Hunting the Bound

Hunting the Bound


Slavery is not uncommon in Tarsha, it is expected...however the Blood Oath Ceremony is to be dreaded...Will you be Bound or a Hunter?

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Every two years, the inhabitants of Tarsha participate in a Blood Oath ceremony. All masters who own slaves or servants are to prepare one or two slaves for a sacrifice to the apparent gods. However which of the slaves is up to the gods. In order to allow them to choose, the masters send out one/two of the least desirable slaves and set them loose. These slaves are called the Bound as they are now bound to the Blood Oath celebration. It is believed that the more slaves you sacrifice, the higher the blessing and the more likely your more worthy slaves will be spared. Exactly three hours after the first slaves are released, two hunters are also released. These are the most honoured of the slaves/servants. There job is to recapture the Bound. If the Bound are re-captured they are punished using various torture techniques before being publically executed and sacrificed. If the Hunted fail to bring back the Bound they will take the Bound's place. The ceremony has been celebrated for centauries. The Blood Oath ceremony is near. Will you be Bound or become Hunters.


Basic Plotline:
You will be either Bound servants or Hunters. There is also an opportunity for people to be a master, however they will need to be skilled roleplayer's and also need to have strong character sheets. Another role is also a run away, a slave that has decided to escape with the Bound either through friendship, love or just for freedom. The roleplay will start when some new slaves are purchased for the masters (these slaves cannot be Hunters). After they are purchased they will be taken back to the masters house and will begin to serve and meet the other slaves/servants. After this the masters will chose the Bound and Hunters (obviously this will have already been worked out, but we will roleplay it out). After this the Bound will be released, and later the Hunters. The Hunters will then proceed to find the Bound. After this it is really up to us, though I will add that there is always a possibility of the Bound being captured, but later being rescued by the others…

Rules about Slavery.
1. Slaves/Servants must be given the sign of their masters to show ownership. (This will either be an earing, ring, tag etc. depending on the master's taste)
2. Slaves/Servants must remain silent unless spoken to. (Obviously this is a rule that is and can sometimes be broken by characters, though punishments may occur)
3. Slaves/Servants are not to associate themselves with other slaves/servants (This is another rule typically broken, but severely punished)
4. The Bound, once chosen, must be branded on the left side of the neck to mark them.
5. The Hunters must be given trackers. (Trackers ensure the Hunted can't escape like the Bound. The only piece of modern technology in the rp)

The setting is almost identical to Ancient Rome with the exception of the trackers. There are no modern weapons or technologies.

Character Slots:

First Master: Angela Edwardsplayed by Shané
The Bound:
1. Arya Tundra played by Shané
2. Henry Grifferd played by BubbleYum
The Hunters:
1. Callie Mytes played by Grumpy-Converse
2. Markelx Seno played by Skwidge
Run Away:
Iggy Nein played by Skwidge

Second Master: Gabriel Acutus played by Imperial Waltz
The Bound:
1. Soren Meade played by crybloodredtears
2. Doridex Sonnocingos played by The Adversary
The Hunters:
1. Reserved by Imperial Waltz
2. Antares Sibrand played by The Adversary

Character Skeleton:

Name: (First and last name, as well as a two digit number)
Role: (Either The Bound, Hunters or Run Away. Run aways will only be accepted once the Bound and Hunter roles have been filled.)
Appearance: (Please have a real life picture, no anime, and a reasonable, literate description)
Strengths: (This can be general, but also add your characters strengths as a servant e.g serving, cleaning, cooking, entertainment etc.)
Origins: (Only for the Bound and Run Aways. Is basically if you want your character to be sold at the beginning of the rp or already be part of the house hold).
Roleplay Sample: (This will be on how you were captured. You have three main options. a. You were born a slave. b. You were found on the street. c. Captured from another city. Please make this literate, look through the rules for what I am expecting.)

Name: (First and last name)
Role: Master
Appearance: (Please have a real life picture, no anime, and a reasonable, literate description)
Roleplay Sample: (This will be previous incidents on how you treat your servants in the past. Either kindly or negatively)

Toggle Rules

1. General Rules e.g No godmodding, meta-gaming etc.
2. This is a literate rp. I won't put a limit on posting however I will not except one liners at any time, and would prefer no single paragraphs. Spelling and grammar must also be checked (mistakes are fine on occasions, happens to everyone)
3. Please keep swearing to a minimum. I don't want sailors.
4. No sexual content. There shouldn't be any references to sex slavery, as this is not what this is about.
5. Romance is encouraged, but make sure it keeps Rule 4.
6. Reservations last 24 hours, unless I am notified of a delay.
7. I am the GM, and I'd appreciate people listening (kind of obvious)
8. I want detailed characters, with interesting personalities. Please don't stick to black and white characters. Hunters don't have to be evil! They may just be honest people forced into a bad situation. Same with the Bound, they don't all have to be innocent and perfect. I also like back stories to characters, and love when roleplayers discuss relationships for characters.
9. I like colourful character profiles, if you need help on coding ask me.
10. Please stay. If you don't have time to roleplay. Don't join. I want a strong team that is willing to input ideas and be part of the plot.

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Character Portrait: Callie Mytes
Character Portrait: Henry Grifferd


Character Portrait: Henry Grifferd
Henry Grifferd

"Can I cry in peace now?"


Character Portrait: Henry Grifferd
Henry Grifferd

"Can I cry in peace now?"

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Character Portrait: Henry Grifferd
Henry Grifferd

"Can I cry in peace now?"

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Re: Hunting the Bound

Just got home, finishing him up now. He'll be up shortly!

Re: Hunting the Bound

Shané wrote:Okay, so the rp will officially start tomorrow!!! :) Yayyy! Also, if you read this, if you could just post that you've acknowledged it, that way I know we are all on the same page :)

All right, cool!

Re: Hunting the Bound

Bubbleyum- Very happy to welcome you to the rp.

Imperial Waltz will have his master up tomorrow and I will also begin then.

Okay, so the rp will officially start tomorrow!!! :) Yayyy! Also, if you read this, if you could just post that you've acknowledged it, that way I know we are all on the same page :)

Re: Hunting the Bound

I'll play the male bound?
It sounds interesting.

Re: Hunting the Bound

Sorry for the delay all. Working to finish my guy up now.

Re: Hunting the Bound


So I really need the remaining characters up ASAP, just so that those who have already submitted characters don't get too bored XD

Also, does anyone have any idea of who could/would play the last Male Bound???

Once the characters are in I am happy to start.

Re: Hunting the Bound

Imp wanted me to inform that he's having some computer issues, so right now he's limited to just his phone.

Re: Hunting the Bound

Shané wrote:The Adversary- Would really appreciate you making the male Hunter, would really make it easier on me, three characters is alot...

I know the feel. All righty, then, I s'pose I'll get on that.

Re: Hunting the Bound

Ah, perfect! I even think that she could be the person mentioned in your history. Possibly. Except younger probably. I'm thinking like 10 to 13.
So I'll get that up by tomorrow. Maybe tonight, but I'm heading to bed soon. I'll probably get some pictures then head off.

Re: Hunting the Bound

Imperial- Don't worry, already pm'd Converse, so should be fixed before we start.

The Adversary- Would really appreciate you making the male Hunter, would really make it easier on me, three characters is alot...

Skwidge- Seeing you've already made a character to help support the roleplay, I am happy to let you have a Run Away. You can deside how she makes off with the Bound. Due to the nature of Imperial's master, the run away girl can be part of Angela's household.

So it seems no one minds the switch, so we're all happy with it?
Other than that, will try and see if I can find a Male Bound....

Re: Hunting the Bound

Oh, by the way, I wouldn't mind taking a run away when we're done getting all our positions filled. I wanted to make a little servant girl c;

Re: Hunting the Bound

I thought it was an amazing backstory other than the grammatical errors. But yeah, the van threw me off xD.

Re: Hunting the Bound

I'd be willing to make a second character, for the male Hunter, if it comes down to that. I wouldn't mind.

Re: Hunting the Bound

Im sorry grumpy but...a van?
I thought this was roman style, so no tech other then the trackers and a van is most definitely technology.

Re: Hunting the Bound

Converse- No probs :) Thanks for joining!

Okay, I've had to re-arrange the spots, so you might need to double check your place...this is because I may be filling in the last Male Hunter spot, and didn't want to have my own character hunting another of my yeah. If this causes a problem, feel free to pm me, and I can try and organise it to all our tastes.

We are just waiting on a Male Bound now, and if possible a Male Hunter (as I'd prefer not to run three separate characters)

If anyone knows of someone willing to take up the spot, or they themselves want to create a second charact, lemme know :)

Re: Hunting the Bound

Submitted a Hunter! I didn't see anything about reserving beforehand, but if you do have to, can I reserve a female humter? :D Anyway, anything I need to change in my character or what not? :L Hope it reaches your standards!

Re: Hunting the Bound

As for you questions Imperial:

If a Hunter kills a Bound rather than bringing them to the cloisters to be sacrificed, then the Hunter takes the Bounds place. Either the Hunter or Bound must be killed by the priests. Therefore if someone commits suicide, it won't save anyone as the opposite person will be killed.
If a only one of the Bound is found, and the other escapes, the Hunters draw lots to see who will take the free Bounds place.

As for "Rome"/Tarsha. Clothing will be similiar, as will transport etc. I am fine with slight adjustments to this as long as there is not major deviations such as a phone, car, jeans etc. Also as for the Bound/Hunter's original country, that is completely up to your imagination. You can create the title of their native land, customs and anything else you see fit, though once again no completely advanced societies.

Re: Hunting the Bound

Both reserved for you :)

Imperial Waltz, about to pm you about the role, though I am sure you will be up for it.

Re: Hunting the Bound

Hey Ad. If I do get accepted as the Master role how about your one of my guy's slaves?
I'm only assuming here though, I understand that GM has final say.

Re: Hunting the Bound

I was wondering if I could reserve a male Bound by any chance?