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Cassidy "Cass" Lachmann

"Like it or not, we're all nothing short of expendable"

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a character in “Humanity's Pawns”, originally authored by Gyrfledgeling, as played by RolePlayGateway




Those who fight for only themselves die alone with nothing, but those who fight for one another at least die with honor.


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Image♔ Full Name ♔:
Cassidy "Cass" Lachmann

♔ Nickname ♔:
Cass; no one has called her by her full name since she was a little kid and referring to her with Cassidy won't get much of a response*

♔ Age ♔:

♔ Gender ♔:

♔ Military Branch ♔: Survey Corps
Since Cass was very young she wanted to join the scout corp with her older brother Carston, who went missing when the wall fell. She always looked up to the scouts and their willingness to lay down their lives if necessary for their comrades. She joined the trainees in attempt to find her brother, but in vain. Denying the idea her brother never survived the initial invasion of has fueled her passion to protect those around her in the scouts. She placed fifth in the ten graduates and found her place among the scout regiment/survey corps.

♔ Romantic Interest ♔:

♔ Orientation ♔:

♔ Nationality ♔:
Both Cass's parents come from a long line off German blood. She was born and raised in the Karanese district but she would often venture outside the district wall to explore the outermost wall Maria. These trips were taken with her brother.

♔ Face Claim ♔:
Suzuha Amane | Steins; Gate

Image♔ Physical Description/Clothing Preference ♔:
* Cass stands at a thin 5'5 with slightly longer than normal legs and and arms weighing in at 118 pounds. Her chestnut hair she received from her mother's side is almost always tied in two braids draped over each shoulder. Her skin rarely burns or blushes and retains an eggshell white. A tone of cream color that compliments her sunflower-gold eyes. As for attire she wears typical drab clothing. A moss green t-shirt with bracken hiking pants and military boots are her most common ensemble.

♔ Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features♔:
* Cass being the little adventurer she was, got scratched and bruised fairly often as a child and her outward appearance reflects it. Her legs are lined with small fading cuts and with one long white scar stripes the back of her left calf. She also has a small mole in the shape of a leaf on her right collarbone.

♔ Type of Weapon ♔: Tactical Kohpesh (pair).
Cass's weapon transformation is a pair of silver Kohpesh with a leather wrapped wood handles. They are weapons used for
slashing and slicing and are tricky to fight with for an unfamiliar user.

♔ Personality ♔:
Cass was always a quiet kid. She stayed low in school with good grades and few friends, and nothing has truly changed since then. She doesn't speak often or if unnecessary. Her focus is on fighting or tactics 90% of the time, as she believes firmly that there is always a better plan of attack than the one taken. Despite this Cass has full credence and trust in her team and superiors, but if that trust is in any way broken, a slightly darker and critical side of herself will surface. In other words, she won't tolerate inconsistent people.

Cass is oriented in one overlying mission, and that's finding her brother. For this she often feels guilty as she doesn't like to put her own problems first. The rage and denial of losing him fuels her ability to apply herself when on the front lines of battle. The disappearance of her brother is mainly blamed on the broken wall and kinders an overwhelming hate of titans.

Image♔ Likes ♔:
- Well planned tactics; Whether she or another organized it, Cass greatly appreciates a smoothly planned operation
- Long missions; the more getting done, the better
- Alone time; giving her long periods to think and be with her thoughts
- (Even the thought of) Fighting/killing titans; there's joy in revenge after all
- Dreams; Cass views her dreams as an escape from the outside world and the fear plaguing day to day life

♔ Dislikes ♔: *
- Cass dislikes anyone who fights only for themselves, namely, the military police.
- The thought of her brother being dead; Also her greatest fear
- Fish
- Extended conversation; Cass gets annoyed with people who talk simply to talk
- Over-exitment; Adrenaline doesn't lend itself to maintaining her calm behavior

♔ Talents ♔: *
- Working hard/ Applying herself; Cass can achieve any task with enough time to think
- Balancing with the 3DDMG; Her steady build and relaxed demeanor give her an advantage on the 3DDMG
- Adapting to new situations; New things/surroundings have never intimidated her

♔ Flaws ♔: *
- Getting too angry; While she tries to keep things under control, Cass occasionally loses her temper
- Slightly anti-social; People have never been her strong suit
- Over committed. Cass sometimes applies herself to her work too much and gets irritable with others

♔ Fears♔:
- Dying for nothing; She couldn't be satisfied with death, not yet
- Living for nothing; More than anything Cass wants her life to mean something to reclaiming humanity
- Fear of never finding her brother; If she can't be reunited with her brother, Cass will never have closure, not how she sees it at least

♔Secrets ♔:
On the day wall Maria fell Cass and her brother Carston were outside of their district. The two often explored the surrounding landscape together and decided to visit their favorite spots before Carston was due to join the trainee squad. On that day her brother made a promise to Cass, that he would see her again, and the two would fight together and one day see the outer wall. Then he told her something he could never share with another soul, something that would change her life forever...


Image♔Bio ♔: Cass grew up in the Karanese district with her brother Carston Lachmann. They lived together with their adopted parent Miriam Albaker, a sweet older woman who took them both in when their mother died giving birth to Cass. As for their father, Cass never knew him and Carston's memories were faint. As she grew, her brother remained her closest friend. They would explore the outside outer edge of wall Rose and the surrounding forest whenever they got a chance, making familiar spots their own. Both would reminisce about joining the scout regiment before either of them was old enough. To Cass's disappointment Carsten left to join the trainees before she was eligible, and to her horror it was the day wall Maria was reportedly broken. Outraged at her brother for leaving her and scared she would never see him again, she joined the trainees once old enough in hope to find him. While she has yet to complete her mission, Cass still holds out hope of reuniting with Carston. In the meantime she occupies her time and emotion surrounding her brother with fighting the titans, whom she blames for her brother's disappearance.

♔ Other ♔:
* Both Cass and Carston always shared a mutual disgust of the military police for their common self-centered mentality. She herself finds it her duty to fight for humanity, and never for herself.

So begins...

Cassidy "Cass" Lachmann's Story

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Behind Wall Maria, and inside the Shiganshina District, is where the next attack was planned. Titans have already gone through the first wall and into the district known from long ago for its first attack from the Titans. How the wall opened, that's the mystery, but that mystery is one having to be saved for later because at the moment, the Shiganshina people have been evacuated to Wall Rose, praying that the Titans will not reach the next wall and kill everyone else, just like the others who were left behind.

But thats where our heroes come in.

Currently, all soldiers are gathering in their barracks, inside of the Shiganshina District, where most the Titans are located, getting ready for battle with their partners at their side.

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Cass sat motionless outside the barracks next to the gas tanks. Her chestnut hair was loosely tied in her usual two shoulder length braids. The gas-cans hugging her maneuver gear were long since filled, but she couldn't find the strength to pull herself from the ground. Others came and went, emotions in their eyes ranging from horror to ignorant excitement to utter disbelief as they filled their 3DDMG with the gas almost necessary for survival. Cass had sat down to regain her usual calm behavior, hoping that the morning sun and clean air would help her heart rate regain normal patterns, but it didn't help. Her sunflower eyes opened to view a deep blue sky with wisps of cloud mingled in, it calmed her slightly.She observed her surroundings. The second she did so an acute tightness in her stomach made it's presence known. All around her were soldiers, her fellow soldiers, bustling around with the same nervous mentality as was to be expected. Some were pacing, others crying and a select few had no emotion whatsoever. Just blank faces among a sea of moans and whimpers. just to think.. The newly appointed soldier's eyes drifted beyond the crowd of frantic humans The cause of all this mess are within this wall digging for far can they possibly b- Her thoughts stopped dead. Past the barracks and homes and markets that once belonged to people now trampled, eaten or relocated like herself, was a massive bare form swaying with huge lumbering steps. Cass strained her eyes and sucked in a sharp breath. God..they're close. At that moment she snapped to conscience and felt sick. She dug her nails into the dust at her sides, barely gripping reality What would Carston say?Memories of her brother flashed before her eyes.


Cass saw herself laying in a patch of grass and wildflowers. Wall Rose towered over not feet from where she lay. The warm breeze and sun kissing her skin seemed almost real. A figure with brown hair and chocolate eyes lay next to her in old working pants and a torn gray shirt, observing the clouds. He was taller by comparison but the pairs faces were nearly identical to one another. A brother and sister alone outside the walls confining them. “Hey Carston?” she spoke softly after many quiet minutes. “Hmm?” he replied in a lazy tone. “Why are you joining the trainees? I mean.. I know why but, why do you have to leave?” The brother sat up, giving his younger sister full attention. His eyes had a sudden seriousness to them that Cass could never forget. “Do you see this wall Cass?” he pointed up to the second of three walls protecting every known human being “We are the only ones left. And that's how it's going to stay unless we work as a unit, instead of single people. I can't stand here and decide that my problems come before anyone else and neither should you.” Cass sat intently listening to every passionate word that fell from her brother's lips. “ I really want well.. my life to mean something, like one less titan or even a saved life. So to answer that question, to mean something Cassidy. I want to change this prison we were born into for the better.”
Those words held place in Cass and echoed in her mind long after that day. The last thing she saw of her brother was his hand in a crowd off people boarding a ferry waving her a final goodbye. The next day she was shaken awake by her adopted mother for the news. Titans have broken the wall.


Cass heaved herself up on wobbly legs sore from sitting since the sun rose. She brushed the dirt off her pants. The thought of her brother gave new life and her fear melted away.I won't die here, not today. And especially not without Carston at my side. Other soldiers were gathering in an unorganized mass and she slipped between them. Her partner had to be around somewhere. Silvester was his name, but she didn't know much else about her handler. Throughout training he was quiet and focused on his fighting, but so was Cass. She could say that she liked him as a partner, he seemed adjusted enough but always a little too distant. Sometimes she had to yell to get his attention. Cass searched the clearing. She was nearly deafened by the number of people screaming their partners names. How can a pair that has trained for months on end still not know how to find one another? I guess I'm one to talk. Cass thought to herself. She weaved through the crowd and noticed something. Freezing where she stood and leaning down, she noticed it again. A vibration, like a boulder was being hurled off the wall and crushing the earth below it. It came again, and again each time sending a shiver up Cass's spine. “Tho- those are...footsteps?” someone close to her practically shrieked. “Yeah” Cass mumbled bluntly. She turned and started trotting to the barracks, hoping to find her missing counterpart there. Her trot broke into a nervous run and for whatever reason she looked over shoulder to see the crowd. Just as she did so a force threw her balance and brought her to the ground in a plume of dust. Regaining consciousness, Cass's eyes flew open and there standing before her was a female figure with ebony black hair and piercing eyes. The look on her face was of both surprise and annoyance. Cass stood and said a quick halfassed “Sorry about that” and continued with her mission. The girl had seemed familiar Lyra, I think . She simply stared as Cass ran away from the scene without a single measly word. Then it came to her and Cass was suddenly overcome with embarrassment for not knowing How could I forget, that Lyra, she ranked #2 in training.. The barrack door flew open and Cass walked in as casually as possibly, searching for any familiar faces. She noticed some from training, but not Silvester. She searched unkempt beds and crowded halls, but to no avail. All the while the vibrations got louder and shook more and more dust from the rafters. Cass felt a sinking feeling that if she didn't find him soon she would have to go alone. “Dammit Silver, where are you?!”she yelled internally.

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The sound of the giants footsteps vibrated the ground of the barracks, it was almost impossible to ignore.
Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump
It seemed more like a reality than a dream, no matter how hard he wished for it the sound, the vibrations, would not go away. It was get closer and closer by the second.
Thump, Thump, Thump, Thu-
Snap out of it!

Silvester opened his eyes. Around him people were running, almost like they had no sense of direction. He could hear the sobs and cries of people next to him. Though, some people looked like they were about to have the time of their lives. All of this only accomplished confusing him even more. 'Oh wait..' It finally came to him. The Titans have broken into the wall. The thought seemed to escape his mind for some reason. He was sitting outside, among the others getting ready for battle. His eyes scanned through the crowd. It occurred to him that he might never see any of these people again, but isn't that the risk he took when he decided to join the military?

Almost as if he snapped out of the daze he was in, he stood up nonchalantly. There truly was nothing to be worried about, at least in Silver's case. This is what he signed up for after all. The air-filled gas tanks were heavy as he stood up. His eyes scanned over the heads of the crowd once more, this time he was looking for his partner. Given how tall he is, it should've been quite easy, but he couldn't seem to find that odd head of chestnut hair that always seemed to stick out.

Silver stood there for a while, trying to put his natural deduction skills to good use. It was obvious that Cass isn't in the courtyard, so their would be only one more logical place to check. Barracks. Weaving his was carefully through the crowd of frantic soilders, all while covering his ears to keep him from going deaf from all the noise. Once he reached the barracks he leaned forward slightly to enter the door before he stood upright again. Silver was easily able to spot his partner out of the rest of the people inside of the building.

He casually walked over and tapped her shoulder to get her attention. "Yo, you ready to head out yet? Or are you still preparing?" Silver said with a small smile on his face.

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#, as written by Ever

ImageThey are...scared.. That was the only thought the doll-esque girl could conjure up, her expression one of vacancy, of stoical bearing for what was to come. Padding through the outskirts of the barracks within Shiganshina, there was an odd sense of surreality to the raven-haired soldier compared to that of the frantic bustling her peers exhibited, nerves high. In fact, one might even say the tension was to the point of suffocation that one would have to be robotic, inhuman, not to join in on the throng. Yet, Lyra wasn’t even remotely was just a nuisance paired with an oddity. Giving a quick sweep of crowd surrounding her, it was the same in every person’s gaze; fear and uncertainty. But then again.. I guess they have every reason to be As if on cue, vibrations of the approaching brutes rattled the grounds, windows on the nearby houses responding violently to the disturbance. Wasting little time in professing their feelings, choruses from her left rang with quiet yelps and suffocated sobs, from her right being sharp gasps and proclaims of ”Oh...g-god..!”. And yet, for what just occurred, Lyra wasn’t shaken..hell, she didn’t even seem bothered by the idea of those towers of flesh closing in on their location. Giving a finalized sigh and one last lingering glance at her peers, the Survey Corp member continued on with her leisurely walk, silently taking bids on who was going to hold out until sunset.

As she travelled closer and closer to the hearts of safety, that pressing atmosphere noticeably lessened, people far more less edgy..though still a far cry from joviality. Even more importantly, people here were far more interested in each other, in how another stood out. As if proving this line of thought to herself and comrades, Octavia made it a point to connect her crimson orb with every stare that was directed towards the medical gauze patch, towards her signature feature. Though, the true gall rested within the individual’s reactions once they were caught staring; some were flusteredly embarrassed and others just kept staring in a wide eyed stupor. Giving a shake of her head, the chin length tresses catching a slight movement from the air cushion below, another sigh was expelled in exasperation. Consumed with her disbelief and ongoing assessment of ‘humanity’s only hope’, it was needless to say that her attention to what was in front of her had long since deteriorated. As such, it was a mild shock to her system when another body collided with her own, the latter falling prey to gravity. Halting her footsteps, Lyra’s stance immediately went on a defensive annoyance at this girl’s carelessness, that scarlet gaze slightly narrowing in discontentment as it honed in on the offender. This girl…..she’s Cassidy Lachmann… Ranked 5th, Scouting Legion recited her inner conscious with perfect fluidity, her piercing stare trailing after the fleeing girl once the pathetic excuse of an apology was said. Not seeing the use in tracking her down and forcing the ash-haired girl to be more heartfelt, Tavia merely gave a small tsk and continued on with her stroll.

Nearing the center of the barracks, the section in which the cannisters on the 3D Gear were reloaded, it took the royal a few moments to recognize the quakes and how they were growing with exponential intensity. A frown playing on her rosebud mouth, Tavia unconsciously kicked her pace into a higher gear, a sudden thought of Seto flickering into her forefront attention. Seto…. I..I hope he is ok.. whispered that inner voice once more, only this time holding a palpable concern. Scanning the crowd in a mixture of anxiety and confusion, the weight of her time away from her partner now sinking in, Octavia could feel a pressure on her lungs to breathe. It was always like this whenever she was separated from Ari… she would go into a daze then awake to a nightmare. Damn it Seto...where are you!? As if feeling her telepathic calls, the golden haired male’s voice broke through her heart racing moment, his tone soothing her anxiety instantly. ”Lyra!” Rushing towards that voice, the soldier could only manage a small smile seeing him fully geared up, his eager attitude radiating off from his stature. ”Sorry...Seto.. I again. But I’m here now.” With her smile broadening in that familiar way, an expression only displayed whenever her best friend was near, Octavia glanced back over the tanks. Nodding at him to follow her, Lyra busied herself with refueling her cannisters, her feathery tone drifting out in casual conversation. ”So….are you excited for today..? Or are you worried..?”

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"What- Hold on a moment!" Earl nearly doubled over as he felt Hiro grab onto the back of his shirt, pulling him towards her and away from the general that had left the barracks. He groaned, annoyance filling his every feature as he stopped and did not turn back. Taking a deep breath, Earl shook his head as if shaking off a thought. I need her- she’s my partner. Can’t let her die or kill her just yet. But his crimson eyes said elsewise as he turned to look at the blue-haired girl, his eyes tired and pronounced with something close to hatred- but it was marred with something else, something close to a sort of caring, one that Earl had refused to recognize for a very long time. "You can't expect me to walk there, can't you? Come come," Before Earl could say anything, the girl had already partially transformed into a glaive without waiting for Earl’s reply to her beckons, causing another sigh to escape from Earl as he looked at her with weary eyes. "Well?" She held her hands out, as if beckoning Earl to pick her up- which she was doing, of course. Great. Not right now. But it was not like his partner would be able to hear his inner thoughts. "Unless, of course, you'd like to carry me, that's fine too. But I'm only carried princess style, for your information."

With that, Earl slapped his hand on her forehead hard and then kept his hand on her forehead, as if to push her to the ground. “Stop transforming, God damn it, you know I hate it when you reveal your weapon form to others.” Without a second word, Earl picked up the girl in the exact way he had always done since the first day they had been partnered together- in his arms, princess-style. Ignoring the whispering and eyes of the other trainees who had somehow had enough time to calm themselves down to gossip, Earl walked through the crowd and out of the barracks, his tanks already filled with gas and his weapon in his hands. “Don’t move- if you do I’ll toss you on the ground and leave you there.” He said angrily, his face annoyed as he glared down at Hiro through the corners of his eyes. Why did I have to get the useless partner! Earl thought, but there was no answer to his question. For some, the question was a no brainer: Hiro had ranked 7th in their regiment though she was held back by her legs. For Earl, the question was much more complex: take her ranking as the full scope of her powers or base it on the fact that she could be extremely annoying from time to time? It doesn’t matter now- giants! His mental reminder for himself sent shivers down Earl’s spine and a smirk to once again form on his face. “Keh!” He spat again on the ground, turning his head in a wide angle so as to avoid Hiro’s legs. Finally! The word had been raging inside his mind ever since they had been called to the barrack’s- and now they were to be the first on the frontlines due to their high ranks during graduation.

Earl eagerly stepped out of the disorderly barrack and into the nearly empty grounds. The sound of breaking buildings and havoc could be heard from the army academy grounds that Earl now stood on- with Hiro still tightly held in his arms. For some, this instilled fear; For Earl, it only increased the size of the smirk that had been on his face. However, as Earl stood with his head turned to a side, his eyes roamed towards the four figures that stood in the center of the grounds, their hands behind their backs, staring at the 40 trainees that slowly straggled out of the barracks. Quickly, he wiped the smile off of his face and walked over to the four figures, standing but two meters away from them, in the placement he had been given ever since those few years ago. First. Shared! Earl glared at his compatriots before standing at the farthest left spot, his teeth gnashing together though the lack of Scar Bellerose and her partner gave him a sense of tiny triumph. Tardiness equates to uselessness! He laughed out in his mind, directing the thoughts at Scar Bellerose, though she definitely would not be able to hear Earl’s thoughts.

“Just stay in my arms, don’t move.” Earl said, not looking at Hiro as he turned to look at the four figures- one female and three male- standing at the head of the relatively small group that now started to form in front of them. But they did not start debriefing the trainees yet- most of the top 20 and their partners were still stuck in the rowdy barracks, though Earl had no idea why they were trying to avoid the chance to go and fight the giants. “Come on…” He muttered unconsciously, glaring at the open barrack doors, waiting for other trainees to slowly stream out so that they could head straight for the invading giants without delay. A cough distracted Earl from his muttering, as a man- the general for the Survey Corps stepped forward, his eyes harsh as he glared at the gathering trainees.

“We cannot wait any longer, let the others come afterwards; we must go and provide assistance to the men already out there fighting the giants.” A loud sound of a building collapsing cut through what the man was saying, but he looked unperturbed. Finally! Earl’s mad cackle mingled with the loud, cacophonous noise of bricks and stones hitting the ground- but no one heard. They were all too busy controlling their own fears and wishes, too busy making sure that they stayed sane in this land of sheer madness.

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"I want those whom ranked top 20 in the 147th legion of the trainee class to stand forth along with their partners. We will need you immediately at the front line."

"Okay people! Let's go! Let's go!

Seto readied his tanks, but silently cursed. Where was she? His partner? Now that all the humans were gone along with Meisters, there were really only Weapons left. And if one had no partner to wield, it'd be useless to head out there alone, and would be distinguished as, basically, suicide. Weapons were powerless without their own Weapon, and Seto had come to realize that, which is why had had only been getting ready, but hadn't exactly run up to join the others when called, 'Where'd she go...' He sighed and ran his hand tiredly through his hair. After all, he didn't get much sleep before after being alerted that it was their time to finally show off their skills.

Most people would begin crying, writing their farewell notes, praying that god would save them, not that it would matter... But Seto was waiting for this moment. Perhaps not quite excited, but not scared or apathetic either. Just... looking forward to it. But then again, there was also her, who's words still stayed in his mind just before she died; 'I hope they kill you.' Her ghost still haunted him, even as an adult now. His mother's words and shadows never left his thoughts, even in the most dire moments. But maybe that's what kept him driven to not hold back in the battlefield.

”Sorry...Seto.. I again. But I’m here now.” Seto looked up from his thinking and saw Lyra, his partner, childish friend, and even someone he took interest in, smiling at him.

Seto let out a sigh filled with relief and stood up normally, as he was sitting down before, and said, "You took awhile.. It got me nervous for a second that you suddenly ran off or something. Well... I guess it doesn't really matter. You're here now and that's what matters."

”So….are you excited for today..? Or are you worried..?”

For a moment, there was a flash of his mother's dying and horrifying face and then Seto snapped back to reality, rubbing his forehead while in a daze. However, he tried not to show it too clearly when he said, with his normal voice, "Neither... actually. I mean, I guess I'm sort of looking forward to it, but then again-" He paused, then shook his head, "Yeah, I'm looking forward to it." Seto quickly ran a check on his gas tanks, almost looking a bit anxious, before looking back at Lyra, "You're ready right? We should get going then, everyone's lining up." He said and grabbed her hand before walking towards the line of the other soldiers, lining up with them just as they did.

Seto was a very confident young man, and stood tall next to the others, looking forwards with a stern expression, "You ready?" He whispered over to Lyra.

“We cannot wait any longer, let the others come afterwards; we must go and provide assistance to the men already out there fighting the giants.”

"Scratch that." Seto said, grabbing Lyra's hand once more, but then, and suddenly, shifting into a pair of dual hooked swords, "We're heading out now."