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Human trafficking

Earth, the year 2037


a part of Human trafficking, by Wicked_lullaby.


Wicked_lullaby holds sovereignty over Earth, the year 2037, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources: cults i found


Default Location for Human trafficking
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Earth, the year 2037 is a part of Human trafficking.

2 Places in Earth, the year 2037:

3 Characters Here

Faith [1] In le description
Thora Black [1] Once one of the best fighters aorund, now a fleeing pet-slave.
Victor [0] He is a warewolf master who bids on human rarities.

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1 Characters Present

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She kicked the Head down the stairs, leaving the rest of the body in the appartment.
"That." she said smiling. "Was refreshing"
Resheating her sword and putting back her right gun back onto her belt she walked down after the head, looking down at it as she stood next to it.
"Dammit, even dead they make me sick..." she mumbled displeased, taking forth her gun again, shooting another hole into the head, some blood splashing against her pants. "Better"
The she left the building, walking out toward the street, looking around the Ghost-town.
"Guess my Job's done then" she realiced happily and changed her shape into a shadow-wolf running down the streets, keeping to the shadows, soon dissappearing out of sight.

Her cave was hidden behind a bunch of trees and bushes, not waking anyones interest, keeping her 'home' hidden from curious eyes.
She entered the cave, fighting a way through the bushes, walking deep into the cave until she reached the end of it. It was pitch-black and normally she wouldn't have seen a thing, but thanks to her shape-changing ability her wolf-eyes showed her the small wooden trapdoor on the ground. She lifted it smiling and jumped down, landing on her own two feet again, in the same time as hearing the soft 'thud' of the trapdoor closing again.

After eating a nice meal of some mushrooms and a piece of deer-meat she laid down smiling on the thin blanket on the ground next to the fire. This hideout had once belonged to a bunch of smugglars that she had taken care of, and since the world had turned into hell she had moved down here. Untill now she had been lucky not having been detected by anyone to strong for her.
Thinking about it, she sat up, replaying the moment she lost both her parents, friends and dog. It had been just one day after her birthday, and she had been on her way home from a walk in the woods with the family-dog as the dog suddenly run off. She had chased after it swearing as it led her back to her village. That was standing in flames. The Shock had been big, but had only lasted short before it turned into anger. Running to her house with all she got, she bursted into the house, just to be greeted from the corpses of her family and friends who had come over for dinner, and two demons, covered in their blood. She had charged at them, thanking the teaching of her father to always have weapons with you. The demons underestimated her luckily and she took them down easily, Sadly the dog didn't make it, not really lifting her mood. The next thing she remembered was beeing caught, fleeing, beeing caught, fleeing and so on.
Shaking her head she lay down again. But only seconds again she stood up, taking some ammo before leaving the cave again.
"There's an slave-selling going on not too far away, that will surely lure a bunch of demons out" she smiled, reloading her gun as she took the first steps away from the cave. "Lets look if we can crush their little party."

It was dark. Maybe because it was late, but she didn't mind, she acutally prefered the night. she kept to the shadows as slowly sneaking along the walls where the bidding was taking place. It was pretty easy to sneak in using her abillity to change shape every time she passed someone, but the deeper she got in the building the harder it got to stay hidden and she soon found herself running form corner to corner in the shape of a spider, slowly sneaking into the bidding room, hanging from the ceiling looking around before lowering herself down onto the shoulder of the prisoner standing underneath talking into his ear.
"Hi there, If you want me to get your ass out of here please move your left thumb" she said calmly and turned her attention towards his hand, while the bidding had started probably some time ago.

(Since no one posted another bloody post I just wrote something....I hope this kicks the Rp back to life...^^")