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a character in “How To”, as played by Sigma



I'm gonna tell you right now that this isn't so much of a tutorial than a list of words to use. I mean, that being so, I'm sure I'm not the only person who has times when they think they have been using an adjective way too frequently. Though, if this is not the right place for me to put this, feel free to let me know Rhia and I'll just get rid of it! XD

Anyways, so as I said there are times when it's felt like we've been using a specific word way too often.

Describing Emotion

Here's a simple graph you can view to find words that describe the kind of emotion a character is feeling. As you can see it starts at the center with the basic emotion and then branches towards the outline of the circle, getting more in depth with those emotions.

I also have the following three images that have more complex and specific emotions. Note that these images are cut off at the bottom. To see the ending of the explanation of the emotion that was cut off, view the image following it.
1 || 2 || 3

Tone of Voice

The final two images I have are words that describe tone of voice. So, instead of using the word 'happy' over and over again, you can try 'amiable' or 'jovial'.
The first picture addresses 3 different tones of voice/attitude: Positive, Negative, and humor-irony-sarcasm.
The second picture addresses 2 more tones of voice/attitude: Sorrow-fear-worry and Neutral.

1 || 2

So begins...

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