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Sampson Doyle

Michael, Archangel of Protection. Came to Earth to protect those fighting in the human's war, fell in love instead.

0 · 587 views · located in Earth, 2012

a character in “How to be Human”, as played by Dreamalot106


Sampson Doyle
”Sam; Sammy”
I was fine right before I met her
Never hurt and nothing could control me


Terrified that she’d find my heart and break it
**Paralyzed by the thought of her with someone else
Sampson Oliver Doyle
Appears 23
○ Hawk wings.Better view.
○ Protection – Removing bad dreams, keeping small groups of soldiers safe in battle, basic protection spells
○ Archangel


I shouldn't have fallen in love with her
**and It’s been nothing but trouble ‘til now
Sam is fair skinned with medium length, wavy brown hair. The most it gets brushed is whenever Sam runs his hand through his bangs to sweep them out of the way. As an angel, away from the curiosity of humans, Sam’s eyes are a clear, beautiful rainbow of color; on earth they are an iridescent green. In his human form, Sam has Ephesians 6:11 tattooed in a ring around his left bicep and Ephesians 6:13 tattooed down the outside of his right arm. Both are in an archaic language that only other angels and demons can read. To humans they appear a mix of Arabic and tribal print.
All for complimenting his angelic handsomeness, Sampson is fond of looking good in well fitting jeans and tops. He favors three-quarter length sleeves and casual blazers. He has a black overcoat that was a gift from Charlotte that he loves to wear when the weather’s cool. On a casual day out (or in) with Charlotte, Sam usually wears just a tee with a hoodie and his jeans.
Sampson wears a silver cross necklace (in second picture) and a red jeweled pendant. He stores the bad dreams he collects in the pendant. The cross is inscribed on the front with The Lord’s Prayer and on the back with one of his basic protection prayers. Sam also carries a brown leather messenger bag with him everywhere to carry his stuff.

I shouldn’t have fallen in love at all
**But I couldn’t stop myself

His Wallet
A Messenger Bag with:
Laptop (with charger)
Samsung Galaxy SIII
Several Packs of 5 Gum
A couple mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy books
His iPod touch 5G loaded with approx. two-thousand songs from all different genres

○ Charisma
○ Athleticism (Sampson strength trains and runs everyday to keep his body in shape.)
○ Hand to Hand Combat
○ Intelligence
○ Ability to gain trust easily
○ Personal bubble of physical protection (Thanks to inscription on cross necklace.)

● Can be over-emotional at times
● If around mirrors for too long, he’ll begin to succumb to vanity
● Caramel (So it's not a true weakness, but he loves the stuff.)
● Guns (Yes being an angel makes him immortal, but guns are still able to gravelly wound him.)
● Attached to Earth
● Charlotte or rather, his love for Charlotte. It makes him vulnerable as she is now a liability.

I’ll never let her go
**How dare she be so perfect
○ Acoustic guitar
His sunglasses
○ The colors blue and light green
○ Milk and white chocolate
○ Salted caramel
○ Parkour (AKA - Free running)
○ Big dogs (like labs and retrievers)
○ His and Charlotte’s dog, Reuxmarie
(Actually pronounced Roxe – marie. When Charlotte first saw the tag on the pup that’s how she thought it was pronounced. Charlotte and Sampson continue to call the Husky-Border Collie cross that even though Roo – marie is the proper pronunciation. They typically just call her Roxy.)
○ Charlotte (Very much so!)

● Rap music
● Licorice
● Bad acting
● Black coffee
● Small whiny dogs
● Demons
● His love for Charlotte (It keeps him bound to Earth, and he knows their love must end one day. She is mortal after all.)

Sampson has flirted with other lower ranked angels before, but he’s never actually been in a relationship before he met Charlotte. Sure he’d met and flirted with plenty of female humans before – he’s always preferred women – but he’d never allowed himself even the possibility of falling in love with any of them. Falling in love with Charlotte came as a total shock to Sampson, but he has to admit that being with her is the best feeling in the world. Now he knows why God came up with sex.
Sampson is a good humored guy who uses his wit and good-natured sarcasm to deal with the hurt he sees around him. Whenever he comes across a person that he discovers he could have protected but didn’t, Sampson feels the guilt physically. His gentle and generous natures are part of what make Sampson the Archangel he is. Being an angel, Sampson doesn’t have many downsides to his nature, other than he sometimes will succumb to vanity. That typically happens when he’s getting a lot of attention from girls while he’s out or if he’s around mirrors for longer than the time it takes to brush his hair and teeth. Sampson knows he’s beautiful and sometimes that gets the better of him.

Tell me why
**You started the fire
To protect Charlotte for the rest of her life.
To somehow have God make Charlotte in to an angel.

The reason Sampson came down to Earth in the first place was to help the human troops fighting in the war on earth. On a break, he stopped to visit his long-term leased apartment in New York City. While out walking, he saw a girl in extreme distress perched atop the railing of a bridge. Sampson watched the girl flex and shakily stand. She wiped her eyes a final time then let go of the cable.

Sam flew to the girl and caught her as she began to fall, pulling her back over the railing. She sobbed into his chest for several minutes as Sam stroked her hair. Her name was Charlotte. She was drunk, newly homeless, and heartbroken. Sampson carried the young woman back to his apartment, fed her and let her sleep on his couch. The next morning she showered, they had coffee together and then chatted for several hours. Charlotte turned out to be quite a character, and one Sampson found quite fascinating at that. Charlotte found Sampson to be a great listener and the two spent the following couple of together getting to know each other.

Charlotte and Sampson have been together now for two and half years. Sampson has been neglecting his angelic duties for the majority of their relationship, concentrating his protective abilities on Charlotte alone, especially now that someone is trying to exploit her as a weakness of his.

So begins...

Sampson Doyle's Story


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"Hello, Angels. I have a new mission for you all today. You are, I'm sure, aware of your kind's recent and extensive involvement in the affairs of Earth. This is becoming a problem, as more and more angels become far too close to humans and humankind. Thus, your newest mission is to visit Earth and gather information on the people, angels, and demons currently there, as well as figure out why they are becoming so intertwined with human affairs. Report back monthly. You have one year.""

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