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Leonardo Adams

"The truth is...What was I going to say?"{MWIP}

0 · 693 views · located in Shinganshina District

a character in “Humanity's Pawns”, as played by Leej10100




Sorry...I'm not listening.


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β™” Full Name β™”
Leonardo Adams

β™” Nicknames β™”
Adam | Leon | Leo

β™” Age β™”
19 Β½

β™” Gender β™”

β™” Military Branch β™”
Adam never cared enough to join any of the three branches. Titans, For Humanity, and so forth were never an interest with him, even after his little sister was eaten by a Titan he felt nothing. It wasn't until his Parents requested him to join the Military Police, that he involved himself in this...whole caper. Though when in the Military Branch he felt even more detached from Humanity, he went everyday staying safely in the walls, while the others fought. It wasn't like he cared about this fact, but it was sort of dissatisfying in a way. Though his boring life changed when he met Maya Poveda, his current partner. Seeing her fighting and mannerisms peaked Adam's interest, which never happens. From there Adam became attached to Maya in a way; enough for Adam to leave the Military Corps, greatly to his parent's disapproval, so he could go along with her to the Survey Corps. There he ranked 30th place, just so he wouldn't attract attention to himself; also so that he would be closer to Maya. Adam still has no interest in the whole "Saving Humanity" thing, but goes along with it because Maya seems into it. He has stopped talking to his parents, but sees them whenever he passes by the Military Police; of course they just give him glares.

β™” Romantic Interest β™”
Adam doesn't really get the whole "Love" concept. He was never one to fall in love, or form strong attachments, especially after he lost his sister. Than he met Maya. He can defiantly say he currently holds no romantic feelings towards anyone, including Maya. But he does hold Maya very highly in regards to he has never cared about anyone else, not even himself.

β™” Sexuality β™”

β™” Nationality β™”
2/3 British; 1/3 Chinese || Adam has a very distinguished British accent, which comes from his Mother's side. His Japanese blood; which comes from his Father's side, is outwardly seen instead of heard like his British blood. Adam is extremely fluent in other languages, but his accent is strong enough to be detected through the others. Though since he rarely speaks no one knows this, except Maya. Adam is one of the lucky, or pampered few who come from the Mitras District which is located in the innermost part of Wall Sina.

β™” Face Claim β™”
Kurokichi Kagenui | Shirokuro Kitan

Image Image Image
Image Image Image
Image Image Image
β™” Physical Description/Clothing Preference β™” *

β™” Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features β™” *

β™” Type of Weapon β™”
Bull Whip ||

β™” Personality β™”
(Please try to make flaws in their personality. Think about characters in the anime- they all had moments when they were scared out of their mind and couldn't move, etc. At least make their personality in battle somewhat realistic)

Imageβ™” Likes β™”
βœ“ Strawberry Milk | His Scarf
βœ“ Maya Poveda | Not Speaking
βœ“ Warmth | Reading | High Places
βœ“ Brightly Lit Places | Noise | Sleeping
βœ“ Animals | Flowers
βœ“ The Sky | The Clouds | Rain

β™” Dislikes β™”
βœ— Cold Weather | Snow
βœ— Dark Places | Absolute Silence
βœ— His Parents | Titans | His Past

β™” Talents β™”

β™” Flaws β™”

β™” Fearsβ™”

β™”Secrets β™”:
βœ„ He was the cause of his Sister's death, and the loss of his left eye.
βœ„ TBA

Imageβ™” Bio β™”
Brief! We'll learn more about them during the rp! Plus, the more secrets, the better!

β™” Other β™”: *

So begins...

Leonardo Adams's Story

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Behind Wall Maria, and inside the Shiganshina District, is where the next attack was planned. Titans have already gone through the first wall and into the district known from long ago for its first attack from the Titans. How the wall opened, that's the mystery, but that mystery is one having to be saved for later because at the moment, the Shiganshina people have been evacuated to Wall Rose, praying that the Titans will not reach the next wall and kill everyone else, just like the others who were left behind.

But thats where our heroes come in.

Currently, all soldiers are gathering in their barracks, inside of the Shiganshina District, where most the Titans are located, getting ready for battle with their partners at their side.

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Maya Poveda stood in the back of the room, eyeing every single human and weapon in sight with eyes that said nothing about her intentions, thoughts, of emotions. She simply sat there, getting her gas for the war just outside that building, and watched everyone, studying how they reacted when they were called upon, from the Military Police, Survey Corps, and Garrison, to fight Titans for the first time. They had all had their share of hearing the stories of these giant humanoid creatures that ate nothing but humans. Of course, these were all stories as they grew up. Yes... just stories, nothing else.

Until now.

Maya began to glare and frown at those who wore the Military Police badge and scowled a bit, making a face of disgust. She turned away, then realize what ugly expression she was making and calmed herself down to her normal and focused look. The thought occurred to her suddenly, and she tried to shoot it out of her mind before anyone could take a guess and ask what was wrong. No... it wasn't a thought. It was a memory.


She was there and watched them trampled people under their feet unknowingly and destroy buildings without paying any attention to the damage they were doing. A seven year old Maya, staring down at the Titans killing people from her district left and right, was standing on top of Wall Rose with the other few survivors who had somehow managed to escape. She didn't feel sad knowing that her parents were somewhere down there, nor that all those people were dying. She didn't feel anything. She just watched with wide eyes. However, while there was no sadness, or pity, there was horror in her eyes when she watched.

There was a couple, husband and wife, standing behind her and crying over the strangers that were dying beneath them while they stayed safe. Maya approached them at that time, short and little Maya, and looked at them, the same eyes watching their crying faces, 'What's there to cry about?' She asked horribly, 'They're bad people. They really are, if you understood what they did and how they acted and what they thought of the rest of us. There's nothing to cry about.' She said and the couple cried even harder.

It was true though. Maya hadn't quite seen the worse of the Titans, but had seen the worst of humans, and it had scarred her ever since.


Maya let out a deep sigh and hung her head back, "They're bad people..." She very quietly repeated to herself and wiped the sweat from her forehead as she got back to changing her gas tanks. There was a banging and people of all ages in the building shrieked. Hell, she even heard the ones from all the way across the room, "They're all so loud..." Maya murmured with pity for them and continued focusing, also wondering at the same time, 'Where's that Leonardo Adams... We're going to be let free of this damn building and I'll be at a lost towards what to do if I'm the only one without my partner...' Again, she sighed and let her head hang boorishly.