Gabriella Carter

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a character in “HumanxVampire - BFF's until she finds out..”, as played by haleybryann


*Basics Gabriella Carter stood at 5'5", weighing in at 130lbs. She kept her body toned with her workouts at home, thought sometimes skipped them, fearing an addiction. After turning 19, she finally starts college. She always seemed to be the youngest of her friends. She stays comfortable in leggings and a plain ol' shirt, though sometimes enjoys getting dressed up in a skirt and blouse, or even a dress. She applies her light makeup(see picture) every morning before heading off to school. She lives a couple blocks away, and found it to be much cheaper to live off campus than on. In her spare time, she'll spend it at the college pool, or staying inside inviting a friend or two over. During her fours years as a high schooler, she took up cheerleading, quickly realizing how much she hated it. But boy oh boy did that look good on her college application. *Career & Lifestyle Gabriella picked up a part time evening job at the local movie rental. She enjoys helping the customers find a good movie, as she's seen pretty much every movie they hold. She's saving money for her future, and hopes to find a job in the psychology department. She works out in her home, occasionally leaving her house to get some fresh air, or to go to work. Mostly is indoors. *Psychology Has been through a little trauma(who hasn't). But that doesn’t stop her. She's caring and friendly, and enjoys being around things that bring positive vibes to her. She is a morning person, and tends to be the first one to leave the party. She rarely stays up, and in the case, it's for a specific person. *Personal History Had a good childhood; well-behaved. Left home after sophmore year in high school to support herself. Still stays in contact with her parents, but hardly remembers her past friends name's. Gabriella has fond memories she enjoys looking back on, and tries to keep up with current photos and scrapbooking.

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