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Hunter X Hunter: Rise of a new kingdom

Hunter X Hunter: Rise of a new kingdom


Its been almost 20 years since the last Chimera Ant "incident" in NGL and now with 3 full villages wiped out and reports of "giant bug" it seem to be happening all over again

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You have been chosen because of your skills and strength as a hunter by the Hunters Association to take part in a special mission. this mission is extremely dangerous, there is a likely chance you will be severely injured or killed while participating in this mission so you are well with in your rights to turn this mission down but if you chose to accept this mission once it begins there will be no quieting or abandoning anyone who attempts to do so will most likely be killed these are the guidelines of this mission will tell no one about this mission whether they are hunter or not. if you do you will automatically be bared from this mission.

2. no matter who you are you will not be aloud to participate if you do not have your hunter License. THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE!

3. the details of the mission will be explained upon your arrival to the designated area.

4 upon completion your reward will be anything you want (within reasonable limits).

Chimera Ants

you have done good my children the food you have brought back has been wonderful but i NEED more and there is no doubt that the humans have an idea of whats going on so they will be sending rare humans to try and stop us but what the don't know is we have obtain the power of rare human we will use this power to expand my kingdom across the world and crush and eat anyone in our way you still may kill the rare human but i want there bodies brought to me they will make wonderful food.

Hunters Info

The Hunters Association is responsible for the testing and licensing of "Hunters," a person that has proven themselves through rigorous examination to be an elite member of humanity. With the passing of the examination, a Hunter is rewarded with a license to go almost anywhere in the world or do almost anything. Typically, Hunters devote themselves to tracking down priceless items, mystical places, and the unseen wonders of the world.

The Hunter Commandments

1. Hunters must hunt something.

2. All hunters require a minimum level of martial proficiency. Being able to use Nen is the minimum level necessary.

3. No matter what may happen, one who has become a hunter will never have their title revoked. However, no matter the circumstances, a hunter license will
never be issued a second time.

4. Hunters may not hunt their fellow hunters, except for those who have committed atrocities.

5. Hunters who achieve extraordinary accomplishments in a certain field will receive a star.

6. Veteran Hunters who have received a star, become superior officers, and have had their students receive star will receive two stars.

7. Hunters with two stars who achieve extraordinary accomplishments in multiple field will receive three stars.

8. If the hunter in charge does not receive a minimum level of support, then they will have their post removed. In this case, the minimum level is the support from the majority of his fellow hunters. If the seat of chairman becomes open, an election for the next chairman must happen immediately. The vice-chairman is to be left in charge until the new chairman is decided.

9. The chairman decides how new hunters are chosen. But in order to make a great change in the existing method, he must receive support from the majority.

10. Everything not written here is to be decided by the chairman, vice-chairman, and their advisers. The chairman has the right to choose who becomes the vice-chairman and advisers.

Chimera Ants Info

Chimera Ants are extremely dangerous animals that come from the "outside" world and are ranked first among insects that should be quarantined. Also known as the "Gourmet Ant," they have voracious appetites and can consume several times their own weight within a single day. In every nest, one Queen Chimera Ant exists to produce more Ants in order to ensure the success of the species. Chimera Ant Queens possess an entirely unique method of reproduction known as Phagogenesis a term meaning reproduction through devouring. By eating other creatures, a Chimera Ant queen can impart the characteristics of ingested creatures onto the next generation of Chimera Ants it gives birth to. To take advantage of the genes of a particular species, Chimera Ants have been known to feed until the fodder species is driven to extinction in its ecosystem.

Chimera Ant hierarchy
A Chimera Ant colony is organized into a military-like chain of command. At the top of the hierarchy is the Queen Ant, initially protected by the three Royal Guards. Under them are thirty-six Squadron Leaders, who each command four or five Officers, each of whom in turn are in charge of ten to fifteen Drudges. The later a Chimera Ant is born by the queen, the stronger and higher ranking it is in their hive. After enough Ants have been produced to form a colony, the Queen Ant focuses all her efforts on giving birth to a King ant. Upon his birth, the Royal Guards solely follow the commands of the King, who leaves the nest to find various creatures to mate with and impregnate in order to create the next Queen Ant. once Chimera Ants starts to feed upon humans, become more intelligent and humanoid shaped while retaining traits of various animals making it so Newer generations of Chimera Ants are capable of using both human speech and a form of telepathy to communicate. some Ants also possess memories from the lives of the humans eaten by the Queen, in the form of personality or knowledge of language and other subjects. Having a strong will as a human being makes it more likely for one to be reborn as an ant. A Chimera ant is an insect but with human/animal features. Their appearance is something of a hybrid of human and animal parts with each exactly depending on the queen's diet. In spite of their unique appearance there a few things that make Chimera ants easily identified.The first is their unique appearance which is a mixture of various animals and sometimes humans.The second is the inability of some of the species to completely lose their Insectoid joints.The third is their one track mind of acquiring prey items to slate their hunger.


Aura is the life energy produced by all living bodies vital for survival. Aura from all parts of the body has a tendency to flow together, producing one mass of energy. This happens without the individual's awareness, typically resulting in a slow leak of aura continually escaping the body. If one were to lose their entire aura, it would be equivalent to using up all the energy that is keeping them alive, which would be fatal. The pores or points on the body from which aura flows out from are called "Aura Nodes" Controlling those nodes is the first step to being a user of Nen.
Learning Nen is the final step in becoming a professional Hunter because most contracted jobs require the use of it as the minimum requirement. The technique has the ability to enhance the strength of physical attacks or objects depending on the quantity of aura employed and an individual's aura type, as well as allows for parapsychological abilities to exist in reality. Because one can craft just about any sort of psychic power through only using their mind, Nen is also a dangerous power unknown to the public at large.

Nen Aura Types

Enhancer:Enhancement is the ability to use aura to increase the natural abilities of an object or one's own body. Therefore, Enhancers are able to greatly increase their physical attack and defense and are best suited for close-ranged melee combat.
Enhancement is the most balanced category, allowing users to spread themselves evenly between offense and defense and become very strong using only simple abilities. Examples of more complex Enhancement abilities include enhancing one's healing factor. Enhancers are determined and simple. Most of them never lie and hide nothing. Their words and actions are often dominated by their feelings. They are generally very selfish and focused on their goals.

Transmuters : Transmutation means a person can change the properties of their aura to mimic something else. Similar to Emission, things created via Transmutation are pure aura. Transmutation is often mistaken with Conjuration due to their similarities. A simple way of thinking about it would be that Transmutation allows your aura to mimic properties of a substance, whereas Conjuration allows you to change your aura into actual substances. Transmuters can copy the properties of real things. Transmuters are whimsical liars. Transmutation users have unique attitudes, and many are regarded as weirdos or cheaters. They rarely reveal their true intentions.

Conjurers: Conjuration is the ability to create a physical, independent, material object out of one's aura. Once a person has mastered the conjuration of a certain object, they can conjure it and dispel it in an instant, whenever they want. Conjuration is the only way in which Nen can create things that ordinary people (unaware of Nen) can see and touch. Furthermore, objects or entities created by this technique have a subtle "independence" to them. This means that they can continue existing even if they were at a considerable distance from the Conjurer, or even if the Conjurer themselves are not aware that they have yet to be de-materialized. However the use of In can hide an object materialized from aura from experienced users of Nen. Conjurers are typically high-strung. They are often on guard as to be overly cautious. They are very observant and rarely fall into the traps. Being able to analyze things calmly is the strength of Conjurers.

Emitters: An affinity for Emission means that a user is capable of controlling the deployment of their aura while separating it from their body. Aura usually decreases in intensity very quickly when it is separated from the source body, but strong Emitters can separate their aura from their body for long-periods of time and still be able to maintain it Emitters are impatient and not detail-oriented. Many of them are quick-tempered and hot-blooded. They resemble the Enhancers in building their impulsivity, but the difference with them, they probably tend to calm down and forget easier.

Manipulators : Abilities belonging to Manipulators allow the user to control living or non-living things in a certain way, the main advantage being able to 'manipulate' enemies. The degree of control is principally determined by a condition that usually puts the manipulator at risk (attaching objects on the enemy, touching the enemy in a certain way) and of course the larger the risk, the better the degree of control. Manipulators are logical people who advance at their own pace. They are all for arguments and tend to want to keep their families and loved ones safe. On the other hand, when it comes to pursuing their own goals, they do not listen to what others might have to say about it.

Specialists:It is possible that the effect that occurs can give some insight into how they should direct their ability. Specialization is anything that doesn't belong into the other five categories. Specialists are individualistic and charismatic. They will tell you anything important on them, and refrain from being close friends. But, because of their natural charisma that draws others, they are always surrounded by many people

(Chimera Ants and Hunter can use Nen, but if your Character is a Chimera Ants you do not have to use Nen (wouldn't know why you would want to do that but its up to you). hunters on the other hand have to use Nen. and i understand Nen is kinda confusing so if you have any questions about the Nen types or if you have a power in mind but doesn't know which category it falls under just ask. the personalities traits for the Nen types is a must so try and keep that in mind there really is no boundaries to what kind of abilities your Character can have be let not get crazy dont make a power that lets you go mod or anything like that
(im mostly talking to the people who want to be an Manipulators seeing how that just screams god mod lol and lets see some creativity powers lol

Character Roles


three star Hunter: [OPEN]
(This hunter will be the one leading the mission to stop the Chimera Ants this hunter is the most accomplish hunter of the group if you want this role you should be a pretty good RPer)

Two star Hunter one: [Reserve]

Two star Hunter two: [OPEN]

Two star Hunter three: [OPEN]
(these hunter will be next in command you should be an OK RPer if you want this role (no one liners damn it lol))

Pro Hunter or one star Hunter one: [OPEN]

Pro Hunter or one star Hunter two: [OPEN]

Pro Hunter or one star Hunter three: [OPEN]

Pro Hunter or one star Hunter four: [OPEN]
(if your not the greatest RPer (or lazy) you should take this role a lot less will be expected of you but hey you can be an awesome RPer and still take this role i will add more Pro Hunter or one star Hunter if four isn't enough)

Chimera Ants

Queen/King: [OPEN]
(just like the there star hunter if your going to take this role you should bring your A game lol)

Royal Guard one: [OPEN]

Royal Guard 2 two: [OPEN]

Royal Guard three: [OPEN]
(just like the two star hunter you should be an OK RP if your going to take this role)

Squadron Leaders one: [OPEN]

Squadron Leaders two: [OPEN]

Squadron Leaders three: [OPEN]

Squadron Leaders four: [OPEN]
(i will add more Squadron Leaders if four isn't enough)

Character Skelly

Code: Select all
[center][b][size=200]Full Name, Age,Current Alias (if any), then Gender

[center][size=150][b]< Physical Info >[/b][/size][/center]




[left][b][Likes][/b][/left] [right][b][Dislikes][/b][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]o[/b][/color] Like1[/left] [right]Dislike1 [color=#FF0000][b]x[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]o[/b][/color] Like2[/left] [right]Dislike2 [color=#FF0000][b]x[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]o[/b][/color] Like3[/left] [right]Dislike3 [color=#FF0000][b]x[/b][/color][/right]

[center][size=150][b]< Ability Statistics >[/b][/size]

[b]Aura Types[/b]

[b]tools or weapons[/b]

[b] Nen Abilities[/b]

[b] Nen attacks[/b]
(have at least 3)


[b]Personal Traits[/b]
(have at least 3)

[size=150][b]< Personal Background >[/b][/size]

(Chimera Ants  dont have to have some since only some remember there lives before they died) [/center]

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Character Portrait: Shin Hokkaido
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