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The Demon of Pride, and scheming bastard.

0 · 189 views · located in Earth, 2012

a character in “How to be Human”, as played by Vexilous


"Pride", "Istrakahn", "John Doe"
In the belly of the beast
I'm a wolf amongst the sheep


At the bottom of the hill
**But at the top of the street
Istrakahn was his Angel name, but now he goes by his Demon name Sartana, or his Human name John Doe.
Ancient, though he appears in his early twenties.
Sartana is the demon of Pride, and specializes in powerful Illusion magic, both subtle and hallucinogenic. He also has the power to charm and manipulate humans. His bird is the Osprey.

Above the boulevard, schoolyard
**Victim of deceit
As a human, Sartana is a handsome young man, with neck-length dark hair, smooth brown eyes, and an olive complexion. In his demon form, he looks similar, although his hair is noticeably wilder and a bit longer, while he also has heterochromia, as one of his eyes is a cat-like yellow, and the other stays a deep brown. Also in his demon form, he is adorned with several tattoos, most noticeably on his back, where it reads "Forgive me father, for I have sinned" and on his arms, where his right is encircled by a snake that ends with the head on the palm of his hands, and his left, which is encircled by a chain, ending just short of his wrist.
While in hell, Sartana wears a black and gold cloak, and in the human world, he likes to wear flashy designer suits and other over-the-top expensive clothes, as he has a penchant for leaving an impression.

And you're running hard, but this wolf is always at your feet
**Yeah you've seen it all before, but the wolf's outside your door
An ornate flask of whiskey
Several eerily simple buisness cards, with his human name and phone number printed on them
A cell-phone

Physically fit
Brilliant, scheming and manipulative
Excellent with magic
Charming and charismatic

He can't trust anyone but himself.
Is very overconfident, as his title would suggest
He has a bit of a soft spot for humans
He has a fear of water, and can't swim
He tends to get a sidetracked while on the job
Isn't very adept in physical combat, unarmed or otherwise.

And you're old enough to run, you ain't hiding anymore
**Another victim of the star spangled banner of the street
The Other Sins, They're the only ones other than himself and Lucifer that he truly cares for

Backstabbers (Ironically)
Sweet food
The Big Guy

Pride, like his brother Greed, almost exclusively interlopes with easy females, and tends to manipulate them, as he sees that they only serve one purpose to him. This could change if he met someone he actually began to have feelings for(?).
Pride, like his name suggests, is very overconfident, and proud of himself, the sins, and Hell as a whole. The lower demons look up to him, and he acts as sort of a godfather to them, commanding and plotting with a whole legion of lower-down hell-spawn. He can show kindness, but it, like everything else he does, is often just a front, or a falsehood to get something he wants. The only people he truly and honestly tends to interact with, are his brothers and sisters, the seven deadly sins.

Now you're in the world of wolves
**And we welcome all you sheep
Revenge against heaven for his exile
Whatever Lucifer's goals may be, as he is strangely loyal to him, unlike everyone else.

I'll elaborate more on this later, but one thing that should be noted, is that Sartana remembers his time in heaven, unlike most other demons.

So begins...

Sartana's Story


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characters: metatron, maddox, sampson, eleanor, kaiya

Metatron adjusted his robes as he walked down the hall toward the Archangel Meetinghall. He'd already sent a lower-down messenger for them and they had likely settled into the meetinghall. Composing his face in a stern stare, he entered the room and sat at the head of the table. Not bothering to take role, he began talking.
"Hello, Angels. I have a new mission for you all today. You are, I'm sure, aware of your kind's recent and extensive involvement in the affairs of Earth. This is becoming a problem, as more and more angels become far too close to humans and humankind. Thus, your newest mission is to visit Earth and gather information on the people, angels, and demons currently there, as well as figure out why they are becoming so intertwined with human affairs. Report back monthly. You have one year.""

characters: lucifer, open to any of the seven sins

Lucifer slid silently down the hall of the main meetingplace of the Seven Sins, which was less a meetinghall and more a warehouse at the edge of the largest city in Hell. He knew the corners of this place and he knew where he could find each of the Sins, but he decided he'd let them come to him. Making sure no one was watching, he skipped a little down to the main room and then threw himself down on the largest chair in the large main room and draped himself out over it, arms and legs sprawled comfortably. They'd come. They always came when Lucifer ghosted into their meetingplace. They worshipped him, after all.

characters: duma sumiel, open

Duma padded quietly into the gates of the Central Park Zoo. He loved the comfortable atmosphere, the easy, nonchalant nature of the way the Zoo just slid into the park, uninhibited and strangely a part of the city. He made a beeline for the seal tanks immediately, a slouching teenager leaning against the glass and eyes transfixed on a seal as it slid through the water, he let his aura release a bit, his demonic shielding leave. There weren't any supernaturals around to notice it anyway and he liked being able to focus on the animals without the drain of miracles and hiding himself. His wings, however, stayed safely stowed in another plane and his eyes surveyed the seals quite happily.


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"I..don't think that's a good idea..." Said the girl. She was young, with dark curly hair. Beautiful, and naive. Exactly his type.

"I know, it sounds dangerous, but I wouldn't ask you if I didn't think you weren't completely capable, my love." Said the demon of Pride. He sat forward in the leather seat, the pulse of music droning through the scarlet door marked "VIP ONLY". He grasped the girl's wrist gently, yet assertively.

"Hallibelle, you'll do this for me, won't you?" He said, looking into her eyes. She instantly smiled and nodded.


"There's my girl." He said, putting his hand gently on her face. He leaned further towards her, and the two shared a "passionate" kiss. "Remeber, you don't have to actually sleep with him, just find out where he keep's the safe. Kill him if you want. That's all. I'll reward you, I promise." He said, tracing his finger down the girl's cheek, once again imitating what he'd seen Lust do so many times before. The girl nodded. He began to get out of the chair, rising to his feet.

"Sartana?" the girl asked.

"My apologies, I didn't realize the time. I'll have to take my leave, for now."

"Oh, okay...You'll call me, right?" She asked.

He nodded, lying to her.


He entered the main room of the warehouse, and seeing his master before him, he bowed.

"My liege." He said.


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#, as written by Saika

Like always Shizuka was laying down in a random bed sleeping, or just relaxing. Her expression was calm, without any emotion on it, just the normal way she was you could say. While all the other Sins were out and having fun, in their own way, she was quiet and still like a stone. If you didn't know her you would think that she was a corpse, even her breath was lazy like it wouldn't come out right.

She clenched her pillow and slowly opened her eyes, in very slow movements she rubbed her eyes with care trying to take off that sleepy look of hers. With a displeased look in her eyes she got up and started to take small steps towards the main room, I guess he is here...what a pain, she thought while entering the main room.

"My lord...", Shizuka said while yawning and returning to her calm expression.


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Lucifer looked over the two Sins present.
"I should hope you two can inform the rest of you when they arrive of what I want you to do. Is that right?" he asked, eyes focused from one to the other, and then uninterestedly surveying the room.
"Some little shits are getting too familiar with humans. Go see what's wrong. Go fix it if you can. Don't be stupid, though. Don't you dare go native, mess with that stupid love stuff, or stick around too long. Check in weekly, got it? Good. Now fuck off."

Duma felt the demonic presence immediately. He analyzed it. Recently fallen. Not too experienced with demon affairs. Female. No threat. He did, however, withdraw his aura a bit. He didn't feel in the mood to seem threatening. He slowly moved away from the seals and the demonic presence towards the snow leopards, shrugging his shoulders hard downward and forward, scowling the slightest bit and walking a little faster.


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"Time to lose fucker" he roared to pump himself up. Wrath's favorite pass time was this pit, No rules bare knuckle fighting tournament. This pit was a circle, concrete high walled dirt filled pit. He had held this tournament for most the day now and it was his time to compete as the current champion. His dark baggy jeans got covered in the dust when he landed in the pit. His muscular upper frame completely visible since he left his jacket up top. His troops were cheering already and the fight had not even began. Hearing the man run behind him, he turned and martial art flipped him over his shoulder and onto the floor. But hesitated with the follow up strike, before delivering a full powered punched to the face " Son of a bitch..... why is it always my fights interrupted" he said jumping out of the pit and grabbing his jacket on his way out

Kicking the door open with his heavy boot, he bowed his head " Lord" he said in greeting before moving himself to one of the chairs, throwing his jacket roughly on the back of the chair, before sitting down onto the chair. His large frame seemed to completely fill the chair.His messy hair was flicked out the way as he turned to greet his two fellow sins " Comrades". He had just got their in time to hear Lucifer tell them what to do. He probably did not realize he had sat himself down in the corner to hear the tail end of his lord speak, but aside from that he was clueless, all he really heard was fuck off