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Elena J. D'Angelo


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a character in “How to spot a Faerie”, as played by TaniaSoulEater


Elena Julie D'Angelo

Top of the World - Carpenters


Height: 5' 5"

Appearance: Elena has deep brown hair, cut short in a pixie bob style. Her large golden brown eyes carry a slightly feminine touch, which ensures that people see her as female and not male. Her smooth skin, a slight peaches-and-cream colour, has freckles scattered lightly across her cheekbones and arms.

Small and elfin, Elena is lithe and moves gracefully, although she looks weak enough to snap easy if bent the wrong way. However, Elena is rather flexible, the most obvious sign being that she can bend her fingers all the way back until they touch her wrist. Due to her short hair, Elena does look a little masculine, albeit in a very adorable manner. She is not very conspicuous, and tends to blend into the background.

Elena likes to change her appearance every now and then, messing around to see which look suits her best. Originally, her hair was long and wavy, but a fortnight ago she cut it short. Her eyes and hair are naturally brown. Although she uses makeup and contact lenses to change her appearance, she has never gone for facial surgery before.

Elena prefers practicality over fashion, so her clothes are usually comfortable. However, her style ensures that her outfits look nice, rather than just something she pulled out of the closet at random.

Outfit 1
Outfit 2
Outfit 3
Outfit 4
Outfit 5

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight/Heterosexual

Age: 19

Species: Human

Role: Air Elemental


As the Air Elemental, Elena can use the wind to float herself up. It technically doesn't count as flying, but Elena likes it. Her small frame helps, too.

Air Manipulation
As expected of the Air Elemental, Elena can manipulate air, mainly to create winds of varying degrees.

Elena can create a sort of bubble around objects, people and herself, rendering anything inside the bubble to be invisible to everyone but whoever is inside it.

Of course, since Elena doesn't have full control of these powers, attempting to use them may have otherwise unintended effects.


Elena's lithe body and graceful movements allow her much flexibility, so she can stretch and bend herself quite easily, and has much freedom of movement.

Elena's good with a bow and arrow, and her aim is good.

Preferred Weapons: Due to Elena's lithe body and her training in self-defense, she's quite good at close-combat fighting, using only her body. However, she's quite comfortable with a bow and arrow as well.

Personality: Elena is warm and enthusiastic, typically bright and full of potential. She sees possibilities all around her and in daily life, and her enthusiasm lends her the ability to inspire and motivate others. She can talk her way out of most situations. She loves life, seeing it as a special gift, and strives to make the most out of it. With an unusually broad range of skills and talents, she is good at most things which interest her. At times, she may seem directionless and without purpose, but she's actually quite consistent, in that she has a strong sense of values which she lives with.

Elena has great people skills, because she is genuinely warm and interested in people, and places great importance on her inter-personal relationships. She feels a strong need to be liked, and tries her best to please people around her. She excels at bringing out the best in others, and is typically well-liked. They has an exceptional ability to intuitively understand a person after a very short period of time, and uses her intuition and flexibility to relate to others on her own level.

Despite all these, though, Elena sometimes makes serious errors in judgment. She have an amazing ability to intuitively perceive the truth about a person or situation, but when she applies judgment to her perception, she may jump to the wrong conclusions.

Elena is basically a very happy person. She may become unhappy when she is confined to strict schedules or mundane tasks. Consequently, she works best in situations where she has a lot of flexibility, and where she can work with people and ideas. She has the ability to be quite productive with little supervision, as long as she is excited about what she's doing.

Quirks: Elena usually has her music manuscripts with her, and is apt to start working on the at any point of time, even while walking. Don't worry, she's still aware of the people around her, and is able to continue doing what she was doing before, such as carry on a conversation. She also has one earphone plugged in most of the time.


Elena loves music very much. She composes her own music, and likes to draw inspiration from the world around her. As a result, she has her manuscripts with her most of the time (see Quirks). She also has one earphone constantly plugged in, but can still keep her mind focused on the outer world.

Her friends
Elena is very thankful for her friends, and loves them very much. She treats them well, and would do anything for them at a moment's notice.

Sugary food
Elena has a metabolism slightly higher than average, and is apt to eat quite a bit, despite her small size. She likes to eat sweets and other sugary stuff when she's working on her music.

Elena has a soft spot for animals, especially fluffy ones such as hamsters and rabbits. She would like to have one, but doesn't have the time for one.

One of the best ways Elena likes to bond with her friends is through shopping! She'll ask them out and they'll walk down the street together, looking at what each shop has to offer. Even if it's only window shopping, Elena enjoys being with her friends.


Now, Elena doesn't have claustrophobia, but she dislikes overly large crowds. She can't stand the squeezing together, and prefers to have a little personal space.

Rap is the only kind of music Elena doesn't really gravitate toward. She thinks it's just people talking really fast to a beat, and sees nothing in it at all. She won't listen to rap, and usually tries to keep away from it.

Elena tries to occupy herself, but when she runs out of ideas on what to do, she does get a little upset.

Waking up early
Elena would rather sleep in on most mornings, and doesn't like it when she's woken up early.

Although insects count as animals, Elena usually sees them as pests. She's not like most girls who squeal and shriek at the sight of a bee, but she'd rather not be around them.

Biography: Elena was born in Italy, to parents well in love with each other and a brother, Fabian, older than her by 3 years. To her parents, Fabian was always better, more talented, so Elena was constantly pushed into his shadow, ignored. This only served to make her brother selfish, and he bullied Elena to no end when they were alone.

When in school, no longer under the influence of her parents and brother, Elena started trying to find something she was good at. She discovered her talent for music, and joined the Music Elective Programme. Due to her talent, she became well-known at school, and made quite a few friends.

Fabian, angered, started drinking. He came home drunk often, causing destruction at home and despair in his parents. Though she knew it wasn't her fault, Elena did feel a little guilty for being the cause of her brother's nightly drunkenness. One night, while staggering home, Fabian walked into the path of a speeding car and was killed.

Elena's parents were devastated. They moved to New York, USA, to try and forget their son's death. Watching Elena prosper, in social terms, made them unhappy. They felt that Elena didn't mourn her brother, that she did not love them. They constantly ignored her, as before, but when they actually did interact, it was with sharp words and angry glances.

Finally, Elena could no longer take it, and left after a particularly vicious argument, seeking solace with her best friend, Alistair. She was 18 at the time, and already had a job of her own as a bartender, which was enough to sustain her. For slightly over a year now, she's been living with Alistair. She's quite sure that her parents have moved somewhere else, but when out in the streets, she always keeps a wary eye out for her parents.

Six months ago, strange things started happening to Elena. A slight breeze followed her everywhere she went, even indoors. If she concentrated really hard, she would flicker in and out of visibility a couple of times. And when she was particularly happy, she'd float upwards a little bit. This was really alarming, and of course Elena wondered what she was supposed to do about it. She figured floating wasn't really a good sign, and decided to keep it a secret. Of course, that happened around the time the existence of the Fey was announced, and Elena thought they might something to have to do with it. She tries hard to keep her so-called 'powers' under control, but they do slip every now and then.

Opinion: Elena has an opinion on almost anything and everything. She's heard extensively about the fey and IPAF, and thinks she knows enough about them to have formed an opinion.

The Fey
Elena has heard lots about the Fey being dangerous, disastrous if interacted with, deadly, blah blah blah. Through a friend at IPAF, she's also heard about the four types, and finds it strange that there would be different types. Being rather interested in the supernatural, Elena thinks that perhaps not all of the Fey are bad, so to speak, and would like to meet one and communicate with it someday.

IPAF has made itself a rather big influence on society, and Elena sometimes wonders if there is something big going on inside the Agency, if there isn't some kind of conspiracy brewing behind all its big ideas to capture and kill faeries. Since one of her friends works there, she's careful not to voice her opinions, but she's still curious about IPAF.

Elena has long accepted Vampires and Weres as part of her community. She's okay with being around them, as long as they don't suddenly decide to turn her into dinner.

Other: She lives in a rented house with her best friend, Alistair James.

So begins...

Elena J. D'Angelo's Story


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Elena J. D'Angelo

Elena cursed softly under her breath as she slipped and nearly fell - again. Once again, she wondered if she'd be better off leaving and staying at home with a cup of hot chocolate, and postponing her date with Steven for another day. Despite the fact that Elena usually had total control over her movements, ice skating was not one of the activities she enjoyed.

Elena gave up and started to move towards the nearest bank. Without warning, she heard a soft crinkling sound, and froze. Cracks radiated from the ice, one zigzagging right under Elena's feet. Her first instinct was to step back, but she remembered that she was wearing skates, and didn't move. Though frightened, she stayed still, and surveyed the ice under her to see if she could make it out safely.

The ice exploded underneath her feet and a figure erupted from beneath the ice. Elena, however, didn't see the figure - she was busy trying to help herself. The crack underneath her had broken apart, and despite her best efforts to get away from the freezing water, Elena had fallen in.

She scrabbled madly for the surface, feeling her clothes drag her down with all the weight the frigid water had caused. The people around her hadn't even noticed - they were busy staring off at something else.

Thankfully, Elena was near the bank. After another minute of desperate struggling, Elena managed to grab solid ground and heave herself up, gasping for breath and coughing water out of her aching lungs. Kneeling with her palms pressed flat against the ground, Elena thanked the gods for her survival.

She noticed that she'd lost her MP3 to the river, but that was the least of her worries right now. Luckily, she'd left her precious manuscripts at home. If she hadn't... Elena shuddered to think what might have happened to her beautiful manuscripts.

Once she'd gotten her breath back, she sat down and rubbed a hand over her face. She was freezing, and knew she'd have to get somewhere warm soon if she didn't want hypothermia. At this rate, she'd probably already gotten a cold, judging by the sneezes erupting out of her at intervals. Blinking, she realised she'd lost her contact lenses too, so her eyes had returned from a cat's-eye green back to her normal brown. She hadn't had much makeup, so she looked fine - other than the fact that she was dripping wet, of course.

The ruckus around her had died down, Elena saw. She pulled her damned skates off, locating her boots and bag a few metres behind her. Lacing her shoes up, she straightened, only to find a pair of very familiar blue eyes that belonged to Steven, her boyfriend who was supposed to meet her.

A shock that had nothing to do with the water she'd just pulled herself out of ran through Elena. Steven had his arm around another girl's shoulders. Under any normal circumstances, Elena would've thought that dependable Steven was just supporting her - but the girl had her arms around his waist.

The moment Steven's eyes met hers, he broke the gaze with a guilty look. That was all Elena needed.

She marched up to him. "Look, Elena, I can explain..." Steven started uneasily. "There's nothing to explain. Have a nice life," Elena positively spat at him. "And one more thing." She yanked the promise ring he'd given her a week ago and threw it at him. "Screw you, Steven."

Whirling around, Elena strode away, trying in vain to brush away the angry tears that streamed down her cheeks. Unfortunately, the tears blinded her, and she walked straight into another couple, more specifically the brown-haired boy that had his arm slung around a girl who was obviously smirking under that blindingly bright smile.

The collision caused Elena to drop her bag. As her bag burst open, her belongings fell out and scattered themselves. "Damn the clasp," Elena muttered as she bent down to pick up her stuff, still wiping at her tear stained cheeks.


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Justin smiled at the beautiful black haired woman that stood beside him. She looked innocent and pure, like fresh snow. Her skin color seemed to match this observation. In fact, now that he noticed, she was showing a lot more skin then before. What had been clothing made to withstand the most biting cold was now reduced to a thin, glowing, white dress that hung gracefully past her knees. A tiny spot of crimson sprouted on his nose, tiny enough that anybody who saw it would think it was merely from the cold and not increased blood flow to his masculinity.

As her lithe fingers rested upon his arm, a chill began to creep its way into his flesh. It started from her fingers and slowly spread through his being. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling but an uncomfortable one. It was if she was leeching the heat from his body into the air around him. Still, he didn't want to offend her and kept his mouth shut on the matter.

"What do you think about a picnic?" Justin laughed and rubbed the arm she was holding. The cold was becoming stronger with every passing second but Justin didn't mind. She probably couldn't control it anyways. “It's a little cold for a picnic.” He flashed her another smile. “Although, from the way your dressed, you don't seem to mind.” Images of restaurant's flashed through his mind. 'Not Ulysses, much to expensive for a first date. Mcdonalds? This girl deserves much better then fast food! Hmmmm, how about-'

In a single moment, Justin's train of thought was derailed, caught on flames and plunged into the ocean as a sudden force hit his chest and knocked Yuki's hand from his own. The chill seemed to disperse from Justin's hand almost immediately, sending a wave of pain through his fingers as they filled with warmth once more. He looked down irritated at the interloper.

The thief's features softened almost instantly when he beheld the girl below him. The first thing he noticed however, was not the fact that she was soaking wet, nor the fact that she was collecting fallen items.

The thing Justin noticed above all others was that she was crying.

He smiled warmly at the girl and bent down to help her pick up her things. “Sorry, I should have been watching where I was going.” For the first time, Justin got a good look at the girl. Her deep brown hair was styled in a pixie-cut, something Justin was rather fond of. Her eyes shone a deep hazel, a very welcome contrast to the white that coated everything in sight. For reasons he couldn't explain, Justin loved that color.

Moving his eyes further down her body, only now did Justin see that the girl was, in fact, soaking wet. “Oh my god! Your soaked! Here, you've gotta keep warm!” Without a moment's notice, Justin stripped off his tunic and laid it upon her shoulders, his naked chest now fully exposed to the cold. Not that he cared. “Alright, we have to get you into some dry clothes or you'll freeze! My house is just a few blocks away. You can use my clothes until your feeling better.” The thief smiled again, as if he thought his smiles would give her new clothes, a blanket and a cup of coffee.

With a quick turn, attention was back on Yuki. A small twinge of guilt touched his heartstrings. He had promised her a date but something had just sprung up. “Sorry doll, looks like I've got some more pressing matters to attend to. Let's try again tomorrow, shall we? Same place same time? Perfect!" He clapped his hands, not waiting for an answer. With a few flicks of his wrist, the girl's bag was swung around his shoulder.

For the umpteenth time that night, Justin smiled, scooping up the wet girl into his arms. The girl was much colder then Justin had previously thought, though this could be because of his bare chest. She was breathing in controlled but ragged breaths. He didn't have much time before she began to pass out from hypothermia, or at least, that's what he thought.

To anyone else, this would be a very weird scene to watch. An already under-dressed man take of his shirt, give it to a girl, pick up that same girl and start running as fast as Usain Bolt down the street. However, Justin doesn't have these thoughts. Nothing is 'weird' to him. So the previously mentioned fact never occurred to him. The only sounds he heard were his own breathing and the heartbeat of the girl he carried so gently in his arms.


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Elena J. D'Angelo

Elena wasn't paying attention to the couple she'd knocked into - she was focusing instead on her scattered belongings, which was why she jumped violently when the boy bent down to help her. "Sorry, I should have been watching where I was going." Instantly, Elena was remorseful for not apologising to him. "No, it was my fault, I'm sorry," she tried to tell him, but by then he was already picking up her things, his long fingers curling around her notebook in which she scribbled her ideas and placing it inside her bag.

"Oh my god! You're soaked! Here, you've gotta keep warm!" Elena looked up, alarmed. She was about to reject his help, but before she could do so, something warm was draped around her shoulders. Her eyes raked over the boy, taking in his appearance. Tall and handsome, his cheeky smile definitely helped rope in the girls, Elena thought. In an instant, Elena also saw what he'd put over her - his shirt.

In this weather, Elena was sure he shouldn't be bare-chested, even if she was soaking. But it felt so good - warmth from the cold was definitely welcome, and the shirt was nice and warm. "Alright, we have to get you into some dry clothes or you'll freeze! My house is just a few blocks away. You can use my clothes until you're feeling better."

"Wait, what? Hold on a minute - " Before she knew it, Elena's bag was swung on the boy's shoulder, and he had scooped her up into his arms. Gasping, she tried to push him away, but he was holding on tight to her - there was no escape. Elena was, to say the least, shocked - this boy was nicer than she'd given him credit for.

Swaying dangerously above the ground, Elena reached out and grasped his shoulders tightly. The gesture was involuntary, of course - moving at such a speed, suspended above the ground, held up by only the boy's sinewy arms - Elena was terrified. Add to that the shock at the boy's gesture and she probably could have been knocked over by a feather.

Despite the shirt draped around her shoulders, Elena was still freezing. She shivered violently, her teeth chattering. Reaching back, she pulled the shirt closer around her, cherishing its warmth, even if it was only around her shoulders. Her breaths ragged, mist erupted from her lips every time she exhaled. She tried to control her breathing, stop herself from fading out. Hypothermia was dangerous, she knew. What would Alistair say if he found out what had happened?

Finally, the boy reached what Elena could only presume was his house. He pushed open the door and set Elena down. Still shivering, Elena rubbed her frozen hands up and down her arms, trying to warm herself. Finally, her teeth stopped chattering enough for her to speak.

"Thank you."

Alistair D. James

Alistair had been lounging in the study reading a book, when Kiser's voice came through the earpiece. "Meet us in the IPAF headquarters. Ana's big bad office." "Roger that," Alistair replied easily. He sprang out of his chair, surprisingly lithe. As he was already dressed in his trademark blue suit, there was no time wasted on preparation.

After leaving a note for Elena on the dining table, Alistair raced downstairs and hopped into his black Ford Focus and drove straight to the entrance of the headquarters, pausing only to allow the scanner to scan his palm and eyes.

Moments later, he strode into Anastasia's office where the rest of the crew were. "What's happened?" he offered by way of greeting.


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#, as written by Lenyx
Anastasia pushed open the door to her office, not bothering to check if everyone else was still with her. She assumed they would know better, and most of them wanted answers, not just with what she knows, but what she knew.

Anastasia's office was large, yet there was barely anything in the room. A cherry desk that seemed almost superfluous, since there is little to no paperwork to be seen, sat centered near the back of the room, with a black leather desk chair behind it. In front of the desk were two angled black leather love seats, facing towards the desk. In the room there were two small table lamps – one near the door atop a circular end table, and another on the cherry wood desk with a long brass pull-cord. The faint illumination of an overhead light cast shadows into the corners of the room, spilling under the desk and over top the few framed black-and-white photos on the wall. A lone filing cabinet occupied one of the the corners of the room, Anastasia always kept it locked, as she was the only one with a key. The deep blue curtains were drawn to one side, allowing light to filter in from outside the window. The room truly reflected Anastasia's personality and life style. Cold. Hard. Sophisticated. It is here she was always felt to be in complete control.

Taking her usual seat in her chair behind the table, Anastasia folded her hands together, resting them on the desk, and leaned back in her chair, just as Alistair came in.

"What's happened?"

“That, is why I am gathering you all here. To tell you all what I know, and every one of you is going to tell me what you know.” Anastasia looked around those in her room, noting Jenson and Dunkelzahn were the only ones missing. Anastasia was never one to wait on or for other people, so she continued. “Most of you may not know this, but I am not highly trusted here in the IPAF. Our superiors are quite a bit older than me, and most of them have known each other for years. I am expected to work and do as I am told, and while I am one to follow orders, I am not however one to be played as a fool. There is more to the IPAF then what they let on, but I am not sure what it is exactly our superiors are hiding. For the past month I have been doing some digging and have come up with little, that is where Leau comes in. For anything I do find, I turn to her for information.”

Anastasia coldly stared at Leau. “But it seems I need to ask some more specific and very intrusive questions in to her life as a Fey.” Turning to look over the others in the room and leaning forward, she added, “However, I'd like to leave questioning Leau for a later time. Right now, what I want is for you all to tell me what you know of in regards to both Fae and the IPAF and anything that you have not told me or are hiding from me. But if what you know is only what you have been told, then sit down and shut up. Then we will discuss what is going on, and what we are going to do about it.”


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You never know how much you loved something until it's gone. Human's don't appreciate the full extent of what they possess until it has left their grasp. Most people feel this way over a past relationship or a lost job.

Justin missed his cloak.

That cloak had gotten the thief through the hardest times of his adult life. Hiding his face, making him look badass and, most importantly, stopping the wind and cold. With that marvelous piece of crimson fabric, Justin could run as fast as he wanted without getting chilly even on the coldest nights. Well, coldest nights before the humongous snowfall. Now the frost bit into his shoulders and the strong breeze cut his flesh, turning it from pale white to blistering red. Of course, even if he had his cloak, he would give it to the girl in his arms. She must be at least twice as cold as he was.

The girl's tiny fingers had began to draw blood from how hard they sunk into his skin, at least, Justin thought they had. It was hard to tell with a numb back. She had begun to shiver uncontrollably, her breath coming in more ragged gasps then before. 'Shit, don't have much time.' The corners began to blur together as Justin raced through the narrow alleys. Like every time he traveled through them, the walls began to close, though this time they moved slower then normal. Forcing the claustrophobia to the back of his mind, the duo exited the labyrinth of houses through Mrs. Gauchelli's backyard.

Mrs. Gauchelli was an avid gardener even in the winter. Numerous greenhouses dotted her yard, each full of a different type of fruit or vegetable. If it was any other time, Justin would have helped himself to one of the many apples that filled greenhouse 1-C. However, there was a bigger problem to deal with. With little ease, Justin hopped over the fence dividing his neighbor's lawn and his own. While Mrs. Gauchelli's yard is full of different species of plants, the young thief's yard only contained one. A huge oak tree that grew over top of his other neighbor, Mr. Paulson's, house. A single swing swung in the breeze, awaiting for a child to rest their bottom on it's snow-covered planks.

With a swift kick, Justin opened the door. He gently placed the girl on the couch, smiled, and began to travel down the hallway to grab her some clothes and a towel. “Thank you.” Justin turned back and grinned. “There's no need to thank me, I just did what any person would do in this situation. The fact that your cute was just a bonus.” His tongue stuck out playfully as he turned back down the hallway.

The hallway was bare except for a trophy case, it's protective glass creating a barrier between the jewels it contained and the rest of the world. Only the most beautiful and interesting thing's he'd stolen gained a place in his cabinet. The Blood Opal, Dormin's medallion, an exact replica of the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda series and, soon, the Pink Puma.

Passing this, he entered his room. The soothing pink walls were complemented nicely with dark purple blankets and bed sheets. After grabbing suitable clothing from his closet, for both himself and her, the blankets from his bed were wrenched over his shoulder, the smell of lavender accompanied them. Carrying his load, Justin strode back into the living room, flicking on the electric fireplace as he did so. The room was soon filled with a comfortable warmth, sending a flash of pain through his body when his blood began to move.

Dumping his load on the couch beside her, Justin handed the girl the change of clothes and pointed down the hallway. “Bathrooms that way. Of course, if you wanted to change in the nice, warm, cozy, living room, I wouldn't mind at all.” A grin spread across his face was covered with a thick blanket. “See? No peeking.”


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Alistair D. James

Alistair walked out smoothly, turning back briefly to make sure that Rorgen was behind him. He followed Rorgen outside, observing the Were's every movement. He wasn't trying to be a creep, he was just into observation, and at that moment, he was kind of bored.

A slight disturbance caused Alistair to avert his eyes from Rorgen, but it was a small one, nothing that couldn't be fixed. However, when Alistair turned back, Rorgen had disappeared. He looked around for a minute, a little frantic. He didn't really like the crowd at this moment - although Rorgen wasn't very easy to overlook. Finally, he located Rorgen, and fell into step beside him again, repressing the urge to berate him for running off.

Soon, they reached the carpark, approaching the car, Alistair told him, "Nice car." He wasn't being sarcastic - he did like it. Although he loved his own car better.

Alistair quickly slid in, folding his long body up so that it would fit inside. "P'rdon the mess. Dead fae was in here. I'll pay a vamp to lick it clean or something later." Alistair shrugged nonchalantly, not worried about it. "Fae blood comes off pretty easy, if you do it correctly," he murmured, then shut up.

Without warning, Rorgen let go of the wheel, and Alistair was forced to reach over and steer, frowning at Rorgen. Once Rorgen was done, he asked, "You still carry that silver pistol?" Alistair nodded. "Yeah. Think we'll need it?"

After a bit, Alistair and Rorgen settled into a comfortable silence, neither feeling the need to punctuate it with any noise. Suddenly, Alistair caught Rorgen answering a call. "R. Speaking. Indeed. Why?" Alistair smiled; like himself, Rorgen didn't answer with particularly long sentences, instead keeping it short and sweet. Slowly, Alistair became aware of the Were beside him growing tense, and shot him a concerned look.

"I've - I've got to go, man." "What?" Alistair asked, not sure he'd heard Rorgen correctly. Listening to Rorgen explain, he started to protest a little. "Rorgen, you can't - you're one of our better agents - " Rorgen didn't listen, however, and pulled up beside the road.

"A few kilometers or so. I'll p-pay for your cab. HQ called." "No - Rorgen - " Again, Alistair was ignored, and Rorgen drove away, after shoving the briefcase at Alistair. Soon, the cab pulled up, and Alistair jumped in, directing the driver to the site, still clutching the briefcase.

He pulled up outside Lab 86B, spotting Anastasia. He called out to her. "Hey, did you hear about Rorgen?" He was upset at having Rorgen leave - he'd liked Rorgen, and they worked well together.

Elena J. D'Angelo

The boy turned back to grin at her. "There's no need to thank me, I just did what any person would do in this situation. The fact that you're cute was just a bonus." Elena faltered a little. Did he... did he just call me cute? She leaned back against the couch, closing her eyes. I don't think I can deal with this. Not after Steven.

A minute later, the boy came back in, carrying a load of clothes and something that looked like a blanket. He flicked something on, and the room was filled with a warmth that made Elena shiver violently as the warmth swept through her body. The boy handed her some clothes and pointed behind him. "Bathrooms that way. Of course, if you wanted to change in the nice, warm, cozy, living room, I wouldn't mind at all." Elena frowned at him, trying to decide if he was kidding. Apparently not, for he raised the blanket, obscuring his own vision. "See? No peeking."

Elena decided she wouldn't take that chance, and started to get up, but her legs collapsed under her, sending her crashing to the floor. "Ouch!" It looked like her legs weren't up to working yet. Looking up at him, she told him quietly, "I guess I'll change here. But no looking!" After poking him to prove her point - it was all she could do anyway, she was still feeling weak - she turned away and started peeling off the layers of soaked clothes plastered to her skin. Gratefully, she replaced them with the warm clothes that he had provided. Granted, they were much larger, her being small and skinny, but they were preferable to her cold clothes.

While changing, she asked casually, "What's your name?"


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Justin Maysharp.

The girl’s small yelp of pain tore Justin off the chair. With relative ease, he hoisted her onto the couch and began to assess her legs. Though they weren’t frostbitten, they had acquired quite a nasty blue tinge. Justin only hoped it would go away soon. What was most eye-catching about the situation however, was the girl’s flushed cheeks and slightly annoyed expression. The cuteness was almost overwhelming. This was only accented by her hair, which had semi-dried in an order-less mop, giving her the look of someone who had just crawled out of bed after a night of wild sex. Not that Justin wasn’t used to seeing women like this, it was at least a weekly occurrence, but something about this particular girl elicited a bright blush from his cheeks.

"I guess I'll change here. But no looking!” The girl resigned. With his hands in the air, Justin dove into the pile of blankets, obscuring his vision of the outside world and muffling his other senses. After a few minutes of struggling, the thief began to ask if he could help. Realizing how stupid this was, he kept his trap shut. Apart from the occasional brush of cloth on the carpet, the next five minutes passed in silence. It wasn’t an awkward silence, much to Justin’s relief, but a comfortable silence that eased any tension that had filled the room before.

With a light tap to signify she was done, the blonde popped out of his pile. The room had warmed up considerably and her legs had turned from a crispy blue to a light red. Now, Justin may be a ladies-man but he had never, ever, had the courtesy of seeing one dressed in his clothes. She had thrown on his Chicago Blackhawks jersey and a pair of shorts, no doubt because the jeans would never fit. Never being one to get into sports, the only reason Justin owned the jersey was to see the reactions he could draw from random people in the street. The best ones were the looks of disgust after the New York Rangers lost 21-0 in the Gray Cup semi-final.

Justin smiled when she asked his name. “Gimme a second.” His hand passed over his face, as if switching characters in a play. “I’m the shadow of night, the saviour of light and the bearer of might! I am…!” His hand stretched out with a smile. “Justin Maysharp, at your service.” His head turned inquisitively. “And what, may I ask, is your name?”
Tiny feet pattered across the stone sewers. “Please don’t let them find me, please don’t let them find me.” A tin can leans against the cold walls invitingly, it’s open top promising some type of rotten food. Pushing his instincts out of the way, Mouse continued on his frantic escape. Even in the dark, fetid sewers the smell clung to him. The smell of blood, of gore, and of death. He was a witness, he had to get away, he had to escape. For once, Mouse was thankful for his tiny form, it was much easier to escape as a rodent then a Lion.


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Alistair D. James

Anastasia didn't seem very pleased at Alistair's question. Sure, it wasn't obvious, but from the years of experience Alistair had, he saw the slight pursing of her lips, and the way her tone went up a little.

He brooded over Rorgen. Sure, maybe Rorgen wasn't exactly like Alistair - he swore a lot, and wasn't exactly the tidiest person Alistair had ever met, but he was one of the few Alistair enjoyed working with. He really, really didn't like this arrangement.

Alistair was pulled from his thoughts by Anastasia's voice. "Kiser! Alistair! Come here now!" Alistair loped gracefully to stand beside Anastasia, following her gaze to the rubble. He couldn't see anything.

And then he heard it. A thumping nose... what was down there? Apparently Anastasia wanted to know too, for she ordered, "If you heard that, find a way to get it up here, or me a way down there." Typical Anastasia, always assuming the answer was so easy.

Alistair looked around, trying to find a way down. He heard something shifting, and, anticipating Kiser's move, ducked before whatever it was Kiser had lobbed at him sailed over his head easily. Now, there was someone Alistair would gladly trade for Rorgen.

"OH MY FREAKING GOD!" Alistair winced as a girly voice pierced through the air. It hurt his ears, and was, unfortunately, a sound he was very familiar with. Not just the choice of words, but the voice - dear God in Heaven.

Blonde hair filled his vision, and before he knew it, Alistair had been tackled to the ground. He grunted as his back hit the hard ground, the impact further emphasised by the slight weight on him. "Freya, get off," he managed, sitting up. He was uncomfortably unaware of the fact that Freya was crying his name over and over. He cringed, wondering if Kiser would let him live it down.

Thankfully, Kiser rescued him by lifting the girl off him. A rather irritated Alistair dusted himself off and cleaned his glasses while Kiser dealt with the girl. He'd never really liked Freya - too loud for his liking.

Just as Alistair thought that maybe things would take a turn for the better, Freya squealed again. "OH MY GOD, CAR!" "Could you stop it with the 'oh my God's?" Alistair muttered under his breath.

Before Alistair could do anything, Anastasia had slammed Freya against the car, a gun pointing at her head. "Anastasia, there's really no need for that..." Alistair started, striding towards them, but he was ignored. Alistair made an annoyed face. He hated being thought inferior because he was the youngest member of their team. Considering the things he'd did for them, he was definitely counted as older... at least, older than that immature Jenson.

Freya caught Alistair's gaze, silently pleading for help, but he shrugged, telling her that he couldn't do anything about it. He listened to the interrogation, getting more and more interested. He smirked at Freya's offered information, knowing that Kiser was in trouble, though he didn't know why, exactly.

Without warning, Kiser transformed and ran away. Alistair watched him, knowing there would be other chances to get him. Right now, though, there was the issue of what IPAF was doing with the Fey. Alistair was disgusted - he had no idea the people he worked for actually did that kind of things.

Alistair was so angry, he almost didn't catch Anastasia's next command. "Alistair, take this woman back to headquarters and lock her in an interrogation room. Do not let her out, give her some food and water. But nothing else. She is to see and speak to no one. She will stay in that room with you outside the door until I get back. Disregard these orders and you will end up like that ID card." Alistair glanced around for the aforementioned ID card, though he didn't see it. No matter, he wouldn't dream of defying Anastasia. Unless, of course, she was in on the Fey dissecting, but Alistair was sure she wasn't.

"I think Kiser left the keys in the car, take it." Alistair grinned. Driving Kiser's car - something he'd always wanted to do, but of course he was too nice to do it. But now he had an excuse.

He took firm hold of Freya's arm. Though his grip wasn't too tight, Freya winced, as though he'd just done something worse. Unfortunately, they were interrupted. "Anastasia Varias, may I have a word?" Alistair sighed. This day was never going to end.

A person - probably not human, by the looks of it - stepped towards Anastasia. Instinctively, Alistair's hand went to his pistol at his side, ready to shoot if needed. It went without saying that the bullets were silver, however they probably wouldn't work against this one. Too slender, too fast - Alistair would wager a hand that this was a vampire. Of course, he had stakes as well. Alistair James was a well-prepared man.

"Alistair, she called you? As IPAF Councilman Faust, I order you to stand down immediately." Alistair's eyebrows went up in disbelief. "You son of a - " he started angrily, starting towards Faust, dropping Freya's arm. Wrong decision. Faust immediately knocked Freya out, and turned on Anastasia.

As if on cue, Kiser appeared again. Alistair sighed - his head was spinning. What was going on here? This is what happens when you're a junior member. He resolved to go out with Elena after this was all over.

Kiser leapt into the air, and the most amazing thing happened - wings sprouted out his back. "Oh, God," Alistair muttered again, burying his face in his hands, rubbing his thumbs into his closed eyes. He was hallucinating, he was sure of it.

Elena J. D'Angelo

Elena stared down at herself, hardly believing her eyes. The jersey and shorts she'd put on were far too large for her, unfortunately. She was sure she looked tiny.

The boy managed to successfully distract her, however. His hand passed over his face, and Elena wondered what he was doing. His expression remained more or less the same, Elena thought. Wasn't that move from some movie many years ago, though? Elena couldn't remember. Something that involved a lion.

"Justin Maysharp, at your service." Elena nodded. She thought it was a nice name. "And what, may I ask, is your name?"

Taking his hand, Elena smiled gratefully. "Elena D'Angelo. Thanks for, uh, everything back there. I guess I owe you quite a bit, huh?" She ran a hand through her hair uneasily, not quite sure how to thank this person who had, most likely, saved her life.