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Charlotte Preston

Human. Amateur photographer. Lover of Sampson (Michael, Archangel of Protection).

0 · 652 views · located in Earth, 2012

a character in “How to be Human”, as played by Dreamalot106


Charlotte Preston
”Charlie; Charles”
My hands are searching for you
My arms are outstretched towards you


I feel you on my fingertips
**My tongue dances behind my lips for you
Charlotte Victoria Preston


This fire rising through my being
**Burning, I’m not used to seeing you
Charlie stands at 5’7” and has a thin frame, meaning she can wear basically anything and look good in it. Her light blonde hair is soft and silky; Charlie takes excellent care of it every day. Charlie’s eyes are a bright green and her eyebrows have a distinct arch. Plump, wide rosebud lips sit under a perk nose and lead to a gently pointed chin. Charlotte’s skin is fair with a golden hue from the hours she spends outside taking pictures.
Charlie typically wears skinny jeans or shorts with lace up boots of some sort. She wears a lot of neutral and dark colored tops with a sweater or blazer over it. Most of the blazers Charlie wears she stole from Sampson’s closet – the sweaters are all hers though. Charlie really loves the whole military look, too. Example #1 Example #2
Charlie wears two bracelets every single day no matter what. On her left wrist she wears a black “To Write Love on Her Arms” bracelet and on her right wrist she wears a pink “I <3 Boobies” bracelet. The black bracelet is a constant reminder to herself of when she tried to commit suicide and Sampson stopped her. The pink bracelet is to commemorate the passing of her mother, a victim of breast cancer. Occasionally she will stack a couple gold bangles on top of the black one just for something different.

Take my hand, I give it to you
**Now you owe me, all I am
Basic Red Canvas Backpack
Cinnamon Gum
EOS Chapstick
Can of Pepper Spray
Blue iPod Nano w/ in-ear SkullCandy Headphones

+ Photographer’s eye
+ Extremely creative
+ Agile & Fast
+ Loyal
+ Computer savvy
+ Loves Sampson

- Mortal
- Easily annoyed by others
- Has to take medication to keep emotions under control
- She has to keep to a very strict schedule when it comes to eating and taking her meds, otherwise she will end up sick
- Gets super jealous whenever she sees other girls flirting with Sampson
- Loves Sampson

You said you would never leave me
**I believe you, I believe
+ Donuts
+ The supernatural
+ The show Supernatural
+ Dark chocolate
+ Sushi
+ Parkour (AKA – Free running)
+ Photography
+ Hers and Sampson’s dog, Reuxmarie
+ Sampson

- Princess movies (They set little girls’ expectations of love and whatnot at an unrealistic level.)
- Anything cherry, banana, or pineapple flavored
- Mustard
- Meat (Charlie’s a vegetarian. This is half by choice, half because she has to – red meat makes her sick and she doesn’t like chicken.)
- Fake crab
- Almonds
- Fake people
- Random girls flirting with Sampson (Especially when Charlie is sitting next to or across from Sampson.)
- Lies
- Sampson’s secrets

Bisexual. Currently dating and living with Sampson Doyle. Best sex she’s ever had.
Charlie considers herself somewhat of a bad-ass. She’s unafraid to voice her opinion – even in a conversation she’s not in – and will get right back up and pretend nothing happened after tripping and falling on her face. Her exterior screams tough girl but her gestures, whenever she slicks on her chapstick or flips her hair out of her face, suggest a much gentler young woman underneath the surface. Charlie may carry an edifice of calm difference, but that’s a combination of her personal choice not to share her true emotions with anyone but Sampson anymore and her medications.


I can feel you all around me, thickening the air I’m breathing
**Holding on to what I’m feeling, savoring this heart that’s healing
Find out what secrets Sampson’s hiding from her.
Make a name for herself in the world of photography.

Charlotte grew up with a single mother, her father having left the two of them when she was only six months old. They moved from apartment to apartment, constantly being evicted from each place because her mother was unable to make enough money. Charlie grew up a rover, walking or taking the subway everywhere she went. Her small family was unable to settle anywhere for long even after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. For two more years Charlotte and her mother apartment hopped until Charlotte’s mother just didn’t wake up one morning. Charlie was only seventeen at the time.

Orphaned and unable to acquire a steady job to support herself, Charlotte turned to modeling. She had a pretty face and a wraith-like body, not that that was intentional, so she should be able to make it easily, right? Unfortunately for her, the agency she got herself involved with was not interested in high fashion or commercial modeling. Within two months of turning eighteen, Charlie was the new face of Glorious Risqué Agency.

Charlotte was exploited but she was making money – and a lot of it. For the first time in her life Charlie was able to live in a nice apartment and for longer than two months at that. She was also getting a lot of attention though. Very much unwanted attention. Guys were recognizing her on the street as “That Pretty Girl from That Video I Watched Last Night” and wanted things from her. Walking alone at night got scary.

About six months after her debut, after her popularity had died down a bit, Charlotte met a guy while out a club with a couple acquaintances. He was very nice, polite, and the two of them hit it off almost immediately. For once there was no talk about her career or, more specifically, her videos. The two had a shared interest in photography and it turned out he only lived a block away from her. The guy’s name was Jake.

Charlotte and Jake dated for several months before he convinced her to give up her apartment and come live with him. His proposition was surprising considering they hadn’t done anything together in their time dating, but Charlie was all for it. She was very much into Jake and felt secure with him. So she sold her apartment and moved in with him.

For another month or so things were normal, Jake continued providing for Charlotte, buying her nice things, pretty jewelry, a new camera, then Jake started acting weird. The first time the two slept together Jake asked for control. Charlotte didn’t think anything of it. It wasn’t until the next couple of times that she started to realize something – the way that he was leading the two of them was the exact same as the videos Charlotte had performed in.

When Charlotte questioned Jake about it, he acted defensively, as if she had accused him of committing a crime. But then he said something in the midst of their conversation that terrified Charlotte. He said that he owned her. All the nice clothes that she wore, all the jewelry, her camera, they were all his, as was she. He knew everything about her videos, in fact, he knew everything about her.

Charlie tried to get past the man but he merely smacked her as she went by, sending her sprawling over the coffee table. He screamed at her that she would never be able to leave without him. She was to stay with him and do everything he told her to, just like in her videos. Charlotte was heartbroken. She had started to fall in love with this man, slept with him not because she was being paid to do so, but because she felt for him, and here he was, a psychopath in disguise.

Charlotte’s instincts took over and she could do no more than bow her head in submission. She would do his bidding to survive, at least for the time being. That night Jake announced to Charlie that they would marry in a private ceremony the following month so she would never have an excuse to leave him or their home again. Charlotte already felt trapped. She knew her window of escape was slim and growing smaller.

So she left that night, after Jake had fallen asleep holding a bottle of liquor. Charlie contemplated the idea of being Jake’s wife and personal sex slave – because that was sure what she was going to end up becoming – and found the thought unbearable. Before she never would have believed that the man she was dating could possibly be so psychotic, but now there was no denying it. So Charlotte walked amongst the streets of the city, drinking as she wandered.

It was not until Charlie was in the middle of the bridge and staring down at the monochromatic reflection of the city that she came up with the idea of committing suicide. She had no friends, no living relatives, nobody she could turn to. The only home she had was occupied by a psychotic narcissus. So Charlotte looked around her - there was no one in sight – and slowly climbed up on to the railing of the bridge, sobbing.

Crouched on the rail, Charlie grasped on tightly to the cable she used to pull herself up. She mumbled a prayer and asked her mother to forgive her for what she was about to do. Charlotte flexed all over, trying to relax, then shakily stood. She wiped her eyes a final time and let go of the cable.

Arms jerked Charlie to a stop. She dangled forty-something feet above the water sobbing as the thick pair of arms around her waist slowly pulled her back up and over the railing. It was a brown haired man who stopped her. Charlie didn’t know how he’d gotten to her so quickly; she could’ve sworn she’d been alone on the bridge just thirty seconds ago. But it didn’t matter. Despite the thoughts she’d had before, Charlie was grateful the man caught her.

She sobbed in to his chest for what felt like an eternity. He just held her tight and stroked her hair as she cried, murmuring comforting words to her. (At least, she believes they were comforting words. Charlie couldn’t quite tell what it was he was murmuring, but she blames that on her crying.)

After several minutes, Charlotte finally calmed down enough to speak. The guy introduced himself. His name was Sampson; she could call him Sam. The next thing Charlotte knew she was spilling her entire life story out to Sam and he was carrying her away from the bridge. Normally Charlie would have tried to get as far away from this man as possible, but there was something about Sam that was just so inviting and trustworthy, something that begged her to trust him and believe every word he said.

Sam took Charlie back to his apartment, fed her and set up a bed for her on his couch. The following morning Sam let her shower, the two chatted over coffee, he made breakfast, and the next several hours they spent just talking. Charlotte couldn’t help herself from telling Sampson everything; he was quite the listener. The two spent days getting to know each other, Sampson generously helping Charlie find a new apartment for herself as well as new clothes.

Charlotte and Sampson have been together for two and half years since then, the pair nearly inseparable.

So begins...

Charlotte Preston's Story