighed. "I have good news and bad news ma'am." he said striding to kneel in front of her desk. He tightened up his core and ceased all unnecessary movement. A perfect kneel he had tried to perfect just for Mami. She was not a fan of slackers, or anything less than perfect. His announcement were surely going to earn him a scolding that he would take far too personally and refrain from food for the rest of the night as a self inflicted punishment. No lesson is learned in the absence of punishment, or so he believed.

"Loki so far has behaved...." he paused to gather his thoughts. "However a commotion below distracted me...and he disappeared on me."


Loki cawed in joy. He had given his stuck up twin yet again. Each time Raphael would swear that he would keep a watchful eye on him. Each time he managed to juke and evade his brother, foiling his intentions. Hell tonight he would maybe even blame something on him. Get the self righteous turd a bit of Mami's wrath. He also had just the right thing for tonight. His spirit nose could sense him or her from a mile away. The bittersweet scent of carrion and sweat, a human, a sack of meat just waiting to die and join the proper world of spirits. Tonight someone had crossed the boundary, and gave Loki just the plan he needed. He would net one a job, and make it look like Raphael had been the cause. He laughed a strange crow laugh mixing caws and squawks before diving onto a roof in food area and transforming. Tonight would be fun...

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Ears flat. Tail flicking.

Sumiko sat outside the bathhouse, tiger form and all, the scent of spirits and the odd scent of unfamiliar humans filling her nose. Were the more humans in the bathhouse that Sumiko never noticed? No, it couldn't be it. A low growl erupted from the tiger's throat, pacing uneasily and her head constantly going to the bathhouse and beyond the bridge to the food stands. Should she go look for the owners of those scents? Bring them to Mami or Yamato to decide their fate? She knew she certainly didn't want to sit back to do nothing. Quietly, she went into the bathhouse. She needed to check and see if she was actually needed.

Once her first paw hit the wood floor, Sumiko's form quickly shifted into that which looked human. Looking around, it didn't look like they were in any hurry yet... She stopped as she looked over toward the bath where Izumo was cleaning. A growl suddenly came from her throat looking at the mocking spirits. Almost as if she was doubting if she should offer her help, her voice didn't seem to come out quickly. "Izumo-san, would you like help?" Sumiko asked softly, walking up to the tub. The humans could wait, if she was needed out there someone would surely tell her, and that wouldn't be likely.

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"I have good news and bad news ma'am."

Mami heard a voice from behind her say, most likely on the balcony, but she knew each one of her workers since she studied the way they acted very closely. She didn't have to turn around to know that the person speaking was Raphael, one of the people she did have high expectations about, but was at least glad he kept up unlike most Youkai that lived under her roof.

"Go on then." She said, filling out more paper work for the bathhouse and setting the first paper to the side. She always had a lot of paperwork to fill out, but she had amazing skills after working there so long, so she went through it all fast, seeing how the next second she had already gotten three more sheets filled out and read.

"Loki so far has behaved.... However a commotion below distracted me...and he disappeared on me."

Now usually, Mami would probably toss something at the spirit who would have failed to hold up her expectations, but she knew that this spirit often did so, so she simply said in her regular, bored sounding tone, "Well go find him." She put down the pen and turned her chair around to face him, and then glanced outside, "If you can do that and come back, you'll be fine. But I don't want that idiot brother of yours causing trouble. I hear rumors about humans crossing as well, after all these years... Is this true?"


"Izumo-san, would you like help?"

"E-eh?" Izumo looked up from inside the bath and saw someone looking down on her, and apparently offering to help, "W-would you?" The young woman asked, "I'd be very grateful... although you may spread rumors about being near a human. I wouldn't want to damage your reputation..."

Izumo did want some help, but she didn't want to cause someone else damage, whether it be physical or mental, or just something like reputation. She was far too kind for that, especially after knowing the spirits at the bathhouse weren't all very mean and angry like the ones who were laughing at her, who also backed off after seeing Sumiko's threat. But it wasn't only Sumiko's threat that scared them off; another person shoved them aside which was the water spirit Mizu, "Do you ladies need some help?"

"If you're alright with helping though." Izumo tried her best to put on a smile, "Helping a human, or even being near a human isn't much of a simple matter really... You know how we're shunned for being another inferior race. That might make you have people like them," She referred to the spirits who were teasing her, "doing the same thing to you one day."


Arata saw that a group of Youkai were coming very close, and he couldn't back out anymore into the shadows without running past them, which would only cause more commotions, before someone came in front of him, blocking him out of the picture and glared at the other spirits as they moved away.

"...We need to get moving.. Come on...Trust me."

"H-huh? Wait, who the hell are you-" Arata cut himself off when the girl grabbed his hand and began to walk off. He probably would have planted his feet into the around, and stopped her and him from moving, but for some reason, he had a feeling she was going to help in, in some strange way, and followed, but slightly reluctantly.

"Did you come with anyone else, or did you see anyone else human?"

"S-someone else?" He asked, and tried to think before thinking he may have seen someone else, "Maybe... I can't recall very well though... Its the middle of the night, what would you expect? I can't recognize what's human, and what's... What's something like them..." He said, seeming to be glaring at the Youkai that didn't realize his presence.

Again, while walking behind her, he asked, in a lower voice, "Who are you, where am I, what are those things, and where the hell are we going?"


Yamato walked around, the smoking pipe in his mouth before letting out another puff of smoke from his mouth as it rose into the night sky. He stopped when he noticed a very, very small change in his altitude, since he was aware of everything, and anything. When he lifted his foot, he noticed what appeared to be a mold of a shoe in the dust, and this wasn't a sandal like most the spirits wore, if they wore any shoes.

He looked up, and traced the footsteps until he reached another area were there wasn't only one trail of footsteps, but two more, and one he recognized, "Ah... Yomi's helping out the humans then hmm... Well... I suppose it wouldn't be bad to allow them to get away... And while she's leading one, another one's following in their footsteps hmm... Interesting. I think I'll let this one slide. I didn't see anything here." Yamato chuckled and walked away as if he saw nothing.

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"Well go find him."
Raphael looked up and smiled. "Thank you very much ma'am. I'm sorry that my brother causes so much trouble." He added as he rose to a standing position. The human comment disturbed him. He thought back. While his eyes had been tried on his brother something had nagged him. A strange scent. He had assumed it was Yamato's smoke, but on second though....

His eyes widened. "He wouldn't..." he muttered under his breath. Then he thought again, "Shit..." the word slipped out from between his lips before he realized whose company he was in. His calm composure shattered, and he sprinted for where he had entered. "Not on my watch!" he growled as he leaped into the air and turned back into an eagle. There was no way in hell his brother was helping a human. Not on his watch. He let out a loud, sharp, and very shrill cry as he dove for Yamato. He transformed yet again, and landed gracefully in a cushion of air. "Loki's out and about, keep an eye out for him." he breathed quickly, then leaped to the air and transformed yet again, and began to climb into the sky.

(quick OOC note, this is noting that Yamato has been away from Miko and the human for a while and gained distance, otherwise the twins would have noticed each other.)

A cry in the sky caused him to smirk. So Raphael is on the chase... he thought snidely. He turned to watch the procession of humans below him. A set of weighted stones connected by a thick leather string hung at his waist. A quick toss of these and his brother would be out of the picture. Too easy. He recognized Yomi and cringed. Another one of Mamai's pets, just like his brother, a suck up looking for power. This could be bad... he thought to himself. Then he realized something. He was his brothers twin, and thus to the untrained eye he could pass for his brother. He grinned and leaped down landing in front to Yomi. "Lady Yomi!" he exclaimed giving his best expression of his brother. "Mami is waiting for you, she has need that you take care of something immediately!" he then pretended to notice the Arata and give her a disapproving nod. "A human? What would Mami think if you made her wait because you were busy with other matters?" he then grabbed Arata by the arm. "How about I help him get a job from her, and you rush to go see what Mami needs before she gets angry?"

(OOC note here, I am totally down with you calling that bluff or falling for it. If you do fall for it could you make a show of walking of and seeing Raphael in the sky?)

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"Thank you very much ma'am. I'm sorry that my brother causes so much trouble."

"Tch. Just don't fail me, and you'll be forgiven." She said, though her language towards him was much more gentle towards him compared to other Youkai. Mostly it was because he never failed to finish a job perfectly as she expects it to be, 'If only more people were as responsible as him... And not like that no for good brother of his. She sighed and looked down at the paperwork on her desk again, but just tossed it to the side, literally, and stood up from her chair, "Those idiots downstairs must be messing something up again."

She said this because she heard a lot of commotion outside her window in her working room and glanced down. Apparently people were leaving the bridge that no one could cross unrecognized, and were swarming around something else that caught their interest, 'The human perhaps...?' Mami sighed tiredly and leaned back into her chair, "I'll let Raphael handle it, and Yamato if that stupid wolf still knows his job after all these damn years."


"Izumo, even if you are a human, that doesn't mean you should be treated with any less respect then the rest of us."

Izumo let a gentle smile pass her face before she said to Sumiko, "Thank you dear... Really, you're too kind. But I am a completely different type of race, and person from most of the Youkai here. Poverty is actually quite normal, I just wish it didn't happen so often, but I suppose I could get used to it! Kind people like you two help a lot of humans carry on underneath this roof you know."

"She does have a point. I was human once."

"Hmm? You too?" Izumo wondered, but then felt a little bad for Mizu, wondering how hard it must have been for her as a human back then. A while back, humans got treated even worse since not that many worked for Mami, and things were probably much more strict for them while now, humans got a little more respect. She wanted to ask how it was like, but didn't want to sound imposing, so she kept silent about it.

"I think we may even get a few more human workers to join us. I smelt them not to long ago outside. I can just tell the bathhouse is going to get a lot more exciting from here on out!"

"H-Huh? More humans?" Izumo exclaimed with amazement. She was waiting to find another human because of how lonely it was, despite how kind a mere few Youkai were to her, "D-do you know where they are? If they're on their way here?" She was a little too excited that she slipped in the water that covered up to their knees inside the dirty bath, a bunch of Youkai just outside the room laughing quietly, even with the threatening looks they got from the other two girls a moment ago.


Yamato, a moment later, was on top of the second floor's roof of the bathhouse, being able to see everything in their small town, the ferry crossing the water that once was a field during the day, the people gathering around the center of the town after hearing about the news of new humans, and the other few Youkai he personally knew who were trying to figure out what to do with the two.

He took a deep breath of fresh air instead of through his smoking pipe, and looked up at the sky, thinking to himself, 'That girl... Yomi owes me something for letting them pass. If I didn't, they'd all lose their heads along with her being fired, and perhaps others if they were seen in the process of helping the humans. I'd better get something good like a new bottle of sake or another smoking pipe... This one's getting quite old...' He sighed.


"..My name is..Yomi."

Arata heard her answer hesitantly, 'Is saying your name hard to do? Sure, I'm a strange, but she's the one who grabbed me first.' Arata thought to himself, probably sounding very rude if he were to say his thoughts out loud, but instead, decided to say what he would always say to a normal stranger, despite his current situation being a little... different than usual, "Well then, nice to meet you, Ms. Yomi."

Your in an area where wondering spirits, and youkai come to bath, and replenish..- and Im taking you to the safiest place you can possiable be. So you must listen to me."

"S-spirits? Youkai?" Arata laughed, thinking it was a joke, though, it was a very anxious and nervous laugh, "H-Ha... O-oi, stop kidding around... The costumes are cool and all... but going this far to scare tourists is a little too much, w-wouldn't you say? And isn't everywhere safe? Isn't that right?" He asked, but he already knew the answer to that from what the Yomi told him.

Go with him alright? I'll be back."

"H-Hey!" Arata said, feeling a little more comfortable with someone he knew, even though it was a very, very short introduction, than with another stranger. But before he could tell her anything else, she was already gone. He turned to the young man in front of him and sighed, "Then... I guess I'm following you, am I right? Come on kid." He grabbed the other human's arm and began to follow, still keeping and eye out for the so called Youaki and Spirits.