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Louie Hush

Get your oversized spade hands offa me! - female werewolf-

0 · 114 views · located in Loren- Vast city

a character in “House-trained”, as played by Mousie


A Name: Louie

An Age: Heck knows she's been around a while but she's still looking good and could pass as a 17/18 year old slap on a lot of make up perhaps 20.

Your Sex:

Your Appearance: ... /#/d33ln53
She's about 5'3 in height. Weighs about 7 stone. She has deep blue eyes that make others crave contact lenses and reasonably tanned skin. Her hair is long and dark brown and tends to look alittle wayward no matter what time of the morning it just might seem at its worst. She has a trim figure, admirable curves, perhaps alittle larger than needed breasts for her frame, and shes toned. Her teeth are straight because in her tiddly wink years she wore braces and her smiles white enough it wont blind you though. Her dress sense is fair. Skinnie jeans, a nice top usually a sucker for things with names on, in the summer though she does get her legs out and wears shorts- maybe a few dresses.
Her night wear. Tends to be A baggy t-shirt that she borrowed from that guy mate she once knew with a pair of female boxers. She's a saucy thing without even trying.

Your personality: Louies one for her own. If she doesnt agree with it she doesnt see why anyone should even attempt to pursue it. She likes to feel she's in control of something whether thats sometimes mentally or physically. She laughs at the funny things but wont cry at the sad or does her damn best not to shed a single tear in public. She appears fiery but wonders sometimes why there cant be someone who sees through that so that she can show some affection to at least someone.
She has a habit of forgetting that men find half naked women nice to look at and fantazise about so she'll wonder about in what she sees as suitable and doesnt think about the guy in the corner whose just had a heart attack because she's gone and bent over! Even if she did she'd take pride in knowing that what they see they couldnt dream of touching.
She's terrible at tidying up after herself.

Your views:
She holds herself on a high pedistall and doesnt apreciate anyone attempting to knock her from it. Shes a proud independant female and though shes dead set on being alone and doing things for herself her natural instinct cannot help but sometimes long for a mate in the back of her mind which very much conflicts with her personality. If a real Alpha were to command her to his side she'd find it damn hard not to submiss let alone flinch and jump on the spot to show she'd felt the command shake her entire frame. She's a fighter and likes to think she wouldnt have to obey anyone! ''besides'' she'd always add to her internal thoughts as a back up "What Alpha would demand her of all females as his mate"

Dominance: If she wants to stay in charge she'd go for a male who is the same size as her, doesnt argue and is willing to follow what she wants. But if it has anything to do with her meddling instincts she'll find herself reluctantly drawn to a male dramatically bigger than her in muscle, height and weight. Someone not only physically more over powering but mentally challenging towards her in almost everyway. Someone that wants to put her in her place and bark orders whether they be obeyed or not. Someone who thrives on the idea of being top dog and dominant over everything. Also someone who isnt afraid of competition and would gladly take on the chance to fight out with another male for dominance as well as the chance to display his strength.
(A typical Stanley kowalski! - dont know what i mean youtube a streetcar named desire and watch a fair bit of it- stanleys a brute)

Ideal mate:
Pretty much said that above...He's got to be attractive! She's quite shallow in that sense.

Where you're likely to be in a pack:
She always holds herself highly so she'd want to be the alpha female and if you could counsel out all males members so she really was top dog! She's got a fierce temper when it calls for it and is up to challenge anything she see worth winning over...even something as silly as the who gets the last cream cake.

Where were you before you got stalked. Attacked. Tranquilised. Restained. Stuffed in a truck and Driven away:
She was enjoying a few main attractions as she hasnt been in Loren long she'd walked through customs at a state of the art film screening to be stopped by a few security members after a metal censor went off she supposed. she tugged off her necklace and belt had a photograph taken and was sent on her way.
After that she grabbed a bite to eat and another censor went off!! They had them everywhere!! Anyway the restraunt let her go quick and simple saying she was already checked or what not.
She got back fairly late about midnight. Dropped her bag went to hit the sack when she realised someone was in her rented apartment.
Turned out to be three squat guys who chased her around her apartment they SMASHED so many things and she managed to yell whilst running confused for her life that she wasnt paying for that! They shot her on the stairs with a dart and she didnt even make it to the front door before they whisked her up! She barely even remembered being in a van just so many streetlights and the sound of rain.
Next thing she knows! she gets an evelope shoved in her face and is shoved out of the van into a mass queue of others wadding along!

Anything else you desperately want to add:

So begins...

Louie Hush's Story