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Aemi Ru

They ruined me. But one day, I promise, I'll get out of here.

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a character in “Hunt of the Bound”, as played by jigokunoshinzo


Name: Aemi Ru
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Role: Hunter
Aemi is tall and willowy with long limbs but also with some curves. Her cheek bones are very prominent and her jaw is very angular. All in all, she looks very elegant. Her skin is like ivory but with a pink blush that seems to be permanently on her cheeks. She is about 5 feet and 6 inches and her weight is at about 125 pounds. Her hair is a dark, lustrous brown and is in loose waves around her face all the way to her waist. Her eyes are a lighter brown with some golden flecks that shine brightly in the light.
Aemi is just a young woman that wishes to live a simple life with a nice husband and children running around everywhere. Her heart is pure and wishful. Every word out of her mouth is annoyingly positive and sweet. There doesn’t seem to be a bad bone in her body. She does have a certain naive, gullible personality. However, she is mentally strong and brave. No matter how many times she gets pushed, hurt, or betrayed, her personality stays constant like the rays of the sun. Besides in terrible circumstances, there is always a smile on her face. She’s clumsy and strangely airy, always seeming to be in a slight dream like state. However, this is only how she looks like to others. Despite her smiles, Aemi is very hard inside. She looks at the world with clear, cold eyes. She has many fears and is very insecure about herself. She’s scared and wishes desperately, like most slaves, to be free. And to achieve this dream and others, Aemi is willing to kill to survive. She has amazing reflexes and when it counts, she’s graceful as a cat.
Aemi fears many, many things. Pain is her ultimate. She fears torture and being hurt, mentally and physically. She may seem friendly but she actually keeps people at a distance. She is also scared of fire.
Aemi is skillful in music. Her fingers are nimble and she has an ear for music. She can play many instruments and has a lovely voice. So her specialty would most likely be in entertainment. In general, Aemi’s aim is almost perfect. Anything she throws can hit whatever she is aiming at. Her reflexes are also amazing and she is fast and stealthy.
Her strength isn’t all that great and neither is her endurance. She also has next to no pain tolerance. Her cooking isn’t the best either
Already part of the Household

Roleplay Sample:
It was never meant to be this way. Her teeth ground weakly into the dirty cloth that served as her gag. Her arms were twisted behind her and bound with rope at the wrists. She closed her eyes tightly as her body burned with a fierce pain she had never felt before in her life. Tears seeped out of her thickly lashed lids and her cries were thankfully muffled by the gag.

She was just fetching some groceries for her big sister’s birthday. She had even clothed herself in bright colorful silks and had taken the time to actually pull her long hair up. Aemi was flooded with guilt. When would they realize she was never coming back? That she was gone for good? It was a shock that they would go after a noble like this... but it was well known these slave traders would do anything for money. Someone had probably offered a bright silver coin to take her. Aemi wriggled on the dirty, dusty floor of the cart, but quickly stopped when it made the pain flare out. She was just trying to relieve the stiffness of her body, but it seemed to do more harm than good. Feeling terrible, Aemi tried to think of her elder sister’s face. She had always been called the pretty one, but Aemi disagreed. Her sister was beautiful in everything. I’m so sorry, Sora, I can’t believe I ruined the year of your adult hood. Twenty two was the most important year of a woman’s life.

The cart started to move again and her head banged against a wooden wall. Rage began to fill her chest. Was she some mule to be sold so casually? She was from the noble family of Ru of Mizore. Her family would not stand for this! But deep down, Aemi knew. Aemi knew that once you were a slave, the only way was to escape. No one could help you, unless they bought you as a slave and then freed you.

She had been about to be engaged to this lovely young man her parents had found for her. Then she’d be married in three years time. Aemi felt another pang of anger as she realized her life would no longer be as it once was. Unless she could escape... her arm was starting to go numb as it was pinned beneath her body and the floor but her resolve gave her the strength to ignore it. The only way she could relieve her sister’s sadness was to return, was it not? That way everything could be as it once was.

The wooden cart jerked to a stop and before she knew it, a large hand had grabbed her roughly by the hair and was pulling her out. Tears, once again, flooded her eyes nd she struggled to remain upright. How long had she been riding in that cart? It would seem as if she had forgotten to move her legs. But the thought was soon forgotten as she looked around her surroundings. Her heart started beating faster and faster. Women, men, children.... So this was the slave market.

So begins...

Aemi Ru's Story