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"I really can't recall."

0 · 184 views · located in Wall, England

a character in “Hunting Stardust”, as played by Wandie230


Name: Carina

Nickname: The Star

Age: Unknown

Sexuality: To be determined

Role: The Star

A star among billions Carina never felt as though she was more beautiful than some of her sister stars. Perhaps maybe because she does shine a little brighter could merit being considered over the others. She isn't the first fallen star and definitely not the last but it seems that all fallen stars have several physical traits in common.

A pleasant face with high cheek bones that seem to have a natural glow to them. Brilliant blue eyes that sparkle with curiosity and enthusiasm for the world around her. There's a certain crinkle to Carina's nose when she smiles that many might find endearing. Her mane of silky blonde hair that frames her face nicely with beachy waves that reach almost to the small of her back. Needless to say Carina is pleasant to look at but, so are the other stars in the night sky.

Face Claim: Emilie De Ravin

ImagePersonality: Carina isn't lacking in physical beauty but, one can not solely be judged on looks. There's no doubt that she's intelligent however she can seem a bit naive and inexperienced especially to those on the Earth. Granted she has seen how the inhabitants of Wall and Stormhold live their daily lives but observing and actually living are two different things.

She can be thought as simple for her curiosity in the simplest of things which can sometimes get her into trouble. You know what they say about curiosity and the cat after all. Carina gets excited when learning something new and picks things up quickly. Unfortunately she can be a bit clumsy when one has spent the majority of their existence in the sky, it's to be expected that they might trip over their own feet when walking. In the short time she has been with the Hubbards, Carina has become very close to them. She is loyal and eager to make the elderly couple happy in whatever way she can. Their love and compassion can be a little overwhelming for her they treat Carina as they would their own child. But what amazes her the most about the couple is their love for each other. She's seen that type of love before time and time again and she wonders if she could ever have something like that.

    * Courageous: Carina has the courage to stand for what is right even in the most frightening situations.

    * Fast Learner: Carina picks up things easily. Whether it's singing a song or the recipes for Mrs. Hubbard famous chocolate pastries, she can learn it no time.

    * Loyal: Carina is loyal almost to a fault. When someone shows her kindness she does whatever she can to pay it back. At this point she'd probably give her life for the Hubbard's because they have been so kind and given her an experience she never really had before. What it's like to have a family.

    * Caring: Even in the sky Carina was well known for trying her best to care for the people on the Earth below her. Shining a little brighter to light someones way home or to just make someone's bad day happier. After falling she has become known around Stormhold for helping children in the Market Faire and keeping the Hubbard's house in order when they're away.

    * Singing: Carina has always enjoyed music and dancing. Watching the festivals time after time and memorizing the songs she hears. You have to figure out something to pass the time when you're a star in the sky. But now that she has come to the Earth she really gets to enjoy it.

    * Humble: Carina is far from conceited and it's very hard for her to accept praise. When your one of trillions of stars you tend to feel like you don't stand out very much.

    * Over Trusting: Being trusting can go one way or another. In Carina's case she can be a bit naive. However this is not from a lack of knowledge she's seen wars and many terrible things from her perch in the sky. The incident of falling and having no memory of what she's seen has limited her judgement of character. She feels that most people are good and that meeting someone meaning ill will is rare.

    * Petulant: Carina is typically pleasant but, there are times when she can be a bit whiny and childish. She is a young star after all. Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard are very patient with her. The older couple having raised six children of their own know how to handle it and easily turn Carina back to her sunny disposition.

    * Stubborn: Carina has a certain way of doing things and doesn't like to break away from routine.

    * Shy: Carina hates to have attention put on her and gets easily embarrassed when given a compliment.

    * Socially Awkward: Carina tends to clam up when it comes to talking to others. She actively avoids social situations outside of the Hubbard's home. Which doesn't bother the old couple too much. They want to keep her safe knowing what she really is they don't want to see her get hurt or worse.

    * Clumsy: Whether it's dropping something or tripping over her own feet. Caring can't seem to not stumble on any given day. Mrs. Hubbard has said on many occasions she feels like she should buy her weight in bandages.

|| ☽ The Moon ☽ ||
|| ★彡 The Stars ★彡 ||

Carina's family extends across the cosmos to list them all would be an impossible task. However she is the second brightest star in the southern constellation.

||Mr. Elden Hubbard||
||Mrs. Gwenda Hubbard||

The Hubbards are a kind couple who's children have long left the nest. Bakers by trade they came across Carina while were on their way to the Market Faire. They took pity on the girl assuming she had been attacked and hit her head when she fell. Over the next few days it becomes apparent that Carina isn't what they thought she was.


Once upon a time in the southern most constellation of the night sky there was a young bright star. The second brightest to be exact, Carina never really stood out among her sisters. She spent her nights watching over the Earth observing the inhabitants below her. It's easy to believe that with such a large family one could never feel alone. But, as far as stars go it doesn't feel like a family at all. Not like the families Carina sees, mothers tucking in their children, singing lullabies, and telling bedtime stories. Fathers taking time to check on their children in the night to make sure they're safe. It was something that always gave her a sense of longing. As a star you are born and then you shine in the sky till your light fades. There are no words of loving encouragement, no comfort when you're sad. Just a mother the moon and your trillions of siblings.

One night, a night that started like any other with the sun going to sleep the stars waking one by one till the sky was dark. While her sister was busying herself listening in on the latest gossip and Carina she did what she usually did, watched the families nightly routines. However, this night something happened that no one would have ever expected. Concentrating on the song a mother was singing to the newborn baby in her arms, Carina was blindsided. She wasn't sure what hit her but it collided with her at an alarming rate. The impact hit her with so much force she was sent tumbling out of the night sky. It was all very frightening and the little star didn't have time to grab onto anything before she hit the Earth.



It was a typical night for Elden and Gwenda Hubbard, other than they were running a little behind schedule. As the cart they were driving rocked back and forth, Gwenda grumbled about the bread getting stale before they got to market. Elden chuckled while urging the horse to pick up the pace. Half way there they noticed someone a young woman standing on the side of the road. The girl wore a long silver dress that was torn around the him and ripped clear up to her knee. She looked disheveled and confused so Elden slowed the cart down stopping it right next to her.

"Miss, are you alright do you need help." he asked as Gwenda looked at her with a worried expression.

The girl looked up at him and he noticed the gash on her forehead.

"I... I... don't know. I..." she shook her head trying desperately to find the right words to say.

"Oh dear, you look a terrible sight," Gwenda climbed down from the cart went to the girls side. "Did someone attack you while you were traveling? I've heard of bandits lately, a young girl your age shouldn't be traveling alone without some sort of protection."

Gwenda brushed the girls bangs aside to get a better look at the bump on her head. The girls eyes filled with tears.

"I don't know, what happened I can't remember anything. I just woke up on the ground." she began to cry.

Gwenda wrapped her arms around the girl while she sobbed, cooing while rubbing small circles on her back.

"There, there child. Elden get down here and help her up into the cart the poor things lost her memory." Gwenda said. After collecting the distressed girl they turned around and brought her back to their quaint cottage.


The young woman has been in there cottage for a for about a week now. Bit's and pieces of her memory have returned not much more than her name and some very emotional responses when she looks up into night sky. Gwenda had woken in the night to see the girl looking out of the window crying.

"Carina... my name is Carina." She mumbled.

Gwenda smiled and put her arms around the girls shoulder. "It's wonderful that you remembered something my dear.

"You and your husband have been so kind to me... Thank you." Carina forced a faint smile.

Gwenda's eyes went wide and she stood back with a gasp. "My goodness me! You're glowing!"

Hearing his wife's voice cry out, Elden stepped out of his room seeing the same thing. As Carina became aware of their reactions the glow slowly faded.

"What's happening?!" Carina said.

The old pair looked at each other. "You know what this means Gwenda..." Elden's voice had a hint of sadness to it.

Gwenda nodded. "Yes... she's a star."

Plans are made on their next trip to market that they will begin the search for a Babylon Candle and to try to get Carina back where she belongs. It has to be done quickly before someone tries to harm her. It's a hard task the candles are hard to come by and neither one of them are young anymore. How are they to protect her?

So begins...

Carina's Story