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Monster hunter is a part of Hunters of monsters.

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Dawson Halloway [1] A G rank hunter from Val Habar
Ein Crowley [1] "It's not the size of the beast in the fight, but of the fight in the beast"

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#, as written by sifsand
It was a busy day at the local guild hall, hunters from all around were coming to hunt monsters. So many young faces wearing basic armor while other seasoned hunters wearing armor made from powerful monsters.

One such hunter came by the guild hall after a succesful hunt, his name was Dawson Halloway. He was a bit of a local legend in Val Habar, having saved it from an Elder dragon. He wore high quality Tetsucabra armor, giving a samurai vibe to him. On his back he was holding a very large greatsword fashioned from an Azure Rathalos.