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Belle Stewart

I may be "pretty", but I will break your face... I mean, yes, ma'am.

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a character in “Hunt of the Bound”, as played by HeavenAndHell



Belle Stewart

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Role: Hunter

Appearance: Belle is what most people would call a "pretty girl". Her tresses of silky brown hair may seem ordinary brown, but in sunlight, it tends to have auburn and blonde undertones. The look she gives you with her deep-set brown eyes is not unlike that of a puppy dog, what with the largeness of her eyes, and the look of innocence they portray.Her eyes don't stand out against her dark skin color, the usual shade among her people. The girl has a pixie-like nose that drops daintily down from its peak. Her cupid's-bow red lips surrounded her small mouth with perfectly white teeth. Dimples press under Belle's high cheekbones. She stands at 5'5" and has a figure that pours into a nice hourglass. What she usually wears are garments in dark colors, such as black, deep purple, and occasionally red. Her clothes are usually in a Gothic style.

Personality: Belle is pretty hard to figure out, constantly fighting the darkness lurking within, she likes to keep to herself a lot of the time. She's not a social butterfly in any way, but the few people she does let in will see a loyal, intelligent, protective young woman. She's not rude or mean on purpose, but she may come off as such just to keep you at a distance. In her experience, people close to her get hurt, so she tries her very best to keep most people from slipping through the cracks of the ice wall she put up around her heart. She never spends time worrying what you think about her; she is who she is, and if that's a problem... well, then there are fortunately many millions of people in the world you can talk to instead of her.

She won't be the girl you'll see laughing and smiling with a group of people. Not because she doesn't find things funny, but because her past has taught her not to show it. Most of the time, Belle is expressionless and impossible to read anything off of. She secretly longs for the warmth of true, close friendship, or maybe even more. Erin has convinced herself, and has to keep reminding her heart, that such things are impossible for her to achieve. Behind her outer bravado, Belle truly does cares, despite her stubborn attempts not to, but she most times lacks empathy; the ability to put herself in someone else's shoes. She doesn't need to take on those of others. Aside from that, her inner darkness compels her not to care. She has to fight that every time someone gets hurts, because deep inside herself, she knows she should care.

  • The sight of blood
  • Heights
  • Needles

Strengths: Belle can sing extraordinarily well, providing entertainment, and she can bake a tad, but only simple things, like some cakes, cookies, and she also has one recipe for apple pie, which her mother gave her. The only athletic Belle can do well is fight, and she fights good.

Weaknesses: Belle is not the best pick to serve someone. She hates taking anyone's orders, especially when they tell her to clean, which she is exceptionally bad at. She is also really bad at swimming, running, and basically any physical exercise.

Origins: Already part of the house hold


Roleplay Sample:

Three deep gongs, sounded from the bell in town center, could be heard all around Iris, and everyone knew what that meant. Something was terribly wrong. Belle jumped up from where her and her friend Tanya crouched in the streets, and raced in the direction of where screams mingled with the thuds of horse hooves.

” Wait, horse hooves? That could only mean that the officials…” It swiftly dawned upon her that the officials were there, so they must be taking boys and girls as… slaves. She ran her fastest away, but she isn’t a good runner, so her fastest isn’t too fast. She couldn’t do anything when a meaty fist grabbed her arm, shaking her around with force.

"What about this one?"

“Her face might get her sold for a pretty penny.”

Belle’s eyes widened with rage when she realized that these men were discussing her ability as a slave. Her eyes widened even further when she saw her friend among the herd of people. Apparently Tanya had followed her. She caught Belle’s eye and mouthed ”Don’t do anything stupid,” but was too late.

“Bastards,” Belle breathed, elbowing the man in his gut. The man collapsed on the ground, and his friend pulled out a knife.

“Violent. That don't go over well with the buyers, now do it?” She almost vomited when she caught a whiff of his breath. It reeked of moldy wine and old fish… combined.

The knife was at Belle’s neck. She slid down to the ground, the knife grazing the bridge of her nose as she went down, but she had escaped. Without assessing the wound, she made a run for it…and ran right into a different man’s arms. This official was stronger, and smarter. He didn’t give her a chance to escape. He grabbed her by the neck, not the arm, a move that not only was effective, but almost stopping her ability to breathe.

“Nice try, princess,” The new official grunted “You’re coming with us,”

Belle tried to scream, but she could barely seem to get enough air for breathing, and defiantly had no spare air for screaming. For the first time in what seemed like forever, she actually began to cry. Not “A-Few-Tears-Running-Down-Your-Face” crying, but full out “Snot-And-Red-Eyes” crying.

“Shut it,” The man snapped “No need to make a fool of yourself,” Belle agreed with his harsh voice ”Don’t cry, Belle, you make yourself seem weak, a fool." She just hung her head low, and went with what life handed her.

So begins...

Belle Stewart's Story


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(Sorry that this is only about 500 words. School is stressing me out ._. )

Belle dragged the broom bristles slowly across the ground. The floor already seemed clean, so this task was pointless, but she does her best at doing what her mistress tells her. After about an hour of sweeping, she was sure that there wasn't as much as a speck of dust or filth anywhere. Belle slowly pushed away a strand of hair that was sticking to her sweaty face. "It's sort of like when me and Melody would play in the forest in the middle of summer, with the unbearable heat-" She quickly swiped away a tear that had begun it's descent down her face. "No more of that" She told herself sternly, and she quickly hurried off to put the broom back in it's proper place.

At the storage cabinet, Belle spotted something. A pair of rusty pliers "Perfect," She smiled. Belle had been craving to have an excuse to get outside. She placed the broom down carefully, knowing that if it broke, she would pay. Grabbing the pliers, she quickly made her way to the garden, not saying as much as "Excuse me" to the slaves she shoved aside on her way there. Belle swung open the door, and let the soft sunlight hit her face. But she knew better than to smile or laugh out of pure bliss, because she knew that the mistress always kept a close eye on the garden. Belle made her way over to the apple tree with her head down, trying her best to look as miserable as the rest of the slaves.

She breathed in the smells of the outdoors. The smokiness of the air, the sweetness of the apples, combined with a little tinge of freshly cut grass made her feel at home, almost as if she were lying next to the scraggly apple tree in her back yard. She quickly began to snip at what very few offending branches hung out of place. She dragged out the time she spent in the garden, and after about 45 minutes, she'd done everything there was to possibly have been done, so she slowly went back inside.

After putting the shears reluctantly back into the storage cabinet, Belle found that she had nothing else to do, so she did something that no other slave would dare to try. She sat down on the ground, and did nothing. No work, nothing. She just sang a sweet lullaby that her mother had taught her. "Let them find me" she thought "Let them beat me. Let them have their fun"

Belle was shocked that after 15 minutes of her just sitting there, no one had taken notice. She hopped up, quickly remembering that she was supposed to help the blonde slave. "Elizabeth," She whispers, remembering the girl's name. She quickly went to do her task, thinking that she had already pushed her luck enough. Elizabeth was easy enough to find, considering that not that many people have the same shade of blonde hair that Elizabeth possess. Belle walks over to her and says "Hello, Elizabeth, and welcome to hell. Sorry, but I'm going to have to have any personal possessions you have on you." She stuck out her hand, feeling guilty. She remembered how awful it had been for herself to give up her personal possessions, especially the wooden carving of a hummingbird her father had made for her.


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Elizabeth's unsteady glare was focused on the floor in front of her, her fingers twirling the leather bracelet around her wrist unconsciously. She had arrived at the grand house just hours before, and in those short hours she had been instructed to change into the white dress she wore now. Her hair had also been put in a braid at some point, but she wasn't sure exactly when that was. Now she stood in one of the hallways, ignoring the slaves that were bustling around her. Nobody stopped to tell her what was happening, or where she was. None of them even looked at her for more then a second. She let out a sigh of both depression and frustration, and was considering trying to escape through one of the windows, when she was brought out of thought from somebody finally speaking to her.

"Hello, Elizabeth, and welcome to hell. Sorry, but I'm going to have to have any personal possessions you have on you." The blonde looked up in horror at the hand that was held out in front of her. The bracelet was all she had, but it was given to her by her mom a long time ago. Then there was always the problem of being punished for not doing something, as the mistress had warned her about when she had bought her. Closing her eyes for a second to mull it over, the option to run from the castle-like home was looking better and better. She got ready to dash away, but at the last second she found herself dropping the leather bracelet into the dark-haired slave's hand. She closed her eyes again, this time to prevent tears from spilling over.

No, strong. You have to be strong. Elizabeth mentally scolded herself, opening her eyes yet again and clenching her jaw. The female still hadn't left. She probably had to show her around, or something. She did only remember seeing a small amount of the house, which included the kitchen, and a small room that must serve as her bedroom. Her eyes darted around the hallway, yet the same image was still there. Slaves everywhere, whether they be cleaning or trying to get to another part of the household. One boy walking by caught her eye. His pasty skin was covered in bruises, and his bones seemed to stick out of his body like he hadn't eaten in years. A small whimper of fear escaped her lips, not wanting to end up looking like the boy. She never was one to be self absorbed in appearance, but she always had thought she was rather pretty and wanted to stay that way.

Suddenly, she felt a gnawing pain in her stomach as she remembered how hungry she was. She desperately wanted to ask for some food, but kept her mouth shut and ignored her hunger. After all, she never exactly ate like royalty before. Mostly scraps, and anything that was cheap enough to be bought in the small budget they had. The thought of living in the shack didn't exactly give her a nostalgic feeling. Not like her dad would be looking for her anyway. Most likely celebrating he had one less mouth to feed. The blonde dropped her eyes back to the floor, wanting more then anything for her to suddenly wake up and find that this whole day was just a nightmare. Sadly, it didn't work that way. She would have to make the best of it.

"Can you call me Ellie?" Elizabeth blurted out, thinking that if she had to stay here at last she could make some good out of it. Just a little at a time. She reluctantly brought her eyes up to look at the other girl, remembering her mom's constant reminders on manners. She almost smiled at the thought, but decided against it at the last second as she saw all the slaves, who had faces clean of emotion. She didn't want to stick out anymore then she already did.


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Belle watched Elizabeth's pain as she handed up her bracelet. It reminded her so much of the pain she felt handing up her possessions. The girl glanced up from the ground, which her eyes had been fixed on. Belle quickly realized what a shocking blue-grey the girl's eyes were, contrasting so much from all the dull brown and green eyes in her own family. "Her eyes look like Tanya's" She decided, but didn't allow herself to think about Tanya for too log, in fear that the tears would spill over. "Can you call me Ellie?" The girl's high pitched, soft voice startled Belle a bit. It was so full of fear, sadness, and remorse, all bundled in one. It was eerily beautiful,. "Of course," Belle responded, forcing a smile. This girl seemed a bit weak, and it reminded her all too much of home, and her little sister, Dalila, who had been so weak that she had died from illness. Belle tore her thoughts away from home, and focused on Elizabeth, who was most likely waiting for an introduction on Belle's part. "Well, hi, Ellie. I'm Belle. I feel so awful doing this, but I must bring you to the mistress. Follow me," Belle grabbed the girl's fragile hand, and lightly pulled her towards the dining hall. She was careful with this girl, because even if it sounds ridiculous, Belle was almost afraid of breaking her. Just as Belle had thought, Miss Edwards was seated at the head of the table, looking as pompous as usual. "Miss Edwards," Belle greeted her mistress with a curtsy, and gave Ellie a look that obviously communicated the meaning.'Do the same' "I bring you the new slave, Ellie...zabeth," She quickly corrected her use of the girl's nickname "Elizabeth," When Belle glanced over at Ellie, she felt quite guilty. The girl was obviously terrified of Miss Edwards, I mean, who isn't? Her beautiful blue-grey eyes were clouded over with fear, and she looked like almost like a mouse in front of a cat. Belle knitted her eyebrows together, expectantly waiting for Miss Edwards to answer and say something, anything.