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Derek Xavier Stiles

Call me Shadow, but I prefer Stiles. It's pronounced STYLES, if you call me anything other than that.. you have some sort of death wish and I've no problem fulfilling it.

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a character in “Hunt, Capture, and Kill”, originally authored by Ikuto Tsukiyomi Fan, as played by RolePlayGateway


Derek Xavier Stiles


Nickname(s): Seriously? Don't need one. That's lame.
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Role: Shadow



Eye Color:
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5'11''
Clothing: Image Image
Weapon(s): Image
Other: Image


Derek is rather narcissistic. He mostly cares for himself and only himself, but when he comes to trust someone, they have his entire heart. He is extremely loyal, especially to the scientist. Derek never ceases to give 110% unless there is a chance of him dying to complete his task. To Derek, his life is more valuable than anything else. He has his own morals, but he keeps silent about them, a job is a job. His tattoo seems to be important to him, those who have seen it usually perish within twenty-four hours. It holds great meaning to him and he becomes defensive when it comes up or he is questioned about it. Derek is laid back and sarcastic, always doing things his own way or no way. He doesn't like working in teams, the bigger the group the more aggravated he becomes. In his mind, it's less people to get in his way. If he works alone, he can't blame anyone else but himself for his failures.

Hobbies: Reading, Singing (NO ONE survives if they find this one out)
Favorite Color: Black, White.
Fears: Dying, and for some reason... cats.
Weaknesses: His social skills usually get him into fights, he's never been a smooth talker. He always says what is exactly on his mind, even if it's cruel. He's also easily distracted by noise and unnecessary bystanders it hinders his abilities, he doesn't like noise, rustle, and bustle because he cannot concentrate with noise and multiple movements. He strives best in secluded areas.

History: Derek's younger sister was killed when they were young, and ever since he's strived to be a strong as he can. He wakes up every day for his sister, living merely because she didn't have the chance. He goes to many mundane events like musicals and museums, simply because he believes his sister could possibly be living through his eyes, and she'd like them. Even if she isn't, he enjoys attending them, just because they remind him of her and he sometimes can imagine her there with him. He's become strong to ensure his survival, and he will do anything to guarantee he lives to a ripe old age.

So begins...

Derek Xavier Stiles's Story

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Derek Xavier Stiles "Shadow"

Male lips parted, exhaling smoke into the air. The cigarette was dropped, the heel of a glossy black combat boot extinguishing it. Derek finished his cigarette and was finally ready for business. He, not being the type to rush anywhere, wasn't very unanticipated to be late for just about.. everything. If Derek was on time, it would quite possibly be the first sign of the apocalypse.

He heard a ruckus inside. Well shit, they've already started without me. He thought to himself in a bored tone. Despite the type of shoes he wore, his stride was soundless as he made his way indoors. He could hear the guards rustling and bustling with someone. Fools. Hasn't Kreinstein realized that they're no where near up to par for their position of employment? For such a genius I sometimes question his judgement. He thought to himself with a smirk of amusement on his face. The whole time he was amusing himself, Derek didn't cease his quiet pace through the corridors. He kept moving towards the sound, seeing as he'd already gotten his assignment. He assumed Kreinstein didn't want to wait the extra time for him to turn up for a briefing. He'd always been devoted to the off the wall scientist. Which he mentally titled him in the most endearing of manners.

Then his trail of thought broke when he caught movement in his peripheral vision. So he instantly revealed himself once Little Red's feet touched the floor. He wasn't on the attack just yet, he was among the best.. but taking on two of your own par wasn't only insane, it was impossible for him in a hallway. Where could he really go? "Hey, Hey, Hey.." his voice was smooth, but it also had a pinch of a deep quality to it. "What's the rush there kiddos?" He asked with a smug smirk on his face, eyeing them, "Ah. I've heard of you two tykes~" He chimed in a cheerful manner. The entire time his knuckle blades were positioned on his hands. Whether he ever took them off was unknown, "You can call me Shadow." His blue eyes went over both Little Red and Robin hood, "So... which one of you are causing problems for poor Kreinstein? He's a hardworking man you know. Pays his taxes. Are either of you old enough to know what those are?" He slightly teased, then laughed. "I'm just poking fun, now seriously.. do we really want someone to get hurt..?" He asked them. Derek enjoyed his job. Every part of it. "Oiiii Kreinstein, Stiles is here to see you~" He chimed out, though he never took his eyes off the two he purposefully intercepted. "Am I getting a hand with these two?"

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Character Portrait: Derek Xavier Stiles Character Portrait: Connor Davenport Character Portrait: Aryanna Hollace
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#, as written by Haas33
Little Red caught glimpse of Conner. He was behind her, good. She turned back to face the long hallway, to even sure where she was going. Could they leave by going up the elevator? No. They could shut down the elevator. It was clear that Schroeder was not going to take no for an answer. Lost in thought, she almost ran right into something. Correction: Someone. Aryanna backpedaled, then instantly regretted putting her daggers away. This guy looked...well...tough I guess. He certainly didn't look like one of the guards. Also, that strangle looking blade on his knuckles was really creeping her out. She was about to push past him when he spoke. "What's the rush there kiddos?" Kiddos? What the hell? She was eighteen! Technically, that classified her as an adult. Conner was 17, but he looked older than her. She was a measly five foot three inches herself. Besides, Mr. Creepy Random Guy didn't look that old himself. Maybe 24, 25. She gave him a nasty glare as he then proceeded to call her a tyke. Apparently his name was Shadow. Good for him. Now could he just step aside before she slits his throat?

"So... which one of you are causing problems for poor Kreinstein? He's a hardworking man you know. Pays his taxes. Are either of you old enough to know what those are?" That's it.... she took a moment to plan out her next moves, calculating his responses, what he would expect, etc. A vicious snarl ripped through her throat and she lunged forward, not even with dagger in hand. Doing the greatly unexpected, she dove to the ground and slid under and through his legs, giving his crotch a nice kick as she went. She jumped up, bringing her fist up to punch him in the face, expecting him to turn around. Then she took his hand with the weird knuckle-blades on it and twisted it severely, pulling it thing his back. Then she took out of her daggers and pressed it to his throat. "Call me kiddo again and you will be without a head," she said, ice cold malice dripping from her words.