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Natsu Jun

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a character in “How to Break A Dream”, as played by AngelicNecromancer77


Name -- Natsu Jun

Gender -- Male

Age -- 19

Sexuality -- None of your business

His older brother
Hot chocolate
The Walmart logo
His older brother
The McDonald's logo

Basic Personality

Natsu is a rather misguided soul with a lot of hate within himself. He pretends to hate everything, and most of the time, that's true. However, this boy has the ability to both hate and like something. So you can tell he's just a grumpy person normally. He's good at acting but hates his brother and his brother's friends with all his heart. He hates anything to do with music unless it's a lullaby, as the child within him responds to it on a deeper level.
He's deeply moved by very little and almost anything you say to him can and will be used against you at one point. The scarey thing about this kid? He's not afraid to get rid of an obstacle in his way, even if that would mean cutting someone down.
He has a sick sense of humour and is always making parody songs out of Valentine's music. Always including death and he sings it out of tune with a crazy little grin on his face. However, most of the time, he doesnt know what he's doing wrong.


As most of you have probably already guessed, Natsu is Greyson's younger brother. Natsu was a really young age when his older brother left their family. Growing up, he was always taught to hate the music his brother made. He was a traitor to their family as far as he was concerned. Natsu graduated with honours and at the top of his class. He has never had a girlfriend or boyfriend. He's much too full of hate to focus on trivial matter such as those. His hate, in fact, has gotten him in ore trouble than he could count. He always came home with fresh wounds in highschool because he didn't show enough manners to the bullies at his school.

So begins...

Natsu Jun's Story