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I saw a squirrel... what was I talking about?

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a character in “How to spot a Faerie”, as played by XianEvermor


Full name: Morgensturm
The Islander
The Escapist

(The Escapist featuring ultimate badass "D" in clips from Bloodlust XD)


Height: 5' 8''

Appearance: Wavy blond hair to his shoulders, brilliant amber eyes, perfect smile, rich copper skin... if anyone looked like he belonged on some beach scantily clad, lying on the sand in the shade of his surf board, it would be Morgen. It's extremely odd, considering he and Zahn are twins and they look nothing alike... well, except their eyes. They also share the same strange looking tattoos. Foreign script arranged in some kind of array of arcane looking circles run along his spine, centered on his shoulders and down his arms to the tops of his hands. Upon a close comparison of the two, one might notice that although the design is the same, the script is slightly different. Unlike Zahn, Morgen is not shy about showing off his markings and has a tendency to wear tank tops and shirts that expose them... when doing so won't cause him to freeze his nuts off.

Alternate Form [if applicable]: As a shapeshifter, Morgen can take the shape of many different kinds of animals, so he is not locked into just one type of alternate form, rather all of his forms share a common trait. No matter what shape he takes, his eyes are always amber, and somewhere on his body the markings on his fur, feathers, or otherwise mirror closely the tattoos on his body. How or why? He doesn't know, and nobody cared enough to find out.

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 37
Species: Shapeshifter
Role: ?????????

Shapeshifting: The ability to take the shape of any non-mythical animal.

Enhanced Senses: Yes, common to weres and shifters, Morgen has uncanny eyesight and hearing, a very sensitive nose, and enhanced sense of touch and taste. While these "powers" aren't exclusive to his animal forms, his hearing and smell aren't as sensitive in his human form as they are if he were to take the shape of a canine. As such, moreso than Zahn at least, his diet tends to be rather plain and unfragrant.

Enhanced physique and regeneration: Other traits common to weres and shifters. While his healing factor isn't quite as potent as a full were, it is still significant. Small cuts and abrasions heal completely in hours, and major wounds in days. Morgen's body is lean, without an ounce of extra fat to be seen on him. His wiry appearance can be deceiving since, like Zahn, he is much stronger than an average human in his size category.

Zahnsense: The twin thing... the way twins spookily finish eachother's sentences, and squawk in pain if the other is pricked. Morgen seems to have inherited the lion's share of this. He can always tell you which direction she is from him, roughly how far away, what kind of mood she's in, whether or not she's been hurt, upset, grouchy, has cramps, or is stalking someone through a rifle scope. When he's really in tune, he can tell you what she had to eat for lunch, what she's been dreaming about recently, and what the last girl she slept with looked like.

Like Zahn, he has uncanny agility and hand-eye coordination, and a natural gift for freerunning.

Preferred Weapons: I'm a lover, dude. If things MUST get violent I can just turn into a bear or a cat... a bearcat... or something. Nothing quite like gaining 800 pounds to change the tide of a fight!

Personality: Morgen is gifted mentally, much like his sister. He has a natural aptitude for mathematics and science and just no motivation to use it whatsoever. That's right, given the choice to land a six figure job doing some kind of medical research, or scientific study, or a position at a prominent law firm, or even flipping burgers and taking a vacation on some sunny beach, you'll find Morgen's stack of job offers in the garbage can labeled "IN" and him on the beach working on his tan and harassing the ladies. He is very much a free spirit and prefers to spend his time flying from beach to beach, chasing the summer, sand, surf, and babes, going feral in the were hunting-reserves, or doing nothing.

"I've got millions of frequent flyer miles and no way to cash them in!" He'll frequently tell you. "Sometimes it's such a drag to have wings."

Morgen is social and gregarious, and much like Zahn, has a laundry list of girlfriends he can call upon for an intimate, no-strings encounter any time he wants. It's not that he's a flake, or that he's afraid of commitment, but likely he'll love you and leave you, move on to something new and exciting, then come back later and love you again. It's just the way he is: he can't be bothered to be pinned down in one place for longer than a few days, and with the power to travel any place he wishes, any time he wishes nobody can really hold him to an appointment. The only person on the planet that can make him stay is Zahn, and she just has no desire to spend time with him.

He likes broccoli. He likes to arrange his broccolis like a forest and pretend to be a giant while eating them.
He has an incredible affinity for animals, being a human zoo, this is not surprising.
He can drink 40 beers in an hour and not die, does so frequently.
He's secretly kind of a pothead. Secretly... "Hey man, you got any weed?"
Technically speaking, he's homeless. He lives with whomever he's sleeping with at the time, or not, sometimes he roughs it in animal form.
He runs a small courier business for food, booze, and pot cash.

The wilderness
uh... did I say beer? Babes then
Spicy food
Smelly stuff

Deserted beaches, covered in unnatural snow... ice floating in the water. Beaches were places of fun, pleasure, and escapism where women threw modesty to the wind and men strutted proudly, flaunting like peacocks trying to lasso a mate. Snow covered sand as far as the eye could see, arctic conditions and not a bikini in sight. "This is sunny California, and there's ice floating in the goddamn water! Bullshit," is what many might be thinking right now, however the lone penguin sliding to shore on his belly at the foot of a monster wave squawked with delight as he hopped to his feet and waddled back out towards the surf. A whole snow covered beach all to himself was a perfect playground, and the water was actually quite pleasant with his natural wet suit. It was, in fact, a little warm to be honest.

The penguin emerged from the water out near the end of the pier, splashing to the front of a large swell before he let the momentum of the water push him forward. He cut down from the top of the swell like a knife, skidding across the surface of the water. He did some lazy S curves, and when the whitewater began to crash overhead he pushed down the curl to gain speed, then sharply cut upward and was hurled high over the water. He did a lazy half-barrel and splashed gracelessly back into the water to the delight of the people taking photos from inside the restaurant on the pier. He splashed to the surface and waved a flipper at them. He was very photogenic.

He let himself get washed ashore and shook himself dry, starting from the tip of his cute little beak, travelling down his whole body and ending at the tip of his little tail. He waddled along the shore a short way before heading up the beach where at the top of a small snow-castle was a parcel bag: a little one. He plowed through the snow-castle to get to it, slipping his head through one of the custom sewn hoops and fluttering his flippers until the straps were around them. The penguin then did something amazing: it turned into an american gold eagle, gave a shrill cry and fluttered off towards the east.

This had been Morgensturm's life for the past 19 years. Beaches, babes, surf... pretending to be smart animals to dumbfound those Discovery channel guys (although since the reveal that has become much harder). His courier business took him all over the world... small parcel shipping at beer and pizza prices. He catered mainly to small businesses who needed to ship business documents, or classified material and didn't want to pay the classified prices, or didn't want their package to go through customs. Morgen had also done his share of illicit drug runs as an albatross, or a jungle cat when the beer fund was low. Perks of being a shapeshifter who lived off the grid, worked for under-the-table cash, and answered to noone but himself. The best part was scaring the shit out of low level gang members when they didn't want to pay for the delivery... you'd be amazed at how much cash gets thrown at screaming angry bears after the words "fuck off" come out of someone's mouth these days.

Why was he flying East now? He didn't know really. He knew his sister, Zahn was on the East coast... and that right this moment she was watching someone through a scope... he could feel his right eye straining slightly. She was hungry and craving nachos, and had received a nasty paper cut earlier in the morning. If he had fingers his right index would still be throbbing. By the Northish veer of his flight he guessed she was probably in New York... what was in New York that he needed to see so badly? The more he wondered, the more questions he had... it was just a feeling. It had struck him last week while he was in Maui, this need to BE somewhere that he wasn't. It wasn't a feeling he was used to, usually he felt like he just needed to get away from where he was and that any place would do. It wasn't just an urge to see his sister, he knew what that felt like. This was different, like there was something significant about to happen and he needed to be there for it.

And so he would be, as was his nature... to be wherever his soul told him he should be, or not to be where it told him he shouldn't. To move on when it told him it was time, and to stay when it said there was need. This, above all things, had always served him well. So, Morgensturm the eagle flew East towards New York...

So begins...

Morgensturm's Story