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The Violent Sin

0 · 246 views · located in Earth, 2012

a character in “How to be Human”, as played by umbra Alastor


Ira, Malik Ira
I can feel the calling again
the Primal need is filling me


Changes are about to begin
And now my blood is boiling.
Physically around 27
Bird: White tailed eagle.
Powers:Command of Hell's berserkers .
Destructive and Violent demon magic.

I can see the fear in your eyes
But you cant bring yourself to scream
|Prefering to Appear in a male form, he takes on a large and robust frame. Carrying with him a battle axe. He comes across confident and wild. Everything about his frame is muscular and worn out from work. Often his dark grey eyes give off a hateful glare, which is completely true as he never seems happy.
Wrath tends to wear baggy jeans, and just some form of jacket over his torso, rarely ever done up. He also frequently walks round in steel toe capped boots..
He often wears necklace with the pendant on the end being engraved with his symbol, and sunglasses are not uncommon for him..

Time to shed the mortal disguise
The beast is coming alive.
His Axe, is really the only thing he carries with him..
Very strong, Extremely good in a fight, Never intimidated, Loves a physically challenge..
Easily angered (Obvious), Easily bored. Not very smart.

I have no control this time
And now we both shall dine in Hell tonight
Fighting,Drinking, Smoking,Anything that gets adrenaline going.
Anything that cause him to think, Angels, weak demons, Weakness in himself, Being told what to do
The only thing this guy loves is a fight. (Rumored to be straight)
Wrath is a very wild and chaotic man, often shifting tasks to the one that will challenge is prowess the most.He swings from two extremes. A rather hateful but tame front, to an absolute rage filled manic, hell bent on what ever he seeks. He does not how to act round people emotionally, so he is not very empathetic. He is very much at home in a battle or chaotic situations.

When the kill is close And i will be satisfied
For the smell of Fear tonight.
To get this investigation over so he can return to what he enjoys.

So begins...

Wrath's Story


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characters: metatron, maddox, sampson, eleanor, kaiya

Metatron adjusted his robes as he walked down the hall toward the Archangel Meetinghall. He'd already sent a lower-down messenger for them and they had likely settled into the meetinghall. Composing his face in a stern stare, he entered the room and sat at the head of the table. Not bothering to take role, he began talking.
"Hello, Angels. I have a new mission for you all today. You are, I'm sure, aware of your kind's recent and extensive involvement in the affairs of Earth. This is becoming a problem, as more and more angels become far too close to humans and humankind. Thus, your newest mission is to visit Earth and gather information on the people, angels, and demons currently there, as well as figure out why they are becoming so intertwined with human affairs. Report back monthly. You have one year.""

characters: lucifer, open to any of the seven sins

Lucifer slid silently down the hall of the main meetingplace of the Seven Sins, which was less a meetinghall and more a warehouse at the edge of the largest city in Hell. He knew the corners of this place and he knew where he could find each of the Sins, but he decided he'd let them come to him. Making sure no one was watching, he skipped a little down to the main room and then threw himself down on the largest chair in the large main room and draped himself out over it, arms and legs sprawled comfortably. They'd come. They always came when Lucifer ghosted into their meetingplace. They worshipped him, after all.

characters: duma sumiel, open

Duma padded quietly into the gates of the Central Park Zoo. He loved the comfortable atmosphere, the easy, nonchalant nature of the way the Zoo just slid into the park, uninhibited and strangely a part of the city. He made a beeline for the seal tanks immediately, a slouching teenager leaning against the glass and eyes transfixed on a seal as it slid through the water, he let his aura release a bit, his demonic shielding leave. There weren't any supernaturals around to notice it anyway and he liked being able to focus on the animals without the drain of miracles and hiding himself. His wings, however, stayed safely stowed in another plane and his eyes surveyed the seals quite happily.


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"Time to lose fucker" he roared to pump himself up. Wrath's favorite pass time was this pit, No rules bare knuckle fighting tournament. This pit was a circle, concrete high walled dirt filled pit. He had held this tournament for most the day now and it was his time to compete as the current champion. His dark baggy jeans got covered in the dust when he landed in the pit. His muscular upper frame completely visible since he left his jacket up top. His troops were cheering already and the fight had not even began. Hearing the man run behind him, he turned and martial art flipped him over his shoulder and onto the floor. But hesitated with the follow up strike, before delivering a full powered punched to the face " Son of a bitch..... why is it always my fights interrupted" he said jumping out of the pit and grabbing his jacket on his way out

Kicking the door open with his heavy boot, he bowed his head " Lord" he said in greeting before moving himself to one of the chairs, throwing his jacket roughly on the back of the chair, before sitting down onto the chair. His large frame seemed to completely fill the chair.His messy hair was flicked out the way as he turned to greet his two fellow sins " Comrades". He had just got their in time to hear Lucifer tell them what to do. He probably did not realize he had sat himself down in the corner to hear the tail end of his lord speak, but aside from that he was clueless, all he really heard was fuck off