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Arrow James

"*puts arms in sleeves* Look, I'm a T-Rex! Raaaawr."

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a character in “How to Make Them Love”, as played by bandgeek




Fifteen | Straight | Art Nerd | Izzy Hilton

Age: Fifteen

Nickname: 'Row // Only to some. James // Those wishing to make fun of her.

Sexuality: Straight

  • Arrow craves anything artistic. Without it, she's like a druggie without their fix. Drawing, painting, writing, reading, it's all the same to her, and it's all so different. If she can get her hands on a book, she'll read it. Or if she can find an empty canvas, she'll paint. And she's fairly good at it all too.
  • Music. It keeps her balanced. You'll rarely catch her without her phone or iPad. And yes, that means even in school. The teachers have come to understand that without it she is sort of..a nuisance.
  • A girl likes to be in charge, and Arrow isn't any different. No matter what situation she's forced into, you can count on her to collect her wits and jump ahead of everyone else to take charge.
  • Sungie, she loves that boy. If she could, well, she'd probably kidnap him and make him live in her closet. Anytime she has a chance to be around him, she's glued to his side.
  • Even though she doesn't let it show, to most people at least, Row craves any type of knowledge she can obtain. She's a smart cookie, and she doesn't mind people making fun of her for it.
  • Cuddling! I know, such a shock. But if you can get her too, she secretly loves it!

  • 'James' can't stand the populars. Multiple reasons for this, one would be the fact they call her James. Another being that they treat her Sungie so badly. And lastly because most the cheerleaders are whores that get whatever they want, and the jocks are pretty much the same.
  • People, just in general. Arrow can't stand them, the way they talk, or walk, or joke. It's all..frustrating.
  • Something she rarely gets is artistic block, but when she does, you should find a place to hide. Times like these she usually destroys things and, like the teachers said, becomes a 'nuisance'.
  • It doesn't matter that she's a good singer, she still hates it. And if you ever catch her singing outloud, she will make you promise not to tell anyone. The only person she'll sing in front of is her Sungie.
  • Quietness, she can't stand it. When the awkward silences come around she feels like jumping up and screaming, just to make it go away.

Arrow doesn't mind being the center of attention, actually she loves it. But not for the reasons most the populars like to be. She's a rebel. Awkward, weird, strange, crazy, and she wants everyone to know it. Why hide? Row is blunt and painfully honest, if you want someone to sugar coat something, don't go to her. Not that she has many friends, so already not many people go to her. It's like they're scared of her. The honesty, the loudness, the crazy. It's her, and she isn't afraid to show everyone that.

Row is fiercely independent, needing to have the space to make her own decisions about her next step. She does not believe in or follow rules and regulations, as this would prohibit her ability to "do her own thing". Her sense of adventure and desire for constant action makes her prone to becoming bored rather quickly. Although she does not respect the rules of the "system", she follows her own rules and guidelines for behavior faithfully. She will not take part in something which violates her personal laws.

She is an action-oriented person. She likes to be up and about, doing things, which means she won't sit behind a desk all day and do long-range planning. Adaptable and spontaneous, she responds to what is immediately before her. She usually has strong technical skills, and can be as effective technical leaders.

Arrow has been in and out of foster care since she was seven years old. At first she was moved around a lot, every other month. It was her fault though, for always running away and getting in trouble. Finally, when she was fourteen, they put her in a..not-so-nice home, she was the only kid still there and the woman's husband was always on 'business' trips. The woman and her made a deal. Every month when they sent Arrow her check[it's about $300 dollars], the woman got it. In return, Arrow got to do whatever she wanted, and the woman wouldn't bother her.

That's when she started her business. What business?, you ask. She would sell her drawings, her paintings. Sometimes she would write stories for people, or make them various things. Another thing she did on the side, because it wasn't very safe, was work on peoples phones or computers. She found a way to update their software without a cost, and she could get rid of viruses or hack anything they needed. It wasn't the safest way to make money, but it did get her a lot of it.

Recently she'd been sleeping in the school library, getting her food and water out of vending machines[or more so stealing them]. But the principle has suspected of someone doing this, so she had to stop staying there for awhile. Now she is sleeping on a bus most nights, but no one knows because she still sneaks into her foster home house every morning to shower and get new clothes. Even more recently she's been trying to find a way to tell her friend Sungie about this, and maybe ask him if he would mind her crashing at his house some nights. But again, she's still trying to find a way to even bring up the point that she's been sleeping on a bus. Though she thinks he knew that she used to sleep in the library.

Lastly, we're going to jump back in time a bit here, to when she met Kang for the first time. Arrow was in the art room one day, listening to music and painting some crazy colorful flower thing. Sometime during all this the boy had snuck into the room and hid in the closet. Not knowing this, she continued painting. But soon she ran out of red and had to go fetch more. When she opened the closet she had a minor freak out, accidently sending paint all over the two. Ever since she's loved him.

Blessed With A Curse - Bring Me The Horizon

Face Claim:
Kelly Killjoy

So begins...

Arrow James's Story

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The first day of the new school year. A new start for some, and others were destined to keep the same social status as the years before. Students swarmed the school building, some lounging about outside as they sat atop picnic tables or just on the grass. No one really wanted school to start just yet, wanting to enjoy the summer sun for as long as they could before the chill of fall settled in.

Sungjae puffed out his cheeks as he stood on the sidewalk in front of the school, dreading what was going to happen to him inside those walls this year. He sighed and fixed his clothes to make sure that they were okay. He was dressed in black skin-tight skinny jeans, a light blue long-sleeved shirt that was only a little baggy on his skinny form under a light, black cardigan that was left unbuttoned, along with a pair of black ankle high boots and a pair of light blue glasses. He didn't have to wear glasses, but he preferred them over contacts and only wore his contacts when he couldn't find one of his many pairs of glasses that he owned.

Sungjae sighed and adjusted his dark brown messenger bag that was worn down from years of use as he started towards the building, figuring that if he could get into the building, get to his locker, and then manage to make it to his first class, he might not have to deal with Julio and his friends this early on the first day of school. He pulled out his phone and texted his best friend Arrow on his way towards the school building. -You! I can't find you :( I'm going to my first class so I don't have to deal with the populars. See you there?-

After sending the text, he placed his phone back into his pocket and focused on making sure that he didn't run into any of his bullies.

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That morning was crazy. The bus driver, whom she now decided she hated, stole her phone so that her alarm wouldn't go off in the morning. Okay, that was fine, her internal clock woke her up. It was only about ten minutes later than she usually would have woken up. But, that meant she was almost ten minutes away from her house. Great, she jumped out of the bus and ran back to the foster home. The woman wasn't even home, so it was easy to climb up the fire escape and into the window. Shower, five minutes. Find clothes, another five minutes. Find a book, after ten minutes she decided she would just find one at school.

Grabbing her new black mail bag, she threw it over her shoulder. Already her laptop was in the back pocket of it. Stopping at the mirror, she ran her fingers through her still- wet hair and looked over her outfit. Pale blue skinny jeans, white camisole, black half-flowy-shirt-thing. Since her hair was wet there were darker blue strands throughout it, and she decided next time she dyed it it would be purposefully done like that. It was then that her phone started vibrating. Grabbing it off the dresser, she read the text as she began down the fire escape again. Sungie! She'd almost forgotten about him, and she'd promised to meet him outside. The school was only about five minutes away, she'd be fine.

As soon as she stepped onto the school ground her eyes went to the crowd, searching for her friend. And as soon as she found him she started moving towards him, hoping that none of populars were nearby. When she got close enough she started skipping, coming up behind him and throwing her arms around his shoulders. "I'm here! Did you miss me?" Moving around his side, she kept one arm slung around his shoulders.

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"Arrow, teachers like you if you actually participate in class and do the work they assign without a fight," he said with a light laugh. "I have History too, maybe we have the same one?" he said, his head tilting slightly. He let out a surprised yelp of pain as he felt someone run into him and headbutt his head. He turned and laughed lightly as he saw his other friend, Fred. "Its alright Fred. I forgive you. Still tripping over those pesky oxygen particles?" he asked teasing her lightly.

"I know that you say that you won't let them Arrow, but sometimes they find a way passed both of our defenses and they still manage to attack me," he said with a small frown. "I don't even want to know what kind of cruel tormenting they have planned for me this year," he said, sighing. He shook his head lightly and gave them both bright smiles. "How was your guys' vacations? Did you do anything fun while I was in Seoul?" he asked. He and his family had gone to visit his grandparents and other family over the summer holiday as they did every summer.

Throughout their conversation, he couldn't shake the feeling that someone was looking at him and he turned his head to see if anyone was looking in their direction and his eyes widened in fear when he saw Julio. He quickly looked away and pulled his two friends into the building faster, sighing in slight relief when they were down a few hallways from the entrance.

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"Wake up," Called Kailen's father, his voice just as harsh as his icey glare. Kailen cussed under his breath and clambered out of bed, his eyes cloudy and his voice a tiny bit groggy. Despite his usually happy attitude, mornings weren't his thing. His father called up again and Kailen replied by shouting "I'm up!". He pulled open the doors to his wardroke and examined his clothing choice. After a while he chose the 'back to school' outfit he'd bought a few days back.

He wasted no time with goodbyes this morning, he just zoomed out the door, grabbing an apple from the fruit basket in the kitchen on the way. He raced towards his car and got in. "Off to school we go," He whispered, starting off his journey with a "Woo-hoo".

Kailen exited his car and breathed in the toxic air of his highschool car park. "Refreshing!" He said cheerily to himself. He scanned the area with his usually bright eyes, a smile tugging on the corners of his lips. He figured school must be starting some time soon, as a few people were heading inside. There were three that he recognised quite easily. Sungjae, Arrow and Fred. He picked up his pace so that he could walk beside them. "Greetings, friends" He said, soon followed by a small chuckle. "Miss me?".

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Sungjae turned and waved to Kailen, the only sort of kind of popular that he could stand - since he was technically a nerd too. "How are you? I missed everyone, Seoul was boring without having friends there. I mean I have some friends there, but they all focus on looks and the like," he mumbled.

His eyes widened as he remembered his discovery that he had made over the summer. "Guys, you will never believe this. There's a whole website dedicated to me. My friends showed it to me while I was over there," he said as he pulled his phone out of his pocket and went to the internet, pulling up the page that he was talking about. He held it up so they could all see.

The website was filled with pictures upon pictures of him while he was wandering around Seoul in the summer. There were comments in every language asking who he was and why there were only pictures of him in the summer and not year round like there were for most people. Sungjae's friends had left a comment explaining that he lived in America and only visited Seoul in the summer - hence only summer pictures.

"Is this just weird or what? I mean its kind of cool, but I don't know why they would take pictures of me and put them on the internet," he said.

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Arrow sighed, feeling like she wanted to scream. And she probably would have, had it not been for the fact Sungie probably would have yelled at her for bringing so much attention to them. "What fun is doing work without a fight? At least I get the stuff done." A few seconds passed. "Okay, most of the stuff done. You still need to help me with math though. Numbers and letters? Hasn't made sense to me since seventh grade." The next thing she knew someone was running into Sungie, and she turned to snap at them before seeing one of his other friends. Sometimes she was actually jealous of Sungie, the only friend she had was him, and then he had all these other people. But as soon as she realized that she was actually jealous, she quickly dismissed the feeling. Sungie wouldn't ever ditch her on purpose, 'least she hoped not.

Though she still didn't know how to reply to Fred's question. Actually, she never knew how to reply to anyone saying how's it hanging. Were you supposed to say fine, even if you weren't? Or would it be more appropriate to say good? "Er, it's hanging fine Fred." Well now she just sounded mentally impaired. Was she supposed to ask her the same? "How is it hanging for you?" Yeah, definitely sounded stupid. Good job Arrow, you've succeeded in making a fool of yourself yet another time today.

"They aren't going to get to you Sungie, not this year. I'll be like your personal bodyguard." She stuck her tongue out at him as she pretended to flex nonexistent muscles. As if on cue Kailen stepped up beside their group and a grin lit up her face. "Kailen! Of course we missed you." Arrow jumped around the back of the group and wrapped her arms around the other boy. "See Sungie? You have me, and Kailen to protect you." Her blue eyes found Kailen's. "Well, at least I assume he wouldn't let anyone beat you up." She gave her best puppy dog face, though ended up laughing.

Sungie then began talking about a website all about him and Arrow smiled. "That's awesome. You're like, world-famous." Arrow laughed, batting her eyelashes and pretending to swoon in sight of the 'star'.