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Schroeder Kreinstein

"I wouldve been fine with anyone BUT the kid."

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a character in “Hunt, Capture, and Kill”, originally authored by MegaKooala12, as played by RolePlayGateway


Dr. Schroeder Kreinstein


Nickname(s):none, except for weirdo, psycho, and madman. (as you have guessed, none of those are compliments)
Age: 42
Gender: male
Role: Mad Scientist



Eye Color: blueish-gray
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Height: 5'9
Clothing: As you can tell from the picture above, Schroeder usually wears mix-matched clothing that makes people wonder, "has this man gotten any sleep?"
Weapon(s): none, he has guards who handle all the weapons. If anything, he uses his brains and science as weapons.
Other: without his thick black glasses, he is practically blind.


Although Schroeder is your typical crazy, weird, creepy mad scientist, there is more to him than a mismatched wardrobe and a cheesy sense of humor. Schroeder is very dedicated, honest, and curious. He loves his work so much that he will work into the wee hours of the night just to finish a project. Schroeder takes pride in all his experiments, even the ones he hates. However, Schroeder does not like many people to know about his experiments, as some of his tests include doing illegal things. Schroeder has a dark side to his experiments. A prime example of these dark experiments is subject 33 and her sister. Schroeder is concerned about subject #33's escape because not only does he care about getting arrested for child abuse, but he doesn't want anyone copying his experiment. Despite his craziness, Schroeder is polite and shows manners around guests of any kind. His been lonely for most of his life, so having friends around is something that Schroeder never takes for granted. As shown by his attitude towards subject 33, Schroeder isn't very fond of young kids.

Hobbies: experimenting, reading, brewing himself coffee, and on holidays, playing solitaire with himself.
Favorite Color: brown, his personal favorite, and green, as it helps the brain to think better.
Fears: having his ideas stolen from him, having his experiments being found by the government, thus ending in his mugshot.
Weaknesses: his blindness, and his clumsiness.

Schroeder was interested in science at a young age, and would often times be in his room performing experiments that adults twice his age were doing. Schroeder's parents never really cared about their child's curiousity, as they were too busy going to parties and bars and coming home drunk. As a child, Schroeder was always the one sitting alone because he was considered weird. Because of his lack of friends, Schroeder has learned to deal with being alone.

Years later, Schroeder graduated from Harvard University with a doctorate. He tried his best to get a job in science, but nobody hired him. Filled with confusion, frustration, and determination, Schroeder made a secret lab of his own underneath Death Valley National Park in California. His lab is where he has created all his experiments, good and bad. Schroeder's intention for subject 33 and her sister was to create the ultimate super soldier. With the escape of bluejay, Schroeder is furious. His guards have been unable to catch her, as she is too strong. However, Schroeder isn't giving up just yet...

So begins...

Schroeder Kreinstein's Story

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"you did WHAT?!?!" Dr. Schroeder Kreinstein shouted to his men, papers from his tests flying everywhere. "DIDNT I TELL YOU ALL NOT TO MAKE YOURSELVES IMMEDIATE THREATS??? SHE KNOWS WHAT YOURE THINKING!!!! AND YET YOU BEWILDERED BABOONS JUST CHARGE RIGHT ON IN THERE!!! DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH I'M PAYING YOU TO DO THIS? I'M NOT PAYING YOU TO SLACK OFF!!!!" After his lecture, Schroeder plopped back in his chair, exhausted. "Now if you can't handle a small puny six-year-old girl, I want you three to go into the other room and interrogate her sister. I've had enough of her stubborness. We need her cooperation and she's not giving us any. NOW GO" and with that, the three burly men scrambled out of the brown room full of books and fizzing test tubes. Schroeder lifted himself off his chair miserably, and started to collect the important papers sitting on the floor. Would ANYONE catch the damn girl? It seemed as though things were getting rougher by the minute. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, an idea popped into Schroeder's head.

The man struggled in the chair, trying to get free of the rope's bonds. "Any last vords?" the blonde said, pointing the man's own gun at his head. The man tried to scream through his duct tape, but only mumbling sounds came out of his mouth. Right before Diandra pulled the trigger, her phone started to ring. She sighed, annoyed, dropped the gun, and got her phone out of her purse that was sitting next to the door. She grunted and rolled her eyes when she saw the caller ID.

"Vat do you vant NOW Schroeder? I'm busy!!"
"Don't ask questions mi cherie," the mad scientist replied on the other end of the line, "just come to my lab as soon as you can. Try to be there by Friday."
"I'll be zere in tventy minutes."
"You're in California? Right now?"
Awkward silence.
"VORK." Diandra projected, shattering the silence.
"Ah. Well alrighty then, I'll see you in twenty." Schroeder said, ending the call afterwards.
Diandra turned back to her victim, still struggling in his chair. "You got lucky zis time" she said to him as she wrapped her whip unto his neck, choking him to a slow and painful death.

After traveling on her motor cycle across the roads in death valley, Diandra parked her motorcycle next to the bright orange caverns. She walked through the path, stopping at the spot with the yellow flowers. She knocked on the rock four times. "Is me." she said, and like magic, the wall of the cavern opened, revealing an elevator. After going through the process of proving her identity to the guards, Diandra finally entered Schroeder's lab. "Dina, my sweet! How have you been?" he said as he kissed both of her cheeks, a traditional french greeting. "Vat do you vant?" Diandra said, still a serious and slightly annoyed look on her face.
"It's this...." the scientist said, producing a manilla folder from his coat pocket. The french assasin opened the folder, and scanned through it's contents. Finally after a minute, she exclaimed, "You vant me to kill a six-year-old?"
"Keep reading." Schroeder quickly snapped.
Diandra sat in the scientist's wooden desk chair as she kept reading the information on subject #33. "Ohhhhh.....i get it....Ow-"
"How much am i going to pay you for this assasination?" Schroeder spoke before Diandra could even complete her sentence. Schroeder had hired Diandra multiple times, and he knew every one of her tricks. "10,000."
Diandra gasped. "I know, i know," Schroeder said, looking at Diandra straight in the eyes. "she's far more dangerous than any of the others," Schroeder headed to the desk, "AND SHE'S ONLY SIX!!!!!" he shouted, pounding his fists on the table in agony.

After her confrontation with Dr. Kreinstein, Diandra headed back towards the city on her bike. She remembered what the scientist said about finding the other two assasins and persuading them to join in the search for Bluejay. She also remembered to put the syringe filled with purple fluid in her leather jacket. The Dr. had told her to use it once she encountered the six year old. The purple fluid would not only knock the girl out, but take away some of her powers. Unfortunately, Schroeder could not use it on the girl's sister, as there was only a limited supply of the serum. After grabbing to make sure her whip was secure to her waist, Diandra increased the speed of her motorcycle. She knew she would have a lot on her hands.

(ooc: sorry for the ridiculously long post :( i know, it's way too long. I promise to make it much shorter next time.)

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#, as written by Haas33
Aryanna shifted her feet uncomfortably. What would await them at the bottom of the elevator? Why was the place hidden in the middle of nowhere? And why was her stomach all a flutter? Must be the elevator. She hated elevators. They always kind of creeped her out. The fact that with one cable snap, you could take the drop of doom to your immediate death. She shivered. But then the door opened, awaiting them was to armed guards. She had the urge to roll sideways, snap kick guard number one's hand, making him release the gun, then use the gun to ram guard number two's head, rendering them both unconscious. But she didn't. She had to remember they were a guest here, checking things out about assassinating a six year old. It still made her sick to her stomach, the thought. Unless this six year old was a psychopath killer on the loose, she probably wouldn't take the job. Not enough money can pay for the guilt of killing a small child.

"Hello, I am..." she debated giving them her real name, then quickly decided against it. "I'm Little Red. This is Robin Hood. We were given this e-mail, told to come here," She said, pulling out a slip of paper with the email on it. The guards inspected it, then them. One said something under his breath, touching his ear. They must all be wired I guess. He nodded, then turned back to us. "right this way please. Dr. Schroeder will be with you shortly."
Blue Jay held on to a handle as the car shifted back and forth. She wasn't really used to being in a car. In fact, she didn't really recall being in one. The inside made her claustrophobic, her hurt wing was pressing uncomfortably against the seat, they were going way to fast, and all the while a headache nagged at the back of her mind. She didn't complain though. He trusted her and so she trusted him. was pretty hard not to trust someone who's mind you could read....besides the brief thing about killing her. She quickly pushed that away.

She nearly jumped out of her seat as she heard a loud crunching noise. She looked over to find what appeared to be some sort of computer radio type thing smashed to bits. A couple drivers around them why wondering why they were going so fast. Honestly, she was wondering the same thing. Sure, it would get them there quicker but it was rather conspicuous and she didn't even hear police....A faint siren, only detectable by her enhanced senses, picked up in her ears. Scratch that. Driving fast is good. "So where are we going?" She asked.

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"So vat your saying is...." Diandra spoke clearly over the phone, "Youve recruited more killers?"
"zats vight my vittle boujuoir butterfly" Schroeder said, teasing Diandra in her own accent.
"Who? You know, its not ze wisest to get everyvone on your side. You can't pay all zat money for everyvone...."
"Okay, maybe not ze money, but its ze trust. not everyvone is on your side, Shroeder. Rememba zat."
"Yeah, yeah, whatever, I'll call you back later, okay?" the lunatic scientist said, and hung up the phone.
Diandra stared at her phone in confusion. She didn't like what Shroeder was doing at all. She continued to unpack her suitcase in the hotel room.

Guards came into Schroeder's laboratory, stating that two young teenagers called in by the email had arrived.
"Send them in," Schroeder said to the two muscular men. His plan was going much better than he expected.

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#, as written by Haas33
Blue Jay winced as another riveting turn jolted her hurt wing into the side of the car. She would extend it further (it would be much more comfortable that way) but the car wasn't nearly big enough and the seat belt she had been sensible to put on would cut against her wing. But soon enough, they stopped, with the sirens only a faint murmur in the distance. She fumbled with her seat belt and carefully examined her wing as Valentine started to talk with to men. Carefully, she listened in on their thoughts. Could she trust them enough with showing them her wing? Surely they would see them at some point. After all, she really needed to examine it. If she moved her wing at all, it hurt like crap and she could feels something wet and stick and her feathers. Never a good sign. She finally made up her mind. If Valentine trusted them, she trusted them. Besides...none of their thoughts were to threatening. She puzzled over the thoughts about Stefanie. All of them seemed to be masking something about Stefanie. She furrowed her brow slightly and shook her head, opening the door and stepping out.

"Yeah. Really complicated," she says, unfolding her wings a bit, especially her hurt one. She winced painfully, and sudden rushes agony seared through her wing, through her back. She gasped in pain and slumped to the ground. Why did it hurt much worse now? She looked at her wing and her eyes widened with shock. The very top of her wing, along where the major bone was, was red and bloody. She felt the tip of her wing. No holes, but she moaned in pain as her fingers brushed the bloody mess. The bullet must have scraped the bone. Sniper? She looked around, her hawk-like eyes scanning the area, her mind trying to pinpoint whispers of thought. There! She saw (and heard) a man peek through a scope again, shift the gun a little. She followed the line of fire. She could hear thoughts of frustration. He was now pointing at Valentine. Acting on instinct, she quickly dove forward, plowing into Zachary and flattening him to the ground, not a second to late. She heard a bullet ping off the ground where Valentine had just been.

And then she passed out.


Aryanna narrowed her eyes at the man sitting at the desk across from them. She looked over to Conner who was sitting beside her. This man practically reeked of evil lunatic. Why should she help him? She wasn't one who normally went for money, she was more on moral values. Sure, killing people was bad, but she was doing it for right reasons, for a purpose. Plus, she was good at it. Killing a six year old? Not on her list of top priorities. She crossed her arms, waiting for him to speak.

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"Who are you?" Connor asked aggressively. He held his bow, firm in his hand. It was clear the guards were not to fond of him holding his bow so tightly, but what were they going to do about it? Connor sat kind of awkwardly on the chair. He was an awkward child though. He sat on one foot, as the other rested on the ground. He realized through experience that this sitting position allowed for quick response to any situation. Since Aryanna was playing the part of the calm one, Connor felt it was alright to get aggressive. "Why are you after the death of a young girl?" He asked with scrutiny in his voice. The trace of a kid was long gone by now.

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"WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! Easy there young man...." Schroeder said, leaning back comfortably in his office chair. "Did you not read the e-mail? I did not say kill.....rather i meant.....track down..."

Schroeder reached for his coffee that was contained in a silver mug. "Please, make yourselves comfortable. Would you like some coffee? Get them some coffee, Jared" he said to one of the guards, not giving the teenagers time to respond.
"Now.......i know this whole mission thing seems a bit frightening, with the six-year-old and all, but i hope you two will allow me to explain my case...."

"You see, a couple of years ago, I embarked on an experiment to create the ultimate super soldier. Something that could be used to help the army, air force, navy, whatever. I made a prototype of this super soldier, and a couple years later, i created another one. This time, with slightly enhanced powers and abilities. This version of the original has taken on the form of a six-year-old human girl...."

"Just a while ago, my experiment escaped. I don't know how she managed to sneak through the security and slip past my guards, but she did. She has fled into the city, and is now running off like a wild animal. I am deeply troubled; not only because she could disturb the peace, but she could prove to be a dangerous threat. Also, if the wrong hands got their hands on her, civilization would be doomed...."

The last part of Schroeder's sentence was a lie. He was not concerned so much for the people's wellfare than for his own wellfare. To put it simply, the doctor didn't want to go to prison.

"...So, this is where i want you two to come in. I want you and the other assasins i inquired to track her down, and bring her back to me. Remember, i don't want too much of a ruckus with this. Also, this girl, Bluejay as she calls herself, is extremely dangerous. She may look sweet and adorable, but in any given moment, she can use her mind control to make you put a gun up to your head. Now, payment will be explained later. For now, does anyone have any questions?"

Schroeder took a sip from his coffee as he waited for the teenagers' responses

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#, as written by Haas33
Little Red simply raised an eyebrow, a look of boredom crossing her face. She held up one hand lazily to Conner as if to say 'don't kill him, but I'm not going to stop you if you want to'. "So what you are that you do horrible experiments on little kids that could possibly make them dangerous, are stupid enough to not keep the child contained, have stupid enough guards that can't manage this on their own, and think that I'm going to go fix your mistake by bringing the child back here so you can do more horrible experiments on it?" she said, her eyes sending daggers toward him, each word laced with ice cold resentment and hate. She uncrossed her arms, her hand itching to reach her daggers. Instead she recrossed her arms again. Her eyes narrowed again, which would probably scare even a grown man witless. Anyone who knew her would probably run away in fear if she gave you that look. If she gave you that look your life was about to be hell.

"And all you can think about right now, is not the child's safety, but the hopes that someone else hasn't found her and is taking your work." Her eyes stared into his, her jaw set and her hand gripping her daggers tightly. "Of course, you don't want to go to prison either." She took in a heavy breath. "I'm not going to do this, no matter how much money you offer. This is your mistake, a horrible one. Fix it yourself." She got up from her seat and turned toward the door, taking a sip from the coffee Jared had brought. "If you will excuse me, I will be leaving now." The guards immediately moved, about for of them, in front of the door. She could see down the hall the four more tensed, ready for some action.

She sighed, boredom still lingering on her face. A guard stepped forward. Something inside her snapped. In one motion, she flung the cup forward, but keeping hold of the handle. The hot liquid sprayed out and sloshed the man in the face. He cried out in pain, grasping his face. Aryanna flung the cup hard at his face, and it shattered, sending shards into his soft flesh. He fell to the ground, unconscious. Another guard rushed her and she practically laughed. Using the man's momentum, she grabbed his jacket and flung him toward the desk. His momentum kept him from slowing and her crashed into the desk, and didn't get up.

"HANDS UP!" The remaining guards screamed, guns held up high. "shit," she muttered under her breath, but she wasn't stupid. She held her hands up, hoping to god Conner would do the same. She reached her hands toward her head, toward her back. Most of the guards lowered their weapons exempt for two. Aryanna inched her fingertips a little farther down her back. She felt the leather hilt of her blades. She smiled, and there was a moment of silence. "Now!" she yelled, hoping Conner would assume that meant to run or attack. She pulled the blades from her back, one in each hand. She ducked low, and heard a ping of a bullet off a desk. She lunged forward, slicing the man that shot at her. He fell to the ground and she leapt over him. "Come on! lets go!" she said, shouting to Conner, hoping he was behind her.
The world was fuzzy, a black mass of blobs and colors dancing across her eyes. Sounds barely entered her ears. She tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids seemed to heavy. She heard a low groan, but then realized it was her. She felt something cold dab at her wing. One of her eyes slowly opened, then the other. She saw a blurry image of a man above her. The image sharpened and the world came into focus. Someone who she recognized as Eric stood over her, a wet and bloody washcloth in hand. He dabbed at the injury on her wing with the washcloth again. She winced, but didn't say anything. In fact, she stretched out her wing a little bit so he could reach it better. Pain seared up her wing but she dismissed it. She had to be strong. Eric handed her a glass of water. "Drink this," he said, and she downed it in seconds.

Blue Jay could already see the wound getting better. The bleeding had stopped but it was a nasty mess, she could see a little bone. Trying to be helpful, she stuck her finger in her mouth. Eric looked at her funny, and she frowned. "I'm not a sticky little kid!" she said to him, and his eyes widened, turning back to his work. She brushed his hand away, and took her finger out of her mouth, wet with saliva. She pressed the finger to her wound, wincing slightly. "No! don't do that! You'll infect the wound," Eric said, trying to push her finger away. "No, look," she said, pulling her finger away. You could literally see the muscle around her bone grow back, and some of the skin grow back. It still hurt like crap, and wasn't completely healed, but at least it was better than it was. Eric looked like he had just seen a ghost. "You are one special little kid," he said.

((sorry it is long, and sorry for the delay, I was away for a while and I didn't know I was going to be so I couldn't warn you guys))

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Derek Xavier Stiles "Shadow"

Male lips parted, exhaling smoke into the air. The cigarette was dropped, the heel of a glossy black combat boot extinguishing it. Derek finished his cigarette and was finally ready for business. He, not being the type to rush anywhere, wasn't very unanticipated to be late for just about.. everything. If Derek was on time, it would quite possibly be the first sign of the apocalypse.

He heard a ruckus inside. Well shit, they've already started without me. He thought to himself in a bored tone. Despite the type of shoes he wore, his stride was soundless as he made his way indoors. He could hear the guards rustling and bustling with someone. Fools. Hasn't Kreinstein realized that they're no where near up to par for their position of employment? For such a genius I sometimes question his judgement. He thought to himself with a smirk of amusement on his face. The whole time he was amusing himself, Derek didn't cease his quiet pace through the corridors. He kept moving towards the sound, seeing as he'd already gotten his assignment. He assumed Kreinstein didn't want to wait the extra time for him to turn up for a briefing. He'd always been devoted to the off the wall scientist. Which he mentally titled him in the most endearing of manners.

Then his trail of thought broke when he caught movement in his peripheral vision. So he instantly revealed himself once Little Red's feet touched the floor. He wasn't on the attack just yet, he was among the best.. but taking on two of your own par wasn't only insane, it was impossible for him in a hallway. Where could he really go? "Hey, Hey, Hey.." his voice was smooth, but it also had a pinch of a deep quality to it. "What's the rush there kiddos?" He asked with a smug smirk on his face, eyeing them, "Ah. I've heard of you two tykes~" He chimed in a cheerful manner. The entire time his knuckle blades were positioned on his hands. Whether he ever took them off was unknown, "You can call me Shadow." His blue eyes went over both Little Red and Robin hood, "So... which one of you are causing problems for poor Kreinstein? He's a hardworking man you know. Pays his taxes. Are either of you old enough to know what those are?" He slightly teased, then laughed. "I'm just poking fun, now seriously.. do we really want someone to get hurt..?" He asked them. Derek enjoyed his job. Every part of it. "Oiiii Kreinstein, Stiles is here to see you~" He chimed out, though he never took his eyes off the two he purposefully intercepted. "Am I getting a hand with these two?"