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Diandra le Fay

"Ow much ah you going to pay me?"

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a character in “Hunt, Capture, and Kill”, originally authored by MegaKooala12, as played by RolePlayGateway


Author's note: okay, so i've actually never played a b**ch before, and i've always wanted to do we go!! :D

Diandra le Fay


Nickname(s): Diane, Diana, or Dina.
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Role: Whiplash (hell yeah!) :D





Eye Color: brown (although she wears purple contacts)
Hair Color: bleach blonde
Height: 6'3
Clothing: Image
On the job, Whiplash wears her signature black catsuit (similar tothis) When in public, Diandra has a black and white color scheme to all of her outfits. She is always wearing her trademark motorcycle jacket (some people believe she even wears it in her sleep!)
She usually wears shirts that show a little bit of cleavage with jeans or shorts with fishnet stockings. She wears a belt that holds her whip next to her waist. Most of the time she wears black leather boots with a little bit of heel. Her makeup scheme usually consists of super black eye shadow and the occasional red lip. On rare occasions, you will find her with a red rose in her hair.

Weapon(s): Diandra only uses her black whip and her fists in combat. Diandra has impressive raw strength, agility, and flexibility to aid her in battle. She will often times steal her opponents' weapons with her whip and use them against them. After she's done with a mission, she usually discards them or hangs on to them or puts them in a black case she keeps with her at home.
Other: she has a red x tattoo on her hip. (it symbolizes the spot where she always puts her whip)


The key to understanding Diandra is that she has two seperate personalities; her personality on the job, and her personality when she's not on the job. To her victims, Diandra can be described as a classic french bitch, but to those who get to know her, she is a cunning, quick witted, down to earth, and sometimes a sarcastic young woman. However, despite her personalities, there is one thing that best describes Diandra, and that is that she trusts only in the power of money. This is because of her long history, when she was traumatized by the fact that she couldn't save her mother because her family didn't have enough money to afford health care. Because this, she is neither a vigilante or a villian, but she is simply on the side that decides to pay her more for her work. Diandra is very verbal, and doesn't stop her mouth from running in the middle of danger. (she is a frequent cusser, although she's been cutting back on her language these days.) Diandra's assasinating style usually consists of psychological manipulation. She finds ways to get the information she wants, and then kills her victim when they least expect it. She uses her whip for grappling on to buildings and other surfaces, disarming an opponent or using it in various ways to harm the opponent. (Diandra's favorite tactic is being above her victim, latching unto their neck, jumping down from her high place, thus hanging her victim.) The reason why Diandra uses her whip so much is because she is partially blind. Her whip is like an extension to her sight and her arm. Diandra is extremely clever and smart, as she never took education for granted. She is a quick learner.(as displayed in her abilities to learn a language in a short time just by hearing people's conversations) Although Diandra displays a feminine personality, she is a little bit of a tomboy. She is always traveling by her jet black motorcycle. (hence the leather jacket and such) Diandra is naturally flirtatious, and since she's a master at hiding her emotions, it's hard to tell whether or not she's serious when it comes to the game of romance.

Hobbies: motorcycle riding, martial arts, hacking, and photography
Favorite Color: black, white, and red.
Fears: being constrained and not being financially stable.
Weaknesses: using her heart instead of her head,(especially when it comes to $$$) having her own tactics used against her, and having her partial blindness used against her.


Diandra was born in Paris, France to Helena le Fay. There was never a father figure in her life. Diandra's mom was so poor, that the two ladies always had trouble with getting their daily needs. On top of that, Diandra's mother was chronically ill. Since there was barely enough money for anything, Diandra had to go through the struggle of watching her mother die a little bit more every day. Fortunately, Helena le Fay died around the time Diandra was able to take care of herself. Diandra worked hard to support herself at a young age, and eventually had enough money to become financially stable. She used her money to receive an education and learn the various forms of martial arts. She learned all she could about different weapons, and chose the whip because she realized that it is a weapon that the user is trained to use, and therefore it cannot be taken from the user. Diandra became so good at using a whip that she decided to become a mercenary/assasin. She would often times kill many people for money, regardless whether or not they were innocent or guilty. She has become an international success, and has traveled all across the globe.

So begins...

Diandra le Fay's Story

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"you did WHAT?!?!" Dr. Schroeder Kreinstein shouted to his men, papers from his tests flying everywhere. "DIDNT I TELL YOU ALL NOT TO MAKE YOURSELVES IMMEDIATE THREATS??? SHE KNOWS WHAT YOURE THINKING!!!! AND YET YOU BEWILDERED BABOONS JUST CHARGE RIGHT ON IN THERE!!! DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH I'M PAYING YOU TO DO THIS? I'M NOT PAYING YOU TO SLACK OFF!!!!" After his lecture, Schroeder plopped back in his chair, exhausted. "Now if you can't handle a small puny six-year-old girl, I want you three to go into the other room and interrogate her sister. I've had enough of her stubborness. We need her cooperation and she's not giving us any. NOW GO" and with that, the three burly men scrambled out of the brown room full of books and fizzing test tubes. Schroeder lifted himself off his chair miserably, and started to collect the important papers sitting on the floor. Would ANYONE catch the damn girl? It seemed as though things were getting rougher by the minute. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, an idea popped into Schroeder's head.

The man struggled in the chair, trying to get free of the rope's bonds. "Any last vords?" the blonde said, pointing the man's own gun at his head. The man tried to scream through his duct tape, but only mumbling sounds came out of his mouth. Right before Diandra pulled the trigger, her phone started to ring. She sighed, annoyed, dropped the gun, and got her phone out of her purse that was sitting next to the door. She grunted and rolled her eyes when she saw the caller ID.

"Vat do you vant NOW Schroeder? I'm busy!!"
"Don't ask questions mi cherie," the mad scientist replied on the other end of the line, "just come to my lab as soon as you can. Try to be there by Friday."
"I'll be zere in tventy minutes."
"You're in California? Right now?"
Awkward silence.
"VORK." Diandra projected, shattering the silence.
"Ah. Well alrighty then, I'll see you in twenty." Schroeder said, ending the call afterwards.
Diandra turned back to her victim, still struggling in his chair. "You got lucky zis time" she said to him as she wrapped her whip unto his neck, choking him to a slow and painful death.

After traveling on her motor cycle across the roads in death valley, Diandra parked her motorcycle next to the bright orange caverns. She walked through the path, stopping at the spot with the yellow flowers. She knocked on the rock four times. "Is me." she said, and like magic, the wall of the cavern opened, revealing an elevator. After going through the process of proving her identity to the guards, Diandra finally entered Schroeder's lab. "Dina, my sweet! How have you been?" he said as he kissed both of her cheeks, a traditional french greeting. "Vat do you vant?" Diandra said, still a serious and slightly annoyed look on her face.
"It's this...." the scientist said, producing a manilla folder from his coat pocket. The french assasin opened the folder, and scanned through it's contents. Finally after a minute, she exclaimed, "You vant me to kill a six-year-old?"
"Keep reading." Schroeder quickly snapped.
Diandra sat in the scientist's wooden desk chair as she kept reading the information on subject #33. "Ohhhhh.....i get it....Ow-"
"How much am i going to pay you for this assasination?" Schroeder spoke before Diandra could even complete her sentence. Schroeder had hired Diandra multiple times, and he knew every one of her tricks. "10,000."
Diandra gasped. "I know, i know," Schroeder said, looking at Diandra straight in the eyes. "she's far more dangerous than any of the others," Schroeder headed to the desk, "AND SHE'S ONLY SIX!!!!!" he shouted, pounding his fists on the table in agony.

After her confrontation with Dr. Kreinstein, Diandra headed back towards the city on her bike. She remembered what the scientist said about finding the other two assasins and persuading them to join in the search for Bluejay. She also remembered to put the syringe filled with purple fluid in her leather jacket. The Dr. had told her to use it once she encountered the six year old. The purple fluid would not only knock the girl out, but take away some of her powers. Unfortunately, Schroeder could not use it on the girl's sister, as there was only a limited supply of the serum. After grabbing to make sure her whip was secure to her waist, Diandra increased the speed of her motorcycle. She knew she would have a lot on her hands.

(ooc: sorry for the ridiculously long post :( i know, it's way too long. I promise to make it much shorter next time.)

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"So vat your saying is...." Diandra spoke clearly over the phone, "Youve recruited more killers?"
"zats vight my vittle boujuoir butterfly" Schroeder said, teasing Diandra in her own accent.
"Who? You know, its not ze wisest to get everyvone on your side. You can't pay all zat money for everyvone...."
"Okay, maybe not ze money, but its ze trust. not everyvone is on your side, Shroeder. Rememba zat."
"Yeah, yeah, whatever, I'll call you back later, okay?" the lunatic scientist said, and hung up the phone.
Diandra stared at her phone in confusion. She didn't like what Shroeder was doing at all. She continued to unpack her suitcase in the hotel room.

Guards came into Schroeder's laboratory, stating that two young teenagers called in by the email had arrived.
"Send them in," Schroeder said to the two muscular men. His plan was going much better than he expected.