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Violet Buery

A young girl that just happened to be in the wrong place at the rite time.

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a character in “Hunt of Freal”, as played by sunny515241


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Name- Violet Buery
Age- 15
Look- Violet is five foot two inches. She is always wearing something different, but always has her own style. You will rarely see he not listening or playing her guitar. She has white bunny ears and a white tail.
Relationship- Single
Orientation- Straight


Likes- Music, Black, Cute things, Shopping, Her boyfriend
Dislikes- Mean people, People who offend her friends, People who wear all pink


Headphones, Small music device and its charger


Violet grew up away from her family in a half-home, after her parents could no longer support her. All her families money either went to alcohol or tobacco. Once a year she would go up to Oregon to see her family. To her luck that was the day the town was infected.

She passed out from the fumes and awoke feeling dizzy. What just happened? She thought as she tried to stand, but then say her mom and dad lying lifeless on the floor. "Mom! Dad!" She yelled running over to them, crying. They might not have been the best parents, but that didn't mean she didn't love them. She ran into the bathroom, feeling as if she was about to fall over still. She went to over to open the medicine cabinet, but then she saw ears. She turned around and saw a tail. Oh my god. She thinks her eyes wide and left the house, needing to get out of the death filled house.

So begins...

Violet Buery's Story


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((Looks like it might be dead.))