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Dennie Hexley

"Humans call us the monsters, they should take a look in the mirror."

0 · 570 views · located in Salem, Massachusetts

a character in “Hunted: Salem Witch Trials Reborn”, as played by WitchNCat13


“As I got older, the monster crept out
from underneath my bed and made a home inside my head.”

Theme Song:
Song to love interest:
Within Temptation||All I Need



Full Name
Prudence Abrianna Eclipse Hexley

Prudence isn’t exactly fond of her name, because people quickly shorten it to Prude and that bugs the shit out of her. To fix the problem she started going by Dennie and it stuck. Her mother calls her Baby Blue and she kind of likes that although she won’t admit it. She also gets Den and Prudy, which she hates.


50% English
30% Scottish
20% Canadian

Sexual Orientation

Salem, Massachusett

Witch Two



~She plays with her tongue ring when she’s bored.
~Rolls her eyes when she thinks something is stupid.
~ Is almost always sketching dark, creepy things. She's extremely talented. A few of her sketches: One,Two, Three
~She's always wearing sunglasses at school, even in class if she can get away with it, because of how different her eyes are.

✯Smoking (She's addicted to cigarettes)✯
✯Her Best Friend✯
✯Bad Boys✯
✯Black Magic (Despite what her mother says)✯
✯Her Hair✯
✯Night Time✯
✯Freaking People Out✯
✯Working at her mother's store✯
✯Black Leather Clothes✯
✯Anything Gothic✯
✯Tragic Love Stories, Like Romeo and Juliet✯

✗Pop Music✗
✗bright Colors✗
✗People who make fun of her mother✗
✗Being Question about her Choices✗
✗Liars (Although she can be one)✗
✗Hot Days ✗
✗Being alone for too Long✗
✗Judgmental People✗
✗Know it alls✗
✗Being told what to do✗
✗Her Cousin✗

|☠|Loosing her Mother|☠| Black Magic Taking Over Her White Magic|☠| Hunters

Distinct Markings
Too many to count, but most are faded, because she's healed them.

Her tongue, her belly button, and her ears.

She has a few all of which her mother has done for her. On her right hand she has three dots on each finger and a crescent moon on her middle finger. She also has the year the Salem witch trials took place on the inside of her elbow.


Prudence is the kind of girl that nobody fucks with and everyone hides from. She’s the girl that you gives you the creeps when she glances your direction or the girl you purposely walk on the other side of the street because she just has a dark aura about her that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Most people call her witch behind her back tonight, simply because she dresses in all black and looks the part.

Dennie is the definition of a bad girl. She’s a trouble maker and has a mouth worse than a sailor when it comes to cussing. She’s rarely ever sober even when she goes to school. She’s a wild card, you never quite know what she’s going to do, she’s pretty unmanageable at times and her mother often jokes that’s the reason she doesn’t have a boyfriend and it’s probably true, because no one wants to deal with her bull shit. The only person who can manage her at all is her Guardian wolf/Best friend Kenneth, not that she really listens to him, but he keeps her in check.

She can be pretty cold hearted and mean most of the time. She’s not afraid to start a fight and you can bet she’ll finish it. She doesn’t really trust anyone aside from her mother and Kenneth. She finds it hard to trust humans, they murder witches before, she had no doubt that they’d do it again. Dennie is sarcastic and a total smart ass, she as a way of making people feel small and worthless with her words. Most of the time she keeps to herself and gets lost in her drawings.

Despite what her mother has told her, Prudence tampers with black magic. Black Magic is dark and tends to take over a person. Prudy, has been messing with Black magic behind her mother’s back for about a year now and she’d very strong when it comes to black spells opposed to white, however she feels that she’s gotten in over her head.


Prudence was born into a ridiculously dysfunctional family, however it wasn’t like that at first. Edith met Roger Beck when she was twenty-one. They fell in love and Edith was head over heels for this man. Only he wasn’t as in love with her and when she told him she was pregnant, he wanted her to get rid of the baby, but she refused and even went as far as cursing him. She cursed him, making it so he’d be alone for the rest of his miserable life.

Nine months later Prudence was born, her father nowhere to be found. However, her mother was amazing at being both parents. Growing up, with a mother who claimed she was a witch was never easy. Witches were something of myth and most people called her the crazy old women who owned the witch shop. Kids at school were always making fun of Dennie, but she really didn’t care, because she knew magic was real, because just like her mother she was a witch as well.

Her mother dated several more men and none of them were ever good enough and he mother always ended up putting spells on them or running them off and so Dennie got used to the collection of men that were constantly coming in and out of her life. Prudence didn’t mind though, because it seemed to make her mother happy and Prudy adored her mother.

It wasn’t until Prudence thirteen that she started turning from a sweet innocent girl to a bad bitch, with nasty habits. She took up smoking and going to parties, just because she could. She dressed in all black, wearing things that were a little too revealing, black lipstick became her best friend, she got pricings, went to parties, and acted like she was ten year older then she actually was. She was tired of people calling her a freak for no reason other than who her mother was, so she gave them a real reason to call her a freak and it worked. Her mother never bothered with telling her what she could or couldn’t do, because Edith knew it would only make her daughter act out more, so she simply pretended that her daughter hadn’t turned into to a Gothic princess who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and lied to college boys about her age to get them to sleep with her.

However her mother worried she’d end up dead and made a deal with a shifter. If he protected her daughter, she’d help him control his powers. Edith bound the two of them together by blood against Dennie’s wishes. That was a year ago and Dennie has to admit, she’s glad her mother made the deal, because she’s not sure where she’d be without him. Not that she’d admit that to him.

So begins...

Dennie Hexley's Story