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Human trafficking

The bidding hall


a part of Human trafficking, by Wicked_lullaby.

The place where all rarities are purchased

Wicked_lullaby holds sovereignty over The bidding hall, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources: cults i found


All bidding, selling, and trading of the rarities takes place here.
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The bidding hall

The place where all rarities are purchased


The bidding hall is a part of Human trafficking.

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Xander Smith [1] A shy, fighter when he wants to be.

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Xander looked up at the ceiling as his eyes began adjusting to the blinding light above him. His vision was slightly fuzzy and he found it slightly difficult to breath. He was used to his home, where the air was thin and easy to breath, but here it was thick and much harder to breath. There were four hanging lights from the white roof above him. They were in black lamp-like things hung by a thick wire with bright lights in the center of a half circle type thing. He groaned, why did his head hurt so damn bad? He blinked a few times, and began to come-to. Suddenly, the memories of what happened flashed back through his mind. He didn't want to remember anything, he would have rather been left without the memories. The way they came so fast and began destroying everything, his parents running and hiding, begging him to follow them. Everything hurt, he felt like such a failure for not being able to fulfill his duties of protecting his parents and his little sister. He refused to go with them, if he had they might still be alive. They caught a glimpse of him and rushed him. Of course, Xander had no idea that they were after him for his eyes. His village had never been raided before, and his parents spared him the details of the co-existing race. He tried to fight back, but it came to no use when they drugged him and drug him away. The last thing he saw as they took him was his sister being shot and falling to the ground. He shivered at the memory and blinked back the small amount of tears forming in his eyes as the memory filled his mind.

A few men, taller than himself were talking and laughing as they walked out of the room. They were obviously not human, their glowing and perfect skin was the first give away of that, followed by the swirl of colors in their eyes. One of them had violet eyes that had light blue swirls in it with light gold dots spread through out. The other, had sky blue eyes with green swirls and brown specks. Both of them had black hair. His head was pounding and he hurt everywhere, he lifted his shirt and revealed a large bruise covering most of his stomach. It was the real definition of black and blue, and it was by far the worst bruise he'd ever had. "Ouch." He whispered as he touched it softly. A small-framed woman approached him, he knew she was human. Xander had learned the technique from his father, on how to pick out human characteristics over non-human ones. It was obvious by the heavy circles that found their place beneath her eyes, and the tired look that coated her face. She also had green eyes that had no swirling colors in them, and her skin wasn't perfect. She gave a weak smile and began undressing him. Her lips were badly chapped, he guessed that whatever creature she worked for didn't take very good care of her. He didn't fight her, he saw her as no threat. She was just doing her job, he hoped.

There was no one else here.. He found that slightly chilling. It was rare in his life time that he had ever been all alone, or even just with one person. Everyone knew each other in his village, and ninety-nine percent of the people were close to each other. The room was small to super-natural standards, but still had enough room for more than one person. Hell, his house was only twice the size of this room and he had parents, a sister, and himself! He wasn't used to the plain white walls that this room possessed... The tile was cold, and just at that moment he realized he was barefoot. He sighed, and looked down, closing his eyes for a moment still trying to rid of the headache he had. Although he could never wish it upon another person, he silently pleaded that there was another person somewhere in here, just so he wasn't alone. The woman dressed him in a plaid button up top and black slacks. Xander had never seen such fine clothes before, as he was born in his village where they survived with what they could get and nothing more.

The 'man' that had been talking with someone else re-entered the room. His feet tapped loudly against the tile as he walked, his stride showed he had major confidence. Xander never really cared much for people who walked like that, he always thought they looked slightly like penguins. He smirked at the apparent improvements in Xander's appearance. The 'man' put handcuffs on his wrists and grabbed his arm, then lead him out into a hallway that had a view of a stage. The metal cuffs were pinching his skin and it hurt a little, but he ignored it. A few girls went up, all dressed in something stunning, but all possessing something he didn't see very often. Light eyes or light hair. He blinked, he had always known he had blue eyes, but never before had he thought for a moment that he'd be treated any different than any one else for having them. There were four people behind him in the line that was formed by the man that had lead him out here. Three of them were men, one with blonde hair, one with green eyes, one with blue eyes and black hair like himself. The girl, she was something he really had never seen before. She had blonde hair and green eyes. He was dumbfounded by the never-before-seen sight right in front of him. She was beautiful.

It took him a moment to realize that it was his turn to go out on to the stage. The stage was huge, it was made of light brown wood and had stairs in the center that all lead up to the stage. There were no curtains or anything super fancy like that but it was still pretty stunning to a person who had never seen anything like it. The chairs out in the crowd were just about full except for one or two, which told him they were all metal chairs. "Wow. The beasts can stand not sitting in luxury." He whispered to himself, not meaning for anyone to hear but the girl behind him apparently did because she giggled. Xander smiled shyly. She was wearing a small blue dress that went down to about her knees, and flowed out in ruffles. He smiled at her and she smiled back. 'What a shame, I have to be away from her, I could get with her' He thought, remembering the stories his father had told him about the way people used to talk. Xander sighed, remembering where he was. He really didn't want to be presented like this to the monsters that were out in the crowd. He was gently pushed out-wards to the stage so it just looked like he was walking rather than a harder push that would have made it appear as if he were stumbling. He held his hands together in front of him, and stared down at the stage.
"This is a rarity found in a forest village. Be aware, he will hold a gaze with his eyes." The 'man' said, looking over Xander again as if he were a prize. "Shall we begin the bidding at 500,000 cubics?" Xander looked up into the crowd... The creatures all smirked at him. What sick, sick things.