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Julio Fernando Ramirez

If anybody asks... I lie

0 · 359 views · located in Seattle Public High School

a character in “How to Make Them Love”, as played by EmbracingIllusions



Name: Julio Fernando Ramirez
Age: 18
Nickname(s): his younger sister calls him Pepe, but other than that he doesn’t really have a nickname.
Sexual Orientation: Gay, although no one knows about it.


• His family
• Sports
• Skateboarding
• Mexico
• Sunny days
• Ice cream
• swimming pools

• His dad’s awful smelling corn cob pipe
• Peer pressure
• Cats (he is actually very scared of them)
• Snow
• Figure skating. Julio has never, and will never understand it.


Julio might seem like one of those guys who only care about their looks and their reputation. Well, he can be a jerk but he doesn’t think as highly of himself as people might believe, because he acts rude, or speaks quite frankly to the teachers, the lunch lady, or other students etc. But if you get to talk to him one on one, he is a pretty nice guy to talk to, which is why some of the girls he knows use him as a portable confession booth.

He can be quite cynical, especially if he has had a bad day. Once in a while it’s ok to have a day where you’re negative and irritated at just about anything, but if you do this, 3 days in a row just to let out some steam, you’re being unreasonable.
If Julio wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and you’re unlucky enough to be the first person that he sees that morning, your backpack and other personal belongings can be found in the nearby trashcan.

The reason why he bully people, is solely out of boredom, and that he’s got nothing better to do whilst in school. His favourite subject is P.E of course since he gets to move around instead of sitting behind a desk for several hours, often falling asleep in the early classes.

One of his joys in life is his younger sister Graciela. He loves to spoil her rotten (also known as a major sister complex) and would walk to the ends of the earth for her and the rest of his family.
When Julio was in middle-school, he was often asked to baby sit for a few hours whilst his parents were out working, leaving him with a small 2 year old to take care of.
Even now he still takes her to play-dates and other activities if she asks for it, and he has a hard time saying no to her.



Julio grew up in a normal family.
His mom and dad moved from Cancun, Mexico, to a suburban house in the States where they ended up living until Julio turned 13.
Learning how to speak Spanish was a natural part of his upbringing, although he rarely uses it.

Julio and his family visits the rest of the family, who still lives in Mexico, during the school holidays and celebrates most of the traditional holidays like, el dia de los muertos, or Nuestra Signora de Guadalupe
Traditions have always been important to him. It’s fun for everybody to take a few days off from school and go have fun with the family instead.

The day before one of Julio’s friends went away for college, he had thrown a little party for his friends and family, he didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye properly. The soon to be college student was acting a little weird, since he was just sitting on the couch looking at the others having fun, when normally he would be dancing on the table, or something like that.
Some of the other guests were 21, they had bought alcohol, and couple of them got pretty hammered.
When it was time for them to go home, the guy on the couch (named Jeremy) had fallen asleep and when he finally woke up, he didn’t look too good.

After a great deal of trouble, Julio had finally hauled Jeremy outside so he could have a breath of fresh air. It isn’t exactly the nicest thing, when someone throws up on the floor.
For a while Jeremy and he sat on the stone stairs in front of the house, watching the sky brighten as the sun rose.
After a bit of talking about random stuff, Jeremy had leant in on him and kissed him before saying goodbye to him.
Julio walked home in a trance like state, it was the first time a boy kissed him and he didn’t find it absolutely disgusting. After freaking out, and not sleeping one wink that night, he decided to try to find out if he was into boys, or not.
He was. And now he is desperately trying to hide it, because he knows that none of his friends would want to stick around if they found out about it.

Face Claim: Marlon Teixeira

Other: Theme song:

some family pictures.

Graciela, Julio’s 8 year old sister
Summer holiday in Mexico
Julio and his dad dancing
Julio’s mother and baby brother
Skateboarding in Mexico

So begins...

Julio Fernando Ramirez's Story

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The first day of the new school year. A new start for some, and others were destined to keep the same social status as the years before. Students swarmed the school building, some lounging about outside as they sat atop picnic tables or just on the grass. No one really wanted school to start just yet, wanting to enjoy the summer sun for as long as they could before the chill of fall settled in.

Sungjae puffed out his cheeks as he stood on the sidewalk in front of the school, dreading what was going to happen to him inside those walls this year. He sighed and fixed his clothes to make sure that they were okay. He was dressed in black skin-tight skinny jeans, a light blue long-sleeved shirt that was only a little baggy on his skinny form under a light, black cardigan that was left unbuttoned, along with a pair of black ankle high boots and a pair of light blue glasses. He didn't have to wear glasses, but he preferred them over contacts and only wore his contacts when he couldn't find one of his many pairs of glasses that he owned.

Sungjae sighed and adjusted his dark brown messenger bag that was worn down from years of use as he started towards the building, figuring that if he could get into the building, get to his locker, and then manage to make it to his first class, he might not have to deal with Julio and his friends this early on the first day of school. He pulled out his phone and texted his best friend Arrow on his way towards the school building. -You! I can't find you :( I'm going to my first class so I don't have to deal with the populars. See you there?-

After sending the text, he placed his phone back into his pocket and focused on making sure that he didn't run into any of his bullies.

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"Arrow, teachers like you if you actually participate in class and do the work they assign without a fight," he said with a light laugh. "I have History too, maybe we have the same one?" he said, his head tilting slightly. He let out a surprised yelp of pain as he felt someone run into him and headbutt his head. He turned and laughed lightly as he saw his other friend, Fred. "Its alright Fred. I forgive you. Still tripping over those pesky oxygen particles?" he asked teasing her lightly.

"I know that you say that you won't let them Arrow, but sometimes they find a way passed both of our defenses and they still manage to attack me," he said with a small frown. "I don't even want to know what kind of cruel tormenting they have planned for me this year," he said, sighing. He shook his head lightly and gave them both bright smiles. "How was your guys' vacations? Did you do anything fun while I was in Seoul?" he asked. He and his family had gone to visit his grandparents and other family over the summer holiday as they did every summer.

Throughout their conversation, he couldn't shake the feeling that someone was looking at him and he turned his head to see if anyone was looking in their direction and his eyes widened in fear when he saw Julio. He quickly looked away and pulled his two friends into the building faster, sighing in slight relief when they were down a few hallways from the entrance.

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Evie woke up to the sound of her alarm blaring, she stretched her arms and rolled out of bed. She was glad this was her last year in high school, meant she didn't have to deal with followers and annoying people, though she guessed she would have to deal with that in college also but hopefully not as bad.

Her coach said scouts will be coming during the season and that she probably will get tons of offers. She planned on doing soccer for college but she also planned on doing music also. She headed towards her walk-in closet and found a pair of white capris and a dark green top. She headed and took a fifteen minute shower then got dressed and did her hair and makeup. Once she was already, she grabbed her school bag and her duffel bag with her soccer stuff for practice tonight and headed out.

Once she was at school she got out of her jeep, making sure her ipod was on and earbuds in her ears, she headed for the doors of the school. Before she could even take ten steps there were people already starting to swarm her, asking how was her summer and asking how her father was. She answered them with short answers and quickly got away.

She saw Julio with a girl and decided to go say hello, he was a jock and sometimes bullied others but she has stood up to him a few times, she didnt think he was all that bad and that most of the bullying was an act. Once she got near Julio she smiled, taking one earbud out "Hey Julio, how are you? How was your summer?" she said to Julio then looked to the blonde "Hi girl I dont know" she gave the blonde a once over look then gave her a smile before looking back to Julio.

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Evie watched as the blonde walked off, she shook her head and lookee back to Julio "You could do sobmuch better then her ya know that?" she chuckled to herself. “It was good, great actually, thanks for asking. Don’t mind her, how was your vacation?” she heard Julio ask, she shrugged her shoulders. "Well I worked at a soccer camp for kids as the head camp councelor, its the camp ive been going to since I was a kid. Got a new jeep. Read a few books and escaped reality nothing much other than that".

She looked around "Wheres Nate and Moon? Usually there here with you" she asked, she wasn't really close friends with Nate and Moon but she got along with them for the most part when she was in the mood of socializing. She got along with most of the populars even though she has told a few of them off for bullying others, someone had to stand up at them and she was not scared of them at all. The couldn't do anything tk her that would upset her, she mostly would just shrug it off if they tried anything.

She took a seat on the table nearby and looked up to the sky "I am so glad this is my last year, wont have to deal with stupid freshman asking for my dads autograph or following me like a lost puppy dog" she said as she shifted her bag on her back. "What class do you have first?"

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Nate was staring out of the window, his eyes trailing each object that they passed. His lips parted to release a small exhale of breath. "You know, my parents are flying in today. They're flying in from my mom's big tour around the world. They're throwing a huge record release party at my place," Aei's voice broke through the silence, "It's gonna be a swanly event. Black Tie too. So dress nice". Nate turned his head to her flashed her a crooked grin, "Alright, I'll be there".

He noticed they were nearing the school, and it had been silent for quite some time now. He examined her face, then came to the conclusion that she was deep in thought. But what was she thinking about? Nate never could tell, she was such a mysterious girl. Probably with as much to hide as him. Just the thought made him shudder. Aei pulled into the car park and Nate's eyes darted around the school. It was just the same as every first day of a new year of school. The older year had left to live their lives, the new kids were all prancing around like retards without a care in the world, and the others were attempting to climb up the social ladder like they had done for previous years.

Whilst Aei was fixing her make-up, Nate sighed in frustration. "Ready?" Aei asked. Nate nodded, "As ready as I'll ever be" He replied, exiting the car. He walked up to Julio and Evie, greeting them with a nod. "So, Julio, how was Mexico?" He asked. In all honesty, he didn't care, but it would do no harm to ask.