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Maya Poveda

"I'm not doing you a favor. I only helped you simply because one day you'll have to repay me for that." (WIPPPPPP)

0 · 841 views · located in Shinganshina District

a character in “Humanity's Pawns”, as played by Sorararun




If you can't carry yourself, than I will. But don't get me wrong, this isn't an act of kindness or courage. I'm merely making it so that you owe me in the future.


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ImageImage♔ Full Name ♔: Maya Poveda

♔ Nicknames ♔: Mai ; Veda

♔ Age ♔: 19

♔ Gender ♔: Female

♔ Military Branch ♔: Maya always wanted to join the Survey Corps, and purposely ranked 32nd place so she wouldn't have to steal a spot from someone else who would want to belong to the Military Police. She debated between the Stationary Guard and Survey Corps, but upon learning about the outside world, she went with the obvious choice.

♔ Romantic Interest ♔: N/A

♔ Sexuality ♔: Demisexual

♔ Nationality ♔: 1/3 Spanish 1/3 Chinese 1/3 Native American | Maya comes from the Shinganshina district

♔ Face Claim ♔: Alphard Alshua | Canaan

ImageImageImage♔ Physical Description/Clothing Preference ♔: Maya, surprisingly, and unlike most women her age, has a very strong figure. She has muscles, though not disgustingly large for a female, and is obvious to carry a lot of strength with her. Unfortunately, she's not very light, so she is unable to move as fast as others may. Maya is quite tall, standing to be 5 feet and 7 inches tall, but weighs 137 lbs. She tends not to dwell too much on this though since strength is all she needs in her opinion. She clothing she tends to wear outside of her battle outfit is very revealing. Maya is very sensitive to heat and doesn't fare well even in spring, so she wears a crop top, sometimes a light trench coat over, and a pair of loose jeans so she can move easily.

♔ Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features ♔: Maya has a birthmark on her inner right thigh, though its very small and often goes unnoticed. She has no piercings, but the large tattoo that runs down her left arm covers for that. Of course she has plenty of scars, but the only

♔ Type of Weapon ♔: As a weapon, Maya is a viking battle axe, being large, but light enough to be held in one hand, and an efficient weapon for killing Titans.

♔ Personality ♔: Maya is known to be the same person, in and outside of battle. Overall, Maya is very independent and apathetic. She acts like she cares little to anyone or anything, not quite being rude, but just very... uncaring. Someone may be starving from not having any food, and she'll give them hers, but she won't say 'Your Welcome' after they say their thanks. She simply declares that they'll owe her something else one day and leaves it at that. In this way, she can seem very manipulative, but that's never the case. Maya has good intentions, deep down, somewhere in that cold blooded heart of hers.

During battle, there are practically only two expression you'd see Maya make; no expression and smirking. Maya is a very prideful and confident person. She knows her limits and will never push them to impress someone other than herself, and maybe, on some occasions, her partner. She isn't quite bothered by the idea of death or Titans, already knowing what's coming for her one day in the future and knowing how she'll end up. Because of this, she always appears to be very calm and level headed during battle, even in the worst situations, but her emotions inside are always mixed and confused, and sometimes, those emotions aren't just entirely made up of fear.

ImageImageImage♔ Likes ♔:
✓ Battle
✓ Training
✓ Quiet
✓ The Feeling of Rushed Air
✓ Her Comrades
✓ Being Able To Trust Someone

♔ Dislikes ♔:
✗ Untrustworthiness
✗ Gentleness
✗ Weak People
✗ Those Who Can't Speak for Themselves
✗ Heat
✗ Titans
✗ Dumbness

♔ Talents ♔:
♛ Usage of 3DDMG
♛ Wielding a whole range of weapons
♛ Strong

♔ Flaws ♔:
♝ Stubborn
♝ Independent
♝ Reserved
♝ Prideful
♝ Switching into her weapon form

♔ Fears♔:
☠ Screwing up
☠ Mistakes
☠ Inferiority
☠ Death in general

♔Secrets ♔:
✄ She's seen the Titans up close with her own eyes, and only as a child
✄ She is secretly planning something behind everyone's backs
✄ Her parents are alive, despite the lies she tells everyone

ImageImageImage♔Bio ♔: Brief! We'll learn more about them during the rp! Plus, the more secrets, the better!

♔ Other ♔: *

So begins...

Maya Poveda's Story

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Behind Wall Maria, and inside the Shiganshina District, is where the next attack was planned. Titans have already gone through the first wall and into the district known from long ago for its first attack from the Titans. How the wall opened, that's the mystery, but that mystery is one having to be saved for later because at the moment, the Shiganshina people have been evacuated to Wall Rose, praying that the Titans will not reach the next wall and kill everyone else, just like the others who were left behind.

But thats where our heroes come in.

Currently, all soldiers are gathering in their barracks, inside of the Shiganshina District, where most the Titans are located, getting ready for battle with their partners at their side.

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Maya Poveda stood in the back of the room, eyeing every single human and weapon in sight with eyes that said nothing about her intentions, thoughts, of emotions. She simply sat there, getting her gas for the war just outside that building, and watched everyone, studying how they reacted when they were called upon, from the Military Police, Survey Corps, and Garrison, to fight Titans for the first time. They had all had their share of hearing the stories of these giant humanoid creatures that ate nothing but humans. Of course, these were all stories as they grew up. Yes... just stories, nothing else.

Until now.

Maya began to glare and frown at those who wore the Military Police badge and scowled a bit, making a face of disgust. She turned away, then realize what ugly expression she was making and calmed herself down to her normal and focused look. The thought occurred to her suddenly, and she tried to shoot it out of her mind before anyone could take a guess and ask what was wrong. No... it wasn't a thought. It was a memory.


She was there and watched them trampled people under their feet unknowingly and destroy buildings without paying any attention to the damage they were doing. A seven year old Maya, staring down at the Titans killing people from her district left and right, was standing on top of Wall Rose with the other few survivors who had somehow managed to escape. She didn't feel sad knowing that her parents were somewhere down there, nor that all those people were dying. She didn't feel anything. She just watched with wide eyes. However, while there was no sadness, or pity, there was horror in her eyes when she watched.

There was a couple, husband and wife, standing behind her and crying over the strangers that were dying beneath them while they stayed safe. Maya approached them at that time, short and little Maya, and looked at them, the same eyes watching their crying faces, 'What's there to cry about?' She asked horribly, 'They're bad people. They really are, if you understood what they did and how they acted and what they thought of the rest of us. There's nothing to cry about.' She said and the couple cried even harder.

It was true though. Maya hadn't quite seen the worse of the Titans, but had seen the worst of humans, and it had scarred her ever since.


Maya let out a deep sigh and hung her head back, "They're bad people..." She very quietly repeated to herself and wiped the sweat from her forehead as she got back to changing her gas tanks. There was a banging and people of all ages in the building shrieked. Hell, she even heard the ones from all the way across the room, "They're all so loud..." Maya murmured with pity for them and continued focusing, also wondering at the same time, 'Where's that Leonardo Adams... We're going to be let free of this damn building and I'll be at a lost towards what to do if I'm the only one without my partner...' Again, she sighed and let her head hang boorishly.

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It felt like they had been standing in the barracks for an eternity. It was crowded, yet, there weren't as many people here as she would expect. After all the commotion a few months ago, it didn't surprise her that there were so few people left. She stood with Elysia. After all they had been through together, the two were practically inseparable. She's the only one I can truly, fully rely on... She's... all I have left. However, Elysia was much more tense than usual, and it didn't take being her partner to see that. For now, Coraline had to ignore that. She was already suited up in her uniform and just finished strapping on all the 3DMG around her small body. While refilling her air tanks, the only thing she could focus on were how heavy they were at her sides. It was like this every time. However, no matter how heavy they felt now, her small body allowed her to use less air while propelling her at greater speeds. There were advantages to being as small as she.

She gripped Elysia by the arm and helped her fill her own cannisters with air. We have to stick together. There was really no way a single person could survive alone. That was the purpose of the Weapons and Meisters, but now that the Meisters were gone it was left up to the Weapons to help each others. After a moment, they stood off to the side of the seemingly shrinking room. Her arms hung numbly at her sides. Looking around the room she noticed that people from every different division of the military. She admired those from both the Survey and the Garrison, but felt shame to be from the Military Police. She didn't want to, nor did she chose to be so. She wrapped her hands around her shoulders, shivering slightly as she covered the badges on her shoulders.

While she stood by the side of her partner, she slowly began to recognize other groups and assume who was paired with who. She wasn't surprised by the figures she saw. Many of them were tall and strong and appeared as though they had already seen battle. When was the last time I... She quickly shrugged off the thought, refusing to allow her memories to take over. Focus on the present. Focus on this moment. Right now. Staring at the ground, someone had backed into her, bumping her lightly. Without saying a word she released her arms from around her self and shoved the person away, glaring back at them as the walked off, paying her no mind. She sighed in frustration. There were so many different reactions already, some people were completely breaking down, and others were completely relaxed. Coraline even saw a girl, the same who she noticed glare at her Military Police badges, who was completely relaxed and seemingly bored. "Would ya shut up!" Shouting across the room caught her attention as she stared at the commotion. An older girl, at least, older than Coraline, started shouting at another recruit who had started screaming. Can't say I blame them, but neither of their reactions are helping. Coraline wasn't about to intervene, for she feared her own emotions would surface in a similar way as the panicked person. "--it'll be the weapon you hold in your hand." Only catching the last bit of the shouting, Coraline could feel herself nodding in agreement.

"I want those whom ranked top 20 in the 147th legion of the trainee class to stand forth along with their partners. We will need you immediately at the front line." Someone's commanding voice echoed through the room. Sixth. Coraline had a right and a duty to stand in that line. However, she wouldn't have been there without her partner, the primary of the two. Truthfully, she hated being out of her weapon form. When she was in her normal, human state, she received many more looks and snide remarks. How could she blame them? She looked like a small child, completely unfit for the current situation. No matter... She tightened her fists at her side, glancing over to Elysia. I'm ready. At least, she wanted to believe so. Elysia barely met her gaze. What was she hoping for? Some sort of reassurance? Elysia got just as much ridicule as Coraline did. There they were, already surrounded by titans in comparison to their own small statures. A sad smirk appeared on her face. I wish titans were this size. She sneaked a glance up and down the line that soon started to exit the barracks. "Elysia..." It was more of an attempt to get her attention than anything. "Are you ready?... I'll shift when you need me to." Coraline felt the ground starting to rumbled, causing her anxious body to trembled at the same time. "The sooner the better..." Something was off about Elysia, but Coraline couldn't quite figure it out. Normally, she was able to read Elysia like a book, but the current circumstances required all of her own concentration not to succumb to her own doubts.

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"What- Hold on a moment!" Earl nearly doubled over as he felt Hiro grab onto the back of his shirt, pulling him towards her and away from the general that had left the barracks. He groaned, annoyance filling his every feature as he stopped and did not turn back. Taking a deep breath, Earl shook his head as if shaking off a thought. I need her- she’s my partner. Can’t let her die or kill her just yet. But his crimson eyes said elsewise as he turned to look at the blue-haired girl, his eyes tired and pronounced with something close to hatred- but it was marred with something else, something close to a sort of caring, one that Earl had refused to recognize for a very long time. "You can't expect me to walk there, can't you? Come come," Before Earl could say anything, the girl had already partially transformed into a glaive without waiting for Earl’s reply to her beckons, causing another sigh to escape from Earl as he looked at her with weary eyes. "Well?" She held her hands out, as if beckoning Earl to pick her up- which she was doing, of course. Great. Not right now. But it was not like his partner would be able to hear his inner thoughts. "Unless, of course, you'd like to carry me, that's fine too. But I'm only carried princess style, for your information."

With that, Earl slapped his hand on her forehead hard and then kept his hand on her forehead, as if to push her to the ground. “Stop transforming, God damn it, you know I hate it when you reveal your weapon form to others.” Without a second word, Earl picked up the girl in the exact way he had always done since the first day they had been partnered together- in his arms, princess-style. Ignoring the whispering and eyes of the other trainees who had somehow had enough time to calm themselves down to gossip, Earl walked through the crowd and out of the barracks, his tanks already filled with gas and his weapon in his hands. “Don’t move- if you do I’ll toss you on the ground and leave you there.” He said angrily, his face annoyed as he glared down at Hiro through the corners of his eyes. Why did I have to get the useless partner! Earl thought, but there was no answer to his question. For some, the question was a no brainer: Hiro had ranked 7th in their regiment though she was held back by her legs. For Earl, the question was much more complex: take her ranking as the full scope of her powers or base it on the fact that she could be extremely annoying from time to time? It doesn’t matter now- giants! His mental reminder for himself sent shivers down Earl’s spine and a smirk to once again form on his face. “Keh!” He spat again on the ground, turning his head in a wide angle so as to avoid Hiro’s legs. Finally! The word had been raging inside his mind ever since they had been called to the barrack’s- and now they were to be the first on the frontlines due to their high ranks during graduation.

Earl eagerly stepped out of the disorderly barrack and into the nearly empty grounds. The sound of breaking buildings and havoc could be heard from the army academy grounds that Earl now stood on- with Hiro still tightly held in his arms. For some, this instilled fear; For Earl, it only increased the size of the smirk that had been on his face. However, as Earl stood with his head turned to a side, his eyes roamed towards the four figures that stood in the center of the grounds, their hands behind their backs, staring at the 40 trainees that slowly straggled out of the barracks. Quickly, he wiped the smile off of his face and walked over to the four figures, standing but two meters away from them, in the placement he had been given ever since those few years ago. First. Shared! Earl glared at his compatriots before standing at the farthest left spot, his teeth gnashing together though the lack of Scar Bellerose and her partner gave him a sense of tiny triumph. Tardiness equates to uselessness! He laughed out in his mind, directing the thoughts at Scar Bellerose, though she definitely would not be able to hear Earl’s thoughts.

“Just stay in my arms, don’t move.” Earl said, not looking at Hiro as he turned to look at the four figures- one female and three male- standing at the head of the relatively small group that now started to form in front of them. But they did not start debriefing the trainees yet- most of the top 20 and their partners were still stuck in the rowdy barracks, though Earl had no idea why they were trying to avoid the chance to go and fight the giants. “Come on…” He muttered unconsciously, glaring at the open barrack doors, waiting for other trainees to slowly stream out so that they could head straight for the invading giants without delay. A cough distracted Earl from his muttering, as a man- the general for the Survey Corps stepped forward, his eyes harsh as he glared at the gathering trainees.

“We cannot wait any longer, let the others come afterwards; we must go and provide assistance to the men already out there fighting the giants.” A loud sound of a building collapsing cut through what the man was saying, but he looked unperturbed. Finally! Earl’s mad cackle mingled with the loud, cacophonous noise of bricks and stones hitting the ground- but no one heard. They were all too busy controlling their own fears and wishes, too busy making sure that they stayed sane in this land of sheer madness.