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When she embraces, your heart turns to stone.She comes at night, when you are all alone, and when she whispers, your blood shall run cold.

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a character in “How to spot a Faerie”, as played by QueenJen


Yuki: Ice ‘Angel’
Ice Queen


Height: 175cm/5’7”

Appearance: With her petite structure and all together innocent appeal, one wouldn’t expect Yuki to be the sadistic ice fey she is. Her glamour form gives her pasty white skin just enough color to pass as humanoid, and often adds a childish flush to her just-full-enough cheeks. Her inky hair often hangs above or over her eyes, framing the light purple-blue irises in a wreath of darkness when she glances down, which is often given her shy and insecure persona. Her nose is straight bridged with flawless high cheek bones, giving her bone structure and face a picturesque model quality. And, her poison lips, so capable of spilling lies, are small and pert, and will often turn blue.
Coasting farther down her frame, past her slender neck and sloping shoulders, Yuki is twig thin with a small bust. Bypassing the random tattoos she will sometimes add to her glamour, her skin is continuously flawless porcelain, exempting a few select scars. Her legs are long without being lanky, and she’s never seen wearing shoes, another strange dressing habit, as she’s more often than not wearing all white, and long dresses.


Alternate Form: While most fey hold an awe inspiring or fear inducing form that is the norm, Yuki could be set aside as bizarre. Her true form is considerably alike to her human form, give or take few characteristics.
Her all together structure for one thing is much more regal. Her face is sharp and angular, with hard cheekbones betraying a sharp jaw. Her brows are often turned downward in contemplation, or, more often, stark disapproval of most things. Eyes narrow and accusative, filled completely with the bright color of ice, but also reflecting a purpley tiny, they often show malicious intent if one looks deep enough. Her hair, dark as midnight with curling waves cascading down her slim back, is left free, with different seasonal headpieces often sparkling among it on her crown. Her headpieces range from tiara’s and headbands to full ceremonial antlers and extravagant crowns. They are, of course, a copy and idolizment of her kings own antlers whilst in his true form. Her clothes (though she honestly prefers to go without them as the materials she enjoy tend to freeze rather stiffly) are usually fine gowns, if not, down and feather wraps around her chest and hips.
While her skin skill remains as pure as the first snow fall, it’s often crackling with ice, giving her visible skin the appearance of a glass doll, spider webbing with breaks.
The two major changes in Yuki’s appearance however, are the two most obvious.
First is her radiant glow.
All faeries glow according to their level of power. Though Yuki isn’t the brightest fairy, her shine is somewhere up there in the top 25. Her particular shine is like that of sun reflecting off ice. Cold, chilling, and menacing.
Her final trait is her wings. Her glorious, magnificent wings.
Looking more like something that belong to an angel, Yuki’s feather coated wings are another oddity that add to her overall uniqueness. Like the plushiest swan feathers, sleek as an eagle, and warm as polar bear fur, Yuki loves her wings. She often has them spread to their full length, even if she isn’t using them. They glow with her shine, and are colored something even purer then white. This is where she earned the ‘Angel’ portion of her nickname.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Age: Appears 19-20

Species: Winter Fey

Court: Unseelie

Role: Winter Faerie

Of course, Yuki has the general faerie ability to fly(Though she navigates blizzards very well, thank you), and the usual power to speak to/control animals (Though for her, it’s quite limited to small birds and other small creatures).
However, she excels in the magic all fey have, ‘Glamour’. Her glamour is a bit of her trick. She loves creating false illusions around other fey, and though they eventually see through them, their confusion was worth the fun. On humans, however, she enjoys quite a different pass time. Often driving their poor souls to the brink of insanity, Yuki’s glamours have depth and believability others can’t often achieve. With little effort she can do what another might need intense concentration for. This particular power is naught but a nuisance for other fey, but works extremely well on the humans.
As one might assume, Yuki also has particular control over Winter elements. She can cause blizzards, with some energy at an expense, but prefers light snows at a freezing temperature when it comes to weather, often causing minuscule hail. It’s much more enjoyable to walk through in her opinion, though many may beg to differ.
The most prominent power trait Yuki holds is her ‘icy’ capabilities. Her bare feet can cause frost and ice to creep about the ground where she steps. A trailing of fingers can freeze what they touch. Water becomes frozen at a whim. Basically, whatever Yuki wishes to freeze, to an extent, is frozen. Though not undoable by any means, and hardly ever fatal unless she uses considerable effort and her target can’t get help, this can actually result in serious injury. Still learning and developing her powers, Yuki’s often accidently caused frostbite, though that isn’t exactly a bad thing in her opinion. All more fun and games.
Her favorite little power quirk, is her ability to chill a human one to hypothermic levels. To her annoyance, she often can’t cool a body enough to kill them, but little frosting over the skin is usually enough to sink through and cause mild hypothermia. Her favorite method of transmitting her freezing to a human, is through an icy kiss. She finds it utterly amusing to watch a human go from a warm unsuspecting and flirty to shivering wrecks. Also, some say she wishes desperately to have the Kings power to steal souls, therefore copying his method to do so. She quickly put a rest to that with another one of her favorite pastimes; Freeze the faerie wings.
Finally, Yuki is just beginning to get the hang of shaping new objects out of ice. So far, she can only stably create her loved bow, putting much thought and effort into developing the string. Most if not all of her other creations fall apart open making.

Aside from not being able to feel cold, and having a resistance to all snow or ice related injury, Yuki doesn’t have many abilities. She has become a rather good shot with her bow, and can ‘figure skate’ well and enjoys it as a pastime.
She’s also quite the actress. Believable innocence, charm, flirtations, sadness, you name it. She’s perfect the fine art of manipulation, at least through the humans. However, even some fey can fall prey to her tricks.

Preferred Weapons: Frost magic or her bow.

Personality: One can’t be too sure about Yuki’s personality. If one were to believe the rumors, they would hear about a cold, merciless faerie, who enjoys others pain and much prefers a tundra to people. But, in her presence, she could range from a number of personas. Kind, sweet; Childish, innocent; uncaring, aloof; lonely, depressed; quirky, hyper. There’s no end to possible scenarios, just as there’s no end to Yuki’s acting. Every day is a different part to play, even if most fey do know her real self. Ah, yes, the rumors were true.
Yuki is sadistic, simply in the way that she likes to see others suffer. Whether it be from her own glamour’s inflicting insanity, or frost inflicting pain she finds it an entertaining ‘hobby’. She holds no tre attachment to anyone or anything, and will readily dispose of or get rid of anyone in her way, or who becomes tiresome. She doesn't mind killing, when it happens. She won’t go out of her way to cause death, but won’t make an effort to cause avoidance. One might call her mentally unstable, or perhaps certifiably insane.
She wouldn't agree with either. Quite capable of making plans, examining situations and spotting solutions, Yuki is rather smart. Once she sets a goal or target, she carries through no matter what. She quickly see’s what’s happening in a situation- and twist it to her advantage.
Confident, dark, and confusing, Yuki’s nothing the innocent snow fairy one might expect.

-A rather creepy giggle reserved for her special amusement in other’s pain.
-Often copies different Human accents, giving her a wide array of unique voices.
-Crystalizing skin moisture while kissing someone’s cheek/etc. to leave a frozen kiss print.
-Idolizes and copies habits of the King and his right hand man.

-Being in any cold area, including but not limited to: ice rinks, air conditioned buildings, blizzards, and cooler high places.
-Surprisingly, figure skating. It’s one of her many joys in the Earth world.
-Causing others pain, or just seeing others pain. Often translates into a “I just witnessed the accident, but I’ll stand by and watch you die rather then call that silly emergency number you humans have.”
-Acting and playing games.

-Being accused of being a fraud.
-When those she means to cause harm to avoid it.
-The IPAF.
-Any type of heat. In small quantities Yuki becomes irritable, but in any large case, she’s more likely to freeze over the entire area for her won comfort.
-Summer Fey. ”Don’t even get me started on those cheerful little abominations of all things hideous and light…. -.-“]/i]

From the moment Yuki was created, she harbored a love for two things; Ice and her King. Nothing else mattered and was simply in her way to being a prime example for how all faeries should follow the law of Jack Frost. She resided in the Winter Realms, enjoying her time amide the frozen tundra. However, she often traveled to the other faeries adobe’s, her favorite pass time friending them before freezing their wings and leaving them in the middle of a blizzard.
That’s not to say Yuki is particularly evil. She has no ulterior motives aside the fact that she [i]liked
hurting them. It was a fascination of how something so dear to her, snow and ice, could hurt another.
She became rather ‘heard of’ though none exactly ‘knew her’. This aided her in her little acting bouts.
And, of course, Yuki was always first on the list to terrorize the Summer Faeries, leading to a deep dislike between the two, Despite the fact that they were given to the Queen by the King, Yuki considered them something akin to traitors. And she didn’t like their heat filled cheerful stupid little happy beings.
Time passed with her particular ‘strange’ pastimes, and Yuki led no resistance to her twisted personality. As she matured, she grew more into these habits until her being was based around them. Living to cause others pain. She really had no other goal in life, except adjusting things to make her own self happy. Unless the King would make known he wanted something particular done. Then she would bend over backwards for him. But aside from that, Yuki couldn’t be bothered with anyone’s trivial goals or passions. However, when the first inklings of Earth were discovered…
She wished desperately to go when she heard the rumors, bored with her own life. And then the veil broke and suddenly she and her kin were in ‘New York City’, the sky’s polluted by disgusting human vapors and the roads paved in black.
Yet Yuki was infatuated. Here were creatures so selfish of their own goals entire nations could meet to slaughter each other. Those who couldn’t provide anything worth were left out of society; other humans helped them only when told or to prove something. Every day was filled with thousands of deaths and injuries and no one seemed inclined to make a drastic change. Their busy, chaos infused cities could be completely shut down from just an ounce of any element.
She loved every bit of it. Only a week into their new world, and she didn’t wish to return to the Faerie realm. Vampires and Weres had made their home here, so why not she? This world of easy death was much more suited for her. And when she learned that their permanent residence was only being delayed by certain pathetic humans… Well, Yuki would definitely be rid of them.
The only thing standing in her way of a perfectly fun life was the stupid IPAF, the humans and occasional supernatural who thought they were superior enough to contain any of her kind.
All such bothers.
But that wouldn’t keep her from her perfect world.


(Surry it's not that goooood, ^-^)

So begins...

Yuki's Story


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It was amazing how these humans worked, always running around like ants, never knowing whose thumb they were under. Oh, sure, they thought they knew. The government? Religion? No, it was their own minds that contained them, pressing them into the servitude of others. They had sprung up like weeds in a flower patch, and the Fae was the weed killer. Iokul Frosti, also known as Jack Frost, stood atop the Empire State Building, disgusted by the ants that milled about themselves. An odd looking paintbrush was within his right hand, while in his left heavily gloved hand, was the rod at the tip of the building. The sky was grey, after it expelled the last of the snow within their bellies, but, with a single swipe of his brush, they became black, and rumbled noisily. They knew what he was, and did not care, because he was using them as an ant queen is used by her workers and drones, pushing more and more snow out of its belly. He loved it here, and did not wish to return home.

There weren't any of his children when they arrived, or so he thought. Since their appearance onto this plane, more and more of the Fae began to pop up all over the world. This had surprised him, but, after asserting his dominance over those that appeared, they were left to their own devices. Many had voiced their concerns about what he was doing in the human city of New York. 'Had' being the key word, as many of their bodies were decorating his estate up in a place called Albany. They were such lovely statues of ice, or they would have been, if their heads were still intact. A shame, really, he did have need of allies, but if they were not ready for him, then why would any try to make him leave?

"A pity," his grumble was only echoed by the clouds above. These "Fae" were not even that. They had become saturated by the mortals they had been charged to govern over, allowing them to flourish without guidance of any kind. They had been corrupted by these ants, cowed and corralled with the threat of iron upon their very existence. This would make any ruler boil with rage, and he was not immune to such. His glamour shattered, revealing a terrible being, and called upon the North Wind, bringing a deep ice onto the land below. It howled his rage, tore open the clouds, causing the snow within to become a harsh and bitter blizzard. The ants below scattered into their stone and iron buildings, he let go of the rod.

His body plummeted from the building, just as a peel of lightening struck the rod, causing the stone about it, cracking it asunder. During his fall, the wind caressed his cheeks and lips, just like a lover would. His eyes were closed during the fall, but when he opened them, he could just see a wind sprite, smiling before it planted a kiss upon his lips. The feeling was exhilarating, and would have made his Queen jealous. He mentally shook himself of such thoughts, and focused on the sprite and their surroundings. The world had gotten blacker, fluffier, and a shining smile beamed from his self. Giggles soon erupted around him, as he settled himself down among the cloud-like material. "Ladies," began Jack, "how may I honour the occasion?"

"You asked us to search the world for your Queen," a silky whisper entered his left ear, and when he turned, thin wisps of air escaped his peripheral vision. "We have not found her," the tone became saddened, and small droplets of water pattered his collar, "we are sorry, my lord Jack." It wouldn't until be later, that he realized the droplets of water upon his collar were his own, but at the time, his thoughts were only of greater sadness.

"Continue searching." His whisper was barely audible, but they all heard it. "I must plan a raid." The form of Iokul Frosti vanished, then, and continued to plummet to the ground. As he continued to plummet, however, a portal opened up on the ground below. Once entering it, his surroundings became of those of one who had exquisite tastes in furnishings. Golds, purples, reds, blues, and greens covered the room before him, and at his feet, a throne made up of iron wood. Iron wood, a tree only found in the forests of Summer, but as hard as the humans' own iron, without the side effects, though. Two cards appeared within his left gloved hand, both, a pair of ravens. "Summon them. We have work to do."


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The snow was absolute.
And with it brought silence. Sweet silence that couldn't penetrate the blanket of snow about her body.

The figure couldn't be seen from any angle but straight above, an aerial view of an empty park. She lie among the snow in nothing but a thin silk gown that was weighed down and settled by snow. One could barely see her bare toes in the frost, skin such a color that it blended her visible flesh into her surroundings. The only thing that marked her form was a tidal wave of dark hair, spilling out over the snow. It was jet black, like ink on fresh paper. Snowflakes had settled into the locks, and upon her small blue lips, which barely ghosted out small streams of fog that one might mistakenly assume was her breath. Her so called breaths did nothing more then crackle in the air, colder then the molecules it made to join. Her eyes, the color of glass reflecting ice, didn't blink, instead opting to follow the dance her thin fingers made as she caught snow drifting in the air.
It was impossible; though not to someone like her. Ice streamed off her fingers to keep the snow intact, and slowly, patiently, the small bundle of snow was shaped into a tiny bird, wings outstretched.
Her blue lips stretched into a smile, stroking tenderly over the wings of her creation. The bird was amazingly detailed, every feather outlined, the eyes staring at the woman as though it had a soul.
There was a small crack, and the wings were thrown aside as the pale fingers broke them off.
"♫Hush little birdy don't make a squeak, I don't want to hear a sound from that beak, and if little birdy you want to sing, mommys going to break more then just your wings,♫"

She had decided upon a British accent today. Her pronunciation was especially strict on her 't's' and 'k's'. Her sing-song voice left ice crackling in the air, and as though recognizing the malice of her words, a few nearby live birds, searching for food, hopped a bit away.

"♫And after mommy breaks your legs, if birdy still talks I'll crack your eggs. And birdy better try to keep it's words in check, or mommy's going to have to wring your little neck.♫"

There was another snap and either end of the ice bird, head and body, were discarded to the sides. The figure sat slowly up and every bird in the near proximity took off in a flurried panic.

Yuki sighed and looked after the birds with longing. "I wish I could fly,"
Her giggles rang out in the air as her own wings spread far behind her. Of course, a glamour had been cast, so any wandering humans wouldn't see a thing. She spun in a circle, shaking the loose snow off of herself, tilting her head the gloriously enraged sky.
A new development in the weather for today. A blizzard. How nice. The past few days had been steady, fluffy snow, in many cities including this one. A blizzard was a refreshing change. The wind tore at her clothing, whipping her dress behind her and screaming into her ears as she considered how to occupy herself for the day.

She could continue searching for her beloved King, whom she hadn't heard of outside of signs in the weather. Or, she could even search for the wretched Queen woman.
Like usual though, Yuki would probably end up toying with the pathetic humans.
Oh, what fun they were, with their fleshy skin so vulnerable to cold. Easily torn emotions, so fun to manipulate. Their inability to fly, so... unfortunate when left in a tundra.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a crack. Louder then her ice birds wings or neck, but a sound she recognized, carried through the violent wind.
Oh yes, Yuki was certain. That was ice cracking. A very large amount of ice.
She took to the sky in glee, skillfully navigating the harsh blizzard. She knew where to go; The Bay. The only area that would match the break she'd heard. Ice spoke to her, and she trusted it.
There was already a bit of commotion. The beautiful frosting over of the water was laden with spiderwebs of cracks, originating from a point the most humans were gathered around. Farther down, there were a few small holes in the ice. One had a few human girls in distress around it,peering into the hole and yelling for assistance.
Yuki smiled in amusement. She was invisible to human eyes while flying, thanks to glamour, and when she landed near the girls, she was equally invisible. The patch of water in the ice was already looking frigid. No doubt by tomorrow the Bay would look like new. Well, new in terms to when it was frozen, that is.
Yuki simply decided to help the process, cold seeping from her bare feet towards the hole. It began rapidly sealing, and Yuki walked away with their shrieks of protest at her back.
Had there really been no other incidents, other then the one? No other silly humans freezing? Ah, except this next commotion of course.
Yuki blended with the bystanders prior to releasing her glamour, so no one but a young teenager was startled by her appearance. Yuki quickly made sure her human glamour was in place, adding the illusion of long boots and a winter coat. The boy stuttered disbelief and Yuki raised a finger to her lips in a 'Sh' sign, freezing his lips together. Ranged freezing was no problem, as long as it was nothing big.

She shuffled through the small crowd to try and see what was happening, preferring to be close and eavesdrop then fly over head and look. All she could see was a blonde boy, wrapping a cloak around the presumably near-drowned human.
Yuki was met with disappointment that they had already pulled her out. But something else felt off. That she would admit.
Her eyes turned to scan the surrounding area. Her attention was snagged on a small Winter Faerie. Though antisocial, Yuki could sense her own kind.
However, she was more interested in the men standing above him.
Damn IPAF. They were everywhere. International Posse of Annoying Fuckers. No, Yuki didn't like that nickname. The elegancy of human 'curses' was lacking.
She turned back to the crowd, hoping neither of the vile men had noticed anything off about her, or her stare for that matter. She didn't care about the stupid Fae who'd been caught. She'd been able to escape run ins with the IPAF in other cities, under different glamours, and she'd always managed to slip away. It was his own fault.
Mostly, Yuki hoped there weren't any others lurking around, who would be able to discern her. Her glamour skills were strong, but she deffinitly didn't want to get caught.
She watched the blonde boy hug the drowned rat close, complaining that no one had called '911'.

Yuki couldn't help the giggle that pressed forth at those words. She found this 911 so pointless. But she was curious about the one the blonde held, and the off feeling she radiated.
Yuki held out her hand, pushing past the few bystanders to the front. Her hand would show a glamour of a cell phone, really just a small rectangle of ice.
"I'll call," She said shyly, with something akin to an Australian accent. She held the ice to her ear, keeping up her glamours as she moved around the boy, trying to glimpse the victims face.

Yuki's heart nearly stopped, and the air became even more frigid then it had been previously. It was the Queen. She could tell, through some ability she had, for she was Fae, but...
The Queen had no magic. She was... Mortal.
So many thoughts of muurder flashed into Yuki's mind she could hardly hold her glamours. Kill the Queen, and all Fae could stay in this world forever.
She could stay in this world.
Her hand trembled as it held the ice/phone to her ear, the block already slowly shifting into a knife. She hide it by her hair, trying to calm herself. Things wouldn't have to be so dramatic. If she was mortal, pathetic, weak mortal, simple cold would kill her.

"May I see her? I have Red Cross training, for emergencies like this," She cast her eyes down like she was embarrassed, beginning to shyly state the type of problem to her fake phone while glancing timidly up at the boy. Lying through her teeth. Acting. It was what she did best.
And it would serve her well here.


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"Tiggy hates the cold." said a dark skinned girl with alot of curly brown hair that haloed her head. "It makes Tiggy shiver. Tiggy hates to shiver." she said and though she was wrapped in thick trenchcoat, a scarf, a hat, gloves long sleeved shirt underneath, thick jeans and long leather boots, she wrapped her arms around herself. "Oh, Tigs. You'll be fine." said a blond girl, she was one of her 'friends'
Tiggy was a Summer Fae. She hated the cold, as she is of the light. Typically, she'd be hidden away until Spring. Safe in OtherWorld, while the Dark Lord let his Winter ravage the land but not now, She was on a mission. She was to find the Queen. The Light Queen disappeared after the Fae appeared in this realm and The Summer Fae have made it their mission to find her before the Winter Fae does. Tiggy was a reconnaissance specialist. She was good at gathering information. She could just about find out anything about anyone. Unfortunately, that same ability cause her to forget things about herself, even her name, so to help, She speaks in the third person. She emerssed herself in human culture to find out more. So she aquired human friends. Her human friends simply thought she had a mental disfunction and didn't think anything else of her speaking in the third person. If anything, they found it amusing.

"Tiggy doesn't like the cold, Bailey." Tiggy said animately. Bailey laughed. "Look at it, Tigs. It's beautiful. Look at the trees, all covered in snow, the ground too. It's gorgeous." Bailey gasped. Tiggy was not amused. "It looks like death. The trees are dead, the ground is covered in ice and people slip and die. Tiggy doesn't want to slip."
"You won't slip, Tigs." Bailey assured her with hands on her shoulders. Tiggy sighed. She wanted to tell her she could but that would be a lie. For, Tiggy, it was impossible. Since the Arrival, Tiggy was unable to lie. It is not known why. Tiggy had to figure out how to tell only half truths in order to preserve her cover. It was hard and it will remain an unsolved mystery until they find the Light Queen. "Okay,but Tiggy still the cold." She said and Baliey laughed. "Okay but I'm gonna make you like it." She said and they walked toward a frozen pond. It was then that Tiggy heard shouts. Tiggy frowned and Bailey looked. "Should we help? I know CPR?" She told her and Tiggy nodded and they ran toward the sound.

It was a boy and a two girls. One was down and the other was claiming to help. Bailey rushed over and Tiggy stood, watching the blue lipped girl. " Winter Fae..." Tiggy whispered with a deep frown, she looked at the girl. Tiggy nearly gasped. By the Queen... She thought. It was the Queen. Was she mortal? How could that happen. That wasn't important now as there was a Winter Fae here. "Tiggy suggests you leave and make haste as you do so." She said after she approached the Winter Fae. Her voice was low, so low that only the two Fae could hear. How was the Light Queen mortal? Who did this?


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#, as written by Layla
The Queen was half of the world: the stems of which held the leaves, the light that coloured the world, the breaths each human exhaled, the blood that ran through the streams of all, the Sun, the Moon, everything. The world could not exist without Her, just as it could not without Him.

Long ago, a beautiful existence - the embodiment of Light - fell in love with Darkness, They could not be and the Gods warned them of the tragedy that would befall them should they pursue their passions. Light could not be with Darkness without chasing Him away and Darkness could not touch Light without drenching Her in His abyss. They listened not, however, and in the Shadows - where they almost touched, barely touched, somewhat did - they loved.

They defied the Gods and defied their nature, choosing one another above all else. Light and Darkness Created beings of their own, creatures made of their own essences, and named them the Fey. They became what was too wicked for Heaven and too good for Hell, an existence their Creators, too, lived. And so, they became the Light Queen and the Dark King and for what seemed to be too short a time, Light and Darkness lived as one.

Yet, the Dark King craved for more, whilst his lover did not. The Light Queen held on, begged and pleaded for the Dark King to stay, to be content with the haven they'd created for themselves. But the Dark King grew weary of what was and the Unchanging Queen could not change. Not in that way, at least. Not then. The Seelie and Unseelie Courts were formed, one closer to Hell and the other to Heaven, but neither ever close enough. The Queen - not wishing for her love to be alone - gave him a part of her soul and a part of all she was. The Dark King did the same and so the Light Queen treasured the Summer of her King's and the King, her Autumn.

However, the Light Queen could not find happiness in an existence so far removed from her King, her love, her Darkness. Light grew dim, until she was barely Light at all. She wept endlessly in what seemed to be a never-ending existence of tears and still, there were not enough oceans to fill her misery. There was a single Fey, however, the first Fey to ever have been created by Darkness and Light: Praxis Lethe.

He offered his Queen an escape from the torment: he offered her emptiness. Light gladly accepted, allowing for the Spring Fey to drain all of her emotions, all of her pain, until she was but a shell, but nonetheless, a shell without pain. Praxis became the Queen's second, taking all of her emotions so she could be Order, and Order she was. Under her cold rule, the Faerie Realms prospered. Under their emotionless Queen, they lived in balance.

But it was not to last.

The Dark King - in his need for Chaos and more - condemned the Fey to an existence on Earth and the Monarchs, to a life of theft. Light disappeared in the shift from the Faerie Realms to Earth and now the world was in threat of toppling from its fragile balance. Order was gone and now Chaos ruled.

Yet there, in a world shattered in ice, it was difficult to believe the frail - but oh so beautiful - woman had made the world. Was the world. She could not die; for if she did, the world would cease to exist, crumbling upon itself and Unmaking. Yet the Queen shivered, her small body trembling furiously in the unrelenting cold as if it had forgotten it was meant to be capable of melting snow and bringing about life.

Her teeth chattered as the stranger - all strangers - bundled her in his warmth. She didn't know whether to scurry away or to chase the heat that this man emitted. Neither. She would stay still; that was easy enough seeing as she was utterly numb. Her thick lashes fluttered, her lids unsure whether to close, blink or widen. None. She would not move for that was all she knew to do and could do at the present. Forever? Time held no meaning, nothing did, yet it should. A blue as pale as a sky made of clouds creeped into her gaze, fracturing the previous emerald so it looked as if she had broken glass or shattered ice for irises. It was the colour of fear as her heart threatened to rip itself from the veins that held it in place and crack against her ribcage. She felt like a flimsy piece of glass, as if the slightest breath of wind would shatter her to pieces. No, that was the world. The world was to break and she would be caught in the midst of it, as would her children - children? - and... The pounding in her being was fear.

There was someone. Someone who could take the fear away, take it all away. But who? The thought slipped from her mind, spilling from its cup and evaporating before it touched the ground. Amethysts, sapphires and rubies raced across her blue eyes, painting the confusion and chaos she felt so deeply in her gaze. No, she was not meant to be Chaos. Figures seemed to appear in the snow, darkness gathering into one familiar being and - it was gone. She felt as if she'd just been excavated from her mother's womb and she had to fill the silence with her cries but she could not cry. Could not utter a sound or breath and that was when she remembered she had to breathe.

She gasped, drinking in the precious air that the space about her held. Her kaleidoscope eyes darted frantically about, seeing but not seeing strange rectangular structures - giants - and odd, two-legged creatures. Head, check. Two arms, check. Two legs, check. Wings? Colour? They were dull but what were they? What was anything? Where was she? Who was she? The girl pressed her fingers into the side of her head, tugging at her strands of what was cascading snow for hair. Four walls pressed into her skull, threatening to tear it apart. Broken. She was broken and there was someone who could fix her. Had to. Who? Why?

“What are you waiting for? Somebody call 911!” shouted the man who held her. 911? She did not understand. Was that who she was? 911? No, why would he be calling her if she was there? Did that mean she was the spaces between each word? She was . Yes, that made sense. She was empty and she needed to be filled. She knew how. Light pulsed within the hearts of each figure, a blaze as unique as snowflakes. Her lids dropped lower, her pupils dilating as she pressed a cold hand against the chest of the man who held her. His light would fill her, fill the void, fill-

"May I see her? I have Red Cross training, for emergencies like this."

The Empty One raised her head, blinking thrice - precise - at the girl who'd spoken. An image of a mutilated bird made of ice crossed her mind for a brief moment, before disappearing into the abyss which seemed to be her head. Red Cross? What did such crosses symbolise? What did crosses symbolise? Where was the emergency? The language both this woman and the man spoke was strange, foreign, yet she understood it all. But she might as well have not for all the sense that it made. These words were tiring and she wished to sleep for another eternity, for that was what one did when they were weary.


"Look up," a voice commanded. The Empty One raised her head, her long hair spilling over her bare shoulder like ivory silk on soft, porcelain skin. The Werelion pointed his gun at the angel, not trusting Zahn or anyone else, for that matter. The girl's eyes did not glow any more than a human's did, although its kaleidoscope appearance was rather unnerving. "Human," Kiser stated as he turned away. Drowning girls were not in his area and not a part of his contract. He would leave human girls to the care of kind old ladies or horrid, sick men - whichever - what did it matter?

The Empty One coughed, her shoulders shifting as she placed her fingers over her throat. Water. This was what one did when water entered their lungs and as if she'd just remembered she'd nearly drowned, the girl coughed furiously, doubling over and trembling in the cold. Stay still be cold numb drowning nothing everything take light empty breathe stop suffocate suffocating.


The name disappeared, as if snatched and soaked into the dark walls of her mind. Her now crystal grey eyes watered, their life dimming as she snatched desperate gasps from the air, before coughing furiously. She didn't know if she was meant to live or die so she settled for the in between, letting her body crumble - or perhaps unwillingly so - onto the ice and her head upon it as she clutched her breast. Breathe. Don't. Her eyes searched the world frantically, her heart throwing itself in all directions and the sounds, voices, noises were too loud. Too much. It was all too much and it would never be enough and she needed him to take it all away. Needed to stop feeling, to stop being anything but what she was meant to be.

She searched for him in the crowds of people - get away, get away, get away - light pulsed in the hearts of the figures around her - her light - and she reached for the woman who'd spoken of red crosses. She would take her light, her essence, her warmth -

Fill the void and silence the darkness.


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The girl's face was more beautiful then anything Justin had laid eyes upon. The Pink Puma paled in comparison to her even when she was shivering like an epileptic and was trying to pull off her best drowned rat impression. Underneath the streetlamps, her hair churned in a silver river, flowing across whatever it touched with a grace unmatchable by any mortal being. Her eyes sparkled like glass pools, staring into the empty space of the void beyond. The cut of her chin, the tone of her skin, the shape of her nose, everything about her was absolutely perfect.

The air was getting colder, he could tell from the slowly declining feeling in his bare arms. Pushing away the urge to take back his nice, warm cloak, Justin held the girl close and rubbed his arms. "May I see her? I have Red Cross training, for emergencies like this,". Justin looked up to see a stunning black haired woman appear from the crowd. Her locks forming a perfect contrast with the frigid snow and her pale skin. His mouth opened to say a hasty thank you when he sensed something...strange. The way her feet touched the ground, the distribution of her weight and the fluidity of her movements, all of them differed from the numerous others in range of his tremor-sense. Of course, everyone was different. Human's tended to slouch to the side they write with, vamps tend to move quicker and were's put a lot of weight on the front of their feet. This girl however, did not show any signs of these defining traits.

Along with his tremor-sense, the air seemed to grow colder the closer this girl came. Of course, it could just be his imagination, a simple trick of the mind. Still, Justin did not trust this girl. The thief shuffled back nervously, holding the girl towards him protectively. “It's alright, I have training myself. If you could, um, just phone, that would be great.” Lifting her off the ice, Justin carried her to the snowbanks beside it and laid the girl down on his cloak, running his hand through her wet, silky hair. 'All right, I've got to help her! Crap, crap! What do I do? Alright, just calm down and remember school. The first thing to do is...check for breathing!' The blonde boy lowered his ear to the girls mouth. Tiny puffs of air brushed against his cheek, just barely there. Nimble fingers gently pulled her chin upwards, opening her airway. 'Crap, what's next. She needs more breath. I guess that means....I'm gonna have to do.....CPR.'

A blush spread over the young thief's cheeks. Is he allowed? He would never even think of kissing someone without their permission of a sign of consent...but, this is to save her life. Slowly, Justin bent over the girl. Her face looked so peaceful, so serene, that he was afraid to disturb it for fear it would break into a thousand pieces. With one hand on her chin to keep the airway open and the other under her head to keep it stable, Justin, ever-so-gently, kissed the girl, blowing life-fueling air into her lungs.


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With a heavy sigh at the sight of multiple people getting involved with none of them seeming to know what to. Azriel leaps off his perch toward the water. If he let this keep going the poor woman would die from ignorance. He landed just short of the water's surface to be sure not to crack the ice below with a sudden increase in weight. The ball of blood moves to his feet suddenly as he steps onto the ice, shifting into a flat wide surface area for each of his steps. He calls out loudly before Justin can kill the helpless girl "Stop Kodomo. CPR is only used to restart the heart and lungs. She is coughing which means her lungs and heart are fine." He sighs heavily shaking his head in disappointment as he walked out over the ice. "For a boy with such quick hands your mind can't keep up." The innuendo was fully intended. His voice had a gentle rumble to it as he spoke, the accent he used was implacable. As if it where a blend of every accent known to man. The word he used earlier was Japanese for kid, one of many languages he spoke rather fluently. A few of the people in the crowd seemed to nod and chuckle at the confused Justin, agreeing with the vampire.

Finally getting to the group on the other side of the ice he gives the dark haired girl a respectful nod before turning back to the child that nearly suffocated a woman trying to catch her breath. He knew full well what Yuki was, but quiet frankly didn't care. He never had any reason to have qualm with the Fae people as a whole and to date had only been hired to kill a select few for various different reason. Nothing personal. "She needs heat, Humans tend to dislike the extreme cold without heavy amounts of clothing which is likely causing her shortness of breath. I would expect you to know this. Wrap her up and hold her close to your chest while we walk, I have a home near by. Two blocks that way. It will be much faster than any ambulance can get here in this snow, especially with the city not fully adapted to deep winter yet. Add onto that our advantage in speed and we should be able to have her treated within the next half hour rather than the multiple hours the ambulance will take to get here then back to a hospital..." He nodded in a direction toward the nearest street to show which direction they should go. He seemed to be choosing his words to specifically point out his lack of need to resort to theft, without pointing it out to the others in the area. The last part of his statement was specifically meant to give the boy a small boost in personal ego. He didn't know Justin well, but he did know the kid was fast and agile for a human and that was at least something.

As he stepped onto the snow bank near Justin the blood beneath his feet flows up his leg and coats his arm underneath his coat in order to keep it invisible. Those onlookers who saw him at a distance before hand would simply believe it was a shadow. He liked to hide this ability from the humans as they never enjoyed being reminded in any way that his kind fed on their blood, a silly need but one that served its purpose. He steps toward the crowd which quickly parts to let the man who seemed to know what he was doing and the injured girl through. He would have carried her himself but he didn't produce heat like human's did. So he would leave it to the space heater with the fast hands.


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The Queen reached for her. Yuki's lips twisted into a small cruel smile. Why, how corrupted the Queens mind was now, so laden with the pathetic mental capacity of mortals. She had never been anything, not to Yuki, but now she was nothing. Nothing but a frail, weak, pink skinned, warm blooded-
The boy pulled her away.
“It's alright, I have training myself. If you could, um, just phone, that would be great.”

Phone? Phone? Yuki squeezed the ice she had glamoured into a fake phone, shattering it with a small audible crack. The small shards fell and littered her hair, sparkling on the catches on the sun.Foolish boy. He was in her way. He would have to die as well, or at least be registered... immobile for a short period of time. The ice under her feet tremored slightly, near invisible spikes of ice sneaking up her neck like cracks on a china doll. The boy had lain the not to royal Queen aside and was pressing his mouth to hers in a gesture Yuki understood was supposed to be helpful. A low growl immured from her throat. Oh how she wished to press her own pale lips to the Queen, sending shivers to wrack her poor cold body until her mortal frame could no longer live. Yuki felt her lips turning icy at the thought and had to hold herself back from moving.
The dark haired girl tilted her head to the side as she sensed another approaching her.
A forsaken Summer fae. By Iokul could this day get any worse?

"Tiggy suggests you leave and make haste as you do so."
Yuki gave a dramatic roll of her eyes, leaning close to the silly summer fae. She mocked her speech with an underlying cruel chuckle.
"Yuki suggests you leave and cower as you do so. You're not in your element little faerie. Best fly away before you have no wings to do so."
She trailed her fingers over this 'Tiggy' girls shoulder as she pulled away, feeling her element gentle frost over her delicate shoulder, even through the layers of clothing the summer fae wore. Actually wearing the humans clothes. What an interesting quirk. To be that far integrated into their society. Yuki herself simply moved about unclothed much of the time, under the glamour of clothing. If not, her dresses were specifically made by material from their home world, though they were becoming rarer and rarer to find. The garments were one small reason to miss the home world, but for Yuki's life, the human world was still her place.

She stepped away from the summer fae and glanced up as a vampire arrived. Now, they were some fun folk to play tricks on. Freezing the inside of the blood they drank, so it looked to be liquid but was colder then ice- their expressions were truly priceless.
The few people around her chuckled and agreed with something he had said, but she didn't really care. As he nodded to her, and she smirked back, all she knew was the blonde boys lips were off the Queen, and they would soon be mobile.
She fell into step with them quickly as they moved, drinking in the Queens frail body. Oh, she had to tell her King of this. Unless of course... well, what if he didn't want to kill her?
That brought a frown to Yuki's unblemished face. No, of course he could never hurt his Queen. but, what would become of the fae? She wished to stay in the human world, and the Queen would most certainly make that impossible. For now, she would simply have to keep an eye on the woman. If anything, she would tell Capricorn, and he could make what he would of the situation.
Though, the longer she kept the womans face in her sight, the slimmer the chances seemed of her being the Queen. Was she just a human, with the strange after taste of the faerie realm? Had she been close to the portal opening, maybe made contact with a stronger fae not to long ago?
Her frown deepened. SHe couldn't afford to second guess herself; she had been so sure earlier....
Best to simply observe and see if they're signs. If not, it would always be fun to refreeze the frail girl.

Yuki continued following the boys, and as soon as they were out of the crowd, she turned and bowed slightly, making as though she was putting the now-shattered fake phone in her glamour jacket pocket.
"Thank you all for the concern! I've told the authorities of our problem and where we will be with the injured woman. They'll be there as soon as possible- you should all carry out with your day now. A bit of warmth and I'm sure she'll be fine." Yuki rose, proud of her fluency in the humans way of speech, and smiled, like the smile of a shy young girl giving thanks for praise she wasn't sure she deserved. Then her smile turned slightly sultry, as she blew a kiss towards Tiggy.

"Buh bye little Tiggy," She chimed, smiling as the 'air kiss' left a stark frosty lip print in the summer fae's exposed upper cheek. Then she hurried to catch up with the vampire and human, a rather easy task as she was fairly agile.

"Hello bloodsucker," She said with a smile, leaning her head on the dark haired vampires shoulder. Oh she did like to play with vampires. There were only so many ways to hurt them, and the few there were, were so much fun. This particular boy, or rather man, as she didn't quite know his age, she hadn't yet made the acquaintance of.
"Fancy our kinds meeting, hm?"
A stab at some sort of humor perhaps. It was all to often that far associated with other kinds now, when they weren't being hunted.

She swung her arms around the vampires neck while turning to look at the brown haired boy. She recalled to keep up her Australian accent, still acting a bit shy but more open. Keeping her head snuggled into the mans shoulder, and walking in a sideway-backwards way that may have been difficult for a human, she smiled slightly at the boy.

"You're very kind to help this woman." She glanced down, adding a bit of color to her cheeks with offhanded glamour. one like her couldn't blush of course. That required warmth. The touch was probably for naught; her innocent appearance had been thrown off the moment she began to cling to the vampire. But then, she always had a weakness for attractive beings and the stringing along that followed. Vampire didn't usually fall for it though- but at least it would be fun while it lasted.

"I do hope you're alright with me tagging along, I want to make sure she's alright."

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#, as written by Layla

Warm lips pressed against hers and the girl briefly melted into the kiss, wrapping her willowy arms around the man and pulling him close. She wondered why Iokul's lips were so warm when they were normally so cold and the thought pulled her from the lovely trance. A warmth emitted from his chest and she ran her hands over him, pressing her palm against his heart. Before she could taste his heat, however, he was pulled away by the words of another.

"Stop, Kodomo. CPR is only used to restart the heart and lungs. She is coughing which means her lungs and heart are fine," the man said. The frozen girl lifted her lips, her lashes so long and curled that they touched her skin as if she'd layered on perfectly applied mascara. Her sultry blue eyes dilated before gold washed into them like ink poured in clear water. Her irises imitated the man's as she tilted her head to the side, observing him with curiosity. The flame in his heart burned differently, as if it were a supernova, as if his soul were eternal. His essence was closer to that of her children than to that of the feeble, mortal flames she saw all around her. Her irises shifted through colours, fading into a deep sunset gold before sinking into a neon yellow, eventually settling for a molten gold with flecks of green. Still, she could not recreate his eyes.

"I ask that you abandon your attire," she said. Her voice was quiet, yet it seemed to echo against mountains miles away and carry over space and time. Her voice was breathless, as if made from the sweetest nectars, like pollen flying through the air. Her voice was the song of love, of home, wholeness and perfection. She sounded to be everything, yet her voice seemed to be as impossible to hold onto as it was heartbreaking to hear. Whatever she said, whatever she did, was a work of art. "He has painted Winter," she stated, gazing up at the sky with its tennis balls of snow descending. The Queen's eyes narrowed ever so slightly as the strong winds skittered around her, as if fearful of what she might do should they touch her without her consent. She was rather cold and the wet, near transparent robes that clung to her hourglass figure were unsurprisingly, not very warm. The High Queen's head lowered slowly, her unblinking gaze fixing on the Winter Fey that was Yuki. Order moved as if time held no meaning - which it didn't - and she controlled the very clocks of the world. Which she did.

"I see you, child. Your thoughts are as loud as a mad beast's bark and somehow, exceedingly more irritating." Order paused. "You are easily Unmade." Her eyes traced the line in which the Winter Fey had blown her icy kiss towards her Summer Fey, Tiggy. The Queen blinked, as close to acknowledgement as she ever got.

Just then, the Queen abruptly jerked her head to the side as if she'd just been slapped with vice. An icy stillness filled her. The moment of clarity was gone, replaced by the dimness in her eyes as if she were seeing the world through tinted glass. The girl took a frightened stepped back, clutching the red silk cape around her. She took another step backwards and ran.

She ran through the city with its sprawling skyscrapers and bustling humans. Where she ran, the world seemed to slow as people stopped and stared at the perfect creature racing through them. She was a flurry of white as her long white hair was tossed about, shining and mixing into the deep red of her cape. The only points of colour on her face was the deep crimson of her lips, distinctly outlining the dip of her cupid's bow and the shattered glass of her eyes.

Neon lights yelled at her and she flinched away, unfamiliar with the artificial lights that were not made by her. Car horns tore through the air as cars screeched to a stop to prevent themselves from slamming into the model/ghost/angel. The pale girl jumped, stumbling backwards as she lifted her arm to shield herself from the blinding headlights of the horizontally challenged unicorns. She quickly turned and ran from the unicorns that wished to kill her, her bare feet creating no sound as they barely touched the pavements. She ran until she found a secluded alley, where she leaned against the wall and slid to the ground, her heart pounding against her ribcage. Despite the marathon she'd participated in, her hair cascaded over her shoulder as she pressed her forehead to her knees. Her locks of hair were straight at the top, slowly forming into large waves and fading into perfect curls by the time they reached her hips. The girl clutched the red cloth around her, shivering against the cold.


"Bad day?" Kiser asked Anastasia as he leaned against the doorframe. "Wait, no, don't answer that. Good days don't happen for pessimists," he said with a smirk, pushing away from the wall and walking towards the IPAF leader. He loomed over her, being 6'3", a fact of which he was very proud of. Kiser stood closer to her than he needed to, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She was beautiful, and very, very sexy.

"Ana," he whispered against her ear, bending slightly to be closer to her lips. "I caught another Fey today. Type 4. He's in the holding room and speaking of rooms, I just moved into my new apartment. It has a very, very nice master bedroom," he teased, wiggling his eyebrows and laughing, pulling away from his dearest Anastasia.

"Something I'm not happy about," he began, raising a thick brow. "Is Chris. Remind me again why I have to deal with that idiot?" Chris was a new member of IPAF and his 'authorities' had insisted he be Chris' tour guide and mentor until he could be entrusted with IPAF's secrets and responsibilities. Chris was an idiot. Kiser raked his eyes over Anastasia's body, smiling slightly. He was not normally this flirtatious but pomegranate juice did that to him, as did Anastasia. Just as abruptly as he'd entered the room, his attitude changed. "Get me off the assignment," he growled with a scowl, folding his muscular arms over his chest, the lion's head tattoo over his bicep flexing as he did. "Chris is a kid."


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The second Yuki tried to lean on Azriel she felt a blunt object slams into her diaphragm. It was a motion that was made so quickly that it was nearly invisible to the naked eye. She wouldn't be able to tell if it was an elbow that hit her or something else, regardless it would keep her at a distance. He made no motion to attack her simply turned the constant scowl that was his face toward her before speaking coldly "I don't know you Fae woman and don't wish too... And no you may not join us." His tone had not changed, but one could feel anger in his voice. He had never been one to like people touching him in any manner by anyone. So when this fae girl decided they where some how close enough for physical contact. She was lucky he didn't decide to gut her there in the street. He had the means and the ability, the only thing stopping him was the large group of humans in the area. He had no intention of causing a stampede, however the moment he said the word Fae the people around them started to rush away from Yuki. A select few brave people decided to stay where they stood, it was unclear if they meant to hurt the Fae girl. He had only used the term because she saw fit to remind everyone he was a Vampire, it was only a fair trade to let them all know she was a Faery.

He turns when he hears the girl speak seeing her take the man's cloak then seemingly have a break down. He sighs lightly as the boy loses his grip on the light girl. "And now I have to hunt... how annoying." He leans forward and his body blurs slightly as he takes off toward one of the near by sky scrapers running along the flat surface of the outside walls of the massive buildings. The blood on his arm had moved to his feet, creating small spikes that dug into the walls as he ran horizontally along the buildings. The girl had already disappeared into the masses by the time anyone had a chance to react, luckily he could feel her blood pumping and was following her by heart beat instead of sight. He moved so quickly along the buildings that a human would have to be staring at the exact spot he crossed simply to catch a glimpse of him, following him with their eyes would be impossible. It would give him the appearance of teleporting to any onlooking human, reappearing whenever he slowed down enough for their eyes to catch him. It wouldn't take him long to find his prey, especially with her hear pounding so loudly on his radar. She seemed to be in shock, which he attributed to having just emerged from ice cold water. This would at least help warm her up.

Coming upon the alley she had taken as a safe place he made sure his entrance into the alley went unnoticed by staying stuck to a wall high above her. He simply observed for a moment to gauge her mental state before he moved around to one of the regular entrances. In his observation he had noticed the alley was a dead end. So he walked in from the street side, for two reasons. One it would seem more normal for him to not appear out of nowhere, and Two he wanted to be sure he would at least have a few moments to speak to her before she ran off again. It would be unfortunate if she ended up killing herself with cold simply because she had panic'ed. This strategy brought to mind why he was helping her, he really at this point didn't know. Usually he would simply let humans live and die as they pleased, only ending those he was hired to. Something was off in this case though, for some reason he felt compelled to help. It would require further thought later on.

He steps lightly into the entrance of the alley, moving in only a few steps before leaning on the opposite wall from her. This put a lot of distance between them so she would hopefully feel a bit safer, it also allowed the lights from the street to hit him so she could see him well. The blood on his feet had moved up to his leg where it couldn't be seen under his pants. He waited a long moment to let her notice him on her own, sitting quietly without making any move toward or away from her. He seemed to be staring at the wall opposite him instead of looking at her. He closed his eyes a few times even as if resting slightly. He didn't seem to have any intention of forcing her to do anything. After a long moment he leans forward and takes his long jacket off, revealing the bandages and leather belts that covered his arms. He folds it up a bit before holding it out toward her but still not looking at her "You can wear this if you want... Its probably a bit warmer than those strips of cloth." He was referring both to the cloak and the dress that proved useless when wet. "There is heat in these buildings, I actually live in this one." He reached up his other hand and knocked on the cement of the apartment building he leaned on. In her panic she had ran a long way but had circled on accident and come back a bit, ending up two blocks from where she had originally been. His tone sounded bored but some how still caring. It seemed he wanted to help but had no interest in weather she accepted his help or not so it truly was her choice.


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At the sound of Azriel's voice, Justin pulled himself away from the woman, the CPR had unintentionally become more of a kiss then a medical procedure. A small crack came from his neck as he turned to see who would interrupt him as he was trying to save this woman's life! He scowled almost immediately 'Why? Why does it have to be him?' A small shiver ran up the blonde's spine as he remembered their last encounter.

The wind was particularly strong tonight, much to Justin's discomfort. While his outfit was excellent at allowing him mobility and freedom, the cold breeze slipped right through the fabric. The thief shook his arms to get the blood flowing, who knows when they could come in handy. The only trace of his being was the faint footprints he left on the thin snow covering the roofs. A flock of birds, what species Justin couldn’t tell, erupted from underneath him as he vaulted over a low chimney onto the next building. With a few waves of his hand, the birds departed in a flurry of feathers. A small cut had appeared on his right thigh but it wasn't much of an issue.

As he reached the end of the building, Justin skidded to a stop, almost falling off the edge. Earlier that day, the construction company had destroyed his only way into the mansion in which the Blood Opal lay. Justin cursed, pressed his hand to his chin, and began to think. 'Dammit, that was my only way in. How can I get there now?' His eyes drifted down to the cobblestone sidewalk that was common in this part of town, it's individual stones reflecting a multitude of colors in the moonlight. The blonde thief grinned. He was a genius.

With a snap of his fingers, pieces of the sidewalk began to vibrate, emitting a low grinding sound. The sound intensified as four large pillars began to erupt from the ground, making a straight line towards the mansion. A wave of fatigue washed over Justin. Using these powers always took a lot out of him, though this time wasn't as bad as the last. Who knows? Maybe he's finally getting used to these new powers. He quickly hopped across the four platforms and released the flow of energy, causing the pillars to sink back into the ground. The only thing blocking him from the gem was the electronic locks on these windows. 'Feh, you'd think they'd upgrade their security. These locks are almost three years old!' He fetched a small brown box from his belt and attached it to the lock. The box blinked red once...twice...three times and....presto! With a small green flash, the window sprung open.

Once assured by his tremor-sense that no one was nearby, Justin pressed the other device attached to his belt. The camera blocker clicked and went to work, creating a small magnetic field around the thief. This would make it so any camera's he came upon would only catch a small disturbance in the air. As Justin made his way through the manor, he was amazed that someone could hang so many ugly paintings and photo's of themselves. The walls were literally covered in portraits of the mansions horrible owner. Eventually, the thief found his way to the parlor. Again, tremor-sense picked up nothing.

The parlor was a large circular room that was, like the rest of the house, covered in portraits. Seriously, how many does this guy have? Numerous chairs were spread out in front of the fireplace at that rested at the far end of the room. Right in the center of the room however, sat his prize. The Blood Opal was a deep green, covered in speckles of dark red. The flames bounced off it's surface, creating a myriad of colors much like a prism would. Justin smirked and strode towards the jewel. Maybe he'd give the money from this one to the girl on the street. That way she could finally buy a house to live in instead of crouching in that dirty alley.

Suddenly, a sharp pain sprouted from his right cheek. He gasped in surprise and touched his new laceration. Warm blood coated his fingertips. A crimson arrow buried itself in the chair closest to him with a resounding thunk, quickly melting into a small red puddle on the cushion. 'What? Tremor-sense didn't-' Another arrow flew towards it's target, whistling through the air at alarming speed. Allowing his instinct to take over, Justin dove behind the display case, the projectile missing his ear by a fraction of a centimeter and shattering the glass around the priceless gem. In less then a second, twin daggers filled the rogue's hands. He turned to face his assailant.

Azriel hung from the rafters of the parlor, his black hair pulled in front of his face by the force of gravity. Chains covered his dark clothes, giving him the look of a spirit sent from hell. The ball of blood swirling around him didn't do much to compliment his appearance. “Huh, I wasn't expecting a vamp bodyguard. This is getting interesting.” The vampire answered with a flurry of knives from the ball of bodily fluids. The thief's grin returned. This certainly was interesting. His daggers flashed as the bloody weapons bounced off the cool steel, melting upon impact. Two of them managed to bypass his guard however, opening two cuts on his right arm. Justin swore he could see a small smile on the vampire's lips. “I wasn't expecting you to be able to block my attack. This is going to be very interesting indeed.”

The assassin gracefully fell off the wall, the ball turning into a scarlet hand-and-a-half sword, and launched himself towards Justin. He barely had time to cross his knives to absorb the impact. The thief jumped backwards and skillfully hopped up the wall onto the rafters, keeping one eye on his opponent, the other on the Opal. 'All right, if I can just get to the gem, I can get out of he-' His thought was cut short by a sudden flash of red as the vamp brought his sword down above him. 'When did he-?!' Justin lurched to the side, the sword cutting through the rafter like butter. 'Shit, I'm no match for him. This guy's way too strong. I've got to escape now!'

Using all of his speed, the thief scooped the gem off the floor and plunged through the window, three floors above the ground. He snapped his fingers just as the vamp's head poked through the window. Justin smiled and gave him a quick salute. “Better luck next time!”. The ground opened, plunging him into the sewers below. The water splashed around him as he hit the waves, sending little hunks of fecal matter and god knows what else into the air around him. He ebbed the flow of energy, allowing the hole to close. The last he saw of the vampire, he was standing on the third floor smiling.


Yet here he was, helping him save this woman's life. Maybe he wasn't as bad as Justin had initially thought. The woman in his arms began to stand up on her own. Justin smiled, maybe she was alright after all!

Then she began to run away.

“Hey! What are you doing?!” He cried after the woman as he ran after her. She was going to die if she didn't get medical attention! "And now I have to hunt... how annoying." Justin frowned, “What do you mean by hunt? Don't you hurt her!” He started to run after them but quickly lost them in the crowd. He kicked at the snow in frustration. “That was my favorite cloak!” A puff of breath was visible in the frigid air. Even though he didn't trust the vampire, Justin was sure he wouldn't attack the girl surrounded by this many people. In fact, for some odd reason, he trusted him to keep her safe. The thief returned to the black haired fae, her weird tremor-sense readings making perfect sense now. Justin had nothing against the fae, in fact , he quite enjoyed them. Not only were they exceptionally beautiful, they always brought something new and exiting to the bedroom. He rested his arm around her shoulders and smiled. “Don't worry, he'll take care of her. Want to grab something to eat?”


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Yuki hopped away as the vampire rejected her, through a jab to her side and rather harsh words.
"I don't know you Fae woman and don't wish too... And no you may not join us."

The raven haired girl pouted slightly,sticking her tongue out at the vampire. "You're no fun." Also, what was with him bringing up her race? It was a bit annoying. She had mentioned his, but then again, most of the human population wasn't out to kill his kind, now were they?
She glared at the few passer-bys who had taken an interest in the announcement, daring them to try something, and most quickly kept walking. Stupid humans. Stupid vampires as well, while she was hating on races. Was this world really so corrupt, to the point where it damaged and changed the minds of all inhabitants? It certainly seemed that way. Most were so cold and uncaring, so self absorbed and deluded by what they thought kindness was.

Yuki had seen kindness. The Fae realm was a magical place after all. The air itself radiated beauty, the entire being of the realm radiated harmony, where everything managed to coexist in a delightful compression of chaos, into order. Where all Fae used to live, and no matter the resentment between any kind, nothing could ever happen that matched a simple day in humans cruelty.

Well, in Yuki's opinion anyway. And that was why she loved Earth.

The vampire and the human boy had both begun to run after the drowned-rat. Why? Yuki didn't see the point. She wasn't he Queen- That much was obvious. It had been naught but a mistake, surprise at a mortal nearly matching beauty of a Fae. She would cleanly freeze to death if they didn't interfere. Silly, silly beings. The Winter Fae grieved to think what her mind might become, lest she let herself become to involved with the humans. For now of course, she was content with her own purposes. She would linger wherever she liked, do what she liked. Even if that be just standing in the snow.

The wind was particularly welcoming. It carried with it a bitter cold, that sunk into her skin like another would enjoy a warm fire. She felt it's breathe caress her, and sighed pleasantly, flinching slightly when a cursed portion of warmth struck her shoulders. She almost felt the crackle as the hot made contact with her flesh, so cold it was past the point of frozen. She tilted her head to look at the human, who, despite the vampires declaration, didn't seem inclined to kill her. Or even avoid her. Actually, he seemed to be asking her on some sort of outing.

"Don't worry, he'll take care of her. Want to grab something to eat?”

Yuki ignored him, dropping some of her glamour. She had almost forgotten she had one crafted around her. Though it was relatively effortless, better to save the energy. She kept her wings glamoured, and continued the pretense of her human form. However, the fake clothes disappeared in a blink, leaving her once more in her white gown and bare feet. Who cared. The human she was with would offer slight protection against anyone who wished her harm, if not much. And, she'd managed to escape before, though, it resulted in having to make up a new glamour form, which was annoying. She quite liked this one. It was much like her true form, if exceedingly duller.

She turned her head to give the human a small smile. She didn't care if the vampire took care of the girl or not. He could drain her body for all Yuki cared. She was more concerned with finding the Queen. She had to be somewhere in the Earth realm. Just, where?
Though of course, her Lord the King didn't seem to have any pressing matters she needed to be involved in. This would be a fun distraction. She wondered how much cold this man could stand.

She reached up and entwined their fingers where his arm hung over her shoulders. Cold crept up his fingers, as she smiled sweetly, as if she didn't know what she was doing.

"Oh, sure," She said with a giggle, eyes following the other people on the road.So easy to chill under their silly jackets. "What do you think about a picnic?"


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Elena J. D'Angelo

Elena cursed softly under her breath as she slipped and nearly fell - again. Once again, she wondered if she'd be better off leaving and staying at home with a cup of hot chocolate, and postponing her date with Steven for another day. Despite the fact that Elena usually had total control over her movements, ice skating was not one of the activities she enjoyed.

Elena gave up and started to move towards the nearest bank. Without warning, she heard a soft crinkling sound, and froze. Cracks radiated from the ice, one zigzagging right under Elena's feet. Her first instinct was to step back, but she remembered that she was wearing skates, and didn't move. Though frightened, she stayed still, and surveyed the ice under her to see if she could make it out safely.

The ice exploded underneath her feet and a figure erupted from beneath the ice. Elena, however, didn't see the figure - she was busy trying to help herself. The crack underneath her had broken apart, and despite her best efforts to get away from the freezing water, Elena had fallen in.

She scrabbled madly for the surface, feeling her clothes drag her down with all the weight the frigid water had caused. The people around her hadn't even noticed - they were busy staring off at something else.

Thankfully, Elena was near the bank. After another minute of desperate struggling, Elena managed to grab solid ground and heave herself up, gasping for breath and coughing water out of her aching lungs. Kneeling with her palms pressed flat against the ground, Elena thanked the gods for her survival.

She noticed that she'd lost her MP3 to the river, but that was the least of her worries right now. Luckily, she'd left her precious manuscripts at home. If she hadn't... Elena shuddered to think what might have happened to her beautiful manuscripts.

Once she'd gotten her breath back, she sat down and rubbed a hand over her face. She was freezing, and knew she'd have to get somewhere warm soon if she didn't want hypothermia. At this rate, she'd probably already gotten a cold, judging by the sneezes erupting out of her at intervals. Blinking, she realised she'd lost her contact lenses too, so her eyes had returned from a cat's-eye green back to her normal brown. She hadn't had much makeup, so she looked fine - other than the fact that she was dripping wet, of course.

The ruckus around her had died down, Elena saw. She pulled her damned skates off, locating her boots and bag a few metres behind her. Lacing her shoes up, she straightened, only to find a pair of very familiar blue eyes that belonged to Steven, her boyfriend who was supposed to meet her.

A shock that had nothing to do with the water she'd just pulled herself out of ran through Elena. Steven had his arm around another girl's shoulders. Under any normal circumstances, Elena would've thought that dependable Steven was just supporting her - but the girl had her arms around his waist.

The moment Steven's eyes met hers, he broke the gaze with a guilty look. That was all Elena needed.

She marched up to him. "Look, Elena, I can explain..." Steven started uneasily. "There's nothing to explain. Have a nice life," Elena positively spat at him. "And one more thing." She yanked the promise ring he'd given her a week ago and threw it at him. "Screw you, Steven."

Whirling around, Elena strode away, trying in vain to brush away the angry tears that streamed down her cheeks. Unfortunately, the tears blinded her, and she walked straight into another couple, more specifically the brown-haired boy that had his arm slung around a girl who was obviously smirking under that blindingly bright smile.

The collision caused Elena to drop her bag. As her bag burst open, her belongings fell out and scattered themselves. "Damn the clasp," Elena muttered as she bent down to pick up her stuff, still wiping at her tear stained cheeks.


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Justin smiled at the beautiful black haired woman that stood beside him. She looked innocent and pure, like fresh snow. Her skin color seemed to match this observation. In fact, now that he noticed, she was showing a lot more skin then before. What had been clothing made to withstand the most biting cold was now reduced to a thin, glowing, white dress that hung gracefully past her knees. A tiny spot of crimson sprouted on his nose, tiny enough that anybody who saw it would think it was merely from the cold and not increased blood flow to his masculinity.

As her lithe fingers rested upon his arm, a chill began to creep its way into his flesh. It started from her fingers and slowly spread through his being. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling but an uncomfortable one. It was if she was leeching the heat from his body into the air around him. Still, he didn't want to offend her and kept his mouth shut on the matter.

"What do you think about a picnic?" Justin laughed and rubbed the arm she was holding. The cold was becoming stronger with every passing second but Justin didn't mind. She probably couldn't control it anyways. “It's a little cold for a picnic.” He flashed her another smile. “Although, from the way your dressed, you don't seem to mind.” Images of restaurant's flashed through his mind. 'Not Ulysses, much to expensive for a first date. Mcdonalds? This girl deserves much better then fast food! Hmmmm, how about-'

In a single moment, Justin's train of thought was derailed, caught on flames and plunged into the ocean as a sudden force hit his chest and knocked Yuki's hand from his own. The chill seemed to disperse from Justin's hand almost immediately, sending a wave of pain through his fingers as they filled with warmth once more. He looked down irritated at the interloper.

The thief's features softened almost instantly when he beheld the girl below him. The first thing he noticed however, was not the fact that she was soaking wet, nor the fact that she was collecting fallen items.

The thing Justin noticed above all others was that she was crying.

He smiled warmly at the girl and bent down to help her pick up her things. “Sorry, I should have been watching where I was going.” For the first time, Justin got a good look at the girl. Her deep brown hair was styled in a pixie-cut, something Justin was rather fond of. Her eyes shone a deep hazel, a very welcome contrast to the white that coated everything in sight. For reasons he couldn't explain, Justin loved that color.

Moving his eyes further down her body, only now did Justin see that the girl was, in fact, soaking wet. “Oh my god! Your soaked! Here, you've gotta keep warm!” Without a moment's notice, Justin stripped off his tunic and laid it upon her shoulders, his naked chest now fully exposed to the cold. Not that he cared. “Alright, we have to get you into some dry clothes or you'll freeze! My house is just a few blocks away. You can use my clothes until your feeling better.” The thief smiled again, as if he thought his smiles would give her new clothes, a blanket and a cup of coffee.

With a quick turn, attention was back on Yuki. A small twinge of guilt touched his heartstrings. He had promised her a date but something had just sprung up. “Sorry doll, looks like I've got some more pressing matters to attend to. Let's try again tomorrow, shall we? Same place same time? Perfect!" He clapped his hands, not waiting for an answer. With a few flicks of his wrist, the girl's bag was swung around his shoulder.

For the umpteenth time that night, Justin smiled, scooping up the wet girl into his arms. The girl was much colder then Justin had previously thought, though this could be because of his bare chest. She was breathing in controlled but ragged breaths. He didn't have much time before she began to pass out from hypothermia, or at least, that's what he thought.

To anyone else, this would be a very weird scene to watch. An already under-dressed man take of his shirt, give it to a girl, pick up that same girl and start running as fast as Usain Bolt down the street. However, Justin doesn't have these thoughts. Nothing is 'weird' to him. So the previously mentioned fact never occurred to him. The only sounds he heard were his own breathing and the heartbeat of the girl he carried so gently in his arms.


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#, as written by Layla

"Calm yourself, Raena," the man reasoned, his firm grip around her. Raena stuck out her lower lip and puffed out her cheeks, frowning unhappily as he continued to lecture her on her lack of orderly conduct. Somewhere along the second line, she'd pressed her palms to her ears and proceeded to shut her eyes and hum and lalalala. Gosh, he was no fun! Why did they have to take all these silly steps to do one simple task? She didn't understand and didn't want to. All she knew was - "I want my blue bunny!" she whined, crossing her arms over her chest and gruffly allowing Azriel to lift her down onto the ground, remaining perfectly still and begrudgingly unwilling as he did.

A few long moments passed before she stretched out her arms, reaching towards the Vampire as she tilted her head upwards as a spoiled and angry princess would. "You will carry me!" Raena wrapped her willowy arms around the man's neck, letting him tuck one arm under her knees and the other around her shoulders. "You are not amusing," she huffed as the kitchen came into view and she was set on her feet. "This is a ghastly room," she complained, roving the walls and its attached equipment with her eyes. She'd never been in a kitchen in all of her eternal life.

Raena circled the counter in the centre, arms crossed as she observed the rare mechanisms that decorated the shelves and tables that were... Attached to the wall? Raena looked at the gold-eyed creature over her shoulder, clasping her hands behind her back. His shirt hung loose over her slim frame, slipping over one shoulder to reveal soft ivory skin. "You are a Witch, of sorts? Is this your.... Cauldron?" she mused, running a finger along the rim of a cooking pot. "What is your name, CPR?" she asked, calling him by one of the first words she'd heard him speak.

She walked on the tips of her toes, looking as if she barely touched the ground. Raena stood before the refrigerator, examining the miniature 'door' closely. "Open," she commanded it. It remained closed. "Open," she repeated with a hint of frustration and puzzlement. Annoyed, she gripped the handle and pulled it hard towards her. A gust of cold wind tore at her skin as she yelped, jumping backwards onto the counter and crawling further back. "What sorcery is this?!" she exclaimed, gawking at the blobs within. After a few moments, she narrowed her eyes, inching closer to the refrigerator, lying in a frog-like position on the counter. The blobs were... "Food." Raena parted her lips in shock. "Your foods do not fly or glow! Are they unwell?"


Anastasia was amusing. As in, genuinely and absolutely amusing in an almost hilarious sort of way. "God, you're cute," he said under his breath, giving her a dashing smile. "Well, I know nothing that you don't tell me so see you tonight," he teased. "Ciao, guys." Kiser pressed two fingers to his forehead and jerked them outwards in a salute. Without a minute's pause in case someone tried to stop him, Kiser walked out, slapping Alistair on the back as he left.

When he was far enough from the group, he dropped the smirk, his face a mask of boredom and the lack of expression. God, keeping up the act was getting tiring. He had better things to do than hang around with NYC's IPAF operatives. He could've spent the time eating steaks and god, he didn't know, painting his nails. He walked down a maze of corridors to the containment facilities. He pressed his card to a scanner on a wall, there looked to be no doors but oh, there was. "Voice confirmation, please," an electronic voice spoke.

"I'm a sexy beast," Kiser said, chuckling at his own joke.

"Authentication verified. Welcome, Kiser Nathaniel Burntwood. Rank-"

"Yeah, yeah, that's enough. Let me in," he said, just as the wall slid open to reveal a hidden door. Kiser looked down both ends of the hallway before stepping in, the door behind him sliding shut. The hallway before him was brightly lit, both sides made entirely of glass. Kiser walked down the hall, paying the Fey that were within the rooms no head. Each Faerie was strapped in iron to what looked like an operating table, a dome of special glass covering their bodies. With their eerie beauty and frozen shut eyelids, it looked like some creepy adaption of Snow White. Their containers were filled with a transparent, thick liquid that would keep them unconscious and immobile but alive. It also healed all Fey wounds, something he supposed was a good thing.

This was the place he'd brought the Fey Rorgen and Leau had captured. "Room 600," he whispered to himself, standing before a glass door and observing the unconscious, blue skinned Fey within. A sensor picked up on Kiser's presence and a square of light appeared in the centre of the glass door. There was no sound as Kiser pressed his palm into the square of light and as the glass panel slid open without so much as disrupting the air around it. Kiser stepped into the room, the glass door closing behind him as all IPAF doors did to prevent unwanted infiltration of their facilities. Kiser strolled towards the glass case encompassing the blue Fey, tapping the password on a panel attached to its 'coffin'.


The glass dome slid open, sinking into the operating table as the liquid did, leaving the Fey exposed to the frigid air of the room. Needles were attached to its body, pumping Fey-tested sedatives into its veins, flooding its dichromatic blood. "Wakey, wakey, artichoke," Kiser whispered in the Fey's ear, blowing a gust of warm air into blue-boy's ear. "Howdy, mate. The name's Kiser and yours is...?" he began, pulling away from the Fey and pacing around the table it was strapped to. "Tell me all about this lovely monarchy of yours and that scythe wielding Capricorn, won't you? If you don't," Kiser paused. "I don't think you Fey are immune to electroshock, are you?" Kiser grinned. "Don't think all your other Fey friends were. And if that isn't enough, I've always wanted to try iron darts and Fey dartboards."


"Ah, push it! Push it good. Ah, push it! P-push it real good. Hey! Ow! Push it good!" Salt n' Pepper sang from the speakers of his iPhone 10. Bloody hell. Orpheus moaned, burying himself deeper into the mattress and the soft bodies of the two women whose names he could not remember and whose names he never would. Identities didn't matter, as far as he was concerned. All he cared about was the presence of appropriate body parts. Or not. He was always up for an unusual adventure.

Orpheus reached over the naked skin of a redheaded woman - an air hostess, if he'd remembered correctly - to fumble for his glowing iPhone. The room was incredibly dark which meant only one thing - either it was 3 freaking AM or the curtains had been drawn closed. Okay, that was two.

"Orpheus speaking, not speaking. Go away," he mumbled, pressing the phone to his ear. Every fraction of movement felt like another tear in his head, like someone was bowling with his brain. He didn't think he'd drunk that much last night, but then again, when did he not? He'd spent the past six months on Earth drunk and participating in questionable activities.

"We've found- " the raspy voice of a man who'd smoked one hundred too many cigarettes attempted to announce.

"Found what? Your manhood? Please, tell me more, tell me more. Does it have a car?" he sang mockingly as he crawled over the sprawled bodies.

"We've found Raena."

Orpheus stilled. "You are certain of this?" he asked, searching for his clothes amongst the scattered pieces of lingerie. There.

"Well, not really... But it looked like the woman you'd asked us to search for: white hair, freaky eyes, beyond beautiful. I saw her with my own eyes." Well, that wasn't very comforting. The man was ancient, like, practically 25.

"Where?" he asked, anyway. Orpheus pulled on his pants, hopping about as he held his phone between his head and his muscular shoulder.

"Upper New York Bay," came the reply. Orpheus tripped and fell onto the ground with a loud thump. "Uh, you okay, sir?" the voice asked on the other end. Orpheus groaned in reply, picking up his phone - which was surprisingly still in one piece - and rubbing his sore neck. Never, ever multitask with a hangover and a male body part. Bad, bad idea. Orpheus disconnected his phone, tucking it in the back pocket of his jeans as he stood, wobbling slightly. He found his black shirt discarded on a lamp and pulled it on, doing up the buttons. He doubted this was who he wished it to be; if she were alive, it would not be Winter. He knew, most certainly, that she would never let the world fall into such disarray if she were still... No, he didn't wish to think of it. He merely hoped to enjoy the last few months of his life before the world came to an end.

Minutes later, he found himself by the Upper New York Bay, scanning the crowds with little hope until he spotted a blur of... "Well, well, isn't this a surprise?" he mused, walking towards Yuki with a practiced smile. Orpheus bowed, taking the Winter Fey's hand in his and kissing the back of her palm. He raised his head, giving her a brief wink as he straightened himself. "Yuki, Yuki, quite contrary. How does your garden grow?" he teased, placing a hand on her lower back and edging her forward. "Walk with me," he said.

Orpheus was once a part of the Unseelie court, when the Queen had asked that he look after the 'disappointing Aerunia.' He'd spent many a millennium with the Unseelies and had grown rather fond of the beautiful Yuki, although, he was fond of everyone. As in, he liked to feel their skin against his and nothing more. He'd not spoken to another Fey in six months and now he acted as if he'd never disappeared. It appeared luck was with him today as not too far away was another familiar companion. "Tiggy." Orpheus beamed. Taking his hand from the curve of Yuki's spine, he took Tiggy's hand in his, kissing hers as he had Yuki's. "Ma fille la plus belle d'été," he said in his honeyed voice. My loveliest summer girl. He straightened himself, loosening his top button and running a hand through his flawless, strawberry blonde hair. He had two beautiful women of both Winter and Summer, oh, this would be fun.

"Now, where is our Queen?" he asked casually, throwing a nearby man who'd been staring at him a wink. Well, everyone was staring at him, or maybe them, seeing as they all looked to be heart-breakingly beautiful. But mostly him. Orpheus had been a 'favourite' of the Queen's when they'd been in the Faerie Realms. There were rumours of him sharing the Queen's bed, rumours he'd never bothered to deny. He had also been known as the 'Oracle of Darkness' or 'Orpheus the Calziel' as he'd been rumoured to be capable to conversing with the dead. Rumours, he also, had not denied.

Orpheus narrowed his eyes at the persimmon streaked sky; it must've been at least 5 in the evening now. "Guess the curtains were closed," he whispered to himself.