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How to be survival

The world of yesterday


a part of How to be survival, by Justme93.


Justme93 holds sovereignty over The world of yesterday, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The world of yesterday is a part of How to be survival.

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James Briton [0] A strange man with his quirks and unhealthy love for weapons and rocks.

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James lights a cigaret as he looks from the topfloor of the building in the centre of the city, he inhales the smoke and tries to make last a lifetime before he exhales again. His blue eyes scouts the streets for any kind of animal who should hopefully pass by, as he had been tracing the trails of one the lucky gazelles who got out of the zoo during the war, and surviving long enough to reproduce itself into James's dinner. He inhales once again while he thinks about wether he should put the cigaret out and save it for another time hoping he wouldn't be dead by then or take the secure choice and smoke it up just in case.