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Humanity's Strongest

Humanity's Strongest


Just beyond those walls are Titans, man-eating monsters who will kill and devour anyone and everyone. Meisters no longer exist, and so it is up to the Weapons to clear the world of their new devastation. (Soul Eater/SnK Crossover | 2 Spots Open)

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ImageImageThe Titans have returned. Those words were yelled by a man, who's name is unknown, that warned the district, Shiganshina, about the Titans return. Titans; abnormally large man eating creatures that are unable to reproduce, but regenerate if not killed in the right area. They've returned after all those years that humanity thought they'd be safe. Outside the wall is no longer as safe as everyone thought it would be.

They got inside the wall and began to kill, picking up and crushing humans under their feet and swallowing them whole to be slowly burned and digested in their stomaches. No one was safe within Wall Maria. Even people from the Survey Corps had died in action, along with the Military Police and Stationary Guard. So many people were used to try and exterminate the Titans, but the real question was; was the sacrifice of so many people worth the attempts?

That is still unknown to this very day. In fact, even a few hundred of years after the Titans had passed and were ceased to exist, we still do not know how the story ended back then. Something happened to the pages in the books, and there were little survivors. Those who did survive had been too shaken up from the horrifying sights to pass their stories onto their children, if they had any. So what happened then is a mystery, and it seems that is always will be, even after 314 years of being free of the Titans.

But maybe that's why they came back, in a new and different time.

ImageImageCurrent time, well, at least, a few months ago, humans developed special qualities. Some could turn completely into weapons, and others could wield these weapons like normal ones. This pair was called a Weapon and Meister, which slowly effected the whole human race within the three walls; Maria, Rose, and Sina. Titan Shifters died out, along with normal humans. Only a few hundred regular humans remained.

But just when all was well and things were fine and normal, the wall was broken down; Wall Maria. No, it wasn't the Colossal Titan this time. In fact, it wasn't a Titan at all. No one knows who it is, or what is was, that broke Wall Maria, but a large gap formed, and there they were; the Titans. Even after humanity had thought they won and were finally at peace, they came back, again.

This was where Meisters faltered too. They went out, usually without their weapon due to the confusion and fear, and were killed as easily as flies as the large humanoids. Meanwhile, most weapons stayed indoors and retreated to the kingdom, behind Wall Sina, where they figured they'd be safe. But they had to carry the burden of their Meister dying because of their abandonment. This terrible strategy was used often and eventually, it led to all active Meisters to die. There were none left. Only Weapons and a bundle of humans that could do nothing but cower.

The Titans began to take over Shiganshina, and human kind forgot about the district. It was already taken. There was no chance to gain it back once again. But there was a chance to figure out how to fight, efficiently. This is where the Dual 3D Maneuver Gear comes into play.

ImageImageDual 3D Maneuver Gear, otherwise known as DDMG or DMG, is now used after two months of short research. It was always known that once a Meister and Weapon had bonded, there was no way of switching their partner out. It'd be impossibly for the Meister to lift a new weapon. But since when was that a rule for Weapons and Weapons? It was never said, which is what lead to the research of Dual 3D Maneuver Gear.

While there are a few humans who still offer their body to protect themselves from the Titans, the majority is made of Weapons. Researchers within Wall Sina have come to an efficient way of fighting with the Dual 3D Maneuver Gear. As the pairs now days are all Weapon to Weapon, Dual 3D Maneuver Gear allows both partnered Weapons to wear it, and enables transformation in and out of a weapon state.

Therefore, if the Weapon in his or her human form is in a pinch with a Titan, they, and the other Weapon in their hand, is able to transform in unison; one will become a Weapon while the other will go into a human state. There is a chance that the Weapon may no longer be in the same place, and therefore survive. (As an example; if one were stuck in a Titan's grasp, they could transform with their partner, and has a chance of escaping their grip and easily get away since both will still have their DDMG on.)

There are still various flaws that have gotten pairs killed during action and definitely still needs more improvement, but with all that is going on, there is no time. They have to use what they have, and use it was efficiently as possible.

The situation with the Titans inside the walls is nearly as serious as the one 314 years ago.

ImageWith this new strategy, the king has sent his pawns into the heat of the battlefield, right to Shiganshina, which is infested with Titans. Doesn't matter the age, or appearance, nearly all people capable of fighting has been shoved into the territory of the Titans. All these young ones can do is hope to live another day, and the next one after that, if possible.

After all...
If you win, you live. If you die, you lose. But if you don't fight, you won't win.


Note : Not mentioned, but Primary Weapons are Weapons that will usually be in their human state that uses their DDMG the most. Secondary Weapons are Weapons that will stay in their weapon form and allow their partner to wield them instead. Of course, the two will always switch roles at point, but will often stay in their assigned positions.

Primary/Secondary Weapon | Gender | Played By

Group No. 1 - Primary Weapon | Female | Taken by Ever || Secondary Weapon | Male | Taken by Leej10100

Group No. 2 - Primary Weapon | Male | Taken by Code6435 || Secondary Weapon | Female | Taken by FuyuHana

Group No. 3 - Primary Weapon | Male | Taken by Eurico || Secondary Weapon | Male | Open

Group No. 4 - Primary Weapon | Female | Open || Secondary Weapon | Female | Taken by GrimBones66


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*May add more theme songs if wanted. Oh, and delete this message too, btw

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[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Romantic Interest ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Sexuality ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Nationality ♔:[/color]

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[left][img]URL[/img][/left][color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Physical Description/Clothing Preference ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Type of Weapon ♔:[/color] Try your best to make this unique as I suspect there will be plenty of swords and scythes!

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Personality ♔:[/color]

[right][img]URL[/img][/right][color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Likes ♔:[/color] Keep small along with the other traits below!

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Dislikes ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Talents ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Flaws ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Fears♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔Secrets ♔:[/color]

[left][img]URL[/img][/left][color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔Bio ♔:[/color] Brief! We'll learn more about them during the rp! Plus, the more secrets, the better!

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Other ♔:[/color]


1 - Please Reserve ; Reservations are going to be taken in the OOC or by PMs! Unfortunately, I won't be accepting anything other than that such as someone just randomly submitting a character sheet. Even if it's well done, I'm afraid I'll just have to ignore it! (´;д;`)

2Only lasts 42 hours ; Yup, only two days for you to get a character in, unless you ask for more time. I’ll give you more, but if you don’t say anything, your name will be taken off the character and free for anyone else to take. Just like that! (´A`。)

3Literacy ; Hey, I don’t really care about this rule very much, but that doesn’t mean you should try typing in another language to us! Seriously, try to write decent English, yeah? Oh, and also that means at least 7+ sentences per post. You can go under a few times, but you know the saying, three strikes and you’re out!

4Romance, Gore, Etc ; Romance is encouraged, Gore can be included, Drama is encouraged, Swearing is allowed only in character, but all has to be PG-13 or slightly R rated. I’m sure we all know what that means. ┐(‘~`;)┌

5Anime ; You weren’t expecting this were you? Maybe you were. I don’t know. But yeah. Use anime pictures please? And stick to using the same character. It doesn’t matter how many pictures as long as there is one. (ノ-ω-)ノ

6Sticking To Story ; I made this story so try your best to stick with their story and the whole rp in general! If you do, I’ll love you. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

7Effort ; School’s started (sucks, I know) but try your hardest to do a nice job on your character, posts, and try to post at least twice or three times a week, please? (✌゚∀゚)

8Don’t Be A Butt ; Exactly as its put. Don’t be a butt. Don’t fight in OOC, seriously, just don’t. It makes me feel sad. You don’t want me sad. (;へ:)

9Creativity ; Make your characters different from others! Sure, a few things in common are alright, but what I don’t want to see is a super nice character and another super nice character, or a rebel and another rebel. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

10Random Words ; Lookie what I made here. A cross over. I don't know what I did. Haven't watched Soul Eater for a while and I'm catching up on SnK. Yeah. (;゙°´ω°´) If you've read my rules, put down a sound you like to listen to. That has nothing to do with this rp, but just do it!


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Character Portrait: Eva Charleson
Character Portrait: Mel Von Sinburg
Character Portrait: Keny Caesar


Character Portrait: Keny Caesar
Keny Caesar

"Kenny Caesar, primary weapon of Group 2, starting mission." -WiP~

Character Portrait: Eva Charleson
Eva Charleson

"Don't patronize me. Just because Titans kill us doesn't mean I won't." Wip


Character Portrait: Keny Caesar
Keny Caesar

"Kenny Caesar, primary weapon of Group 2, starting mission." -WiP~

Character Portrait: Eva Charleson
Eva Charleson

"Don't patronize me. Just because Titans kill us doesn't mean I won't." Wip

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Eva Charleson
Eva Charleson

"Don't patronize me. Just because Titans kill us doesn't mean I won't." Wip

Character Portrait: Keny Caesar
Keny Caesar

"Kenny Caesar, primary weapon of Group 2, starting mission." -WiP~

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Re: Humanity's Strongest

I'd like to reserve group 3's secondary weapon please! :3 I like the sound of people talking, I usually put on a podcast at night to help me sleep. :O

Re: Humanity's Strongest

A Soul Eater and Shingeki no Kyojin crossover?! I NEED TO JOIN! ^3^ May I reserve Group 4 Primary Weapon?
And, a sound I like to listen to... Umm.. Dubstep wubs! xD

Re: Humanity's Strongest

Alright! I'll write your name down on the list!

Gonna have to look! ouo

Re: Humanity's Strongest

FuyuHana wrote:@Eurico
Alright! You're missing a lil something that can be found in the rules, but I'll gladly put you down! Oh! But add a little more to your character sheet, I think there's a little too much unknown about him to be accepted just yet! xD

Which rule?

Re: Humanity's Strongest

May I reserve group 4 Primary weapon please~?

Re: Humanity's Strongest

just saying.. fixed my post.. yaa.. ∩(︶▽︶)∩

Re: Humanity's Strongest

Alright! You're missing a lil something that can be found in the rules, but I'll gladly put you down! Oh! But add a little more to your character sheet, I think there's a little too much unknown about him to be accepted just yet! xD

Re: Humanity's Strongest

Group 3 primary weapon! Please!
ಠ_ರೃ I am asking politely, like a GENTLEman.

Re: Humanity's Strongest

I'll set you down, but there's a little something you're missing from your post! (Check the rules~)

Oh my gosh, I read this at 5:00 in the morning and I laughed so loud my brother came over to shut me up xD Alrighty then sirs! I'll put you down for the role!

Oh jeez, you spoil me too much. (ノ>▽<。)ノ I'll write down your name in a minute then!

Re: Humanity's Strongest

@ Leej >I may or may not have been continuously refreshing the browser looking for a new rp to join which may or may not explain why I swooped in so quickly (。・//ε//・。)< But no, I agree.. Fuyu, you did a wonderful job with your intro~~

@Fuyu Alrighty~ I'll take her then. (✿◠‿◠)

Re: Humanity's Strongest

Fuyu, I hate you. I hate you so much. You wanna know why? Because you made this role-play when I'm already in so many role-plays, and one of them is yours.

You know what? Screw this. I'm gonna join this bullshit because I hate you. You're not stopping me from entering. My life is incomplete without this.

I like peaceful sounds most of the times. Makes my stress go away. Give me... Meh, just place in whatever group you decide to put me into.

I've decided. Give me Group 2's Primary Weapon.

Re: Humanity's Strongest

Uwaaa can i reserve the secondary weapon for group 4!? <3 I love how you smashed Snk with soul eater! fuyu~

:OOO i saw that lol <~< hmm I like the sounds kittens make! Meoww~ (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)

Re: Humanity's Strongest

Ouuuu, you two make me feel happy. Thought I did a crappy job on this but... Ouuu....(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

Ehem... anyways, I'll put both of you down! Oh, but Ever, there's three female roles xD I'm guessing you're up for Group No. 1's female, yes?

Re: Humanity's Strongest

Oh man, Ever got here before meXD Oh well. At least I get to meet two of my most favorite people in the world once again, Ever and Fuyu. And just like Ever said, this rp is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G You did a wonderful job combining the two. And with saying that my I reserve secondary weapon for group One. And I like listening to the sound of a fan at night, somehow it just helps me sleep better.

Re: Humanity's Strongest

Muahahahaha Fuyu you are amazing~~~~ You wanna know why?? Because you made a Soul Eater and a SnK crossover!!! *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧ A-anyways... can you reserve me a female slot please? As for the sound (don't think I'm weird please .-.) I love love LOVE listening to static noise.... y..yeah..

Humanity's Strongest

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